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You better Marry her One Day (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt/Request: ‘’Hi!! I really liked my last imagine that you wrote for me. Do you think you could write another Draco Malfoy imagine, where the reader meets his parents and she later overhears his mother telling Draco that he better marry the reader one day? Thanks!’’ -  abbeyshadowhunter

Word Count: 1,181.
Warning(s): Fluff, I guess?
Note: Thank you for the amazing request, I liked it to write. :) Hope you like it too! xx

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The nerves were killing you as you stood in front of the Malfoy Manor, a very big manor, almost like a castle with its own, little kingdom. Even though everything looked very clean and neat, it still had a very dark look. Yes, even when you were sorted in Slytherin and a pureblood, you still disliked dark colours. But following Draco his advice, you wore some black jeans, a dark blue shirt and a black leather jacket. To finish of your outfit, you wore black shoes, hoping the family wouldn’t hate it.

God, everything mattered if you thought about it. You were so concentrated on your appearance and manners you didn’t even realize someone opened the door already you had not even knocked on.

‘Good day darling, I’m assuming you’re Y/N?’ a woman with dark hair and dark clothes greeted you. In her hair were some grey locks and immediately you liked it the way she slowly accepted growing old. Well, that’s what you thought, maybe that was not the reason behind the grey locks after all.

You nodded and shook her hand, which reached out to you already. ‘Yes, Y/N Y/L/N. And you’re Draco’s mother?’ you questioned, not trying to sound rude at all as she led you in.

Inside it was dark too, as you expected, but it was very beautiful and all the stuff looked very expensive. Even when you’d touch the walls, you felt like it would break down right down to your feet. This was a whole other universe than your own, ordinary home. You shook your head and let your thoughts drift away.

‘Yes, yes I am. Narcissa Malfoy,’ she smiled before letting your hand finally go. The door behind you was now closed and you started to follow Narcissa to another door inside. Narcissa opened the door, which seemed to be the door to the living room. On the couch was Draco, laying down, reading a book for school while on the chair on the other side of him, was another man. He looked a lot like Draco. The blonde hair, the same face expression and his whole appearance made you conclude he was his father.

‘Draco, Y/N is here,’ Narcissa announced, making Draco look up. He shot up immediately and walked towards you with open arms.

‘Hey babe,’ he whispered when he was close to you, pressing a small kiss on your lips, before letting go of you and wrapping his arm around your waist. And there you stood, like Draco was presenting you to his parents, despite your little meeting with his mother.

He took a short breathe, looking at his father, who had not a single emotion on his face nor in his eyes.

‘Hi, I’m Y/N,’ you shortly introduced yourself, waving a little before a small laugh left your mouth. Narcissa was already smiling, but Draco’s father stayed silent.

‘Father?’ Draco said kind of unsure about his words, also nervous because his father hasn’t said a single thing but sending you glares. Well, you thought it were glares.

‘Lucius Malfoy,’ was the only thing he said. The corners of his mouth went a bit upward and you questioned yourself if this was supposed to represent a smile.

But to prevent any other awkward situations, you just said: ‘Nice to meet you, sir.’ And you showed your most beautiful smile, feeling Draco chuckle. His grip around your waist stiffened a bit, so you smiled even more, but not towards Lucius anymore, but Draco.

Your eyes met, feeling the spark inside lighten up again. He nodded, gesturing it was going okay. A wave of relief washed over you, before Narcissa and Lucius started to walk to another room. Draco hold on tightly when he walked with you, entering the big room which seemed to be the dining room.

‘Dinner’s almost ready,’ Draco’s mother said as she smiled, walking to the kitchen to check the food one last time.

‘Good,’ you answered, turning towards Draco and his father, ‘mind if I use the bathroom real quick and wash my hands?’ You showed a grin and frowned a bit. Draco nodded, ignoring his father as he told you were to find it. A quick thank you rolled over your lips and before you knew it, you were already inside.

‘Come on Y/N, you can do this,’ you whispered to you reflection, trying to encourage yourself, ‘it’s all going well right now. Kill it out there.’

You took a deep breathe, fixing your hair and make-up again, washing your hands before exiting the bathroom. That’s when you realized you got lost in the house. It was a bloody maze in your eyes.

Voices were heard, so you assumed it were Draco and his parents and as you were approaching the voices behind the door, you saw it was a direct door to the kitchen and not via the dining room.

The voices belonged to Narcissa and Draco.

‘What a beautiful girl Draco, reminds me of the younger me,’ you heard Narcissa say, making you smile and your heartbeat quicken.

‘She’s the prettiest and sweetest woman alive,’ Draco told his mother, love lacing in his words.

Narcissa laughed and laid her hands on the shoulders of her son. ‘Your father will love her too, darling. She makes you so happy, I’ve never seen you so happy.’

Draco just nodded, hearing things he already knew. You were indeed one of his only lights that brought him happiness and made him turn into a good person. Well, let’s just say you made him have a good side too.

‘You better marry her one day,’ Narcissa smiled while stroking the arms of her only son. Draco laughed and grabbed his mother’s hands.

‘Don’t worry mother, I will,’ he assured her, making her nod.

On the other side of the door, you were almost fainting. A hand clasped in front of your mouth, you silently left the door, finding the other way around immediately as the smile on your face wouldn’t fade away.

When you were in the dining room again, everyone was finally there, Draco sitting on a chair next to an empty chair. The whole table was filled with so much food, you almost lost count of the different meals.

Once you sat down, Lucius lit the candles with his wand and filled all the four glasses with some wine.

‘A toast for Draco and Y/N,’ Narcissa said, raising her glass as you followed her actions. Draco did the same and then everyone looked at Lucius, who still hadn’t raise his glass.

But after a few seconds, his mouth went open, his eyes showing some sympathy as he looked at his loving son.

‘To the beautiful, kind Y/N and my only, dear son Draco,’ he said, finally showing some of his opinion on your relationship.

You smiled, mumbling a ‘cheers’ but you were at cloud nine at the moment, so happy with this meeting.

Soon enough, Draco’s hand found yours, him squeezing your hand a little as you were smiling like a dork, happier than ever before.


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Skulls and Roses ☠️🥀 (Part Five)

Jeon Jungkook

Tattooist AU!. College Au!

Genre: Fluff? - I guess, Tiny bit of angst

Word Count: 5k+

Part One I Part Four

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Cute Family House

I felt like building something cute, bright and small that still had room for a family of 4. The kitchen is probably my own favorite room in the build as it’s bigger than I usually make my kitchens!

Has both a big kitchen, a dining area, living room and a study. Big bedroom for the parents and smaller rooms for a teen and a child. The backyard is small, but there’s room for gardening and there’s a seating area on the back porch.

  • 3 bedrooms - 2 adults, 1 teen and 1 child
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Built on a 20x15 lot
  • Has stuff from most packs
  • Is completely CC free
  • Costs way too much - §113,383
  • Use bb.moveobjects on when placed
  • Download it from the gallery. ID is AvelineSims!

Please don’t reupload! Other than that you can do whatever the heck you want with it!

