a big pile of hurt

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Shoot all your Farmer x Shane headcannons at me! Go! :D

ya’ll, shane is my favorite i could talk about him endlessly

  • sometimes you two have pizza roll eating competitions. there’s a strong correlation between Shane winning and how many times you teased him that day (he gets really determined to win because winner gets to pick the movie or game for that night, and he’s going to make you suffer).
  • boy likes to snuggle. but it’s more like Shane likes to be held. hold Shane. hold him.
  • often you catch him talking not only to Charlie, but to the other chickens on your farm. once he sang but you didn’t get to hear much because corn kernels were being wildly thrown at you.
  • he definitely, definitely doesn’t drink as much as he used to (you’re so proud of him), but there are nights when you two try the newest wine from your kegs… and there was a time where Shane fell out the first story window and into a big pile of snow. he wasn’t hurt of course, but it was so funny just seeing his feet sticking up in the air against the window sill. his wine spilled though. 
  • one time he pushed you out of bed on accident while he was sleeping, so you did not hesitate to pay the same favor to him as soon as you got back in bed. boy didn’t even wake up, you were so mad. 
  • HE’S A LIL CHUBB, he’s not too wild about it but you’re dead, he’s so cute wtf

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Prompt: Bull doesn't like caves and closed spaces and I've always head cannoned Dorian as being not scared necessarily but anxious/extremely hyper vigilant around dark spawn so the events of the descent weren't pleasant for either of them. They both put up a good front but when they have some alone time it's an opportunity for mutual comfort and reassurance.

Oooo nonny I’ve got some pain for you before we get to that comfort you’re looking for. <3

(minor spoilers for Descent, implied minor character death, minor body horror, angst angst and angst) (and then Adoribull comfort, gallows humor and hugs)

it’s just one big pile of hurt/comfort

M, 1616 words

“Y’know,” said Varric.

“That you don’t like caves?” Dorian responded acidly. “Yes, I believe you may have mentioned it.”

Adaar could have chosen a worse group to take into the Deep Roads. Maybe. If she’d tried particularly hard.

For Varric, it was lack of time– without the sun, what was a day?– and being underground in general. And dwarves. For Bull, it was low ceilings and close passageways and dark caverns where he couldn’t tell friend from foe. For  Dorian, it was the vast, echoing, uncharted chasms they crossed on woefully narrow bridges, and the darkspawn.

Above ground, Dorian got some grim satisfaction from killing darkspawn. There was a sense of accomplishment, in sealing their tunnels, and of revenge, in setting ablaze the creatures that had stolen his friend.

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