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Vice Versa // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: Since I’m already up in your requests, may I request a Jaehyun scenario. Maybe about him meeting you for the first time at a coffee shop then it winds up being yall’s meeting place.

words: 1605

category: fluff + drabble (?)

author note: since its jaehyuns birthday and also Valentine’s Day I thought I would write this first! it’s really simple but also kinda cheesy and idk how I feel about it haha. please enjoy it anyway and look forward to more requests being written soon!!

- destinee

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Professor Evans (1/?)

Summary: Professor Evans notices one of his student struggling so he has a meeting with them to find a solution. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Reader 

Warnings: None, except reader feels like her best isn’t that good 

Word Count: 1k 

A/N: Chris Evans’s Esquire magizine photoshoot came out and broke the internet and made every fangirl imagine him as a teacher. So @chrisevansthedoritobastard wanted this and I volunteered, I present to you Professor. And the fic is based on this picture from the photoshoot (from Google) 👇🏻

Y/N argued with herself if she should see Professor Evans during his office hours, she wanted to but at the same time, she didn’t. Professor was a nice person, he wasn’t bitter like the others and he was understanding; if you couldn’t hand in a paper he would listen to why and help you out. Y/N thought she was doing well, always trying her best but after she got her paper back marked she realized that it wasn’t too good. Not only the mark was not expected but also the comment that Professor Evans left at the back;

Please come see me during my office hours

Right when class ended Y/N ran out, pretending not to see Professor Evans trying to catch her attention. The thing is if she didn’t go she would have to face him during the next class and Y/N hated confrontation. So here she was knocking softly on the Professor Evans office door. When Y/N heard a quiet ‘come in’, she took a deep breath and gave herself a mini pep talk and turned the knob. As she entered, she scanned the room looking for the professor; finding him lying on his couch prompted up by his left elbow, wearing his glasses. He was writing something and kept on going back to the red book he was holding in his left hand. There was no doubt that Professor Evans was attractive but she always reminded herself that it could never happen, that Professor would never risk this amazing job because of crushing on a student or even dating one.

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“When You Love Someone”

Summary: (based on the song written by James TW.) Divorced parents imagine…

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You bent down to your knees and straightened out your ten-year-old son’s clothing. You tucked his white shirt inside his khakis and zipped up his sweater. You took his shoe laces and double knotted each of them. You looked at your boy; his eyes were just like yours but his facial features a younger replica of his father. “You be good in school today, alright?” you sounded hopeful. The effects of divorced parents were definitely taking a toll on him.

He nodded, “Yes, mum.”

You put the straps of his Spider-Man backpack over his shoulders. “You’re going to your dad’s house tonight, are you excited?”

He just shrugged. His eyes were avoidant. Your son was tapping his feet, his hands fidgeting. He was getting antsy as you got him ready for school. “Is your sleeping bag packed?” you asked him. He nodded. “Good,” you smiled, “Daddy will pick you up after school. Have you memorized Mummy’s number?” He nodded again. “I want you to ring me if you need anything, okay?” You son nodded. “Take care your sister, okay?” Another nod. “Say ‘yes, Mummy,’” you instructed.

“Yes, Mummy,” he said forcibly.

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Small Talk

This is a b-day present for @sncwbaz (go wish her a happy birthday!)

In which Simon texts the wrong number

(set in the summer before Carry On)

Italics is Baz

Bold is Simon

(Bc = because)

(Idc = I don’t care)

Can u believe it?

They were holding hands, P!

Sorry, who is this?

Oh shit, sorry. Wrong number

Not a problem.

Do u ever wonder why things happen to u? And why u have to take responsibility of things that are beyond your control or knowledge?

Why are you still texting me? And yes. On a regular basis.

Bc Im bored

Why are u replying?

What happened to P? Ignored you?

Busy w/ her boyfriend

U didnt answer my question

I guess because I’m a disappointment to myself.

What? Why? 4 texting an interesting stranger?

For wasting my time. Come on, interesting?

I slayed a dragon once

I didnt want 2, but I guess thats sth unusual

Uhm. Sure. A. Dragon.


Told ya :)

What else?


Once I ate 30 scones in a row

and I puked them 30 s later


Your turn. Tell me sth about u

I’m a vampire.

Hahahaha, nice 1

Tho u kno, they do exist

I know. I am one.

WICKED. So, u kill ppl?

No. I’m not a murderer.

Srry g2g

Care homes suck, they wont let me use my phone :(

Oh. That’s sad.


