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GOT7 Introduction Post

ALRIGHT. You requested, I have written! In honor of the upcoming THOT7 comeback - may our souls be stolen and wallets be emptied.

Member by Member introduction, from oldest to youngest.

Mark Tuan, stage name: Mark. ‘93 line, rapper. Also in charge of acrobatics / fly boy stunts. From LA, USA. Quiet, very intelligent. ISTJ personality. The only one who can pull the hyung card on Jaebum and BOY, WHEN HE DOES. Sometimes pegged as the ‘bad boy’ but lol. Mark’s laugh cures evil and creates butterflies. Deep ass rap, will make you shake in your boots. I know you want me, so stop fronting.

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Im Jaebum, stage name: JB. ‘94 line, vocal and leader. Korean. Also writes / releases music under Def (used to be Def Soul, soundcloud here). A tsundere hoe, to quote myself. INFJ personality. Very intelligent, typically takes a more subdued role in the group but DAMN, MEMEBUM. Don’t let the rude exterior fool you, Jaebum is a straight up meme. There are hours of footage on Youtube to prove it. Owns like, a billion cats and they all sleep in his room. OG cat is Nora. 

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Jackson Wang, stage name: Jackson. (Chinese name, Wang Jia Er). From Hong Kong, China. ‘94 line, rapper. ENFJ personality. Was a nationally ranked / world class fencer until he was 17. Convinced his parents to let him audition for JYP, moved to Korea and followed his dreams of music. Speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. Jackson is pure sunshine in addition to being the most extra variety star in existence. Will do a forward flip every chance he can. Is a gigantic mama’s boy. Would never hurt a fly.

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Park Jinyoung, stage name: Jinyoung (IF YOU CALL HIM JR OR JUNIOR, HE WILL FITE U). ‘94 line, vocal and dancer. ISFJ personality. Korean. Before debuting as part of GOT7, debuted in a duo with Jaebum called JJ Project. Tied with Jaebum for first place at 2009 JYP auditions. Has melodious, beautiful falsetto. Is an actor, appeared in multiple web dramas and was the young main for Legend of the Blue Sea, in addition to the lead in the independent film, Nunbal. Writes fucking bops. Is basically good at everything, the boy to bring home to your parents. Also the man who may take over the world. Idk. I’m not biased.

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Choi Youngjae, stage name: Youngjae. ‘96 line, main vocal. ISFJ personality. Korean. Only trained for 7 months before debut, POWERHOUSE vocal. Composes under the name of Ars. Often compared to an otter bc SMILEY and ADORABLE and just actual sunshine. Anyone who hurts Youngjae answers to Jaebum. Hates cucumbers. Co-owns a puppy named Coco with Mark. Constantly damaging Jackson’s hearing with his yelling.

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Bambam, stage name: Bambam. ‘97 line, rapper. ESTJ personality. From Thailand, trained with JYP for three and a half years. Legal Thai name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul but is rarely used except in legal circumstances. Bambam is his name lol. ANYWAYS. Bambam has rapidly switched from adorable maknae line to fly-ass fashion mogul. Loves memes, all things pop culture and fashion. Speaks Thai, Korean and English. Loves to interact with fans, especially through Twitter. Constantly calling fans girlfriends at fanmeets, WILL DAB WHENEVER HE WANTS TO DAB.

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Kim Yugyeom, stage name: Yugyeom. ‘97 line, singer and main dancer. INFP personality. Korean. Maknae. Main dancer in GOT7, performed twice on Hit the Stage and won first place the second time. Like Bambam, has transformed from adorable maknae to champion of sexy dance. Yugyeom is coming for us all. Is quiet and sweet but also loves to troll hyung line. Specifically Jinyoung and Jaebum. Is the biggest JJ Project fan in the world. One day, Jinyoung might actually kill him. 

