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Big day for LGBT

From this day. Jan 1st 2017, transgenderism will no longer be considered a mental illness in Denmark.

We are the first country in the worls to remove transgenderism from the list of mental illnesses. We were also the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriages back in 1989. And for this I am very proud.

We may be a small country, but we do take some important steps in the right direction.

yearning to say so many things, but saying nothing in the end

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I'm pretty scared, because every episode from the start of the half of season 2 isn't ending so well. In "Raid the Cave", Star's mission failed. Sad. Then in the next episode, she "ruined" a birthday party, and didn't had the chance to fix it. Now we learn the Star/ Eclipsa thing, and... well, thinking of this I can only imagine how badly will end "Just Friends". And even more Starcrushed.

We could also see it in a more positive light, though: Raid the Cave ended with Star takin a big step in the right direction, calling her parents, and admitting her faults with them, and trying to put things right, but without acting recklessly this time. And Baby ended with the grim parallelism between Star and Eclipsa… but is it really grim, or is it so to the Queen/prejudiced Mewmans only? She showed some control over the “green side” of the wand, so it’s another step forward for Star, in my opinion. The dakr clouds of plot might be thickening over Star and Marco, but the dorks are also getting more and more ready to survive it. Maybe.

Why aren’t people talking about how great II.8 is?

Like, Ava and Invi is our first example of girls in KH looking up to/admiring each other, really.

And Riku being moved by what Aqua did for him, is also the first time we’ve had guys in this saga look at the ladies with awe and as something to strive towards?

Back Cover totally passed the Bechdel Test, too!

This is a HUGE deal. And big steps in the right direction for Nomura.

Because I’ve complained about this kind of thing never being done in KH before, other fans also have, and he actually addressed it all!

It was probably unintentional, but if nothing else this is telling me even moreso that Nomura’s actually getting better at how he handles the women in his work.

And that is something to be excited for, truly:D

OCPD is very exhausting but it’s all I know.

As far as mental health, I believe that I have taken steps in the right direction, so far this year, to better my mental health. I may not be where I want to be, but it’s something, at least. Something that can accumulate to big things.

Instead of being caught up in the moment, reflecting on what has been positive is something that always helps make me feel better.

I hope everyone is having a good week 💕 take care of yoselves 🤙🏼

Yes, volumes.

It’s National Inventors’ Day! That’s a big deal around here. We’re celebrating by sharing some of the latest inventions created by inventive IBMers. First up is IBM Master Inventor John Wilson. He invented a smart cane that can tell doctors and physical therapists how well you’re recovering from an injury. Using embedded IoT devices, the cane monitors pressure points and walking patterns that can reveal insights to help aid the healing process. Now that’s what we call a step in the right direction. Happy Inventors’ Day John!

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“wow, pope francis acknowledged the armenian genocide, big deal”

No, you don’t get it. This is a big deal. Only 29 countries recognize the Genocide as just that: a genocide, meant to exterminate the Armenian people. The biggest reason people don’t is because of backlash from Turkey. When Francis first discussed the Genocide last year, he garnered anger from people in and out of the Vatican. Yet he continued to memorialize the victims, and speak out against the denial of the Genocide. What he’s doing may seem small, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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what r ur plans for ur life?

work hard, stay focused, start a business, start a family, make money and change the world….even if its not a big change, a step in the right direction…you know?

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(1)i think whenppl say that"harry is famous enough in the eye of GP to not need promo n drop an album out of nowhere"they forget what he is famous for in the eyes of outsiders.he is famous for dating women twice as age of him,famous for dating taylor swift and cheating on her,famous for dating kendall n being a commitmentphobic snob.famous for flirting anything that

(2)he may hav the public’s attention but if he really wants to broaden his fanbase,hes GOT to have a THOROUGH rebranding

exactly he’s known for the stunts not who he actually is i think another man and the movie have/will be a big step in the right direction though

“Yeah, we did. Harry, are you… crying?”
“Piss off, Lou. You’re such a little shit sometimes. Don’t ruin the moment.”

If you thought I cried then you are absolutely right. Such a great way to end their tour. And did you see how excited Harry was to hug his Louis? They waited 3 years until they can finally hug in public. Such a brave couple. :’)

Dominance Thoughts

I remember when they made the update and changes to dominance and at the time it felt like a good step in the right direction, but I still didn’t feel like dominance was something people would have big dom battles for.  And as time’s gone on I feel like interest in these big dom battles have dwindled.

