a big tree attracts


An iconic giant sequoia tree in California’s Sierra Nevada that was hollowed out for cars to drive through was toppled Sunday by a powerful winter storm slamming the state.

The Pioneer Cabin Tree, which may have been more than 1,000 years old, stood in California’s Calaveras County and was a popular attraction at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, where it was known by many as simply the “tunnel tree.”

“This iconic and still living tree — the tunnel tree — enchanted many visitors,” the Calaveras Big Trees Association said in a Facebook post. “The storm was just too much for it.”

The giant sequoia, the world’s largest tree, is found only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and can reach a height of 325 feet. Visitors were able to drive through the tunnel of the Pioneer Cabin Tree after it was hollowed out in the 1880s, but in recent years it was only accessible by hiking trail.

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BITE: Chapter 7

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover.
hey look, plot developments!!

7/? - Scott

The smell of smoke got stronger as they headed further into the forest, until the stench of it had Scott wrinkling his nose. At least there was no doubt they were heading in the right direction.

“What were your friends doing carrying around all these jewels?” Isaac asked, glancing at a particularly huge, yellow gem glittering on the path ahead. “Are you part of a burglary ring or something?”

Percy barked out a laugh. “No, they’re not stolen.”

“So, if we were to, say, take them and sell them, morally we wouldn’t be doing anything wrong…” Stiles led, wiggling an eyebrow.

“Don’t,” Annabeth snapped. “They’re cursed.”

“Cursed?” Allison asked. She still had her bow out and armed, arrow at the ready should anything attack. Scott’s breath caught in his throat as he looked at her, lithe and agile and so fierce. He didn’t know what was happening with her, with them, now, but he did know that his feelings for her were just as intense as ever.

“Bad things happen to people who take them,” Annabeth elaborated, drawing Scott’s attention away from his ex girlfriend. There was something similar about the way the two girls carried themselves that made Scott like Annabeth, even if she did intimidate him.

“Yes, that is generally the definition of a curse,” Stiles said. Lydia shot him a look and he shrugged his shoulders. “What?”

“If you want to be cursed, you’re more than welcome to pick one up and take it home,” Annabeth muttered, obviously completely out of patience.

“Eh, I think our bad luck quota is just about full, but thanks anyway,” Stiles snarked back.

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