Should you be interested in watching the speed build, you can find it here [xx]

Living with pokemon

  • Wires are given a coat made out of the same stuff that is in repel (processed gloom/vileplume pollen, skuntank spray, etc). This is to keep away chewers (and rotom)
  • Dining rooms are often built with big open doors to the outside, so large pokemon can “sit with the family”.
  • Mats woven from heat resistant piloswine and camerupt hair protect floors and couches from fire type pokemon.
  • “Cat tree” like structures are very common, as are scratching posts and tubes. Pokemon that like to burrow are often provided a sand pit.
  • People still use baby gates when it comes to pokemon, though they’re not the most effective
  • Socket covers are pretty much required - if not for safety, but also for preventing joltiks.
  • Radio towers, clock towers - any tall structure without inhabitants has nesting boxes built into it. Even for bug pokemon.
Werewolves and Vampires

Brett x Vampire!Reader 

Requested by Anon

A/N: Thank you @fillthevoid-stilinski for helping me out with this. ♥

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

Vampire and Werewolves have been sworn enemies for centuries, zero tolerance to each other’s nature and everything that it meant.

All born werewolves had an imprinted instinct to loath the cold-blooded parasites and their first step when interacting with a vampire should be either to attack or repel them, emotionally and physically.

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I'm going to elaborate on why I think it was Burke

I just spent the weekend and today watching all the specials going on except for the Dateline one. The A&E special and Dr. Phil interview were biased towards the intruder theory and the ID and CBS specials were open to all theories but mainly pointed to the family being involved. I’ve researched this case everywhere. I read Chief James Kolars AMA on Reddit, spent hours on the now-defunct TruTv crime library and on the PBWorks archive of the case. This is what leads me to conclude that Burke did it:
- Many family friends, including Judith Philips who was featured on both the ID and CBS special, said Burke seemed to have a chip on his shoulder.
- On the CBS special they tested a pair of underwear from a freshly opened pack for “touch DNA,” which was found on JonBenets underwear and used to exonerate the family. At least 10 different traces of DNA were found on the uncontaminated underwear, rendering the “touch DNA” on JonBenets underwear irrelevant.
- There were traces of undigested pineapple in JonBenets small intestine. In crime scene photos and video there is a bowl of pineapple and milk with a big spoon in it and a glass of tea on the dining room table. Both were tested for fingerprints and the bowl came back positive for Patsy and Burke, the glass came back positive for Burke.
- In interview footage from both 2 weeks after the murder and 18 months after, Burke seems completely un-traumatized by the whole thing and repeatedly said he was “just trying to get on with his life.” He physically acts out how he thinks JonBenet was killed, which involves him suggesting she was hit in the head with a knife or a hammer. She suffered a fractured skull due to a blow to the back of the head with an unidentified object.
- It is highly improbable that a 9 year old would remain in bed the whole time his parents are running around screaming for his sister, yet he repeatedly insists he never left his room. This is further questioned when the 911 tape is re-evaluated in the CBS special where they used updated technology to break down the audio. It is up to interpretation but after Patsy supposedly hangs up, the line is still connected for at least 15 seconds in which, once enhanced, it sounds like John saying “We are not speaking to you,” Patsy saying “Help me Jesus/What have you done?” And Burke saying “Well what did you find?”
- When asked during police interviews what his reaction was the day it happened, he says he asks his father where they found her body. Which is consistent with the audio perceived on the 911 tape as well as indicating he already knew she was dead.
- In present day he seems careless and reluctant to recall any memories of that day. While forgetting is definitely a way to cope with trauma, I found it very odd. He gets agitated and rolls his eyes and makes smirks constantly. Which, again could be attributed to nerves. He begrudgingly asks Dr. Phil “would you remember eating pineapple 20 years ago?” when inquired whether he and JonBenet had eaten pineapple at all that day, as if it was any random day.
- Again, regarding the pineapple, in 1998 when interviewed by the police the second time, he struggles significantly to identify the bowl of pineapple in a picture the officer shows him. In that same interview when asked if he knows why they’re meeting he responds “You want to know who killed my sister,” in a very smart ass tone that suggests he knows something they don’t.
- An experiment was performed to show a child could inflict the skull breaking blow to JonBenet head. They created a skull the same density, etc as to that of a 6 yr old, covered it with pig skin and a wig and had a 9 year old hit it with a flashlight (the presumed “blunt object”). The skull cracked in almost the exact same spot as JonBenet, and there was no break to the skin which would explain the lack of DNA found on the flash light.
- There were no prior indications of rage or domestic abuse on Patsy Ramsey’s part, and on the CBS special it was pointed out that she was living vicariously through JonBenet re: pageants and investing quite a lot in her. It was highly unlikely she would fly off the handle especially with no prior abusive behavior. It’s quite hard to imagine a mother with no history of even spanking her children to use a flashlight to hit her child in the head. It’s NOT hard to imagine a 9 year old using a flashlight to hit his sister for being a brat or whatever and having no realization of the impact until it was too late. I don’t think he went in the intent “let me kill my sister” but rather “she just stole my train/my pineapple/etc so let me whack her with this real quick.” I saw a child throw a block and hit a child in the back of the head and it resulted in blood everywhere and a huge gash. Did it kill him? No, but it just shows that children are careless and don’t always realize the (literal) weight of their actions.
Why/how I think the parents covered it up:
- Patsy forged the ransom note. The CBS special included expert linguists who determined the note was written by a woman who was 30+ yr old. An analyst on the ID special said she found over 200 similarities between her writing sample and the note. It was written on her pad with a pen from the home and both were put back in their exact place afterwards. There was a draft. It was left on the back staircase which indicates someone knew they used those steps. It’s sheer length is suspicious and it’s actually the longest random note in American history. Clocking in at 2 ½ pages, when the investigators took the time to rewrite it, it took them all around 21 minutes just to copy it. That being said, for someone to have organically written this they would have wasted a lot of time in the house, risk getting caught, just over the note alone.
- John was missing for over an hour after police arrived and when instructed to look for anything unusual around the house, went straight to the basement and before even turning on the light, declared he’d found JonBenet.
- John removing the duct tape and garrote and bringing the body upstairs.
- John bringing the body upstairs and putting her on THE FLOOR.
- John and Patsy refusing to give separate interviews to police. Giving a CNN interview a month after the murder yet not speaking to police until 4 months after.
- Patsy hanging up the 911 call. The dispatcher stated most often when someone calls 911 they will stay on the line until police arrive, especially in the case of a kidnapping or murder. To her, Patsys tone reflected that of someone thinking “We called the police, now what?”
- Both parents vehemently insisting “I did not kill that child”/“I did not kill JonBenet,” yet when asked other questions during the interview, were unable to form coherent answers.
- Both parents instructing friends NOT to talk to police.
- It was revealed in 2013 that the grand jury voted to indict the Ramsey’s on two accounts in 1999; 1) citing both parents “did unlawfully, knowingly, recklessly and feloniously permit a child to be unreasonably placed in a situation which posed a threat of injury to the child’s life or health which resulted in the death of JonBenet.” and 2) citing both parents “did unlawfully, knowingly and feloniously render assistance to a person, with intent to hinder, delay, and prevent the discovery, detention, apprehension, prosecution, conviction and punishment of such a person for the commission of a crime, knowing the person being assisted has committed and was suspect of the crime of Murder in the First Degree and Child Abuse Resulting in Death.” The DA at the time, Alex Hunter, refused to sign the indictment due to “lack of evidence.”

After Ever after (Part 2)

Robert Small X MC Daddy
Part 1 | Part 2 
Warning: This part contains so much smut, I hope you’re all ready for this bad boy (dad).