So what if you threw in something aside from the standard dominance bonuses to sweeten the pot?  What if there were different random bonuses you could get for being in the top dominance spot?

Baby Boom
Over the course of the week, each player in the dominant flight will get a number of 4- or 5-egg nests for each nest slot they have unlocked, up to a total of 5.  So if you have a breeding project or a pair with offspring that folks are clamoring for, you could guaranteed get that 5-egg nest.

Quick Recovery
Dragons of the dominant flight will have their breeding cooldowns reduced by 25% during the week, if they are bred that week. (Or a possible variant, ALL dragons could have their cooldowns reduced by a smaller percentage amount.)

Favored by the Gods
20% increase to stats in the Coliseum during the dominance week; applies in PvP mode only if facing another player of the same flight.

Luck of the Gods
10% increased chance to get rare items (5+ stars) from the coliseum.

For the duration of the week players will enjoy increased gathering turns and bonuses.  5% increased chance to get rarer items (5+ stars) and double gathering turns (in addition to the standard amount granted by dominance).  So you could be in a position to have 36 gathering turns.

During the dominance week, players will receive triple the payout from fairgrounds games, in addition to an increased daily cap to 150,000 treasure.

Innovative Mind
Brew times in Baldwin’s Cauldron are reduced by 25% for the dominance week.  Additionally, there is a 10% chance to produce an additional reduction or a 5% chance to produce an extra item.

Dragons hatched during the dominance week have a 10% increased chance to obtain the rare gene from their parents.

And I had a bunch of other stuff to write down but I’m at work and got distracted by work and now I can’t remember it.

ANYWAY yeah.  Dom bonuses on top of the current bonuses, you randomly get one (or sometimes two?  Rarely three?) of these bonuses.  I tried to make them sufficiently nice that they’d seem like something players would want to compete for, and with a random element there’s going to always be the incentive to try for something you really want.

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Question: Why is Pikachu-two (Pikatwo) so unhappy since he left Mewtwo and the others?

   Because it pretty much seems to be that way in canon. When Pikatwo parts with Mewtwo they all go different directions. He’s alone now. The ending shows Mewtwo sending him and Meowthtwo off in different directions. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as Pikatwo did desire that freedom and longing to be normal! But you have to step back and sort of take in the big picture here.

  Pikatwo, in his second appearance, is much more violent. When he meets Pikachu again ( despite parting on good terms before ) he lunges with teeth only inches from his throat. No tackles, no silly slap fight like they had before while crying, he was aiming to make sure he died.

  Pikatwo, in many ways, was Mewtwos right-hand ‘mon along with Meowthtwo. They both sat by him and were able to have Mewtwo speak freely and listen to them. Mewtwo knew him well enough to stop him from killing Pikachu by pulling him away.

Pikatwo was taught to basically fear humans. They wouldn’t be accepted. Mewtwo said that constantly. And, in a way, he was right. Pikatwo found himself and the other clones being threatened by Gio ( threatened to be KILLED mind you ). It was like confirmation that their lives are worthless and everything is right. Humans brought them trouble.

  Satoshi came to the island, Team Rocket followed, and he was captured and hurt and so was Mewtwo. His life before that had seemingly been peaceful. All the clones seemed happy and Pikatwo seemed content to just be by Mewtwos side while also longing for that freedom he once craved.

  Pikatwo is violent, emotional, and flawed. His grounding was because of Mewtwo stopping him from doing brash things ( like nearly killing Pikachu )  and Meowthtwos pacifist nature. Pikatwo was basically the GENERAL of the clones. As stated numerous times he was like this leader after Mewtwo that could rally them up and wasn’t afraid to fight back to protect them.

  But then… the movie ends with him being alone. They go their separate ways. You have extremely emotional / violent Pikatwo that speaks of wars ( who was taught that he’d likely be used / never accepted ) and each contact with humans so far has proven that right. He’s never survived in the wild without the other clones, has no idea about others of his kind, and would likely ( despite wanting to be treated as normal ) fear most humans because of that and would react aggressive to them because of them trying to catch him.

Big Sean-I Decided(Album Review)

I decided is the fourth studio LP from Detroit rapper Big Sean. Amongst this decade’s prominent rappers Big Sean has never been my cup of tea. I always thought his persona was a bit too corny and his vocals a bit weak. So for the most part, I’ll listen to Big Sean album, and it just won’t stick for me. His previous album Twenty88 was a bend toward maturity, though. I Decided is another step in that direction and is easily his best work to date.