Morning vampy!

Call me that again and I swear I’ll kill you with my own fangs.

Touchy, arent we?

Don’t get into trouble for texting me.


No way. Just wouldn’t like you to blame me if you got grounded or something.

Im grounded 24/7 so no worries



Cant wait to start school next week

Me too, actually.

We must b like the only 2 teenagers on earth willing 2 go 2 school

Why are you guessing I’m a teenager? I could be a teacher.

Shit. True

Are u?

No, silly. I’m in A-level.

Omfg me 2

Do u live in England?


Cool! I live in London

Star Wars or LOTR?

Why do I have to choose?

Lets ask random questions 2 kno each other better!

Okay. Lord of the Rings, then.

Rembrandt or Van Gogh?


Day or night?


Coffee or tea?

Tea. W/ scones.

Outside or inside person?

Definitely inside.

Basketball or football?

Football. But Im not v good

Rain or sun?


Do you spit or swallow? (gum)

This question is disturbing

You said RANDOM. And I’m disturbed.

Im still not answering


U kno what? U really wanna kno sth abot me?


My girlfriend just left me


And I dont even care

Sorry about your girlfriend

Well dont b. I have much more fun texting u

Anyway, g2g

Text u later

Until later, then.


Wow. Eloquent.

Whuts goin on on taht baeutiful miiind?

Im on ur magickal mysstery riiied

Are you drunk? Did you just quote John Legend?

Funny spelling of MAGICKAL, though.

I leik u sooooo much.

I’m flattered, but sorry. I’m hopelessly in love with my roommate, actually.

And you don’t even know my gender.

Fcuk taths tru

I didtn think abot it

You didn’t think?!

Deos it mutter?


Answeeeer mee!!1!

R u madd?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. But there’s still my roommate. So, sorry.

I’m a boy, by the way.

its ok

im a bloke 2

i wish my roommate were liek u

my roommate is irky af n sooo posh n strong n graceful n ruthless n tall n smart n bloody perfect u dont understend

That’s a lot of adjectives.

Are you sure you don’t like them?

No I haet him!


n he hats me 2

he pushed me down the stiars!

Go to sleep.

ok ill do it only bc u tell me 2

Good night.

niiiiite ily!! ilysm

Hey, srry about yesterday!

I was pretty pissed…


But don’t worry. I understand.

So, I was thinking… would u like 2 meet?

I kno it sounds weird but I really like u and it would b great if we could, u kno, talk face 2 face?

Well, sounds nice. What do you suggest?

Theres this b-day party 2nite at a friend’s of mine from school. Her name is Anna, shes pretty rad

Anyway, is the only day im allowed to go out

I’ve got permission from the Queen

The party starts at 7

Okay, send me the directions and I’ll be there.

(You’re lucky I love driving)

ill wear worn out jeans n a red jumper

Good. I’ll wear a dark green suit.

See you then.

See u later

Too many people wearing a red jumper.

Wait ill go to the entrance







Baz wait! Dont go

Pls come back





About u being hopelessly in love w/ ur awesome roommate?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the word “awesome”.

Glad u stayed yesterday?


Glad u kissed me?

YOU kissed ME, Snow.

I rlly want it to b monday already, so we can b 2gether again

Just because we snogged doesn’t mean we are TOGETHER

I want 2 try

Im terrible at this


Yes, fine.


Yes, what?

You can be my terrible boyfriend.




I have 2 go get everything ready

Cant wait 4 monday!!

See you on Monday, love.




Ari: Hope you like this! <3 </p>

I also posted it on AO3, here’s the link.

Long Lost Moment

Jughead x Reader

Summary: Jughead and the reader have a moment right before the reader leaves for a trip over the summer. The reader returns, only to find out that a lot has changed.

    Being away all summer had been an eye opening experience. Leaving Riverdale to volunteer at schools in India had made you value how lucky you were to be born into a middle class, kind and loving family. It had also made you see that life was too short not to be honest, and shoot for what your heart desired. As the taxi pulled up to Pop’s diner, you thanked the driver and grabbed your luggage, taking a deep breath before heading for the entrance. You knew that you could do this, that you could tell him. Just before you boarded the plane, he had kissed you goodbye. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to make you realize that you wanted more from your relationship. He was your best friend, and you had always told each other everything. You only hoped that this time wouldn’t be any different. Pulling open the door, you made your way inside, immediately spotting his dark hair curled around his beanie. Smiling, you thought about how much you had missed this place, missed him. Walking up behind him, you noticed that he was he was looking at his computer intently, with headphones in his ears. For a moment, you took in the sight of him, typing away, before you yanked out one of the headphones. Startled, he jumped and quickly turned around.