To finally end our cleaning frenzy, we headed towards Robert’s room. He leads the way and opens the door “After you” he says with a suave voice; really hot I must say. “The final boss huh?” I said as I looked around the room with clothes (underwear), booze, leftovers, and clutter all over the floor. “Honestly, I don’t know how you lived in this mess.” I said as I started to pick up empty whiskey bottles and beer cans. “I don’t know either, but what I’m sure about is that I’m tired living like this” He sounded so dead serious and I’m sure he is.Slowly the guilt came in, I should not have made that comment. I decided to say nothing more and just continue cleaning. I’m sure Robert appreciated the gesture.

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i work in a small fast-casual restaurant, the kind where customers pay up front when they order and then typically stop thinking about money. so, though we provide full service, the majority of customers never remember or bother to leave a tip. we never advertise, but over the years, we have become a major hit with locals, and people who use sites like yelp and tripadvisor.
one summer afternoon a couple years back, in the calm after the lunch rush, i was tidying up the dining room when my attention was drawn to the big front windows by the noise of an approaching bike gang.
these were big, fancy, customized motorcycles. as they filled a few of the parking spaces in front of the store, i moved to the register to prepare to take their orders, and my coworkers gathered behind the counter with me to admire the bikes. “i want the blue one,” said T. “i want the black one.. but in blue,” said A. W nodded in thoughtful approval of these choices.
the bikers’ helmets had previously concealed their faces, and when they removed their gear, T, who is black, breathed “they’re black!” in awe and admiration. then, the bikers entered the restaurant, where i was admittedly a little nervous about taking their orders. these were men of fine taste, and i was intimidated. would they be the type of customer to look down on us? would they be the type to request especially customized food and then be irritated if it failed to match up with their expectations?
the towering bikers looked up at the menu board, asked me some friendly, typical questions about the options, which put me at ease. they ordered, paid, then took their seats at a long table, where they were polite, gave a lot of positive feedback about the food, and i overheard one telling someone over cell phone where we were and what we served and how good it was. when they left, i found the cherry on top: a massive tip on the table.
this event has gone down in workplace history as the Legend of the Nice Bikers. the bikers had said multiple times that they loved the place and would return, but i have not heard from them since. i imagine they are traveling the world on a long motorcycle journey and eagerly await the day i can welcome them back.

Mafia!Jungkook Imagine Pt.3



Imagine your a police officer trying to arrest a mafia boss… A quite special one. In the end, nothing goes like planned… And suddenly he’s your boss.


Mafia!Au, and a little bit of everything?

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4

The brown haired guy stood up and slowly walked to the door. You shuddered,  finally noticing how cold it actually was. You tried not to think of anything. You tried not to think about how your life as a sniper would be. Suddenly, you saw that the Mafia guy had turned around and was looking at you with a strange expression. Now you where the one raising one eyebrow.

“Ah, and (Y/N)… I’m not supposed to tell you, but… As soon as I leave this room and tell my boss about your decision, the bomb in your parents house will be activated.”

You felt your heart drop as your eyes grew wide in shock. He walked on, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door…


“Wait. WAIT!!!”, you screamed in panic.

The guy turned around, smiling in triumph.

“Welcome to the Mafia, (Y/N). I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your teacher for the next months.”


The next thing you knew, you woke up in a quite normal, clean room. No weapons, no dangerous looking people, and- at least seemingly- no cameras. Not that you expected all those things, but you had to make sure. You didn’t remember how you got here, maybe they used drugs… In the end you probably didn’t even wanna know. There was nothing you could do- Besides then waiting for someone to get you out. And it wasn’t going to be the police, even if you hoped so. You stood up and walked up and down in the small room. Maybe it was like a hostel room or something, they wouldn’t bring you to an actual Mafia building, would  they? In the end you still were an police officer! You searched the room for anything suspicious, or at least a hint, but you couldn’t find anything. Just an average hostel room. Without a phone, of course. That would’ve been way to easy. 

You thought about Jungkook and his words. Teaching you? What the hell was he going to teach you? You already knew how to handle a pistol and you weren't going to let him teach you how to kill people. Definietly not. You sighed. It’s not like you were actually going to be a part of the mafia… Right? Hopefully you would know soon. Right now there were way to much questions flying around in your head. But even more importantly, you had to find a way to escape.

Suddenly, without any warning, the door swung open with a loud bang. You jumped. What the hell!? Didn’t that person know how to knock? Did they come to hurt you?  You turned around,a little bit scared but also curious about the person. You somehow expected Jungkook to be standing there, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, a blonde, young girl was standing in the doorframe. She seemed way to young for the mafia, not even the tons of dark make up would hide that. But there was something about her that seemed strange-  like, really out of place. She was smiling widely. She didn’t seem dangerous at all, not like someone who’d kill people. More like… a bunny? Before you could say anything, she spoke up.

“Hey there, I’m Lisa. So your the newbie? I’m kinda new too!”, she said, still grinning. You didn’t know why, but she seemed quite nice. You couldn’t help it, you instantly liked her. You stared at her until you realized she was probably expecting an answer. 

“Yeah, I guess? I don’t really know…”, you answered, shrugging your shoulders.

Lisa just kept on smiling. She probably knew everything about you anyways. At least she seemed to know why you were here.

“So, (Y/N)! Jungkook told me to get you. Your lesson is going to start soon. But, If I’m honest…”, she said while eyeing you up and down,  “You can’t go like this. I’ll give you better clothes.”

With that, she simply walked to the closet, leaving you perplexed. You hadn't even checked the closet yet, thinking about it. She took out a black, tight jeans and a black tank top. Without saying anything she gave you the clothes. Then, she motioned you to change. However, Lisa didn’t turn around. She was just standing there, looking at you with a more and more confused expression. Would she be, like… watching you? That was quite strange. You didn’t even know her.

“What are you waiting for? Jungkook’s waiting. Can’t say he likes to wait.”, Lisa said with furrowed eyebrows.

“Can you just turn around?”, you asked awkwardly.

Lisa laughed quietly, making her nose crincle a little bit. She was getting kind of strange. But what did you expect? This wasn’t just some random hotel and she wasn’t just some random girl.

“I mean, sure, I can! But the two of us will be getting pretty close. There’s simply no other way. So why don’t why start right now?”.

Luckily, she turned around anyways and you  quickly changed your clothes, checking them for anything strange before wiggling into them. You were happy to finally have fresh clothes, you definietly didn’t expect to get some. They were quite tight, but that was probably normal, looking at Lisas outfit.

“I’m ready, Lisa… So, what now?”.

Lisa just nodded and took your hand, pulling you out of the room. You didn’t make the effort to close it, there wasn’t anything in there anyways.

She leaded you trough a row of lonely corridors. You were actually in a small hotel, but it appeared to be abandoned. The wallpaper was already removed from some parts of the wall and the carpets were stiff from dirt. Great. That wasn’t helping you at all. You couldn’t remember any abandoned building in your city. At least you knew it was evening, since the sun was just going down and the last golden sunbeams were drawing flickering patterns on the floor. If your heart wouldn’t pound like crazy, maybe it would’ve been pretty. But in the end you were being kidnapped and some strange mafia guy was probably trying to make you kill people. You weren’t looking forward to meeting him at all. Yes, maybe you should just try and run from Lisa. But she really seemed to know this building, there was no way you could escape right now. Maybe you should try and get her to trust you. Maybe she could help you out.

After what felt like an eternity, Lisa and you entered a big hallway. At least it was big compared to your room. The dark red carpet here looked way cleaner than in the rest of the hotel and warm, yellow light from some plastic candlesticks made the room appear somewhere near cozy. You heart was still pounding. It was so loud, there was no way Lisa wouldn’t here it. She turned around to you and pointed at a big wooden door.

