a bird in the hand pendants

“Lord Tyrion?”

When he heard his name called by Lord Dickon, Tyrion had hoped the man had changed his mind, that he would bend the knee to Daenerys and save himself and his house.

But when he looked at Lord Tarly, thinking he may find some expression of relief on the man’s face that his son would live another day, Randyls head was hung down, saddened and resolved.

“Yes, Lord Dickon?” he said his heat dropping, but curious as to the mans final words.

Dickon stepped away from his father and took off his gloves, throwing them to the scorched earth and reached to his neck. He pulled something out from under his tunic and breast plate. Tyrion squinted and saw it was a familiar necklace, one with a bronze butterfly with an obsidian heart. He remembered it for the last he had seen of it was around his wife’s neck.

Obsidian was a rare but not popular stone indeed, and because of that it was one of the few jewelry Sansa had been allowed to keep. Cersei thought it too ugly to give to Myrcella or keep for herself, finding it cheap looking and distasteful. 

Tyrion's heart seized at the connection between the man wearing it and the woman who once owned it. He let out an audible gasp, and stepped back. This wasn’t fare. if She lived and found happiness, that he who had once vowed to care and protect her, to see to her happiness was now on the side that was taking it from her. 

“She lives?” he asked him and in the corner of his eye he saw Daenerys look down at him, confused.

“Yes.” Dickon nodded. unclasping the chain and holding the pendant in his hand. “She’s suffered much, she was forced to marry a second time and Ramsay Bolton was not as kind to her as you were, my lord.”

Tyrion’s heart seized. He heard rumors of Ramsay and seeing Theon, who had turned the once confident cunt of a boy into a sniveling eunuch, he did not want to imagine what he had done to Sansa. But how on earth had she ever fallen into that monster’s hands? Theon had not onced mentioned Sansa to any of them, unless perhaps to his sister in private. And Vary’s little birds didn’t fly so far Norht to know much of the North’s current situations. 

“Please, won’t you return my lady loves favor for me.” he requested, his eyes full of longing and his smile regretful. Tyrion took what little courage he had and stepped forward, closing the man’s fingers around the pendant.

“If she lives and is free of Ramsay, give it to her yourself.” he begged, voice trembling, and he could feel Daenerys watching them, imagining her expressive eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

He shook his head, his smile still in place, almost alight with humor. “If I kneel, she would not have me.”

“She, more than anyone, knows how this world works, how one must play this game to survive, she will understand.” he tried to assure him, desperate to give his wife some happiness in this life. 

“Yes, she does, but she’s not the same girl you once knew,” he told Tyrion, placing a hand on the imps shoulder. “She would not have me if I would so quickly trade my honor for my life.”

Lord Varys closed his eyes as he remembered Ned Stark words so similar. Ned Stark would have been proud to call this boy in front of them his son in law, both brave and foolish, that held so tightly to their ideals of honor and chivalry that they were the first to be knocked off the board.

“Her brother is at Dragonstone, treating with our Queen.” he whispered so that Daenerys would not hear. Perhaps if he mentioned Jon, he would reconsider if he believed that his brother in law would also bow to Daenerys.

“And you think I’ll believe you that he’s bent the knee, after what Sansa suffered and sacrificed to get it back, how she saved his life?” he shook his head again and laughed.

He gave a grin and looked right at Daenerys and spoke loudly. “Jon Snow will never give away the North to this foreign queen, now or ever, because he knows it’s not truly his to give even if he wears the crown. Sansa, was the one who put the bloody thing on his head, instead of choosing to crown herself like some.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Daenerys lost her temper. “Who is this Sansa that you speak of?”

“Apologies, Your Grace. Sansa Stark is Jon Snows half sister, the last known living true born heir of Eddard and Catelyn Stark, By all right, she should be Queen in the North” Varys answered and supposed he would make an effort, just one, to save the boy from the fire.

“Please, Lord Dickon, I knew her father and you are the good, brave, and gentle man he always wished for her to be matched with, Won’t you honor her and her father by living and reuniting with her.” even Varys spoke up, remembering the sad young girl in Kingslanding, the one he had tried to save after he couldn’t save her father.

Tyrion looked up at Dickon, hands trembling over the one in which Dickon held Sansa’s necklace in.

“Lord Dickon, my marriage was never consummated, I’ll sign the annulment, just stop this, go back to her, marry her and have beautiful little babies with her.” he begged, squeezing the mans hand.

