a birthday gift from me to me xoxo

New York: Friends, Christmas and Tumblr (oh my!)

And last, but certainly not least, I couldn’t write about New York City without mentioning: 

Christmas in New York

I was blown away by how decked in lights New York City was. I had heard the city around Christmas time was magical, but I had no idea as to what extent, until I was wondering around and everywhere I looked glowed with Christmas cheer (even coming back from Hoboken, the tunnel had lights in it!).  

I also stumbled across four (four!) Christmas markets (Union Square, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and a church on the UES) where I moved between little stalls buying random Christmas presents for friends and Family. 


Somehow over the years I have scooped up some wonderful friends in New York City. Some are friends who have moved to NY from Canada, and others I’ve been lucky enough to meet via this blog, but that’s neither here nor there, as it was glorious to see them all. 

Over the course of my trip I stayed with two amazing friends (on the UES and one in Williamsburg) who opened up their apartments for me (so thankful), and it was so nice to catch up with each of them properly.  I hadn’t even realized what quality girl time I needed until I was there. 

I also finally got to meet my friend Janine’s son, Ryan (who turned one this week)! Besides the whole Janine and I have one of the craziest/awesomest friendship story of all time (remember!?) thing, Janine is one of my favourite people in this world. Our friendship is so natural, and I feel like when she talks she’s says exactly what I’m thinking.  

ps. Anyone else’s scarfs do that to their hair in the winter?!

I also caught up with my friend Val, who’s also now a wonderful mom to a one year old! I honestly love life so much, I feel like it was just yesterday I heard Val was pregnant - the difference a year makes is amazing.  It was so great to catch up with Val, and hear about her new role as a mom, and share stories as we dined on delicious pizza at Casa Nonna. Val, thank you so much for taking the time to meet me, and for the champagne and delicious chocolates! Until next time (March!). 

And then, of course, there was Jaclyn (umm how did we not get a photo? Also, I keep thinking about that apple and brie sandwich, and next time we’re doing a night of wine!), and Sara, and Emily, and my friend Catherine. 

Seeing friends in NY is always the highlight, and I’m so thankful for each of these ladies meeting up with me. Truth be told lately (as in since I got home from Australia) I’ve been in a rut with friends (how do you make friends as an adult?!) so I really can’t thank each and every one of these girls for taking the time to meet me, for the beautiful birthday gifts, and quality chats. xoxo

Tumblr Party

The week before I headed to NY I got an email from my friend Christine (who works at the only n’ only Tumblr!) inviting me to Tumblr’s Year in Review party.  After bargaining with my boss “I promise I’ll work from NY!!” I moved my flight, and instead of flying back Monday, flew back Thursday morning. 

As my friend Sarah and I were waiting in line outside some Brooklyn Warehouse, I told her, “I think I’m peaking in my cool status at this moment in time,” because really. Who would have ever thought I’d get invited to this party! 

To say Sarah and I played the party perfect, would be an understatement. As per Christine’s instructions, we arrived early, and from always creeping the party’s social media hashtag (#Tumblr2014) we headed straight to the ball pit. 

And, you guys, it was sooooooooo much more fun than we even remembered! 

The party also included mini put, GIF photo booths, delicious food, arcade games, and performances by The 1975s, Reggie Watts, and Chris Gethard.

A huge (huge!) thank you to Christine for inviting me! Like I said, I peaked at an all time high coolness. 

And with that, my friends, concludes my New York City trip. Because as I already noted, the next morning I flew back to Toronto for that epic day of travel