a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Headcanon: Thor and Steve deliberately misuse popular idioms and sayings just to fuck with everyone.

Tony catches Thor drinking milk out of the carton and Thor just tells him, “Every dog has its silver lining.” Tony is so confused he doesn’t even remember to give Thor hell for not putting the milk back in the fridge.

Clint tries to keep up with Thor and Steve in the gym one day and ends up sweating and complaining loudly about superhumans, and Steve just kindly pats him on the shoulder and tells him, “You know what they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” and Clint spends the next week trying to figure out what the hell Steve meant by that.

Everyone is pretty convinced that they’re just hopeless old men who can’t even figure out popular phrases… except for Sam, who starts keeping a running score of who can spout off the most confusing phrases.

So far Steve is winning - when a fight broke out in the city the team assembled and asked where Thor was. Steve told them “He’s under the weather” and everyone was disappointed realizing they’d have a hell of a time fighting without him. A few minutes later Thor came flying in on a tornado and Steve was just like, “See I told you” while Natasha slapped herself in the face.

This Fledgling Thing - a collaborative @capreversebb work of fiction

art by @yawpkatsi / words by @snarklyboojum

They say ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ but Sam has pretty big hands and he’d prefer the birds to keep their beaks out of his love life, thanks.

  • Fic and Artwork Rating: PG
  • Warnings: None
  • Relationships: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes
  • Characters: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes.  Brief appearances by T’Challa, Shuri, Tony Stark, and various assorted feathered friends.
  • Word Count: 24,452

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Bojack Horseman MBTI

Bojack Horseman: ESFP [The Performer]

Bojack is an unhealthy ESFP to no one’s surprise. His dominant Extraverted Sensation (Se) drives him to be in the moment often not thinking of the consequences of his actions. He is after enjoyable experiences, but easily gets bored and is dissatisfied when the buzz of the experience, the initial excitement, quickly fades. He is action-oriented and doesn’t think about the meaning of what he is doing till after he has done it. This comes from his dominant function, but also his inferior Introverted iNtuition (Ni). This inferior function keeps poking at him to ask questions about his lifestyle and overall his general happiness. He keeps trying to answer these questions with more life experiences, looking for something outside of himself to make him happy. 

His Ni constantly haunts him trying to push him to look inward, which he should but needs to use his secondary function Introverted Feeling (Fi) to do so. Instead we see a rude and selfish Bojack with his tertiary function Extraverted Thinking (Te) running amok. He wants everyone around him to view himself and what he is doing at any given moment as their top priority without giving them anything in return. This has left his Fi to go underdeveloped and is the reason he looks for admiration from others from his career and needs people to like him. He wants to be liked for his actions and needs awards, but clearly this form of approval is short-lived for Bojack. This is because he is looking for approval and for the world around him to gain happiness, but until he develops his Fi looking inward at himself and what he can do for himself and others, he will always only have stints of true happiness. 

We do see Bojack develop his Fi in bits when he is true to himself. We see this when he was filming the original Secretariat with Jennings. But again he looked too outside of himself and ran away. He always thinks with his Se, thinking something in his environment is what makes him unhappy or someone else is doing it to him; but he must look inward to find that happiness that he seeks. 

Diane Nguyen: INTP [The Thinker]

Diane’s dominant Introverted Thinking (Ti) makes her skeptical of everything. She has a hard time coming up with her own ideas, but always knows what doesn’t work. This makes life quite hard for Diane. But her Ti is what makes her focused on systems and her secondary function Extraverted iNtuition (Ne) pushes her to focus on more ideas and intentions behind society. This is what makes her such a critic of, well, everything. She lives in the nuances of situations and constantly finds herself trapped in these nuances seeing hypocrisy not only in society, but in herself. Her inferior function of Extraverted Feeling (Fe) directs her Ti-Ne to analyze society, it peaks this interest. But because it is inferior and she is uncomfortable with this function she is only comfortable in her criticisms. She is not comfortable blending into social situations or her personal relationships. 

Her inferior Fe is what makes her struggle with both Bojack and Mr. Peanut Butter. For her, the truth of ideas is often more important than her personal relationships and her obligations to the people in her life. She always puts ideas above the people in her life. We see this in the book she publishes without much regard for Bojack’s feelings. Yes, she does care, but she opts for the truth of the writing possibly over her friendship. We see this with her marriage a lot as well. She loves Mr. Peanut Butter but puts her career first and desires personal freedom from her relationship with him. She struggles with her Ti independence and her responsibility to the people she cares about. She doesn’t want her relationships to define her. She is in constant Ti-Fe conflict. 

She then isolates herself from the people she cares about and who care about her. She uses her tertiary function of Introverted Sensation to uphold her inner world instead of seeing herself objectively. As soon as she feels people aren’t approving of her (Fe) she hides within herself so they have nothing to disapprove of. Her Si just backs her Ti criticisms more and make her more anti-social and critical about the world around her. This is why Bojack always says Diane thinks she is better than everyone else. She doesn’t think she is better than everyone else. She simply becomes critical and puts others and the environment she is in down so she doesn’t have to worry about rejection from these elements. If the elements are inferior then who needs their approval and appreciation. Deep down she wants acceptance just as much as Bojack or Mr. Peanut Butter.

Mr. Peanut Butter: ENFP [The Champion]

Mr. Peanut Butter lives in a world of ideas and possibilities with his dominant Extraverted iNtuition (Ne). He is always looking for a new future, a new idea to get behind. But like all dominant Ne users he struggles to stick to any one idea and follow it through. Combined with his secondary Introverted Feeling (Fi) it almost doesn’t matter at times that the well intended plans never come to fruition. This is due to his Fi focusing him on people, aka people possibilities. He sees potential in people around him and likes to help them reach their goals. He sees this in the underdogs (pun intended). Fi often is more focused on those that society forgets, on individuals. 

This is why he sticks around with those that may not help him personally flourish including Diane, Bojack, and Todd. Just the title for ENFP suggests he is their champion, cheering them on and seeing potential in them that others don’t see in them. Despite Diane’s self doubts he sees a smart woman who does genuinely care about others. Peanut Butter sees the goodness deep down in Bojack that no one else does. He also sees the intelligence and potential to succeed in Todd. 