“This way. This room once was the dining hall, now rookies get trained there. Jungkooks waiting. I think he’s alone, the others are already outside or in their rooms. Just in case you need me, my room is number 233. You’ll… find that somehow I guess. Bye, (Y/N). Good luck.”

You quickly nodded, and before you could ask anything or say thank you, she ran off. Amazing. Now you truly were alone. But you were quite sure running away made no sense. Especially since they didn’t make a big deal out of the black cameras that were installed everywhere.You would’ve no chance. And with that, there was only one option left.

Go trough that door. Face your kidnapper. And let him teach you god knows what.


The door was quite heavy, but you were able to open it. You closed it behind you, trying to be as quite as possible. You didn’t want to to get more attention than necessary. You looked around the big room. It was painted white and the floor was made out of dark wood, but the walls seemed to be isolated with a soundproofing material. God, you never knew the mafia was that advanced. The police didn’t even know half of the truth. They actually thought, the mafia was only hanging around in dilapidated, old houses near the city. That’s what you used to believe. But in fact, they were training rookies in proffessional soundproof rooms. Nobody would believe you, even if you told them!

Besides a few chairs at the side of the room, it was completely empty. No tables, no sofas, nothing. It didn’t seem like a place to learn shooting. And you couldn’t spot any blood on the walls. You had to check, just in case. Maybe you were a little scared too. Who wouldn’t be? The scariest thing was, that the room was completely lonely. No people. Especially no Jungkook, even though he was supposed to be here. You stepped further into the hall. Where would he be? He couldn’t hide in here. Should you go and search for Lisa? Or try to run away?

“GOT you. Watch out, cop girl. Your potentially dead now.”

You couldn’t restrain a high pitched scream as a cold hand landed on your shoulder. You spun around and jumped away, just out of reflex. Now your heart was truly going wild. Where the hell had he come from?

“Jungkook. Damn, can’t you announce yourself like a normal human being?”, you asked, still a little bit out of breath from the shock. He just watched you with an amused expression. His hair was messy, and instead of the suit he was wearing at the bar, he was know wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt. You had to admit he wasn’t even that intimidating, and he was actually really handsome. He looked like a normal young adult. You just wished you could punch that evil smile out of his face.

“Where did you even come from? Did you stick on the ceiling?”, you asked, trying to hide the fear that was still lingering in your bones.

The smile on his face grew even wider.

“Maybe. So, (Y/N). I see you already grew some confidence. But for the next few hours, you better just forget about your funny little attitude. Your head needs to be free from thoughts, you need to concentrate.”

You silently scoffed.  Was he actually telling you to not be confident?  Not like you were in the beginning. You just acted like it.

“What if I don’t?”. You didn’t even know  where those sassy words came from. They just came to your head. Considering the situation you were in you should’ve probably stayed silent. Maybe it was because you hated to be bossed around. Maybe because you were scared for what was to come.

But Jungkook wasn’t really angry, he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Not my choice. May hurt a little bit though, sweetie.”

Oh god. What in the world was he planning to do? You didn’t want to concentrate, right now you just wanted to get out. And get away from him. You took a step back. Jungkook just came even closer and started talking.

“As you already know, your training as a part of the mafia starts now. And since I’m not dumb enough to give you a weapon, we’ll start with physical training. You need to be prepared for everything, even as a sniper. Well, I just don’t know how advanced you are. So shall we just start and test that? It’s easy. Just try not to get hit.”

You gulped. Was he joking? Physical Training? Like, punching and kicking and stuff? You eyed his arm muscles. Jesus. There was no way  you would even last 5 seconds fighting against him. Your eyes grew wide as he slowly came closer. He wasn’t joking at all. You didn’t need to think about your next step. There was only one way for you. Ignoring the fact that you were really making a fool out of yourself, you just tried to run away to the other side of the room. He may be strong, but was he faster than you?

“Oh come on, that’s not fair. Don’t act like a scared bunny.”

The next thing you knew, he had thrown you over his shoulder. Damn. He WAS faster than you.

“What the hell are you two doing? Play tagging? Can I play along?”.

The sudden deep voice startled you and you wiggled yourself out of Jungkooks sharp grip. A young man was standing about 5 metres from you, holding a file. Big glasses were laying on his nose. He looked like a scientist. A big, boxy smile made him look really cute.

“No, Taehyung… I told you I have to train her. What are you even doing here, aren’t you supposed to mix drugs or stuff?”

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World of Our Own | Harry Styles Uni AU | CHAPTER 1



LISTEN TO Sweetest Thing by Allman Brown
You’re the sweetest thing that I ever did see
Like a bird taking way
Tears that set you free
You’re the sweetest thing that I ever did see
Oh yeah
See, oh yeah


Word Count 6.5k

The solid, wooden, dining table, was chipped and stained from mugs of tea that had been filled too much. The kitchen windows were steaming from the rain that hit them from the outside, but the warm breath that filled the inside. It was four pm and the world was growing dark, street lamps were coming on, the sky was edging closer to blackness at a rate of knots, and it was cold. So cold. But it was home and Rae hadn’t felt as warm, as she did then, in long while.

Living with four boy’s hadn’t exactly been part of the plan, and Rae knew she’d have to keep that from her dad for a little while, but for her it was exciting. Not because they were boys, but just because they were new. New people were like treasure troves to Rae. They were undiscovered, exciting and always filled with trinkets and jewels. For Rae no one was boring or mundane, everyone had a story to tell, and each story was gold.

There were four treasure troves sat around the table with Rae, but it was the one at the end of the table that she wanted to uncover the most. Harry, with the dark hair, fluffy and pushed back from his face in something quiff-esque. A few rogue ringlets trying desperately to form around his ears. The intriguingly quiet, but not in a conceited way, one. The one with the startling eyes, in a shade of green Rae didn’t recognise, and she was sure she’d seen every colour eye imaginable. Eyes were her thing, she always noticed them, but these ones were having an effect on her that she was unfamiliar with and it wasn’t just because the colour was new.

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Arranged Marriage (E.D X Reader) Part 1

Description: When you were 10 your parents told you if you didn’t have a boyfriend by the age 18 they were going to make an arranged marriage for you. As your 18th birthday rolls around and you have no boyfriend your parents found the boy you will marry. Will you fall for him or will this arranged marriage fall apart?

Word Count: 1022

Warnings: Language kinda

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

When you were younger you remembered wanting to be the girl that got married and had a handsome husband to come home to. Well when you turned 10 your parents told you that if you didn’t have a boyfriend by the age of 18 they were going to find a boy for you to marry. You didn’t have a choice to say no to their arrangement since they were your parents.

Now it’s your 18th birthday and you knew what was heading your way. You have dreaded your 18th birthday since you found out your parents were going to arrange a marriage for you. You always thought you would find the most gorgeous boy and fall in love with him on your own time. Not from your parents.

As you woke up you didn’t know how to feel, but you did know that you were nervous. You had to admit that your parents didn’t have the best taste when it came to guys. They either found attractive guys with ugly personalities or unattractive guys with amazing personalities. So finding out the guy they have picked out for you has you on edge. You walked downstairs to the smell of the sizzling bacon your mom was cooking.