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  • listen it takes a lot for daniel to dislike somebody
  • so how’d you do it??? the answer is simple: you told the entire class that you thought dogs were better than cats
  • everyone in the class who knew daniel: oh sHIT
  • it wasn’t that you didn’t like cats it was more of you just liked dogs more and it came out wrong
  • and instantly the cat enthusiast stood up and was like…can u pls not say that
  • and that just flipped that lil competition switch in your brain and you proceeded to tell him how dogs were more loyal and active
  • daniel: gives you facts and statistics on how cute cats are and the percentage of ppl who prefer cats
  • and that was the day that you and kang daniel became enemies
  • which was a shock to like the entire school bc someone actually pissed off kANG DAN I EL???????
  • whenever u see him the hallways u make this face and just go DOGS and daniel would make the same face and go CATS
  • you know how in a lot of dramas/anime bullies destroy a person’s locker by spilling milk or whatever all over it??
  • well in y'all case u bully him by taping like 90 dog pictures everywhere inside his locker and writing with a sharpie WOOF WOOF BITCH
  • and daniel does the same w you lmao can you imagine this boy arriving to school early to tape a billion cat pictures in your locker and writing MEOW MEOW MOTHERFRICKER
  • seongwoo literally never thought there would be a day when daniel got pettier than him
  • the pettiness continues until one day you two accidentally meet each other outside of school
  • at a pet shop!!
  • when you two made eye contact it was a major FREEZE for a split second and instantly turned away thinking one word: shit
  • y'all tried so hard not to bump into the other but ofc that doesn’t happen :^) bc u two were actually headed for the same area
  • you two happen to end up……in the cat food section………
  • he saw you and without thinking he just went “why are you over here??”
  • you got a lil defensive and said “I didn’t say that I HATED cats I just…like dogs a lil more”
  • he’s still confused and asked why you were buying cat food and you explained to him that you were gonna feed the stray cats in your neighborhood and he’s like…oh…….
  • you tell him that you can’t have pets but you love animals so like…you can only play around with the strays man and he’s like well…..in that case I recommend this brand 
  • you laugh and ur like after all that bullying you’re still being nice wtf man lol and he scratches his head and just says well I mean the dog pictures are pre cute tbh and it’s kinda funny hehe
  • and he shoots you that cute ass bunny smile with the lil laugh and everything and your heart does like sixteen flips and ur like oh no
  • and after that day y'all lose that bitterness and distaste towards each other and all that pettiness becomes a lot more friendly based
  • whenever you two see each in the hallways now daniel mouths “cats” and giggles and you go “dogs” back at him and wink and it just becomes this little inside joke
  • it’s actually so cute and all your friends are like omfg u two need to date pls
Im sorry to bother you again ^^'

but I thought you might like to be able to see my video (if you didn’t already) like the others did.
it’s also kinda fanart I guess
sorry if you already did see it and im just unnecessarily messaging you

Ben: Damn i think someone posted it in the group chat, but i haven’t gotten around to that in a while so i actually hadn’t watched it yet. So thanks for the reminder cuz i missed out on your awesome vid up til now. 

Also, that art piece is really fuckin cool. I can spot all the ppl !!! even me !

This is awesome. You’re awesome. 

Scaredycat out

vid by @fandomtoby for reblob safety

So there’s that video of the two guys that have like a billion cats and they basically make their entire house into a sort of cat playground with ledges and tunnels. That’s what Otabek and Yuri’s house is like.

jetpack cat

Ok so I was in a conversation on a forum and somebody said (correctly) “The best thing about Moira being Talon is that now we get more interactions in the Wacky Adventures of Team Talon"

and I was like “oh my god what if Jetpack Cat is Talon. then they are officially Team Rocket.”

so like

Moira is the Mad Scientist right? Moira would totally be like “I wonder if I can genetically uplift my pet cat, and also give her a jetpack.”

And the answer is “hell yeah you can” so Moira is like “Hey Amelie wait nevermind, you won’t care; hey Gabe, check it out, I made a jetpack cat.”


“why are you questioning this gabriel it’s a jetpack cat”

and then Sombra is like “we’re going to make a billion dollars on cat videos” and even Amelie is like “i take it back Moira that is indeed genius”

team talon is blasting off again

(hire me blizzard)

isagonj  asked:

can request some headcanons of alm and celica and their 3 billion cats. Please I Lvoe you

This made me laugh, this is cute.

• After settling down together, the newly crowned king and queen’s first order of business is…. adopting every cat in the kingdom?

• Saber would be so opposed to this. “Why do you both want to adopt a bunch of damned cats?!” Celica would just laugh, shrug, and try to make Saber hold a cat. He would gingerly stroke it and mumble, not wanting to admit that it IS kinda cute…

• “Alm. Alm, why are there so many cats in here?” Lukas would be… so confused. He’d head into the castle to visit them and there’s just… so much cat. He can barely step anywhere because the whole floor is cats.

• Alm and Celica would name every. single. cat. No cat goes unnamed. They would have an entire list of every cat’s name. How do they keep up? No one knows.

- Mod Corrin 🎀

If you have a black cat, an all black cat, I’m begging you, for the love of everything, put some kind of identifying SOMETHING on it. A collar, a harness, colored claw caps, idc what you do as long as it’s safe, but do something because I cannot tell you how many times we have people come through the shelter looking for their black cat and proceed to stare at the 8 billion all-black cats with green eyes that we have and go “Um… I can’t really tell….”