Mr. Peanut Butter isn’t perfect though. he suffers from the same thing that Bojack does with a secondary Introverted Feeling (Fi). He seeks the approval of others. He needs people to like his ideas and uses Ne to adapt for others making many promises that are too broad, stretching himself too thin. Hence why we see him stretched between his job and Diane a lot of the time. He likes the approval from audiences and productions, but struggles to have Diane approve of his ideas and what he is doing. He needs both Diane and his career peers/audiences to approve of him and what he is doing. His Fi while making him likable is his downfall as he needs everyone to like him and what he is doing, so his plans often don’t work out cause you can never do something that pleases everyone. 

Princess Carolyn: ESTJ [The Executive]

Princess Carolyn doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings in the sense that she sugar coats nothing. This comes from her dominant function of Extraverted Thinking (Te). She deals in a linear logical world. Point A will lead to point B. She thinks everyone should fall into this line of thinking. There are rules in society we all follow: being on time, following a schedule, if you work hard you will succeed, etc. She believes everyone should respect these obligations. Her logic being focused outward makes her great at planning the lives of others and organizing things on their behalf. Combined with Si she loves to handle the logistics and details for others. This is what makes her such a great agent and possibly a great manager. Her Te dominance makes her social, but she doesn’t care to socialize or meet anyone’s approval. She is there to do her job, not be liked.

Her secondary function, Introverted Sensation (Si), makes her a feline of action and resourceful. She deals with what was and is, the future is unpredictable. Her Te helps her prepare for the future, but her Si drives her to make actions on what she knows, on the data that she has. Sometimes this makes her jump the gun on some negotiations that maybe she shouldn’t. For her a bird in the hand in better than two in the bush.  She also wants to be judged on her actions and performance, on her own merit. If people don’t appreciate her hard work, she moves on creating new positions for herself, because she knows her own worth. 

Her focus on others as an agent, organizing the lives of others is a strength, but it leaves little room for herself and her personal life. As a Te dominant with Introverted Feeling (Fi) as her inferior function she has one of the strongest abilities to keep her professional/public life separate from her personal. We see this instantly in the pilot episode when she keeps dating Bojack and being his agent separate in the most bazaar of ways, not having any issue with it. Her journey is struggling with these two selves that we see the most at the end of season 3. She loves her private life but she needs work to thrive and be passionate about. Finding this balance is difficult for her.

Todd Chavez: INFP [The Dreamer]

Todd Chavez has such a subjective view of the world. This is his dominant Introverted Feeling (Fi) guiding him and his perspective. He doesn’t categorize anything but bases everything on if it works or doesn’t, is it good or bad. He doesn’t lead with logic, but what he feels, his gut feelings. Todd is clearly Fi dominant and not extraverted as he doesn’t let the outside world influence his choices or who he is. He doesn’t define himself by his objective place in the world as a homeless guy with no direction. He doesn’t let his environment control him. Instead he always makes sure whatever he does vibes with his inner feelings. 

As an INFP Todd is constantly questing to find his meaning in the world. He moves from idea to idea trying to find the right fit. His inferior function Extraverted Thinking (Te) makes it hard for him to find a fit typical in society, because he doesn’t want to lose himself in his job (Fi).

His secondary function of Extraverted iNtuition (Ne) is what makes him so imaginative. He prefers to play with ideas than what actually is. We see this in his creation of Disneyland and his many other schemes. He isn’t one for practicality. His Ne makes him preoccupied beyond what is, but the intentions behind things. This is what makes him so pure of heart when contrasted with the other characters. He punishes himself for even having a bad intention behind a good deed. It isn’t about the result but the meaning behind an action that is important. He is never mad at Bojack’s direct actions, but mad at the meaning and implications behind it all. This also drives him to hope others will see past the surface and understand him without him making anything about himself explicit. This is part of his constant disappointment with his friendship with Bojack, because Bojack is too in his own self to notice the things Todd thinks Bojack should notice. 

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 22

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21)

Stress tensed every muscle in Ritsu’s body.

He leaned forward, left hand braced against the side of his desk. His right hand worried the pencil in its grip, flipping between eraser and tip as his notes became agitated scrawls. He erased, again and again, until shavings littered his desk, and lead ground into his paper, and he fell behind.

The teacher stood at the board. Fraction problems appeared. The answers rolled out next to them.

They did not match Ritsu’s answers.

Ritsu looked at his own paper, not one single problem correct. He reworked them until he could no longer read them. The meaning of numbers and symbols escaped him. And then the teacher moved on, unaware, assuming the class had understood what Ritsu could not grasp. Maybe they had. A small and stifled panic bloomed in Ritsu’s chest, so Ritsu flipped the page and braced his pencil to the blank lines and tried again this time to follow.

He never struggled in class. Why now? Why this topic specifically…?

“Ritsu…? I don’t get it. Can you help me?”

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Hello there! I’m a native Polish speaker and I’ve decided to make this little series of posts concerning the most interesting and/or popular Polish idioms, sayings, and proverbs. I’ve seen a few similar posts on Tumblr, but most of them repeat the same few idioms a maroon nd I really want to introduce you guys to many more sayings in my language. Each post in this series will have around 8-10 sayings and I plan to make such posts once every week. I hope you’ll enjoy them and learn something new! Here is the first installment. You’ll find the later ones in this tag on my blog.

✧ Polish: Co ma piernik do wiatraka?
Literal translation: What does a gingerbread have to do with a windmill?
Meaning: Used when a person you’re talking to says something completely irrelevant to the whole conversation. Something like: what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

✧ Polish: Tylko krowa nie zmienia zdania.
Literal translation: Only a cow doesn’t change its mind.
Meaning: People are allowed to change their opinions and views over time. You can use this saying as a comment on this fact.

✧ Polish: Szukać dziury w całym.
Literal translation: To be looking for a hole in something that’s whole.
Meaning: To quibble, to nitpick. To stubbornly be trying to find fault with something that’s without fault.

✧ Polish: Raz na ruski rok.
Literal translation: Once in a Russian year.
Meaning: Very rarely, hardly ever. Once in a blue moon.