“Goodmorning Y/N. Happy 18th birthday darling!”  Your dad said standing up from his seat that the dining room table to give you a big hug. You returned the hug and pulled away smiling back at your dad. “Goodmorning. What is all of this?” You asked looking at all the food laid out on the table. “We wanted to make you breakfast for your big day!” Your mom said turning to with a huge smile on your face. “Big day? What’s so big about you guys finding the boy that I will spend the rest of my life with?” You said sarcastically rolling your eyes in the process. “It’s a big day because you are going to meet him and his family today!” Your dad said with the same huge smile your mom had given you. You spit out the food that was in your mouth causing you to choke. “W-w- what?!” You yelled while trying to catch your breath. “We are going to be meeting with them in an hour so hurry up and finish eating.” Your mom said taking her and your dad’s dishes to the sink. You looked at them with disbelief and shock.

You didn’t think they found a guy for you yet. You thought since you turned 18 today that they would start looking today not already have a boy picked out. You couldn’t believe what was happening. This has probably been the worst thing to happen to you in your life. You couldn’t just marry a boy you didn’t even know. He probably didn’t want to marry you either! This whole situation is crazy and stupid!

You finished eating your breakfast after trying to take your time. You put your dirty dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to your room. You looked through your drawers to find something nice to wear. You might not like the idea of meeting the guy you’re going to eventually marry but you still want to look cute. You settled on teal sundress and brought into the bathroom. You stripped down and got into the shower. You got out after 15 minutes and started to do you makeup. You decided to not wear a lot and to put your hair into two french braids. You looked at yourself in the mirror. ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ You thought to yourself before heading out of the bathroom. You grabbed your phone off the charger and purse off your desk chair. As you walked downstairs you saw your parents grabbing the car keys heading towards the front door. “Ready sweetie?” Your mom asked with a smile on her face. “As ready as I’m going to be.” You said letting out a long sigh.

You and your parents headed out to the car. You had to admit you were nervous to meet this guy. All you wanted was for this guy not to be a asshole and to be very attractive. It was about a half an hour car ride. The whole car ride you couldn’t stop thinking what this guy could be like. Was he tall? Was he an asshole? Did he have a good personality? All these questions were going through your head that you didn’t even realize you had pulled into his driveway. You couldn’t hide your nervousness as much as you tried to. You get out of the car with your parents and made your way to the front door. Your dad knocked on the door a few times before a woman answered the door. “Hi Y/D/N! Come in!” She said with a huge smile. You guys walked into the gorgeous house. “You must be the famous Y/N! I’m Lisa!.” Lisa said hugging you. You smiled and hugged her back. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” You said back with nervous smile. “Ethan is in the backyard with Grayson. I’ll go get him so you guys can get to know each other! Come sit down. Make yourself at home!” She said smiling one of the happiest smiles you have ever seen. She walked outside to the backyard. You sat there patiently with your parents sitting next you.

So his name is Ethan.’ You thought to yourself. You were so caught in your thought that you didn’t realize that Lisa had returned with Ethan. You look up and see the most attractive boy you have ever set eyes on. You felt you mouth ajar from the shock you had from seeing this breathtaking boy. “Ethan, this is Y/N. Y/N this is Ethan. We are going to leave you guys alone so can get to know each other a little better.” Lisa said as her and your parents made their way outside to the backyard to leave you two in private. “Hi, I’m Ethan your future husband.” He said grinning at you. What did your parents get you into?

well its been forever since ive written anything so i really hope this is ok!! im still kinda rusty but what other than puppies to get me back into the writing spirit ✨

  • Hes a very active person, so its actually pretty surprising that he hasn’t adopted a dog yet!
  • Keeping his fur allergy in mind, He would need a pup thats hypoallergenic! And active too, so little dogs are out of the picture. Plus they scare him. That high pitched barking and bug eyes terrify him to no end.
  • He loves the look of the Samoyed breed. They’re lovable, and social– So maybe he could have his dog around on set sometimes? It would be nice to have someone with you cheering him on from the sidelines.
  • The Samoyed is a herd dog, so he likes that they have a decent amount of stamina. He goes for nightly runs, so hopefully his pup can keep up!
  • When you two bring your new ball of fluff home he’s nervous about all the stuff this little guy will find to pee on or chew, but is actually pleasantly surprised to find how well behaved the puppy is. Well, that is until you leave. As soon as you step out the door the pup is crying and howling, chewing on furniture and things in hope that you’ll storm back in the house and distract him. Geez, we all feel that way when MC leaves little guy– but you don’t have to show it!
Bonus: Secretly feels special when he gets doggie kisses. Thinks they’re gross, Yeah! But he still loves the attention anyways! He thought it was funny the first time the pup got a lick of his facemask, but to his horror he comes to find that they actually really like it. Cant wear facemasks in peace anymore without being bombarded by kisses, you just laugh to yourself as he whines about it all the time.


  • Cat dad is evolving.
  • It would take a decent amount of persuasion to get him to get a dog. He already has his dear Elizabeth the 3rd, Why does he need something else?
  • But, If you give him the big puppy dog eyes, He’ll cave. He’s a sucker for the big puppy dog eyes.
  • Dachshund no doubt. Their coats are sleek and neat, and they’re tiny little things. He doesn’t have to fuss about Elizabeth the 3rd getting pushed around too much with a small pup running about.
  • At first he really doesn’t like the thing. Its slobbery, whiney.. He doesn’t see the appeal. His mind was set until one day when the pup got ahold of one of his favorite ties. But Instead of chewing it up, the puppy brought it over to Jumin’s feet in an attempt to play. He switched out the tie for a rope, and ended up really enjoying their little playtime together; though he’d never admit it, he really likes the thing. You did sorta come home to find him laughing to himself on the floor as the the puppy bombarded him with kisses, so you figure he likes her more than he likes to let on!
Bonus: His rule his no dog on the bed, but eventually you watch as his rule begins to break. You find yourself teasing him about it when you see them cuddle up together, to which he brushes off as “ Its just this once, no harm done. ” this happens for weeks on end until the rule is just never spoken of again lolol Yoosung:
  • He likes dogs, but he’s never had a huge interest in getting a pet before. Lisa was enough as it is, he wasn’t sure about a dog yet.. Lotta work, you know?
  • He just thinks a lot of Sally and how hard her death was on Rika, he doesn’t want to go through that ever again– But you try convince him that its just how life goes. You’ll both give the puppy a happy, long life– And they’ll always remember it, even after they pass onto the next life. It makes him feel a lot better.
  • Finds himself leaning towards a little kings charles spaniel! That was the breed of Rikas dog, but its more of a subconscious thing this time.
  • He likes how soft they are and their floppy little ears. You two adopt a little reddish brown one from the shelter, and he names her Kimchi. Kimmi as a nickname!
  • He likes taking her along on late night strolls, sometimes you both stop at the park and play fetch with her for awhile. Its pretty fun, He really comes to love her really quickly. They’re practically best friends, Shes even allowed on campus grounds every once in awhile! So you both visit him at lunch sometimes, to which he really enjoys. Sneaks her some snacks under the table when no ones looking though.
Bonus:Secretly loves grooming her. Her little tongue sticks out when he brushes her fluffy ears and face.. Its adorable. 10/10 will bombard you and the RFA with pictures every time its grooming day. And really, really wants to get that dog safe nail polish and paint her nails pink. He’d try it on Lisa, but he assumes all he’d end up with is some new scars on his hands and pink paint all over the couch. Scary.