“I would have desired nothing more in the world than to do just that before. When I first saw her, I thought she had to be the most beautiful woman in the world with eyes of ice blue and hair kissed by fire. What a lucky man I would be to call her mine, to have my children grown inside her and live a long, happy life with her.” he cloesed his eyes and smiled to the sky before looking back down at the Imp.

“But as she and I have both learned, life is not a song and not all men and woman never find their way back to each other.” he shook his head.

“I knew the risk I was taking but I still chose to join my father in Kings Landing, I chose to fight with him rather than stay with her. She understood why, even though it pained her. That’s why she gave me this.” He told him and opened his palm so he could see the necklace.

“I thought of nothing but her, when I was before your sister and brother, when I was marching into battle, I thought of her, of her smile and the way we danced in the gods wood of her home before I left,” he told the man that was technically his lovers husband still.

“I thought of her smile and laughter. How sweet they were to the eyes and ears.” he sighed.

“Did—”Tyrion licked his lips. “Did you make her happy?”

“Gods I hope I did,” he smiled and turned his hand over, forcing the pendant into Tyrion’s hands.

“You’re still her husband, you made vows to honor and protect her but no matter how hard you try she’ll rather burn alive as I will then surrender her home to your queen.”

With those last words, he walked over to his father.

They stood together before the black dragon, side by side, his father grabbing onto his arm.

They said no words, not last goodbyes to one another, they just looked ahead, and when they saw the first glimmer of hot flame Dickon thought of the red of Sansa’s hair.

title: swann.

rating: t

summary: everything does not go to crap at the reception, CS gets a honeymoon and some downtime, and Liam Jones II drops by a visit because there’s something Killian needs to know.

“Killian?” Emma’s voice rings out clearly through the house, her tone reminding him of the time she’d found the little calico kitten on his ship.

“Aye, love?” he answers, stuffing the last of his folded laundry into the chest of drawers before heading downstairs.

She doesn’t say anything until he’s bounding down the steps, though her reason for summoning him is apparent. Still, she says, “Your brother is here.”

She’s in the process of disengaging from the hug from Liam, who is grinning with a slight blush on his cheeks.

“How are you, brother?” he greets, engulfing his little brother in a hug of his own.

“I’ve been keeping well. It’s good to see you both, I’m truly sorry to have missed the wedding.”

“Aye, I imagine communication is difficult 20,000 leagues under the sea. Perhaps you would do well with a talking phone of your own?”

Liam and Emma both chuckle, as though his suggestion is funny.

“Babe, I don’t think they work that far under sea,” Emma says, before he can express his indignation.

“Ah. Those devices aren’t so clever after all, eh Swan?”

“That’s not what you said when you discovered the video function,” his wife reminds him blithely, making Liam guffaw and Killian’s face to burn bright because they all know exactly what she means.

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Clace Wedding

The small dressing room in the back of the Accords Hall was packed. Clary stood in front of a full length mirror, her mother and Isabelle making last minute touch-ups. Maia was behind Clary, lacing the back of her dress, muttering about how girlish the situation was. Maryse Lightwood stood by the door, looking at the grandfather clock worriedly.

They had gotten to the Accords Hall around ten o'clock that morning, ushering Clary away from Jace. A few times he had tried to get in, but her mother and Maia had chased him out, not wanting Jace to see Clary before the wedding. Her dress was a shimmering gold, made completely out of silk. Runes of love and happiness and good fortune were embroidered into the bodice. Clary had thought it was a little over the top, but Isabelle and Magnus had insisted.

Absentmindedly, Clary caressed the Herondale family ring that rested on her finger. She and Jace had exchanged family rings the year before. She smiled slightly when she thought of Jace. Just thinking about him brightened her mood, made her feel complete. She wondered how she would feel once they were married, which would happen in a few minutes. She suddenly felt cold all over.

She and Jace were to be married. In a few minutes. Butterflies flew wildly in her stomach. Were they ready to be married? They were only twenty-one. Was that too young? But Clary knew that it was the age most shadowhunters were when they got married, because shadowhunters die young and–

“Clary, are you even listening?” Isabelle exclaimed, jerking Clary from her morbid thoughts. She looked up to see Isabelle standing in front of her, a bouquet of red roses in her hands.

“I… No. No, I wasn’t listening.” Clary admitted, blushing.