✧ Polish: Lepszy wróbel w garści niż gołąb na dachu = Lepszy wróbel w garści niż kanarek na dachu.
Literal translation: A sparrow in the hand is better than a pigeon/dove on the roof = A sparrow in the hand is better than a canary on the roof.
Meaning: It’s better to hold onto something you already have than to risk losing it while you’re trying to get something else. Basically: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

✧ Polish: Gdzie pieprz rośnie =  Gdzie diabeł mówi dobranoc.
Literal translation: Where pepper grows = where the devil says goodnight.
Meaning: Somewhere far away, in a distant and unknown place, at the end of the world. 

✧ Polish: Kłamstwo ma krókie nogi.
Literal translation: A lie has short legs.
Meaning: People will always find out about your lie.

✧ Polish: Dzieci i ryby głosu nie mają.
Literal translation: Children and fish don’t have a voice.
Meaning: Adults don’t care about children’s opinions; children’s opinions shouldn’t be considered when a family is making important decisions.

park walks and coffee. | peter parker.

summary: today is a good day for coffee, walks in the park and accidently confessing your feelings to your best friend.

warning(s): nothing. just a lot fluffiness.

disclaimer(s): gif is not mine.


“Okay, what about that guy?” Michelle said.

The little cafe was bright and warm. The rays from the sunlight shined through the windows, emitting a golden glow throughout the place. The sounds of the cash register opening and closing, the cashier asking a customer whether they’d like a cookie or a muffin with their order. It was a lovely day, indeed.

You leaned in beside Michelle, catching a sight of a man outside the cafe that she’s referring. You hummed to yourself for a moment. “He’s probably an assistant to someone. He has kids and a loving wife. He looks tired, probably because his boss is annoying is hell. But he looks like he’d bring his family to festival, with lots of food and music.”

You and Michelle were currently waiting for Peter and Ned to join you. After a while, you both got bored and started to make up stories for anyone that passed by the cafe. It was fun to fill in the time instead of wasting the seconds.

“Fair point.” Michelle said, smiling at the story that you made. She looked down at her watch and frowned. It had almost been half an hour since you got to the cafe. “Where are those losers, anyway?” She questioned.

You shrugged your shoulders and looked around the cafe. Peter nor Ned had arrive yet and you both were getting a little impatient. “Cheer up, MJ. I’m sure they’ll show up soon.” You said. You unlocked your phone to see whether the boys sent you any messages. None.

Your friend sighed beside you and began to open a book she brought. “Well, tell me when your loverboy arrives.” Michelle said as she started to read. You blushed at the name that meant Peter.

“He’s not my-”

Michelle lifted her face from her book and looked at you, raising an eyebrow as if she wanted to test you.

You groaned. “He really isn’t, MJ.”

“That’s not what you said last time. You said how kissable his lips were and-,” You cut off by putting a hand on her mouth. “Stop it.” You insisted, smiling.

You let your hand fall and your friend continued to read her book. You began to mindlessly go through your social media, hoping either Peter and Ned would message you.

After a while, you heard someone, or two, bumping into the door. You and Michelle jumped in surprise. The two people rushed in the shop, bumping into each other and almost knocking each other over. You chuckled under your breath as Peter and Ned came to sight.

“Finally.” Michelle whispered under her breath. The two best friends walked over to your table, looking a bit flustered.

“Before you say anything, Peter slept in.” Ned quickly said. Peter, wide eyed, turned to Ned. “Dude.” He said, offended.

“Guys, it’s fine. Sit down with us.” You said. The duo sat down, Peter opposite you and Ned opposite Michelle. Ned and Michelle were already starting a conversation. You pushed a cup of latte towards Peter.

“I didn’t know what you wanted. Sorry.” You said sheepishly. Peter smiled, appreciating the offer. “It’s fine. Thanks!” Peter thanked you, taking a sip of his drink.

“So, you slept in, huh?” You teasingly asked. The boy groaned, making you grin and laugh. “To be fair, I was finishing up on homework.” He said. You smiled. Knowing Peter, he’d always want to finish up his work early. Even during school breaks. “Fair play, Parker.” You said, sipping on your drink.

Then, it was silence between you two. You both seemed to looking anywhere but each other.

You took a glance at Peter. He was wearing a grey sweatshirt, one of your favourites if you had to admit. His hair was slightly messed up. A bit of curls falling on his forehead. You swore your heart swoon at the sight of your best friend that you were most definitely sure you were in love with right now. He looked calm and gentle. You felt a certain warmness in you just by looking at him.

Peter was the same way. If they was one ward he could use to describe you, beautiful was definitely it. He couldn’t help but just admire the way you looked today. The way your hair falls into place on your head. How the light made you look golden. Aboslutely beautiful, he thought. He could look at you all day and never get tired by your beauty. There was a sense of light and warmness everytime he looked at you. He’ll never get tired of it. That’s when Peter knew, he had it really bad.

Both of you soon meet your gaze and stared at each other before looking away, blushing and shy like little kids.

Ned and Michelle were amused by the sight of their friends. They knew about your feelings for each other. It was pretty obvious. It was personally amusing for them to see best friends acting all shy with each other, even after knowing each other for so long.

“Hey, guys. It seems like a nice day to head to the park.” Ned suggested. You and Peter turned to him. “I mean, c'mon! Let’s enjoy the fresh air and sunshine for a while!” Ned exclaimed. You smiled at his enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I’d like that. It sounds nice.” You agreed. Michelle nodded in agreement. Ned turned to Peter. “C'mon, man. It’ll be fun.” He tried to persuade him. Peter looked at you for a moment. You only smiled at him. “W-Well, I guess I could join.” He stuttered out, cursing to himself for doing so.

“Great! Let’s go!” Ned said, already standing up from his seat. Michelle followed his cue. Peter held out a hand towards you as he stood up. You took his hand and smiled as he pulled you up. Then, all four of you went out the door and under the bright sunshine.

Queens seemed rather busy. People were bustling here and there due to their own business. Cars were honking at each other. It was loud and a bit hectic. But nonetheless, it was a good day.

