a big hug would be nice i like hugs

anonymous asked:

(fraxured-dhelmise) Hey! Onondo was wondering if you'd like some Berries from the island! Dell would also like to give you some great big anchor hugs... but you don't have to have those.

Berries? There aren’t any berries on the net. I’d love to try one! Thanks @fraxured-dhelmise !

I can’t say I’ve ever had an anchor hug either!

This island must be really nice if you guys are from there!

neonsauce  asked:

confession: i am literally so gay for zarya i would pay money for her to snap me in her arms but she is too beautiful and pure to do so and i think she would give me a very nice hug instead. also im 5'3" and she's 6'5" and the fact that she is so tall fucking kills me

she is a large and beautiful strong woman and i love her with all of my heart. she must give the best hugs. like big fuzzy siberian bear.