“What the-” As his eyes focused on you, his expression changed from irritation to shock. “Y/N, I didn’t think you were getting back for another 3 weeks?”

“Well hello to you too Juggie.” You said, rolling your eyes and plopping down onto the seat in front of him.

“No, I’m sorry, I just wish I had known. I would’ve had a surprise waiting, or I could’ve come to get you at the airport.” Jughead sighed, and then groaned, burying his face in his hands.

“Hey.” You said, prying his hands off of his face. “I was just kidding. I’m happy enough to see you. I’ve missed you so much. I have so much to tell you, you have no idea. How about I order a milkshake for us to share and then I can tell-”

     Your sentence was cut off by Jughead looking out the window, almost as if he was suddenly in a daze. Following his gaze, you saw Betty, walking past the window, up to Pop’s. Confused, you snapped a finger in front of Jughead’s face. “Jug, what’s up?” You asked but he just looked at you with vacant stare, as though he was concentrating on something in his mind.

     Hearing the ding of Pop’s door, you looked up to see Betty freeze as she made eye contact with you. Betty had always been one of your closest friends, and became lost at what was even going on. Her face fell as she slowly walked up to the table. One of her delicate hands laid on Jughead’s shoulder, and his trance was broken as he looked up at her.

“Hey.” He said, forcing a slight smile. “How are you?” Jughead’s entire body language changed. He was tense and awkward, and you were left confused.

“You know, I’ve been better.” Betty responded quietly, eyeing me for a second and then avoiding my eyes.

“Are you guys okay?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Um, yeah of course! I was just coming to pick up an order, actually. But wow, Y/N, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you would be back early. This is just…great!” Betty smiled, hugging you. “Well, I am going to get that order, but I’ll see you at school on Monday, right?”

    You nodded, still unsure at to what had just happened. Betty turned around and quickly headed to Pop’s counter, uttering some words you couldn’t make out. Pop sighed and loaded a small box with fries, handing it over to Betty. Glancing at you and Jughead once more, she waved and exited the diner. Weird, you thought. Averting your attention back to Jughead, you looked at him, puzzled. “So are you going to explain what just happened or am I just going to have to ask Betty on Monday?”

Jughead avoided eye contact with you and picked at the corner of his laptop screen. “A lot, happened, over the summer. I-Betty was going through a lot and I got into a fight with Archie. You were gone and we just kind of-we”

“Oh my god, did you two hook up?” You interjected, with an obviously disgusted look on your face.

     Rubbing one eye, he continued. “We kissed, just the other day. I haven’t seen her since then, until just then, that is.”

     Shaking your head you bit your cheek. “Well that’s, great then. Glad you two really bonded. I always told you that you and Betty should be closer. I just didn’t know it was going to be in that way.” You said, bitterness laced in your words.

“Look, we had a moment, but Betty knows it didn’t mean anything more than that. She’s going through alot right now and I’m…going through alot right now and we were alone and it just, happened.” Jughead reached for your hand but you moved it back.

“No, it’s fine. By all means, don’t let our moment impact whatever you and Betty have.” You held your hands in the air.

“Y/N, it’s not like that. I was lonely and three weeks felt like forever to wait until you came back. I’m not going to apologize for the fact that I needed someone. And I didn’t seek Betty out in a romantic way, I just knew that I needed to move on from you and she needed to move on from Archie and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.” He paused for a moment, taking in a deep breath. “My dad, he’s drunk or high all of the time and mom and Jellybean moved out. I was living at the Drive In but they shut it down, so I’ve been living in the closet under the school. I just…needed someone.”

     Guilt and sorrow began to wash over you as you listened to what had happened in the short time that you were gone. “Jughead.” You whispered. “I’m so sorry.”

     As the last two words fell from your mouth, Jughead’s expression had switched from anguish to anger. “You know how hard it was for me to kiss you, and then have you leave for two months? With no contact? And I couldn’t stop you from doing something that would be such a great experience for you, but in my head, I secretly hoped that you would change your mind, at the airport. That you would decide that you just wanted to stay here, with me.”

“Juggie, it was only two months.” You told him in a hushed voice, trying to calm him down.