The four of you entered the park. The smell of sweet flowers and trees filled your noses. Ned and Michelle were ahead of you and Peter. You were starting to think they were up to something. You and Peter walked side by side, your hands lightly grazing against each other. The slight touch made your body tingled and you just wanted to entangled your fingers with his. But you didn’t.

The birds were chirping happily. There were children playing around. It was a nice and calm situation that you liked.

“Today really is a nice day.” Peter said, breaking the silence between you two. You looked at him, seeing how bright and happy he looked. The sunshine creating a faint halo above his head. You smiled at the beautiful sight and nodded. “Yeah, it is.” You agreed.

After a while, you felt Peter’s hannd nudging itself into yours. You looked down to see his fingers slowly intertwining with yours. You blushed at the sudden action but you tighten your hand anyways. You could sense a big smile forming on Peter’s face as you held hands.

“Soooo,” Peter said, dragging out the word. You giggled at his effort to start a conversation. “The weather looks nice.” He said. He mentally scolded himself for the lame statement. The weather, Peter? Really?

“It really is.” You said playfully. He shook his head, smiling at you. You both laughed a little.

“Y-You look pretty.” Peter said, blushing already. You smiled at him and blushed. “Thanks.” You mumbled out. Peter smiled at you. He stopped his tracks and turned to you. He lifted a hand towards your face and you could feel your heart racing. He brushed off your hair off your face and tucked it behind your ear. You felt your breath hitched in your throat.

He then proceeded to walk past behind you. Your heart deflated a little, thinking it was a silly thought that he’d kiss you there. You turned around and saw Peter standing infront of a bush of roses. You tilted your head in confusion as you saw him pluck out of rose. He turned around and made his way to you, plucking out the thorns off the stem. He twirled the rose between his fingers before giving it to you. With warmness filling your heart, you took it. You brought it up to your face and smelled it, closing your eyes as the sweet scent filled your nose.

“Beautiful.” Peter whispered under his breath. You looked up at him and smiled. You see how warm his eyes looked like and the way he looked at you. And you couldn’t help but think how much you want him to hold you in his arms as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear, how you want to kiss his lips, how lovely you felt with him, how you just want to be his.

Peter turned away and walked ahead of you. For a moment, you stood still. The butterflies in your stomach were going wild. A voice in your head said you had nothing to lose. Quickly, you ran up to him. Peter looked at you in confusion.

You thought to yourself, He’s here. He’s right here. You put a hand on his cheek, feeling the soft skin under your palm. You felt his face heat up a bit due to the affection. And you pulled yourself towards him and kissed him. And the feeling was worth a million of beautiful words.

You felt Peter tense up before easing into the kiss. His soft warm lips moving slowly against yours. You felt his arm wrapped around your waist. You ran a hand in his brown curls and heard him let out a soft moan. It felt amazing. He was amazing.

Peter was euphoric, beautiful, gentle, warm, and every other beautiful words there was to describe him. And you wouldn’t trade this feeling you felt for him for anything else in the world.

You broke from the kiss and looked at him. Peter was flushed in his face and stared at you with doe eyes. You thought to yourself that you made him like that. And it felt amazing. You giggled at him, breaking him out from his trance. His smile seemed to widen and you wonder if it was because of you or the kiss. You grabbed his hand and pulled him. “C'mon. We better catch up with Ned and MJ.” You said as you walked ahead, holding his hand and a rose in your other hand.

Feeling all lovestruck for you, Peter chuckled to himself and followed your lead. His smile never left his face as he looked at you. And neither did yours.

And it felt like, finally.

Catch a Falling Star

Characters: CastielXReader ft. Sam and Dean Winchester

Word Count: 1936 (Epilogue)

A/N: The epilogue to a Soulmate AU mini-series. I live and breathe for fluffy happy endings.

Summary: What if angels didn’t end up just anywhere when they are banished by sigils…what if sometimes they end up exactly where they need to be? Turns out you are Castiel’s grounding stone, and it’s more complicated than either of you realizes. Happily, the universe and Dean Winchester are as fond of second chances as they are of a long-suffering blue-eyed seraph.

Catch up if you missed a chapter: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Sam blinked strained eyes over the screen of his laptop to fire a consternate gaze at his brother seated opposite. Dean wasn’t doing anything annoying per say. In the past hour, he’d uttered no weird observations, embarked on no pointless tirades, lobbed no undeserved fraternal insults, and engaged in no repetitive irritating clicking, tapping, or drumming noises. He hadn’t even mentioned being hungry, and Sam was fairly certain he heard the distinct rumble of an empty stomach once or twice in the eerie silence. This unusual well-mannered behavior on Dean’s part, was, in and of itself, exquisitely maddening and Sam had reached the breaking point of brotherly tolerance. “Stop it!” he breathily commanded.

“What?” Dean abruptly ceased his pursuit of doing nothing at all to respond, startled, to Sam’s unprovoked demand.

“That!” Sam answered. “Thinking. Stop it.”

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Taming the Rogue

Request: by @random-fandom-fangirl2112​: I was wondering if you could do a smut were the reader is a rogue wolf and has been since she was 5 and everyone thinks she’s an alpha but she’s really a beta? And one day Scott and Stiles encounter her and they’re all nervous and Derek senses their distress and shows up? You can finish it how ever you want just make it smutty please? Sorry this was so long!!!

Word count: 3068

Author’s note: I tried to depict the wolf side of the werewolves authentically, including being instinctual and the such. I hope I managed! c: I also hope you will be satisfied with how your request turned out, @random-fandom-fangirl2112​! Thank you for the amazing request ❤️

Warnings: language, smut, soft description of wounding someone

I’m running in the woods.

I can feel as the fresh, cold morning air fills my lungs with each inhale, the dry leafs and thin twigs cracking and breaking under my bare, soft paws, claws sinking into the loose earth, Sun is just barely bargaining on the horizon, painting the inky sky a pale purple. The forest is quiet, save for the few morning birds that are chirping. The taste of blood of my latest prey is seeping into my mouth.

This day is going to be the same as the others; I hunt, travel from state to state, maybe shift back to being a human like I do a couple times a year, then change back to my wolf self as soon as possible. I will watch the sunset, then sleep and repeat – as always.