  • Since she works constantly, Its just difficult to get a dog since she doesn’t think she’d be able to care for it properly.
  • Taking it out every few hours, grooming, playtime.. Not to mention all the fur. Yikes.
  • With some convincing, and planning, she’ll agree. She thinks its still a bit too much work, But she wants to get a little schedule together for walks and things like that first so that the work is even between you both. Well.. Who knows, It could be fun..?
  • You two settle on a little beagle puppy, its a classic breed and very sweet. Plus you love their silly howls. She fits into the family nicely, you tease Jaehee by saying they both have the same big brown eyes~
  • At first she tries really hard to become a dog momma! Like takes her to the parks, gives her treats, tried frisbee once and threw it towards a car on accident and almost got a ticket so.. thats out forever out.
  • And it is pretty fun, New– but fun! They warm up to each other quickly. The puppy is always happy to greet Jaehee at the door when she comes home from a long day at work. But sometimes the pup gets ignored when Jaehee gives you all the attention instead.. Thats when the trouble maker side comes out. She eats documents, shoes, even furniture when shes in need of attention! Golden rule: Never ignore the dog.
Bonus: You often find that the puppy is at Jaehee’s feet while shes going over documents, or scratching at her leg while shes baking in the kitchen. Sometimes you see your girlfriend slip a treat in here and there, even though she scolds you whenever you do it at the dining room table. See, no one can resist those big brown puppy dog eyes Jaehee!


  • He is 100% ready for a dog. Or Six. Yup, He was born ready for this. Tears up and practically throws you into the car– races down to the shelter the moment you throw the idea around. It was just an idea, Saeyoung!
  • Claims he knows and you guys are “just looking” today. Uh huh. Sure. You know you both are coming home with a new furry friend that night, no matter how much “ only looking ” he claims he’s going to be doing.
  • Bouncing off the walls the moment you two walk into the place. Poor receptionist has to deal with his millions of questions! But the moment he spots that fat little pug sitting all alone in a tiny kennel, he knows. He knows.
  • Turns to you with the biggest, shiniest eyes known to man as he cups his hands together with a big old pout clear as day on his lips. You tug on his bottom lip with a knowing smirk as he pretends that it hurt. Sigh, Wheres the paperwork for this thing?
But oh no. Oh no. He spots another one.
  • You try to stop him by tugging on his jacket as he naruto runs over there but its too late, he’s seen it. A slightly skinnier pug ( still chubby ) in a kennel a little bit aways from this one. Seven. No.
  • “ Pleaaaase MC!! One for me, One for you! ” Agh, There he goes again– All stary eyed! How could you resist!
  • You end up leaving the shelter with two doges that day and a very happy Seven.
  • His dog is a girl named Honey and yours is a boy named Buddha, Honey is yellowish white and Buddha a deep brown. Very proud of the name choice.
  • He obsesses over them every chance he gets, Honey snores extremely loudly so he spams the RFA with videos of it. Poor Zen is suffering with all these pets in the chat. Buddhas pretty chill, but he has hiccups a lot which is adorable. You two never leave them alone, they’re practically famous with all these cameras in their faces 24/7!
Bonus: You thought Elizabeth the 3rd lived in luxury? Thats nothing compared to these dogs. He buys them custom made beds, the best treats, millions of toys etc etc. Your house is now practically doggy paradise thanks to Seven, you’re not sure if these dogs were the worst or best things to pop into your life. Just makes you wonder what he’d do if you two had kids lolol
Read My Mind (Trixya) - Candy For Children

A/N: Hey! So this is my first time writing a fic in a few years, but I had this idea and wrote it all tonight in a mad dash! I’m thinking I will probably write more of this at some point soon, because I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I’d love any constructive criticism, Hope you enjoy! Also this is a AHS Coven AU, but I play a little fast and loose with the rules of the universe.

Summary: Trixie is a clairvoyant witch, sent to study at Mrs. Charles’s Academy for Gifted Girls, where she meets another young witch named Katya, and sparks fly (no pun intended).

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Wedding - Part 1 (TGC)

Written for @wardley10, hope you enjoy it :)

Thank you so much to @bagelblossom and @prettyboytgc for helping with this imagine. 

You and Tom had been dating for three years when he finally proposed to you. Ever since then, time flew. You remembered it as if it was yesterday when you were sat around your dining room table organizing the big day, now you were faced with your reflection. Hair curled to perfection, make-up simple yet classy completed with the deep red lipstick. Taking a deep breath, you looked at your reflection whilst you cocked your head to the left smoothing out your wedding dress at the side. 

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{ always learning }

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t/w: yelling/fighting

summary: thomas tells you about martha.

inbox || masterlist

pt. 4

You sat at the dining room table of Thomas’ house, a big mug of tea in between your hands. It’s the only thing that keeps you from shaking. It’s the only thing that keeps you from crying.

 You don’t know what to do next. You don’t know what you’ll do when Thomas gets home. All you feel now is numb.

You took a sip of your tea. You hardly felt it as it burned your throat.

The clock read 5:30 pm. You knew Thomas was home since the garage door opened. You heard him coming in, heard him shut the garage door, and check the security system. It’s routine. He does it like clock work. You wanted to greet him excitedly, want to greet him with a kiss, but you can’t–or rather you don’t want to.

“Hey, darlin’.” He hummed, leaning down to kiss your temple. When you moved away from him, he froze. He eyed you worriedly. This wasn’t like you at all. You stared ahead blankly.

“You okay?”

“Fine.” You said quickly, but there was an slight edge in your voice. He knew that tone. He let out a sigh.

“No, you’re not.” He set his things down on the dining room table. “What’s wrong?”

You shifted a little in your seat, uncomfortable as he sat down just in front of you. You looked up at him eventually, glaring at him from across the table.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” You grumbled. You set your mug down and pushed yourself out of the seat. You started to head out of the kitchen. You couldn’t deal with him. Everything you wanted to say was swirling around in your head. You were too frustrated. You were too angry. 

“Hey, hey, hey.” He called after you. He quickly got up from his chair and followed you worriedly. “Don’t walk away from me.”

“I can do whatever the hell I want.” You snapped, turning back only to look at him. You felt your heart pounding as you finished your outburst. You stopped for a moment before you spoke up again. “Clearly, you think you can too.”

You turned to go back up the stairs and Thomas reluctantly trailed after you.

“Baby, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He sighed. You were halfway up the stairs and he was still standing at the bottom. He suddenly sounded so exhausted and for a moment, you stopped. You listened. “Come down, please. We can talk about this.”

“I said I’m not fucking talking to you.” You spat, gripping the railing of the staircase tighter.

“You are right now.”

“It’s like you want me to slap you.” You turned around and glared at him from where you stood. “I don’t have time for your smart alec behavior.”

“Then what do you have time for?!” He yelled up at you. You flinched at the sound of him raising his voice. “I come home and you’re yelling at me, but you won’t fucking tell me what I did! Could you maybe not be so immature?”

“That’s a low blow and you know it.” You whispered.

“I think I’m being pretty kind at the moment.” Thomas snapped back.

You walked down the stairs, stopping half way. Your hands were shaking. Your throat felt tight. “I’ll stop being immature when you tell me why Martha’s been calling the house.”

“W-What?” Thomas frowned, looking at you confused.

“M-Martha’s been leaving messages this whole week and I’ve heard every single one of them ring out through this damn house.” You spat, your eyes welling up with tears. “Could you maybe not be so immature and tell me why she’s calling the house?”

“I don’t know.” Thomas said softly. “I-I don’t -”

“You make no sense! You tell me how much you love me. You shower me with gifts and love and affection and you don’t even have the decency to cut off ties with your ex?!” You shoved him back, causing him to stumble slightly. “Do you think I’m stupid?! Just because I’m younger than you, do you think you can take advantage of me?!”


“Because I’m not stupid!” You felt your shoulders shaking. “I-I’m not…” You felt your tears finally spill over. You bit your lower lip to keep it from trembling further and clenched your fists in a vain attempt to keep yourself calm.

