a birthday story

‘’Sorry Obsidian, but there’s only room here for one evil-thing and THAT IS ME.’’ Dark Jess shouts from nowhere as she appears from somewhere looking a bit familiar. No one’s really sure where she came from. It was a blur.

Wherever she came from, she manages to attack the invader too quickly for him to fight back. Within mere seconds the terror is finally defeated, but loses a shard of his gem which falls to the ground as his fused form starts to fail and fall apart before the fusion splits back into Mystery/Agna Aura and a very goopy Obsdian who is struggling to hold his shape.

Dark Jess lands and strikes a pose, though she mutters something about hoping Moonstone is ok and that Sunstone is too.

Then she just disappears again, but a portal she jumps into is briefly seen before it rapidly closes.



He’d been working for months.

And months.

And months.

Day and night, night and day, day and night, lace.

Barely sleeping, barely eating.

He’d lost weight; it showed.

He was so fucking tired; it showed.

But that wasn’t important, no.

Lace, the lace was important.

She was important.

Months spent crocheting and weaving and embroidering and creating lace, with fine white silken threads more thin and far more delicate than strands of his own hair.


Longer than he’d known her, he sat in that little pocket of space and time.

He’d bartered for that pocket, bartered work and enchantments for the time to waste in hand-creating the obscene amount of lace necessary for his project.

And he had that time to waste; he was Draenei, after all.

Eredar, after all.

He had, essentially, forever and a half to get this done.

And so, an hour later, for her, for months, lace.

Hopefully she liked lace.

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Are you going to post a part 3 for your birthday story?

Admin: *Gasp*  How do you know about part 3?!  Ah yeah since shit is going down in my original idea of part 3 I want to make sure I think this through before ruining all happiness. 


★ Autophobia *SURPRISE* Update !

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Synopsis: Autophobia is about Louis, an anxiety-ridden teenager who is constantly trying to make his somewhat neglectful father proud. After he befriends his classmate, Daniel, the two find themselves in a secret love affair and Louis struggles to find acceptance from his father, peers, and ultimately, his self.



An update from my “Birthday Dinner” story time. I was suppose to send this sooner, but I was back and forward on if I was going to make a story time video or write it out, but then when I made up my mind and made a video story time, my camera decided to be a hot mess! I’m saving for a new one asap! I kept trying to make it but was having audio problems while editing! I was so excited to make the video too smh, but thankfully right after the party I wrote everything down on my phone, so I copied and pasted what happened! so I wouldn’t forget NOT one detail! sorry for any errors and screaming in caps! I was excited! here it goes (reminder this is RIGHT after the Birthday party, so I was very excited and in a rush, so sorry for the curse words and caps lol! I felt like i was writing in my diary, so it got personal) :

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“You fall in love and it completely consumes you, so a part of you is broken when that’s gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you’re just like, forget it - I can do anything I want. I’ve tried it, and I’ve never been that girl. I’m always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night.”

- Selena Gomez

Happy 24th birthday Selena Gomez!!!


(July 9th 1956)

“ Everybody has something that chews them up and, for me, that thing was always loneliness. The cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.”

Perfect day -KBTBB Eisuke one shot

this is a story dedicated to @humorcomchantilly as is her birthday, happy birthday :D ;sorry I took so long, but I hope you like it <3 it’s made with a lot of love just for you, since you are an amazing writer, and even if I just barely know you, I think you are a great person (and looking how much people appreciates you I must be right ;D) so this is my present for you, please enjoy it  ^^ 

All the guys were in the lounge either working, chatting or in Mamoru’s case, sleeping, when ____ entered to clean, Baba, who was reading his horoscope snap from it and saw her intently
“Say ____, isn’t your birthday this week?” -all the guys turn to her on one way or another, even Mamoru, who supposedly was sleeping, opened one eye in curiosity; Eisuke cast an eye over her, if he thought about it, he didn’t really knew her birthday, not that he cared about those celebrations, ‘birthdays come every year so what’s special about them?’ is what he used to say, but after the first birthday of his that both of them spent together, he started to comprehend her way of thinking, besides it was a good opportunity to spoil her and tease her in bed various ways.
“Is that true sexy bones?” -Luke asked sheepishly
“Humm? Yeah actually is the day after tomorrow, why do you ask?” -she replied oblivious to the devilish plan that just started to form in her boyfriend’s mind
“No reason” -Baba answered in a wicked smirk, she frowned
“No doing any party that day okay Baba?” -she said, as she wanted to spent her special day with Eisuke 
“Whaaat? _____ you are not fun” -Ota replied
“What about tomorrow’s night? think you can make it?” -Eisuke’s right eye twiched inwardly, that was against his plans, but if he interfiere right there, he was sure they were going to teased him later
“I’ll rather not make a fuss out of it, but I guess you guys won’t accept a no for an answer…” -the look in both Baba’s and Ota’s eyes gave her the reason, ___ sighed - “alright, but please don’t do anything fancy” -she said, but actually she knew that they weren’t going to listen ‘damn rich people’ . Baba cast a quick look to Eisuke and asked devishly
“say ____, what would you want as a present from boss?” -the thief didn’t even try to hide the grin from his face the moment Eisuke glared at him, she blushed a little and said 
“he doesn’t have to do anything, he already does so much for me…”
“come on, stop gushing already! you mean you really don’t want anything?” -Ota start pressing
“I’m not gushing!, and yeah, really the only thing I want is spend time with Eisuke if he is not too busy” -she said shyly, everyone, including Soryu and Hishi started to tease her. Eisuke couldn’t deny that his girlfriend was very cute and even he felt embarassed by her words, but he only gave a warning glare to the rest.
of course he knew she wouldn’t ask for anything, that was just as she was, but that just made things even more complicated, since he had to find something on his own that was worth of her.

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