By twilight, I arrive to a town which, according to the city road sign, is called Beacon Hills. I pass through the trees of the preserve in a slow, lazy strut, allowing myself to give in to the predatory instincts within me. I feel my muscles starting to buzz with renewed energy gradually, in sync with the air getting darker and darker.

I find a quiet spot in the woods and sit to allow my body to regain control over itself. After the past few days that I spent in a hustle and bustle, I crave silence and calmness around me. An owl flies to a branch of a tree near me, it creaking a little as the bird settles itself. A moment later, it begins its low humming song.

It’s nearly a full moon. The pale celestial body casts everything in a silver shade, while repressing the lights of the smaller stars surrounding it. My eyes fall closed as I give in to the serenity that engulfs me, but it’s soon destroyed by two males in the distance.

Irresponsible fury takes over me, muzzle opening on a sinister snarl, the animal side of me demanding bloodlust and carnage.

Without a second thought, I take off towards the source of the voices, paws barely making a noise in the fallen leaves as I’m approaching. I come to a halt behind a bush, ducking down, fur on my hunches straining up, that snarl still on my lips, a growl rumbling in my chest, eyes glued to the two boys. One of them suddenly puts his hand up in front of the other’s chest in order to stop him. He looks attentive, wary.

I flex my claws against the moist earth. I get ready to attack.

“Did you hear that?” he asks.

“What was I supposed to hear?” replies his friend, glancing around carelessly. He moves his flashlight along with his gaze.

“Rustling,” comes the answer. “I could have sworn I heard something.”

“Well, Scotty,” says the guy in a chatty tone. “Seems like your same ol’ senses aren’t as good as they used to be. They are playing a trick on you.”

“Stiles, this isn’t funny,” Scott chides him. “My ears have never mislead me yet.”

“It’s probably just Derek lurking around somewhere. He promised to be here soon after all.”

He still doesn’t seem to be affected by his friend’s warning. I decide it was enough of inspecting them, and now it’s time to take action – my nose scrunches up in a loud snarl before launching at them.

They both yell loudly.

“Stiles, watch out!” Scott shouts, grabbing Stiles by the arm and hauling him away from me. He nudges Stiles behind himself so that he’s the one facing me now.

“Holy Hell!” he exclaims. “I thought besides you guys there were no wolves in California any more!”

“I did, too,” Scott assures, exchanging a threatening look with me. He extends his claws, ready to protect Stiles if necessary – and who am I to let him down when he’s expecting a fight? I scoff at him, still driven by that visceral rage that took over me not long ago, then attack him.

Due to the wolf in me, I instinctively go for the ankles to try and grab him by his joint, so that I can get to his neck then, but I have to realize he has fine reflexes and swift moves, making it so much harder for me to take him down.

My wrath wells up, extends and takes control over my actions, supplying me with enough power to manage to tear at Scott’s arms, leaving deep wounds in his skin, dark blood erupting. He yelps in pain and stumbles backwards by a few steps, his eyes flashing golden and fangs elongating.

I jump towards him again, but I’m tossed to the side mid-air. I immediately roll from my side to my feet, turning around to see who prevented me from continuing the combat we’ve started.

I snarl at him, to which his response is to howl right back at me.

The sound shakes my bones, my fibres, my cells, my mind – my entire being. I tremble with the urge to give in and to just obey, but I try to ground myself in my human side so that I could maybe overcome the stupor I’m in and keep up with what I’ve gotten myself into.

However, as soon as the man realizes my intentions, noticing how my muscles are flexing under my fur, ready to attack, his eyes glow an imperative ruby red and he howls at me authoritatively with all he’s worth.

My brain goes blank, and the only thing that registers is that a weak whine dies on my lips before I collapse to the ground helplessly, dry leaves enveloping my bare skin. My bare human skin.

I’m trembling. I’m human. I’m weak. I’m vulnerable. I’m exposed. I’m helpless against the hunters. I’m ruined.

I’m human.

The next thing I know is that something warm covers me.

“She’s a werewolf?” asks Stiles, shell-shocked. “I totally thought she was an actual wolf!”

“Technically, she was,” retorts a low voice above me, tone just this side of sarcastic. Hands touch my arms through the material that wraps around my body, attempting to guide me and help me up.

“Is she an Alpha?” asks Scott.

“No,” replies the newcomer. “She wouldn’t have changed back otherwise when I roared at her.”

I allow him to move me, his palms resting on my upper arms through the leather jacket he put on me, only for me to break out of his hold abruptly, fangs and claws extending immediately.

“Leave me alone,” I snarl. My vision goes black and red, letting me know that my eyes are now glowing in their vivid icy blue colour. The two teenagers take a tentative step back, whereas the man snorts.

“Sweetheart,” he starts mockingly kindly, infuriating me more. “I don’t think you grasp the concept of who has the upper hand here.”

“Usually cocky bastards like you can do nothing besides showing off their non-existing power,” I spit out, disdain seeping into my words. He angers me with his bare presence – he angers me because he forced me to change back. A smirk appears on his face.

“Wanna test it out?”

I don’t even spare time for a verbal response – instead, I go straight for the kill, attempting to sink my claws into his chest where his important bundle of muscles is relaxing and contracting, pumping blood to provide his system.

Just before I could lay a finger on him, he vanishes from my sight. Then apart from a sharp pain at the back of my head, there is nothing but black void pulling me down into a dark abyss.

. o O o .

I wake up several hours later. I can hear soft noises filtering through the ajar door that leads to the bedroom I’m laying in. I notice that I was dressed at some point while I was unconscious – now I’m wearing an oversized T-shirt and a thong. I’m not used to being dressed any more, having spent the majority of my years in wolf shape.

I creep out of the bed and start a mute beeline for the front door to leave. I sneak out through the door, finding myself on an aisle. It’s dark, but my vision is perfect during nighttime as well, so it isn’t an obstacle for me.

I sneak towards the stairs and descend them, but before I could land a bare foot on those that lead to the heavy-looking metal entrance, a voice startles me.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Fuck you,” I shoot back, not even turning around. I choose to ignore the guy – he’s not a freaking royalty offspring, dammit –, and walk up to the door to escape, but I’m yanked back down from the second step. He turns me around harshly, aggressively hauling my body as though I were a doll that he can play around with as he pleases.

