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Baby giant sea bass update!

The critically endangered giant sea bass (Stereolepis gigas) has a special place in our hearts. We’re currently housing six giant sea bass—from miniscule juveniles to a 230 pound 30 year old—as a part of a long-term growth study. And exciting news: one of our juveniles just graduated up to a bigger exhibit!

Felicitations, young giant sea bass!

Hanging with the cool kids in the Kelp Holdfast exhibit.

They grow up so fast! Here’s what this fish looked like as a one-month-old baby giant sea bass, just under an inch long:

Baby giant sea bass at one month and less than an inch long!

And it’s still got got a ways to go! Check out the 230 pound 30-year-old in our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit:

Our Monterey Bay Habitats giant sea bass isn’t done growing either. Giant sea bass can grow to over 500 pounds! 

Giant sea bass are critically endangered due to overfishing, but are starting to make a comeback thanks to protection by the state of California. By displaying giant sea bass here at the Aquarium, we hope to share their story with our guests and inspire conservation of these gentle giants.

Learn more about giant sea bass at the Monterey Bay Aquarium:


Serena talking about herself and her mother, shortly after her mother’s death 

Holby City, 17x07, Flesh and Blood

anonymous asked:

First date with Hanzo? Maybe going to the zoo or something along those lines ^^

Thank you for your request and your patience!!

An old-timey word you liked to use to describe you and Hanzo was “steady.” Your relationship was something new to the both of you; you had approached Hanzo after the both of you met at his favourite tea shop. He had been reluctant to speak to you, but after a bit of coaxing you had managed to convince him to accompany you on a date. You knew he was just humoring you, but it made you happy nonetheless.

Every date thereafter you called the first, since Hanzo didn’t seem to think any of them counted as dates since something crazy always happened. You remembered the incident with the ramen shop, and the accident at the museum, and the time at the park. A lot happened on your “first” dates, but you were just glad to get to spend so much time with Hanzo.

Today’s first date was the zoo.

Hanzo had suggested it. The two of you had not been to the zoo together just yet, but it was a nice idea. Something simple that the two of you could do together without worrying about something disastrous happening.

“Do you have a favourite animal, Hanzo?” you asked as you held his hand, though you were already looking around at the different exhibits the two of you would go to. Hanzo hummed, watching you with a smile on his face. It was rare for him to look so happy but you weren’t complaining.

“Perhaps something energetic and exciteable,” he replied, his eyes on you. You thought on the description, not even realizing that he was referring to you.

“Energetic and exciteable? …Otters!” You looked back at Hanzo, who chuckled softly.

Hanzo was surprised by how well the date was going, considering how all the others had ended. He let you pull him around to the different exhibits and see the many different animals. The otters did remind him of you. They seemed to have quite a bit of personality and jumped around, looking to gain the attention of those around.

He pulled off his jacket and put it around your shoulders when the two of you went into the cool reptile house, and you chattered a mile a minute as you asked easily answered questions about the snakes and lizards.

“We should have pet lizards,” you eventually said.

“Hm?” Hanzo glanced up from the komodo dragon, looking over at you. You hesitated a bit, before repeating what you said.

“We should have pet lizards. When we. You know,” you got quiet as the possibility of Hanzo not wanting to be with you became something real in your mind. “Sorry. Don’t mind me. Let’s go see something else.”

Of all the things to ruin a date, this time had to be you, didn’t it? Hanzo had never expressed any interest in the two of you moving in together, why had you brought it up? Your hand slipped from his out of impulsive fear as you turned to walk toward the exit.

“(Y/N),” he called, “Wait.”

Here it was. You figured you may as well face him if you were going to be dumped right then and there.

The look in his eyes showed more interest and intrigue than any form of disgust. Hanzo’s hand came up to cup your cheek, and he studied your expression.

“…You want to move in together?” he asked, and maybe it sounded ridiculous when he said it, maybe it didn’t.

“One day. Maybe,” you replied. Hanzo continued watching you, before his hand fell away from your face and took yours again. You couldn’t see his face now, but the way he gripped your hand tight made your chest feel warm and tight.

“We have to get through our first date, first,” he stated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

You were fine with that. You could go through a million first dates if it meant the two of you could stay together. But you had a feeling this would be the last first date the two of you would have, and every date after was a step towards a goal. You didn’t know which goal that was exactly, but the way Hanzo held your hand told you it was a goal that involved a future with both of you in it.

(You were wrong and right of course; you leaned a little too far against the glass in the small mammal house and, because it was one of the bigger exhibits, many of the animals got loose. The two of you were banned from the zoo but Hanzo suggested lunch, and it was a good end to a first date if you ever thought of one.)

i probably posted about this before but when i was little i was really into zoo tycoon, and i made this complex system where there were maybe like ~10 exhibits with bengal tiger couples. i would allow them to have babies and when the time came right before they were all to grow up…ok i need to mention they dont even tell you when that is, its autonomous or whatever. i just calculated it like i had this stuff down to a science. anyways, at that time i would construct an obstacle course aquarium tank with sharks n little wiggly thingies, idk, it was intense. and theres this rule in the game that if your animal gets too sick (which throwing it into a 5million gallon tank will ensure) it will eventually be adopted away

so basically whichever offspring got to the end without being taken away was now crowned king of the zoo and they got an even bigger exhibit n pool of mates, so that i could create stronger offspring for the next challenge. i kept one of those cow print journals to study this and everything 

“get to the point, hope” you’re probably wondering. my point is that i will never ever forget the face of the dude that was teaching me how to swim that summer, when i excitedly asked him if he would come look at my ‘project’, and then pulling open this save file, this metropolis of bloodshed. life is so short please make good happy memories like this. that is the funniest face i have ever seen a human make in my entire life and i cherish it everyday