“I asked you if you were ready? The ceremony is starting in five minutes,” Isabelle said, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes. When Clary didn’t answer, Isabelle’s expression went from slightly annoyed to concerned.

Before she could say anything, Alec burst into the room, dressed in an elegant black suit. Alec held a small black box, going to stand beside his sister. He smiled, making his blue eyes crinkle.

“Hey, Clary. I brought you a gift. It’s from Magnus and I.” Alec said, his words fast and excited, completely different from his normal attitude. He went behind her and set the present on a small wooden table. “Are you feeling all right? You look a bit green.”

As if on cue, Clary  fainted. Alec caught her, lowering her gently to the floor. Izzy and Jocelyn gasped and rushed to Clary’s side.

“Oh, no! She’s wrinkling her dress!” Isabelle shouted.

Jocelyn glared at her. “The poor thing is so nervous. I fainted on my wedding day to Valentine, you know,” she explained, turning to a surprised-looking Alec. “Could you get her a glass of water, dear?”

He nodded and quickly disappeared. Jocelyn felt Clary’s forehead, checking for a fever. Maia and Maryse looked on, nervous. The wedding was literally starting in five minutes. Alec returned with a glass of water and his stele, moving to sit next to Clary. She was just beginning to come back, pale and ill-looking.

“What-“ Clary began and sat up, nearly falling over again. Izzy steadied her, carefully placing a stray red curl back into the intricate braided bun on her head.

"Careful, sweetheart,” Jocelyn scolded. “You’ll faint again.”

“Here,” Alec said, handing Clary the drink. She took small sips while Alec drew an iratze on her shoulder. Clary felt the familiar sting, along with the nausea and lightheadedness fading. “Are you nervous or something? Do you need a courage rune?”

“I’m a little nervous, I guess. I just can’t believe Jace and I are getting married. The whole thing is just so surreal.” Clary said. Izzy and Jocelyn helped her up and smoothed out her dress.

“Everything’s fine, Clary,” Maia assured her. “You’ve been planning this for months. Clary looked at Maia and Izzy in their silver bridesmaid dresses. Izzy was sporting matching silver pumps, while Maia had on converse.

"Oh! I almost forgot your gift.” Alec retrieved the small black box, putting it in Clary’s hand.

“Thank you, Alec. You didn’t have to get me anything.” Clary said, smiling.

“Just open it.”

Clary laughed and opened the box, revealing a gold chain with a bird pendant. She gasped at its simple beauty, looking up at Alec.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful.”

Alec took the necklace. “May I?” He asked. Clary nodded and turned around. As Alec fastened the necklace around her throat, he said, “I figured since you’ll be a Herondale soon, that I should get you something bird-related. Magnus helped me pick it out, of course; I know nothing about fashion. You’ll be the wife of my parabatai, I just want to let you know that I’m always going to be there for you. Hopefully someday you’ll let me babysit your children.”

Clary turned around and gave Alec a crushing hug. “That was so nice.” She whispered. “Thank you.” She sniffled, wiping her eye.

“Stop! I’m allergic to sentimentality! And no crying, Clary. You’ll ruin your makeup.” Isabelle said, throwing her arms up.

There was a knock at the door and Luke appeared, nodding to Maryse. “It’s time, guys.’ He held his hand out to Clary. She took it, smiling up at him.

Then he led her into the Hall.


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With Everything (Gabriel)

Character: Gabriel the archangel
Words: 1600
Warning(s): Blood, swearing, fighting
A/N: Who doesn’t love a lil bit of protective Gabriel. Sorry this one is a mess and isn’t that great. I wrote this on fumes. I must recharge now.

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Neo-Babylonian Chalcedony Cylinder Seal, c. 750-600 BC

Engraved with two deities flanking a tasseled crescent-standard on a stepped podium, a bearded god to the right, probably Ninurta, the god of hunting and war, wearing a globe-topped horned headdress and a long robe, a sword at his back, one hand upraised, the other holding a leash attached to the composite winged monster upon which he stands, the monster with a lion head, bull horns, bird talons and a scorpion tail, a goddess to the left, wearing a globe-topped horned headdress and a long robe, her hands raised in adoration, standing upon a gazelle; a goat, a large crescent and a star in the field behind her, a fish before her, six dots, a wedge, a mace and other attributes in the field before Ninurta; mounted as a pendant in a 19th century gold setting.