Thomas could see you crumbling before him. He saw you slowly became more closed off, saw how you were on the brink of breaking down. He reached out to you slowly, hand extended out to you in a vain attempt to console you.

“Baby, come down.”

“No.” You said weakly, pulling your hand away from him when he tried to touch you. “Y-You’re not over her are you?” You looked at him warily.

There was no warmth in your eyes. There was no smile on your face. You were pissed, you were hurt, and he was to blame.

“Every time I ask about her, you give me some half-hearted answer and for a while, I trusted you. I really believed he loves me. I trust him and he loves me.” You let out a shaky sigh. “But that was stupid of me. I was stupid to love you, but -” You looked him right in the eye. “I won’t settle for you. I’m not and I will not be okay with being second.” You said lowly. “So go. Call her back because as far as I’m concerned we’re done here.”

Thomas looked up at you helplessly, but he wasn’t sure what to do. You wouldn’t let him touch him, barely even looked at him. He felt his eyes grow glassy, felt his head spinning. He was watching you slip away from him. And he didn’t know what to do.

“Baby, -”

“Tell me you’re over her.” You said quietly. “Tell me you really didn’t know why she was calling. Tell me about her. Tell me the truth.”

Thomas couldn’t find the words, at least not in time for your liking.

“Figured.” You said coldly.

“It’s my place to tell you about Martha.” He said softly, but his voice increased in volume. “You need to respect that.”

“R-Respect what?” You scoffed. “The fact that you’ve been lying to me, been keeping me in the dark, for this long?” You shook your head. “You don’t deserve anything from me.”

You walked away from him to get your bag from upstairs. When you came back to the staircase, Thomas was still standing there dejectedly.

“We’re done.” You said, looking him in the eye one last time. “Goodbye, Thomas.”

He doesn’t stop you. Even if he did, you wouldn’t have listened to anything he said. Knowing that hurts more than anything.

You go into work. You were happily serving customers, making their complicated orders of coffee when you looked up to see Thomas in line. 

He was dressed for work–a dress shirt, no tie, and a blazer. Today, he wore a navy blue one. You felt at a loss as you looked into his eyes. He looked tired. You didn’t look any better. 

He’d never seen you at work–behind the counter that is. Peggy had given him the address. Your hair was pulled back so it was out of your face and you were dressed in your uniform, apron on with your name tag clipped onto it. 

 “What do you want?” You said bluntly. 

 “We need to talk.” He countered. 

 “I’m working, asshole.” You stressed. 

“Fine. Get me a flat white and meet me at the table over there.” 

“You’re going to have to wait a while.” 

 “No problem.” 

 “Name?” You said coldly, looking up at him. 

 “Really?” He raised his eyebrows at you.

“If you don’t tell me, I’m just going to write asshole.” 

 “Thomas.” He said through gritted teeth. 

 “Thank you, sir.” You handed him back his card after swiping it into the machine. “Your order will be ready shortly.” 

 Thomas gave you a tight smile before turning to go sit in a table. 

 “What no tip?” You grumbled. 

 “No. Cashier was rude.” He shot back. 

 You rolled your eyes in annoyance before greeting the next customer with a cheerful smile. 

 Eventually, your coworker made Thomas’ order. He called his name and Thomas got his drink, sat down at the table he pointed out to earlier. 

 You were distracted as you worked. Every time you looked up, he was still there. Thomas hadn’t moved from where he sat. He looked bored even, unbothered by what you were making him do. He just sat on his phone, worked on a couple of things as he sat near the window. 

Eventually, your shift ended. You said goodbye to your coworkers, clocked out, and returned your apron in the back. You came out from behind the register and sat across from him at the table. He looked up at you right away as you got settled in. You shifted in your seat before you handed him a little paper bag. 

“You mentioned to me one time that you never had a cake pop.” You said quietly, eyes downcast. “There’s, um, birthday cake and chocolate in there.” 

“Thanks.” He said softly, looking up at you. You wouldn’t meet his eyes, but he knew you were listening. He knew you were well aware that he was watching you. “We need to talk.” 

 “I know.” You whispered, still looking down. Thomas bit his lip. He slowly extended his hand out to you. You stared at it warily. 

 “Will you hear me out?” He asked, voice gentle and soft, so different from the last time you two spoke. You took his hand slowly. 


 He sighed in relief before speaking up. “Martha was calling the house because she knew you were at my place. I don’t know how she knew you were there, but -” He paused. “It was to start trouble. The first voicemail was important. The others weren’t. But, I changed the home phone number and I blocked her number so she won’t be calling me or the house again. I promise you that. You can go through my phone or -” 

“I just want you to do one thing right now.” You looked up at him. 

“Anything, darlin’.” He breathed out. 

“I want you to tell me about her.” 

Thomas couldn’t hide the surprised look on his face. “Here? N-Now?” 

 “I’m off.” You said with a shrug. “I finished my shift a couple minutes ago.” 

“Okay. Why don’t we go to the park nearby?” Thomas offered. “Might be a little more quiet.”

You slowly nodded and slipped out of your seat. Thomas instinctively helped you as you got up, but you could tell he was still wary, still unsure what to do. You took Thomas’ arm, for convenience, for comfort. You also didn’t have the heart to let go. Thomas pushed the door open for the two of you. Cake pops in hand, you started to walk down the streets and to the park nearby.

You found a bench and you sat down beside him. You let out a little sigh before Thomas spoke up again.

“I dated Martha for almost a year. She was smart. Wealthy. Gorgeous.” He cleared his throat a little. “We met at some party. I left James to get another drink and there she was, at the bar. She ordered a scotch.” Thomas chuckled. “Most women don’t order scotch so she seemed…different. 

“She was nice. Interesting, but the first sign that I should have left her was that she hated Dolly. Couldn’t stand her. And you know Dolly. She’s nice to everyone, but Martha wouldn’t even stay in the same room as her. She’d leave if I was having Dolly and James over or she’d cancel if I mentioned they’d be there. She was just…horrible. There was no threat either. Dolly was engaged to James, but Martha just couldn’t deal with her.” 

“She was very narcissistic.” Thomas continued, voice soft, tone even. “James minored in psych. Spotted all the signs, but I wasn’t listening. She lacked empathy. Had this…grandiose sense of self-importance.” He bit his lip. “She was established herself, but she still wanted my money.” He stopped for a moment and you looked at him. “Before you say, it, you’re not like her. You’re nothing like her. You could look past my money, but she -” He let out a sigh. “She loved me for what I could give her. She loved the idea of me. 

“If she felt we were drifting, she’d make up some scenario that would require me to spend time with her. It was…just exhausting.” He whispered. “And, finally I called it off. We broke up. She didn’t take it well. She slapped me, in fact.” 

“Thomas.” You looked up at him right away, appalled at what he said.

 “It didn’t hurt.” He brushed it off. “Woke me up actually.” He laughed. “Then of course, she gave the whole you’ll never find anyone as good as me blah blah blah. I believed her for a little. Just focused on my work. Figured, next time I get into a relationship, I didn’t want to deal with all the work. Signed up for that website. Clicked on your profile. Found you.” He gave you a shy smile. 

 “I r-really didn’t mean to hurt you, baby.” Thomas said shakily, taking your hand. 

“You did anyway.” You said, looking down at your shoes. 

“I know.” He sighed, rubbing his thumb along the back of your hand. “Can you forgive me?” 

