a bird in the hand .

Once cheered as a step forward for safety, the efficacy in reducing fatalities of the Red-Billed Oxpecker’s ‘hands-free’ operational mode is now being called into question. One recent study has indicated that the simple presence of an Oxpecker while browsing increases chances of predation by upwards of thirty percent! To their credit, Oxpecker manufacturers admit that one should not use any bird that may lead to distraction while performing dangerous activities like being a prey animal in the wilds of South Africa.


I saw seven birds: the Twins, the Lover, the Protector, the Lonely Journal-keeper, the Peacemaker, and the Wordless One.

“Young Grackles” 5" x 5" oil
There’s nothing quite like having a pile of young birds (in this case, Common Grackles) descend upon your yard, with their curious, clumsy, confused ways. This group I observed seemed especially fresh and clueless, trying nibbles of plants and twigs before getting it right by cracking seeds I’d offered. This stage of adolescence in birds is especially endearing to me.

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hello there~ love your art so much!!!!! it's really cute :3 may I ask who's your favorite member to draw? (could you do a drawing of him, however you like) thank you and FIGHTING!!!!!

These days I really enjoy drawing Tae

Some possibly Spanish person said they needed more Tae with pigtails on twitter so I just-

I felt the need to explain myself.