“I was expecting at least an attempt to kill me by way of thanking me for dressing you up,” he grits out through his teeth, looking positively fuming.

“I didn’t ask for it,” I point out, trying to wriggle my wrist free with no success; his fingers are as good as metal vises curling firmly around me. “Let go.”

“I’m not letting you go,” he says sternly. “I’m not going to allow you to go on a killing spree on my territory.”

“Oh, how protective of you,” I roll my eyes mockingly.

“Clearly you have behavioural issues,” he assesses. “You Omega have no idea how to show respect to an Alpha.”

“I see someone isn’t used to being ignored,” I singsong with a wicked smirk.

To wipe it off of my face, he shoves me into the wall. I yelp as the harsh collision knocks my breath out of me, and I find myself face to face with his scarlet glowing eyes. I flash mine at him in return.

“Won’t you ever learn your manners?” he growls at me.

“Not for you,” I whisper, kicking his legs to toss him off-balance and then pushing him away from me with my free hand. I manage to drive my foot into his side before he could catch up to me. The next time, however, he catches my leg and shoves it to the side. Instead of falling to my back, I make a somersault backwards, pushing myself up with my arms to stand again.

He immediately makes an attempt to sink his claws into my sides, but I get away from him by twirling a couple times, getting behind him and granting myself a clear shot of his vulnerable neck. I grab him, making sure the tips of my claws are biting his skin, only to throw him to the ground. Without missing a beat, I step on his chest to keep him plastered to the floor.

I smirk down at him, arching a brow, hands on my hips.

“Are you giving up yet?” I ask, rubbing my toe to his shirt in a cocky tease.

“Never,” he replies, taking a hold of my ankle and pulling at it, making me fall down onto his body. Instantly, I position myself to be sure I’m still the one being in charge – which means I’m straddling his pelvis. When his palms find my hips, a fuzzy hotness starts coiling up in my belly, urging me to unconsciously bite at my lower lip.

That, and the sudden spike in my scent inevitably chases out a reaction from him; his hands start rubbing at my skin, massaging it tantalizingly slowly, inviting my pelvis to dance along with them – and it does as I set up a slow roll with it, bracing myself against strong shoulders under me.

Our breathing is elevating, sighs coming out gradually louder, hearts starting to beat faster. I can almost hear as his blood is rushing through his veins, flowing south rapidly. I can’t help the small noise that leaves my lips as I grind down against him, feeling his developing erection nudging me.

“Holy –” he mumbles, voice barely above a whisper. Partially out of being turned on, partially out of craving payback, I allow my claws to sink into his sculpted shoulders, earning myself a hiss of pain from him. Dark stains of blood spread crawling in his shirt in a deformed circle around my fingertips, but he doesn’t care about it, just growls at me before tearing the material over his head.

“As obnoxious as you are, I gotta admit you’re hot as fuck,” I compliment, making a slow drag with my middle against his. He groans at the feeling, claws elongating, too.

“You have a pretty nice body yourself,” he says in return, a smug smirk playing on his lips.

“And what if you don’t get to see it again, baby?” I breathe into his mouth, just barely touching his pink flesh with mine. As soon as he tries to catch my lips in a kiss, I draw my head back, smiling down at him wickedly. I arch a brow. “Did you honestly think I’m that easy to seduce?”

“Stop teasing me, or I’ll have to take the initiative,” he says.

“Oh? You sound like I’d actually let you do that,” I comment, dragging my index finger down in a slow tease in the valley in the middle of his upper body which is dividing his pectorals and abs, going dangerously low. His jeans are riding low, granting me a clear shot of his black boxer briefs he’s wearing underneath. The two veins leading into his underwear are prominent and impossible not to notice. He makes a needy noise in the back of his throat.

I reach under myself, cupping his rapidly hardening erection in my hand through his pants, to which his response is to buck against my hand.

“Holy freaking shit, just –” he rasps. I lean down to whisper into his ear seductively, fingers flexing on him, “What, baby? What do you want me to do?”

Out of the blue, his eyes seep into their illuminated scarlet colour, his fangs elongating as he flips us over in a sudden surge of renewed power. I make a surprised noise as my body is moved – but he’s still not satisfied with having me under him; he also twirls me around to lay me on my belly.

When I turn my head to make a comment or two at the change in position, he murmurs, “Shut up” into my skin, even before I could get one sound out, leaving biting kisses and stinging nips all over my jaw, neck, and cheek, chasing out a whine from me. My inner wolf is loving this treatment.

On raw instinct, to try and seduce the male on me, I push my ass up to rub it against his bulge, letting my claws out and dragging them down along the floor under me, leaving ten lines there.

The next moment, I can feel him fumbling with his jeans, quickly ridding himself of them, pulling me flush to him with a palm spread over my lower belly. His hand starts inching up on my stomach, taking the T-shirt with it, soon finding my breast and kneading the soft flesh, making me whine wantonly. His length is poking me, only the thong and his briefs dividing our skins from the desired contact.

He begins rutting against me, his groans, pants and faltering breaths all directed into my ear, hotness spreading my insides.

Do it, dammit, or I swear to God I’m going to claw your eyes out,” I growl, need taking over me. He snickers against my shoulder, still covered by the tee he put on me, before shoving his briefs down and away, doing the same with my thong.

“See, you can submit, you just gotta be tamed accordingly,” he husks into my ear. I snarl at him, but it ends up morphing into a needy moan instead of a threat when he fills me in one swift, hard thrust.

He cages my body; my chest is squeezed to the ground, ass raised, claws digging into the floor as I can do nothing but fucking take it, meeting all his punishing pushes, back arching, his voice in my ear asking, “Will you submit to me now?” to which my response is to bare my neck involuntarily, signing submission.

His teeth sink into my flesh, sucking a massive lovebite into the surface, making me cry out in a high-pitched tone. His arms are bracketing me on both sides, his hot exhales lavishing over my back, burning me as though lava were licking over my nerves.