You waited a moment before looking up at him. “Are you committed to me? Are you done with Martha?”

“Yes. Of course, I am.” Thomas met your eyes, eyes soft. His eyes were shiny. You could see he was hurt. He was truly sorry. You could see that. You pursed your lips together. 

“All I wanted was for you to tell me.” You whispered. 

“I know. I’m so sorry.” 

You slowly turned to him. You moved slightly and opened your arms out to him. Thomas pulled you close to his chest. You heard him breathe out a sigh of relief as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He ducked his head down into your shoulder, clinging onto you. 

 “I-I love you so much.” He said, voice shaking slightly. “I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I wasn’t thinking. The last thing I want to do is lose you again.”

“Just be honest with me and I’ll be honest with you,” You whispered. “As long as we do that, we’ll be fine.”

You ran your hands through his curls, hoping to soothe him slightly. It worked. You felt his shoulders drop slightly. He relaxed in your hold. You rubbed his back before kissing his cheek. Thomas pulled away, eyes watering a little. 

You cupped the side of his face, brushing your thumb along his cheek. “I know you’re still beating yourself up over this.” 

 Thomas laughed a little, ducked his head down before looking at you. “Yeah. A little.” 

“I forgive you.” You whispered. “I just wanna go home.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, looking out at the park with him. It was a nice day out–not too hot, but not too cold. Trees were growing. The sun was shining. It was a pretty scene. 

“I really missed you.” Thomas rubbed your shoulder, pulling you close to his side. 

“I missed you too. I want to see you eat your very first cake pop.” You cracked a little smile. “We’re good now, okay?” 

 “Yeah. Okay.” 

 You looked around, trying to figure out where you were. 

“We can take the subway if you want.” 

“Never taken it.” Thomas mumbled.

 “Fucking rich people,” You laughed before taking his hand and pulling him to his feet. “I’ll show you how to! Come on.” 

Thomas listened to you intently as you explained to him how it works. He was well aware that he had this dumb sort of smile on his face, but just hearing your talk–even if it was about using the subway–made him feel at ease. 

You walked down to the station, showed him where he could get his Metrocard. You looked over a map together, helping him navigate his way. You figured out what train you needed to get on and then what station you’d have to get off at. Of course it wouldn’t lead you right to his house, but you’d be a little closer than before. 

Once you were on the subway, you decided to stand. You held his hand and leaned into his side as the subway pulled away from the station. Thomas wrapped an arm around you before leaning down to kiss your head. You rested your head against his chest. You looked up at him and he kissed you once more. You closed your eyes.

The subway moves forward, running along the track until everything around you seems to blur.

Uncle Shawn

Requested: Could you do one where y/n’s sibling goes into labour/finds out she’s pregnant and your siblings tells them together and Shawn is more excited than y/n is, and everyone keeps calling him uncle Shawn



The second you open the door to your childhood home, you’re immediately hit with the joyful and heartwarming sound of your family talking and laughing from the living room. You enter the house with your boyfriend in tow. When you enter the living room, you hug your parents first, and Shawn follows suit, hugging your mom and shaking your dads hand. Then you go around, greeting your older sister and her husband, and your little brother. You take a seat next to your sister, and she asks about your new job. As you enter into a conversation with her, Shawn takes a seat on the other end of the room, talking to your little brother. And while you talk to your sister, you can’t help the smile on your face because of how well your boyfriend gets along with your family.

You’ve been dating Shawn for nearly two years now, and even your little brother, who normally shies away from talking about things like relationships with you, has told you that you should marry him. That’s a big deal, especially coming from him. Your family is really close, which is why it is so important to you that Shawn gets along with them. Even though you’re twenty and don’t live at home anymore, you and your sister always return home every Sunday night to have dinner as a family. Sunday dinners were always a thing growing up, you were all allowed to stay out for dinner with friends or do other things on most nights if you had to, but Sunday nights were sacred. Sunday nights were family nights, and they still are. Shawn has been coming to your family dinners ever since you first started dating. With his career, he isn’t able to always be home, but whenever he is in town you can count on him to be there.

About ten minutes later, you’re all seated around your big dining room table, digging in to your moms roast with Shawn complimenting your moms cooking like he always does, and she loves it. Your sister stops eating when there is a lull in the conversation, saying, “Scott and I have an announcement to make.” She doesn’t pause long enough for anyone to say anything before she blurts, “We’re pregnant.” Everyone is thrilled because they’ve been trying for a while, so its great to hear that they’re finally pregnant.

Shawn is the first to formulate a response. “Congratulations!” You’re thrilled and excited, but your excitement is almost overshadowed by the excitement you can feel radiating from Shawn and it makes you laugh.

After everyone offers their congratulations, and even stands up from their seats to hug your sister and her husband, you finally all settle back into your seats and continue eating.

“You’re going to be an Aunt,” Shawn tells you, his eyes shining, and his smile huge.

“That’s right Uncle Shawn,” Your sister tells Shawn. His smile gets even bigger at her comment, if that’s even possible and his cheeks immediately turn red, but you can tell that he likes the sound of it. 

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Chris Evans One Shot: Birthdays

A request from an anon who will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow! I had way too much fun writing this :)

Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy!


‘Chris, I’ve told you before, I don’t do birthdays. At least, not my own. It’s just not a big deal, it never was when I was growing up and I swear to god, it doesn’t bother me. You can’t miss what you never had, right?’

Chris couldn’t even comprehend what he was hearing, despite hearing it several times before. You were so casual about it, spouting this ridiculousness about your birthday not being important as you were filling the dishwasher. He had to come up with an idea and fast; it was only three days until the big day.

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Pater’s Rose 3

Part 3 of my series!! I hope you will like it!!! Let me know what you think what will happen next ;)!!! Enjoy it 

All the love 

E. xx 

I was right, he didn’t come in the next days. The first days were awful, and my thoughts cycled around him. Every night when I hold my book of prayer in my hands, I think of him. Slowly I start to relax, to feel again. I allow myself to open up a little bit.


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BEAST OF ‘BUSCO (pages 119-120)

    “A large pond on a farm near the city of Churubusco, Indiana, is reputed to be the home of a monster turtle, sometimes known as Oscar, and more ominously as the Beast of ‘Busco.

    “In 1948 the owner of the pond noticed that there were fewer fish than usual, and that ducks resting on the pond sometimes disappeared mysteriously. The cause of these disappearances was a gigantic snapping turtle. The largest of the snapping turtles, the alligator snapper, has been known to weigh up to two hundred pounds, and is strong enough to break a broomstick with its horny jaws, or snap off a finger. But this snapping turtle was much bigger, though accounts differ as to its size. Some say it was only as big as a dining-room table while others insist it was as big as a pickup truck.

    “Turtle hunts were organized, and the men went at the pond with baited hooks, traps, and guns, but were unsuccessful in their efforts. The farmer who owned the pond, however, studied the monster turtle’s habits, and one day while it was sleeping he slipped a rope or chain around its middle, attached the other end to four strong horses, and tried to pull Oscar out of the pond.

    “The horses pulled and the turtle dug its claws into the mud. The contest finally ended in a draw when the rope (or chain) broke. Oscar slipped back into te murky waters of the pond and was never seen again. Some say he died from the exertion, and others insist that he is just hiding and waiting, for turtles live a long time and can be very patient.

    “Every year the people of Churubusco celebrate their local monster with a festival called Turtle Days, where visitors are encouraged to buy turtle model, turtle T-shirts, eat a variety of dishes that are in one way or another named after turtles, and in general spend money.”