“Yeah, this time. What about when we graduate, and I’m stuck here, taking care of Jellybean because no one else will, while you leave, to go onto better things, and better places, and better people?” His voice cracked as he spoke, his anger disappearing.

“I would never leave you like that. I-I-Jughead I love you, in every sense of the word. You’re right, I do want to leave Riverdale, but not if it means leaving my best friend, or his little bug of a sister.” You smiled at him and at the thought of Jellybean.

     Taking my hands in his, he wrapped his hands around yours, kissing the top of them. His eyes fluttered close as he sniffled, a tear working its’ way down his cheek. “I’m sorry about Betty.” He finally broke the silence.

     Untangling your hands you wiped the tear off of his face with your thumb. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you. I can’t believe what you’re going through. The thought of you alone, and scared, breaks my heart, and if Betty helped you, even a little bit, then I’m thankful to her. I want you to tell me everything that’s happened since I’ve been gone, but first, I’m going to call my mom and arrange something so that you aren’t sleeping at school anymore. You know we have that spare guest room downstairs and I think she’d be happy to let you stay there.”

Jughead offered a faint smile. “Thank you, Y/N. Really. I’m so happy and relieved that you are back.”

     You nodded and proceeded to dial your mother’s number. The conversation between you two was short, as she instantly agreed to let Jughead stay with you. After ending the call, you looked up at Jughead who no longer looked sad and distraught. Taking your hand in his once more, you watched as his eyes glistened. “So let’s hear about this trip, with that milkshake you so kindly offered earlier of course.”

     Both of you laughed and you happily agreed. “One more thing.” Jughead said, biting his lip as he studied your eyes. “I love you too.”

Just Friends - Three

Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Summary: Your older brother Steve introduced you to Bucky when you were just kids. Now, you’re all grown up, and he’s one of your best friends. But what happens when you, Natasha, Bucky, and Steve all go on a trip, and you and Bucky can’t help falling for each other?

Warnings: swearing, mentions of drinking

A/N: feel free to yell at me for the ending

Part One Part Two | Just Friends Masterlist

Originally posted by seabasschino

After you’d all gotten settled, putting your clothes in the dressers and unpacking everything else, you collapsed onto the bed you’d share with Bucky. He’d offered to sleep on the couch in the living room, but you felt bad making him sleep on a couch that was too small for him for three weeks, so you’d insisted that he stay in the bed with you, an offer that he reluctantly agreed to.

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ladriened  asked:

ot4 + food!!!

“Adrien, sit down.”

Adrien glanced between the three of them. “Is…something wrong?”

“It’s about the Camembert,” Nino explained as Alya gestured to the free seat they’d left for Adrien.

“We’re worried,” Marinette added, frowning up at him.

Adrien sank into the chair with a low groan. “Okay, it’s not-”

“You know there’s other food out there, right? Other cheeses, too.” Alya leaned in closer. “But every day, we all have to kiss you while you smell like Camembert.”

Nino made a face. “And every time you come over, our rooms always smell like the angry ghost of an abandoned cheese factory.”

Adrien raised a brow, but Alya and Marinette both nodded in agreement.

“There’s just so many other things you could eat.” Marinette grinned. “We have some other options for you if you’ll just-

“Wait. You don’t understand-” Adrien began again.

“Look,” Alya interrupted, holding out her hand, “Just give up the Camembert, and we can introduce you to food that tastes way better and doesn’t smell like it could kill you.”

“It’s not mine!” Adrien shouted.

The trio shared a look before Nino asked, “Okay, whose is it, then?”

“It’s um…” Adrien scrambled to figure out a plausible excuse for a moment. “It’s Nathalie’s.”

“Nathalie?” Marinette asked, brows furrowed.

“Yeah… We, um, go by a cheese shop on the way to school and we pick some up for her.” Adrien knew the excuse was flimsy at best, but maybe, just maybe, he’d be lucky and Alya wouldn’t question him.

“Why doesn’t she carry it herself?” Alya asked.

So much for luck. “She, uh…” Adrien considered for a second. “Well, my father can’t stand the smell, and she’s around him all the time, so I offered.”

“Really?” Alya watched him for a moment, no doubt looking for any kind of sign that he was trying to lie to her. “So, you don’t like Camembert? At all?”

Adrien nodded. “Trust me. I hate Camembert.” At least this was one question he could answer honestly.

“Fine.” Alya settled back in her seat. “I guess I believe you.” She jabbed a finger in Adrien’s direction. “But, you have to talk to Nathalie about something that helps with the smell, okay?”

