a billion cats

Jongin; We Found Love

❝ Alright soooooo let me explain the lump of brain fart here; one, this is messy. two, this is my love for Jongin. three, this could be your love for Jongin. four, I still love Jongin and this is my proof. TAKE IT AWAY//rolls curtains.
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When you first met Jongin, you would’ve never in a million years (or at all) guessed that he would be the one to get on one knee and pull out a ring that signifies yes, I want to marry you, grow old with you, live the rest of my life and the remaining of my days holding your hand

Kim Jongin did that.

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y’all know that Think How Much Pussy You’re Gonna Get by LoadedGunn is gonna be the realest fic during the break, right?


They’re all coping with the break in their own ways. Liam’s learning new skills, Zayn’s joined a charity that has him on another fucking continent, Niall’s working out, Louis’ growing a beard and Harry has a cat.

Two months in, their house is overrun by cats and kittens, Harry is transforming into a feline, and Louis can’t get head without interruption. The break is going great.

Or, the canon fic where One Direction go on a six month break and Harry adopts a billion cats and that’s it that’s the fic.


tracing-back-stabbings has this thing for picking up stray cats and taking them home, much to Ezreal’s dismay. There’s like a billion cats that wander in/out and around Talon’s little home/hideout thing in the Noxian alleys. Ezreal begrudgingly helps take care of them when he stays with the stupid grump. Ezreal can never dissuade him no matter how hard he tries.