Little Birdie

“Ugh, this is the last time I go shopping with you!” Selena cried, as she tapped her foot impatiently against the tiled floor.

It was always something with Setsuna.

She either took far too long picking one item out, or she had picked up so many expensive things that Selena had to end up paying for it.

Setsuna removed her gaze from the cute bunny tea set on sale to look right into Selena’s eyes. “Oh, but you said that the last time… and look at how much fun we’re having.”

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Nyingma Lineage. Gesar, King. 1800s.

Dressed as a warrior, holding upraised in the right hand a riding crop, in the left is a lance with a lasso looped about the forearm. Tall pendants stream from the crown of the helmet. Atop a red horse, moon disc and multi-coloured lotus seat, he is surrounded by billowing white-grey clouds filled with wild animals and birds. The animals are the ‘Werma Chu Sum’ - thirteen special attendant figures. Two attendant figures riding horses are placed at the right and left sides.

At the top center is Amitabha Buddha with Shakyamuni Buddha at the left and white Padmapani Avalokiteshvara at the right. In the left corner is Guru RinpochePadmasambhava and in the right is Green Tara.

In the foreground are seven more mounted figures dressed as warriors riding amongst the clouds.

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Solas notices Lavellan admiring a jewelry store in Val Royeaux and ponders getting her something! (does or does not, up to you:3)

Here you go, anon - mostly kept to the script on this one!  Hope you enjoy it ^^

A Trinket from the Past

“Oh come on, Pipsqueak, there’s gotta be something you like?”  Varric’s impatience was a somewhat welcome distraction for Nyriel.  She had been sent on an errand by her ambassador, Josephine, to pick out fabrics for the main hall following its reconstruction.  Sadly, it was not going too well.  Varric had little interest in decorations, other than their impact on his novel.  Cole was constantly picking things up and wandering off with them.  Solas, ever the stoic, was at a distance, observing silently.

“Varric, I’ve never had this kind of luxury in my life.  My clan lives out of wagons, remember?  We hardly spend the afternoon in an Orlesian market looking at swatches of silk.”

“I suppose you have a point there.  Say, why don’t you go look around the rest of the market and come back in a while?  I’ll be at the tavern over there-” he thumbed to a building off from the square over his shoulder, “if you need me.  Have fun with Chuckles and the Kid, Inquisitor.”

With that the dwarf sauntered off to the tavern.  She watched as he made his way to the door, commenting to a cloaked dwarf in the shadows.  They appeared about his height, perhaps shorter, and were nervous about being seen in public.  The hooded face looked to either side as the two dwarves headed inside.  Nyriel pocketed that line of questioning for later, and carried on further into the market.

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Playing so hard to get, cause she knows that you care
  • Peter and wendy were never on good terms in school. Then one day after causing wendy detention, she won’t stop arguing with him and all of a sudden he kisses her. And that marks the start of their secret make out sessions in janitor’s closet, stairs, boy’s bathroom lol. After a few months wendy wants them to be an item and peter knows exactly the right moment to share it on new year’s eve.
  • Darling, can you ,please, write a prompt? It’s 31 Décembre and Peter has one gift for Wendy. Please?
  •  DP!CursedAU where Wendy gets hit on/bullied into a date by some guy & Peter steps in & declares himself her BF.

I hope this works for all the prompts ? It sort of merged together. I hope you like it !!!

Short and sweet for New Year’s Eve, okay. Doing this. This is cute. And funny. Might be ooc – but it’s cursed AU, so I can make people nicer if I want to. Sometimes, I can actually do cute. On very rare occasions. 

Cursed AU : Peter is James, Wendy is Gwen, as usual.

Playing so hard to get, cause she knows that you care (x)

When she asks him when they’re going to stop fooling around and actually be together, James laughs and tells her he doesn’t do relationships.

(you can imagine how the rest of that conversation went). 

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Some French Proverbs (Part I)

loin des yeux, loin du coeur out of sight, out of mind

l'habit ne fait pas le moine the clothes don’t make the main/don’t judge a book by its cover

il faut battre le fer pendant qu'il est chaud strike while the iron’s hot

Paris ne s'est pas fait en un jour Paris wasn’t built in a day

mieux vaut tard que jamais better late than never

un tient vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

le chat parti, les souris dansent when the cat’s away, the mice will play

tout vient à point à qui sait attendre good things come to those who wait