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I’ve had a few people ask where I went to school and some of the purples also wanted to know what it was like, so I guess I’ll talk about it a bit.  I started out in a fairly typical greyschool before being recruited for multiple speciality high schools.  I was pretty tempted by one of the pre-navy schools (I like ships and they had 93% placement into active duty roles), but in the end I did the last year of my schooling at Soata academy which was more or less a sports grey spefic school.  Well it was for people who had a clear career track that would benefit from flexible scheduling or who qualified for their competitive teams.  In practice this meant sports greys but we had some stunt performers with reoccurring roles who didn’t work well with their studio’s school for child performers (those tend to be green focused), people who were inheriting businesses and mostly needed on the job training ect.

Normal greyschool was mostly like what people would expect.  Lots of gym otherwise classes similar to what (I think) you get at purple school in terms of general academics though not any feeder courses for purple jobs obviously.
Soata, home of the biting crowntails, was a different story.  First off gym was optional and not really encouraged, we had some good stuff available for people who wanted to get a chance to sample specialty training approaches ( I did a brief one on the Idzedia powerlifting method), and for people preparing for relatively sedentary careers (the fish guys, the kid who’s family owns sportsbet.tap ect) but mostly they were just like your already getting sports specific professional coaching, thats kinda the point of being here.  Of course the people doing sports where high school level competition was a major recruiting field did play through the school teams, go crowntails bite their fins off!, but that was still extracurricular technically apparently, I didn’t come up with this.  

Anyway, we didn’t have gym, we didn’t have to keep up with classes teaching pointless things like the capital of Antiam or that almond milk isn’t made by feeding cows almonds, and we did have relatively tight academic prep standards and plenty of funding.  This meant that I was able to take lots of cool electives and advanced courses like history of sports, media interaction (coming up with good post game quotes, posing for photos ect), and nutrition science while still having a shortened school day for more training time and lots of flexibility to travel for events (they rescheduled my finals and were set up to livestream and record classes).  Also Shahn Nahn (yes that one) was an alumni which besides being cool as fuck also meant we had a sauna and on site masseuse from his donations.

So yeah would totally recommend it to anyone who can get in, but you do have to either qualify for their competitive teams or provide proof of outside training and meet fairly strict academic requirements (((only strict by school for jocks standards, but still manages to screen out ~20% of applicants))).  You can get a similar approach for stupid people at Nuna, boo dumbo ears how do you even swim, and similar flexibility but more classes for fallback plans/slightly lower standards at schools in different cities with Peka prep probably coming closest, boo double tails go home you freaks, I hope that helps.  (((seriously don’t make your fish fight irl)))


So… what’s the point you ask? 

I just like the idea that Keith and Shiro are big fans of kpop, that’s all. (they’re dancing to Fire by BTS, btw)


Send him a message.”
No, you send him a message. I don’t want to spoil his night. It’s his and his wife’s wedding anniversary. I’m sure they are celebrating now.”
Who cares! We will die if we don’t get some help!”
“Well, I care! Have you seen Potter in a bad mood? We are going to die either way.”

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I haven’t animated in so long??

Infection AU -Bad ending-

previous one: http://thebirdfromthemoon-art.tumblr.com/post/158073555662/thebirdfromthemoon-art-what-would-happen-i

Soooo i decided to make an AU out of this -kinda- but i couldn’t decide in which way i wanted it to go so f**** it let’s just make two different ending for this AU

And of course i’m starting by the “bad” one

Basically after Ladybug was hit by Chat Noir’ cataclysm she didn’t feel anything at first, since she have the ladybug miraculous she is more resistant to it BUT instead of killing her instantly like it would happen with a normal citizen the cataclysm “infection” gros slowly on her body affecting both her physical and mental state. In my idea she become “corrupted” like an akuma can corrupt someone into turning evil but a bit more intense.

I’ll probably draw the corrupted version of Ladybug, but it will more likely look like the design i’ve made in the past for akumatized ladybug.




infodumping about the ocean