The first thing about the album to catch my ears was the production. A lot of low-key nocturnal beats mixed with some trap influences typical of a mainstream rap album these days. No Favors has a hard driving beat that’s spacey and dark, perfect for Big Sean and Eminem to go off on. Metro Boomin is on a serious run right now and handles four tracks on the album two of which “Bounce Back” and “Sacrifices” are complete bangers. The album’s sonically consistent throughout and it makes for a cohesive listen.

The beats are complimented by a more focused Big Sean, tracks referencing his maturation and learning to eliminate the unnecessary from his life run through the album. “Bounce Back” speaks to failing but having the resolve to push forward. “Inspire Me” is a sweet track to his mom, “Sacrifices” mainly see’s him rhyming about cutting out bad habits to be great. “Bigger than Me” is about representing for Detroit and realizing he can music can mean more than him. While he does show an ability to use multiple flows, a huge flaw is that he uses Drake’s flow for at least four tracks. Either that or he’s writing a song that Drake would like “Owe Me”.

Listening to I Decided, it sounds like a focused Big Sean and I like the production he chose to rhyme over though at times I wish he’d be more original with his flows and I still think if you’re not particularly invested in Big Sean, he can be bit hollow lyrically. Still, as is, I find this to be an enjoyable album.

Rating: 7.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

February 16, 2017:

We are attempting to potty train Milo. At first we tried to use a timer and put him on every 20ish minutes, but it was too overwhelming. We have always followed his lead, so we are taking a step back a little. He now chooses between his diaper and his big boy underwear. We don’t want to pressure him too early, but I don’t want to wait too long either. It’s only day 4, and he is still having more accidents than actually going in the potty, but he will now stop what he’s doing if he starts to pee and will go to the bathroom. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

The idea of potty training has always stressed me out. Hopefully, it continues to move in the right direction and remains a positive stress free transition for our little guy.


@tharkflark1 replied to your post “Vrains: We have the latest technology! Me: Arc V had fucking solid…”


Right? Considering all the holograms in the previous series, sure, virtual reality is a pretty big step up. From outside light stimulants to direct electrical impulses to the brain.

But it’s virtual reality. We’ve been there, done that when the Big 5 put Kaiba in that virtual reality system. 

Then, Arc V puts mass to the holograms, bringing monsters into the real world. It’s like magic at this point.Virtual reality is a simulation inside people’s heads, no matter how real it may seem, but the solid vision with mass in Arc V turns the impossible into physical reality.

I like the idea of Vrains, considering what little we know of it, but you can’t possibly tell me that virtual reality tops the Arc V system and expect me to believe it.

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I feel like I need to express this again, so: I am SO proud of Ash for admitting he has a problem with drinking. That is such a scary, scary step in the right direction and most people don't take it ever, let alone before it's a big problem instead of a little one. I'm so glad he's taking care of himself. He's so brave and strong and I hope he has endless positivity coming his way.

i had no idea that this even happened but that’s a really cool step for him!


Play! - Songs that make you feel like you’re in a video game.

  1. Catallena // Orange Caramel
  2. Superbass // Nicki Minaj
  3. Hate You // 2NE1
  4. Bubblegum Bitch // Marina and the Diamonds
  5. Gee // Girls’ Generation
  6. Va Va Voom // Nicki Minaj
  7. Airplane // f(x)
  8. Don’t Trust me // 30H!3
  9. Lightsaber // EXO
  10. Love Dust // BIGBANG
  11. Drag Me Down (Big Payno Remix ft. Lunchmoney Lewis) // One Direction
  12. I’m the Sovereign // Z.TAO
  13. Ah Yeah // EXID
  14. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ // EXO
  15. Still Alive // BIGBANG
  16. Up All Night // One Direction
  17. Step // KARA
  18. That Good Good (Squareloud Remix) // Lu Han
  19. Crooked // G Dragon
  20. Loved // Wonder Girls

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Know Your Rights

Entering the workforce can be an exciting yet daunting experience as a young adult. While plenty aspects of employment evoke many substantial benefits, there is one factor that many individuals take for granted in order to maintain their job. Workplace harassment and discrimination are big ‘no-nos’ when it comes to employment. It is vital for individuals to be able to recognize their rights as employees and the responsibilities of their employer. 

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