Actually, yes I can. In the 3 weeks I’ve worked at the shelter, there have been 7 instances. All different people. And cats aren’t like dogs, if they’re in the shelter they’re nervous as heck and won’t respond to their name in most cases, and it takes a few minutes for them to remember and react to a familiar presence or face. So unless it has a unique coat pattern or identifying markings of some kind, people won’t be able to identify their cat. So we have about 6 black cats right now and they’re all identical and nobody can tell if its their cat or not because nobody’s microchipped or collared or has any way to tell them apart.

So do something so you can tell your cat apart from its doppelgangers in case they get lost, it’ll save both of you a lot of trouble.

Because I’ve been seeing some new Ishin content on my dash I wanted to take a moment to gush about this game again because I love it and it should be regionalized tomorrow. Here are a few more things that make this game so great:

+The combat? Super fun. So much fun. You can bare knuckle brawl, sword-fight, dual-wield pistols, or have a pistol with a katana and spin around like a graceful but deadly ballerina.
+If you fuck up the fan dance mini-game Kiryu hides behind his fan in embarrassment and it’s adorable.
+The story is great too. It’s not as complicated as some of the Yakuza plots have been but there are still a ton of the requisite double crosses and surprise bad guys. And surprise good guys.
+One of the subquests is a woman in the red light district who keeps getting Kiryu to bring her cucumbers and then she literally tells him she’ll be thinking of him that night but Kiryu doesn’t get it because he is dumb as hell.
+Majima discovers that Kiryu isn’t who he says he is so he engineers an elaborate death gauntlet and pretends to be the assassin Kiryu is looking for so that he’ll fight him. When he loses he fesses up and just kind of lowkey follows Kiryu around because they’re clearly friends now. Kiryu never questions this.
+Saejima is arms out, all day, every day. This is more for me, the game did this for my benefit because it loves me.
+There are a billion dogs and cats in this game and Kiryu can befriend them and send them to live with Haruka on her lonely child farm.
+Haruka has a lonely child farm that Kiryu can help her save by growing vegetables and making stuff to sell. There’s a cooking mini-game and if you mess up Haruka just looks slightly disappointed in Kiryu, which is worse than anything else could be.

In conclusion, this game is great! And there is a comprehensive guide online if you decide you can’t live without it.

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Hey I was wondering how did you get so good at drawing cats? like I can't find any good tutorial on YouTube or on the internet on the anatomy of the cat all of them seem to be just in general not detailed they don't even talk about proportions and or the form (btw I really like your drawings of the HOME cats especially Alain also sorry if I am asking too much uwu)

Alrighty! Im not the best at tutorials so bear with me here,,,,

anyway, I learned how to draw cats in a bit of a controversial way! That is; by tracing real images of cats!

When tracing I would focus on finding basic shapes that built cats

After tracing like a billion cats and finding constants, experimenting, and just in general practicing drawing cats i was able to go by muscle memory and general knowledge of cats to draw more original drawing of them! ^^

Basically I just learned by tracing cats over and over, probably not the best way to learn but hey! Its my way~

(Sorry this was really rushed/////)


im taking 80 years to finish anything bc i feel terrible so heres some sketches from like 2 months ago (3rd rouge is the sketch for this)

  • Space Balls
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Harold and Kumar
  • Grandma’s Boy
  • Super Troopers
  • The Lorax
  • Sucker Punch
  • Joe Dirt
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Big Daddy 
  • Across The Universe
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Chronicle
  • Inception
  • Hot Rod
  • Terminator
  • Out Cold
  • Anything Cheech and Chong
  • John Dies At The End
  • Donnie Darko
  • Tim & Eric’s Billion $ Movie
  • Cat in the Hat
  • Wreck it Ralph
  • Pacific Rim
  • Smiley Face
  • Bad Batch
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Blow
  • Accepted
  • The Lion King
  • Half Baked
  • Flight
  • How High
  • American Summer
  • This is the End
  • Goofy Movie
  • Rango
  • Your Highness
  • Pineapple Express
  • A Knight’s Tale
  • The Trailer Park Boys Movie
  • A Skanner Darkly
  • Waking Life
  • SLC Punk
  • Avatar
  • Spirited Away
  • Mac and Devin go to High School
  • Howls Moving Castle
  • Harry Potter Series
  • Ender’s Game
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • Lord of the Ring Series
  • Trainspotting
  • American Hustle
  • Superbad
  • Sweeny Tod
  • Knocked up
  • Step Brothers
  • Zoolander
  • Enter the Void
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Shutter Island
  • Tropic Thunder
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • The Matrix

Add to the list :)

Overwatch Girls Pet Headcanons


- She would probably have a Scottish Terrier or a British Bulldog with five billion cats.
- She really wants a pony.
- Please someone just give her a pony.
- Gives her pets wacky and weird names like cheeseburger.
- She really just likes animals in general.
- She picks up any stray she finds on the street and takes it home to keep.
- Until her loft manager tells her that she has way too many pets and she needs to get rid of some or she will get evicted.
- She will beg them to keep her new pets, but they won’t budge.
- Asks Winston for help to find them a new home and if she can keep them in his lab until she finds them a home.
- Goes to pet shows and petting zoos in her free time.