“Say my name,” he grunts in a low tone. “I want you to say my name as you cum.” My lips part to tease him, but he finishes with, “Derek. Say it when you come.”

Derek reaches down to rub tight circles around my clit, multiplying my pleasure. I shake violently as my orgasm hits me abruptly and intensely, crying out his name like he wished for, pulling him right in with me to white oblivion when I clamp around him, his fingers entwining with mine as both of our nails leave marks in the ground.

He drags his tongue up on the side of my neck, rolling his hips against mine a couple more times, making me bite my lip at the sensation, eyes fluttering closed. Derek then pulls out of me as soon as we’ve ridden out our highs, only to carry me over to his bed where he lays me down and scoots in next to me, covering us with the blanket. I don’t understand why he does this, but I let him – I merely want to wait until he’s asleep so that I can sneak away.

The fact that he has a strong arm wrapped around me is a factor that makes my plan a tad harder to implement, but I’m determined to carry it out anyway.

As soon as Derek’s breathing is slow and evened out, I squirm out of his hold. I take off the T-shirt he gave me, then I tiptoe my way over to the metal door, sliding it open carefully, trying to make the least amount of noises awhile.

I barely shut it behind me before my body morphs back into that of a wolf’s and I take off into the night.

W.F.- A special thanks to Red-MV for proving that the old adage is wrong, a bird in your hand isn’t worth two by the bush(not like this pair anyway) yum yum.

STARISH +Crush Headcanons!

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i got lazy to search for individual gifs -sobs-

Ittoki Otoya

  • First to realise when he has a crush on someone
  • He spends more time with them, talking and knowing more about them. He doesn’t hide his feelings
  • Very straightforward. He just waits for that “moment” to confess his attraction.
  • He finds it easier to text his crush despite being direct with them. He gets nervous jitters around them~
  • His confession is usually somewhere less crowded and it does come out of the blue (aka unexpected)
  • He blushes red as a tomato when his friends tease him about his crush
  • He doesn’t kiss his crush on the first date unless the attraction is really strong

Hijirikawa Masato

  • Fifth to realise when he’s in love
  • TBH, the man here isn’t sure how to approach his crush. He only would if the relationship is going to be serious
  • At times he even doubts that he feels something for them. When you walk past him though, he jolts inside with awareness so that’s when he KNOWS he has amorous feelings towards you
  • He does overthink sometimes and that leads to him being stiff and stoic near his crush due to nervousness
  • He feels emotions as a strong whirl. They are so strong that he cannot voice them when asked for the first time
  • He confesses to you by writing you a letter, expressing his feelings (probably as a poem) and inviting you to an outing
  • The most you’d do on your first date is hold hands lol

Shinomiya Natsuki

  • The last one to realise when he has a crush. Mainly because he sees them as a cutie patoot who he loves to shower affection on
  • When he feels something for you, its his heart beating erratically and the want for him to be constantly near you
  • He describes this to Syo who points out that Natsuki is in love with you
  • Oh the sun suddenly seemed to shine brighter, birds chirped and flowers bloomed when he realised it
  • You do kiss on the first date. He asked you out so sweetly that you couldn’t say no
  • He'a frank and open about his feelings for you
  • Very clingy and affectionate. Even in the midst of his friends

Ichinose Tokiya

  • Fourth to realise he’s in love/ has a crush
  • He turns warmhearted and into a total sweetheart around his crush. He has secret smiles for them and even teases them playfully
  • At first he is pretty hesitant but eventually accepts the idea that he has a penchant for your company and you in general
  • He spends more time around you, even casually brushing his hands over yours with a soft smile.
  • He does ask you out and confesses on your first date. He planned the ‘perfect date.’
  • The force of his feelings can melt you into a puddle of love. He is a rather amorous suitor
  • He only pursues you if he sees this relationship going somewhere. He already works a lot so you have to be very special to catch his eye and be worth his time.

Jinguji Ren

  • Third to realise mainly because he ponders too much over his emotions
  • He may appear to be cool and suave but Mr. Jinguji turns very nervous and aware around his crush. He absentmindedly checks his appearance too.
  • He waits for some time to see if what he feels is just mere infatuation. If it isn’t, be prepared to be pursued
  • Oh the bouquets and gifts he’d send you would flock your room. He doesn’t hide his feelings but is definitely on the subtle side.
  • Little love notes and poems. He even calls you out to a location where you two are alone to ask you out
  • Whether you kiss on your first date really depends on him. Nonetheless, it was a very spontaneous (he planned it though) and fun date.
  • If he’s interested in you, he’d ask more about you, pay close attention to your likes and habits so he knows just how to ensnare you in his web of adoration

Kurusu Syo

  • Sixth to realise he’s in love
  • He visibly turns into a bundle of anxiety and nerves when around his crush. He stutters a lot and blushes too.
  • He turns a little hyper and excited around you too. Conversations include him knowing about you and him also telling about himself in return
  • When he asked you out on a date, Natsuki jumped from the bushes and pulled you two for a hug, crying that he was so happy for Syo and you.
  • The date was sweet, a little on the nervous side yet exciting. He does kiss your cheek on the first date. If he’s feeling bolder, its on your lips
  • Everyone minus Syo’s crush knows about Syo’s feelings for them when he has a crush
  • He would probably yell out his confession of love for you. The whole world practically heard it

Aijima Cecil

  • Second to realise his feelings. He has pretty strong instincts so he KNOWS when he likes you
  • Very forward when he pursues you. He doesn’t need to hide his feelings.
  • His emotions often overwhelm his crush and he makes sure to encompass them with his love, affection and adoration
  • He LOVES spoiling his crush. He always buys them little trinkets and gifts. He loves seeing them smile.
  • Also lowkey likes it when they wear an article of clothing/accessory that he gifted
  • His feelings are strong enough to have him kiss you on the first date.
  • He kinda turns into a stalker. He tries to know what you’re up to, if you’re free to talk to him, what you like/dislike etc.