- Looks like she would hate animals, but is secretly obsessed with them.
- She is a very big cat person.
- She would probably have a black cat with a ripped ear that she found on the streets during one of her missions.
- She would also have a pedigree Persian.
- Her pets names have a deep meaning behind them.
- Her cats would act just like her towards
all of her guests.
- She would be so proud of them when her guests are just petting them and they just go and bite the guest’s hand.
- Cuddles with her pets every night.
- Buys the most expensive treats, food, and toys for her pets.


- Likes animals if they are not loud and well behaved.
- She is a horse person.
- Will have an Arabian horse.
- She will have an old Pharaoh hound with a robotic limb that she just loves to death.
- She will ride her horse nightly no matter how tired she is.
- Likes to sign up for steeple events with her horse.
- No matter what her pets names are they will have a last name and it will be Amari.
- Best at taking care of her pets.
- Will brush her pets teeth.
- If her and Pharah are both off, they will go trail riding in the mountains.
- They will bring the dog with them.


- She likes small cute looking animals or big strong looking animals.
- She’s a horse person like her mother.
- She has a black Akhal Teke.
- She would also have a German Shepherd.
- Would probably name her pets something cheesey like Justice.
- She enters jumping competitions with her horse.
- They always win.
- Her dog is trained to attack just like a police dog.
- She loves taking her dog to the dog park to meet other dogs.
- She will very quietly and nervously ask if she can pet your dog.


- Perfers smaller animals.
- She would probably have an albino ferret.
- She will name it after an Austrian or German composer.
- She will sometimes sneak it into her office, so it can curl up in her lap or rest on her shoulders.
- If she pulls an all-nighter you can find her in the morning with her head on her desk asleep with her ferret curled up next to her head.
- Her patients and nurses love her ferret and they bring treats and toys for it.
- It always steals Mercy’s socks and she still has no idea.
- She has to buy SO many socks now.
- She will one day find its sock stash.


- Loves birds and reptiles.
- Names her pets after gemstones because they are gems to her.
- Has a Hyacinth Macaw and a Ball Python.
- She always talks to them like dog owners talk to their dogs.
- She loves to show them off to her guest.
- Her guests get a little scared when they see her walk out with a 5 foot snake around her neck and a big blue bird in her hand.
- Makes sure that their enclosures are clean and they have enough food and water.
- She has bird perches in every room including the bathroom.
- She let’s them roam around the house when she home.
- She puts them up for the night though.
- She triple checks to see if her animals are in their rightful enclosures before she leaves her home or turns in for the night.


- She loves cute animals to death.
- Will have a Shiba and a Silver Marten Rabbit.
- She will name her pets after video game characters.
- She will also dress them up as video game characters.
- She will post so many pictures of them to her social media.
- They will be in every video she makes.
- They will even get their own vine series.
- She does a lot of memes with them.
- She will coplay with them and bring them to cons.
- She does really take good care of them though.


- Snowball is her pet.
- She would also have an Alaskan Malamute and Saint Bernard.
- She loves the fluffy animals.
- Will give her pets cute names related to ice and/or snow.
- People are terrified when they see tiny Mei walking down the street with two huge dogs.
- No one dares to rob her place because of her big dogs.
- Her dogs are really well trained.
- They sometimes hang out in her lab and the whole team loves them, especially Tracer.
- Her dogs literally sleep on her.
- She wakes up in the morning to slobbery kisses.
- They love snow so much.


- Loves all animals, especially dogs.
- People expect her to have a big huge dog, but NOPE she has a Pomeranian.
- She spoils her Pomeranian to death.
- Will name her pet after a Russian hero.
- It’s really funny to see such a tall and muscular woman walking a 5 pound Pomeranian.
- Is very proud of her dog.
- Will fight anyone who makes fun of her pet.
- Her pet is a wonderful guard dog.
- They are surprisingly well behaved and do not bark that much.
- She almost cries when she has to leave it at her neighbors house when she has to go on a long mission.
- Kisses it good night every night.


-People would not suspect that she would have a pet since she’s always on the run, but she does!
- She has two chameleons.
- She named them Marco and Polo after the children’s game.
- Because they’re chameleons.
- She thought she was being funny.
- She likes to take them on smaller mission.
- She keeps them in her inside coat pocket or in her bra.
- If things are getting too dangerous she will place them on a plant and come back and get them when it is safer.
- Reaper commented on them once, he almost lost one of his hands.
- If she does leave them at home she makes sure she has someone to look after them, just in case if she is killed.