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@gemma: I read your tag and I'm pulling receipts (and WELL I guess since this is the day, EXCUSE U you're the patron saint of satisfying, beautifully written orangey AUs and your works never fail to make my day <3)

…..[softly] fuck

(but seriously, thank you <3)

(but also, fuck)

okay fine, happy birthday orange flint. here’s part of a 5 things orange verse fic i’m tinkering with while canon continues to draw closer to the end and i’m getting sad about it. a few people pointed out it’s now flint’s turn to get silver a gift, which makes absolutely no sense for a fic on flint’s birthday, but here we are. making no sense.

this is one of five things flint gets silver: drunk. rated E

They’re heading back to the house late one evening. Silver’s up on Solomon the mule while Flint pushes his cart, and neither of them are saying anything, but that’s okay. The rhythmic creak of the wheels, the plod of hooves on the hard packed road, the song of crickets and cicadas in the trees and bushes lining the road – all of it comes together until the night is just another presence on their journey home, telling them its own story.

When they reach the house, Silver ties up Solomon outside while Flint unloads his empty barrels. Beneath one, he finds a bottle that had rolled beneath some of the hay earlier that evening.

“Oh,” he says, picking it up. “I forgot about that.”

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A Cock In Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush)

Hey, @castielsburger, remember when I spammed you with all those ridiculous, over the top messages and then went “never mind, it’s nothing”? This is why! I really wanted to write this for you, because you’re always making me happy!

On AO3.

Draco is in his mid twenties when the stress gets to him and he goes down faster than a sinking ship.

It’s completely unexpected, but then again, midlife crises do have the tendency to be unpredictable. That’s rather the point.

In a fit of complete and utter madness, he disappears in the early afternoon without warning. This after six months of willful confinement to the Manor.

Narcissa goes into a state of uncontrolled worry that niggles at Lucius so much, he locks himself in his library and refuses to come out until she’s either calmed down or taken a potion to keep her from fidgeting and otherwise making a nuisance of herself.

Many hours later, Draco returns, and Narcissa couldn’t be happier—could certainly be less confused, but is happy nonetheless.

Draco isn’t alone. For whatever reason it seems only he’s privy to, he’s gone and purchased a chicken. Not a peacock, not an albatross, not any of the birds of paradise or even a Lady Amherst pheasant, but a chicken.

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Characters: Y/n, Castiel, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Swearing, smut, unprotected sex, cumming, swallowing, anal, blowjob, handjob, riding, smut. Fluff and sweetness as well. 

Word count: 1884

Summary: Cas and Y/n bond over their love for Harry Potter 

A/N: This is a requested fic i got from the brilliant @wayward-mirage. Thank u for thinking of me to write this. This is the request-I’m really digging your writing ! Requests are open? Can you do a Cas x Male Reader where the reader introduces Cas to the Potter books and Cas gets super into them so he uses the word “Always” in a proposal to the reader ? Also add me to your tag list please !  So this was so cute for me, especially cos I love Harry Potter. So I loved writing this. Hope u like it. Oh and sorry if you didn’t want any smut, but it’s Cas…I can’t stop myself. 

Tagged peeps: @waywardsons-imagines @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @sallyp-53@supernatural-jackles @d-s-winchester @winchesterreid @teamfreewill-imagine@deanscherrypie@december-sunrise @helvonasche @fly-f0rever@kaitlynnlovegood @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage  @impala-dreamer


“Y/n, what is an Azkaban?”

Y/n lifted his head, peering over the book to see Castiel stood in front of the table he had his foot resting upon.

“What?” he asked, too immersed in the book to have heard the question clearly.

“What is an Azkaban?” he asked, tilting his head, looking so cute and adorable.


Y/n wondered whether it would be worth it to explain. 

The angel was fairly clueless and this wasn’t some piece of lore that he needed to know about. 

But y/n wanted someone who loved Harry Potter as much as him. 

There was Charlie, but she was no longer with them. 

Sam had an appreciation for it too, but he was more interested in boring lore books. 

So y/n took this opportunity to get closer to the angel, who he may have had a slight crush on. 

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Maybe it's my imagination but I've noticed that Cait seems to be upping her OL game. She's doing Cons, tweeting more OL stuff, engaging more. Am I wrong? Any ideas behind this renewed interest on her part?

Oh, I’ve noticed Anon. She does seem to be embracing and participating more than she has in previous years. She also seems quite happy this go round. Why the change? That’s anybody’s guess. Maybe she decided that a long term leading lady role in a bit show isn’t so bad. Before anyone loses their minds about that statement (and I’m sure some will), consider how Hollywood treats women Cait’ s age. Unless they have a platinum rated resume, women over 35 do not get lead roles. They get “mom” roles. Which brings me back to the original point: a lead role in a bit series is something to embrace and celebrate. After all, a bird in the hand in worth two in the bush. I hope Cait continues her happy dance.

here are some additions to the itachi teaches team 8 au

- when kiba tried to talk to sasuke abt how his brother talks weird and maybe get some advice on how to interpret it but sasuke got super mad n protective. itachi DOES talk weird but sasuke will b dead before he accepts anyone calling his brother a weirdo, and also how dare kiba criticize itachis teaching when sasuke would die to be in his place?? itachis the best teacher and ‘its not my fault if youre a dumbass who cant understand simple sentences kiba’

- when shisui comes around to watch (hana told him abt how hilarious it was) but instead of helping he just eggs itachi on. like if itachi says something like ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ then shisui will say, ‘but is it ethical to hold a bird against its will? what good is a bird if it cannot fly’ and itachi will answer him seriously and they go back and forth like that forever. needless 2 say, team 8 wants to kill shisui

- hinata and kiba coming up w like a guide to interpret whatever the hell itachi is saying. obviously theres like no innate meaning to his words but theyre still like kids and theyre super invested on it. imagine they have like a fucking conspiracy board w a red string and theyre like ‘ok lets GO… WHEN HE SAYS STUFF ABT TREES IT CAN MEAN: DETERMINATION, ENDURANCE, PROSPERITY…. UH….’. sadly it doesnt help them and by the end of it theyre like ‘maybe he just doesnt know anything and thats his way of fooling us’ ‘dont be dumb kiba everyone knows itachi is the best ninja in konoha thats impossible’ ‘is it……..’

- yknow how u pick up ur friends slang…… yeah kiba finds himself saying shit like 'it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop’ and has a meltdown