“We’re still eating the snacks and everything, right?” Marinette asked, peeking back at the table they’d hidden just out of view. “I mean, we missed lunch for this.”

“Yeah, of course.” Nino grinned. “But now we can watch whatever we want instead of food documentaries.”

“I spent hours looking for those,” Alya grumbled.

“It was sweet of you to find them. But…” Marinette reached out to squeeze Alya’s hand. “They were a little dry, and my dad found a bunch of cheesy old horror movies last night.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon squeezed together on Marinette’s couch, exchanging snacks, laughing at movies together, and threatening to exile Adrien to the floor if he made one more cheese-related pun.

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When We Were Young - Part One

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1465

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (This part is Primary School Age)

Warnings: Rude parents, eventually a tiny bit angsty but nothing much

A/N: This part kinda sucks, I know bad for the beginning but it’ll get better. I hope at least.


“Mum can we go get some ice-cream?” you had asked your mother once she picked you up from school.

“Of course. After you had such a great first week of school, you deserve it,” she nodded and smiled at you before walking over to the little ice-cream stand at a park near your school.

Lucky enough you could convince your mother to stay at the park and watch the squirrels while you ate your ice-cream. That was when you noticed him for the first time.

You believed he was around the same age as you. His clothes had holes and were dirty, his head facing the ground but you could still make out that he was sad. After looking around for a few moments, you didn’t seem to find his parents. Was he alone? Was that the reason he was sad? If it was, you could have been his friend and make him happy right?

“Mum? Can I give the rest of my ice-cream to this boy?” you pulled on your mother’s sleeve and pointed to the boy.

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Location - Stiles Stilinski

Word count: 1,624

Y/M/L/N : Your mom’s last name 


**Your P.O.V**

I had gone on my daily jog around 8 pm in the woods. It was dark and it was a full moon, my friends always told me to stay in on full moons but I hadn’t really realized it. As i kept jogging I heard a howl that didn’t sound familiar, I picked up my pace because I had felt like someone was following me. I went on for a while until I tripped over a rock. 

“Shit” I cursed to myself trying to get up but fell back down.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The man standing over me asked

“Please just let me go” 

“Why should I do that”

“I don’t know I haven’t done anything please just let me go”

“Oh Y/N I wish I didn’t have to do this” he said as he raised a crowbar and hit me on the head making me unconscious.

** Stiles P.O.V **

“Guys she isn’t picking up her cellphone” I said worriedly “ this isn’t like her what if something happened to her”

“I’m sure she’s fine, she probably has it off or on silent” Malia said

“She normally goes on her daily runs at 8 in the woods but she would’ve been home by now” Lydia said 

“Okay that’s it I’m going to her house” I said 

“Yeah let’s all go” Scott suggested

“Yeah fine let’s all go” 

*ten minutes later* 

“Her car’s here” Liam pointed out 

“Yeah but everything looks off, come on let’s ask her mom maybe she knows something”

“Wait how do you know her mom’s here?” Kira asked

“She’s barely pulling up, I recognize her car, she works at the hospital with my mom” Scott said

As we got off I just started thinking of all the bad things that could be happening to Y/N. What if she got kidnapped? 

“Excuse me Mrs. Y/M/L/N” I said

“Hi guys what are you guys doing here” she asked 

“We’re looking for Y/N” Allison said with hopefulness in her voice 

“She should be inside come on in” Y/M/N was a very nice woman once she let us in she yelled out for Y/N “Y/N your friends are here!” but there was no response or movement

“I can’t catch her scent” Scott said both Liam and Malia agreed with him.

“That’s weird she’s always home by now” Mrs. Y/M/L/N said with concern 

“We’ve tried calling her a few times as well but she didn’t pick up so we came here” I said worrying more now

“Stiles i’m going to call your dad she’s not picking up my calls” Y/N’s mom said and I could tell she was starting to panic. So I went up to her and hugged her

“Listen, we’re going to find her and she’s going to be fine” I said with reassurance and she started calling the police.

** Your P.O.V **

I woke up with a headache and a small pool of blood in what looked like a cellar, There weren’t that many things down here just a bed, mirror, small table and chair. I was alone, and I knew that I wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. I thought of how everyone is probably worrying about me. I got up and immediately started to look for an exit but there was nothing until I saw a small window that was covered with paper. I tried to uncover it and tried to break it with a chair but instead of the window breaking the chair broke. With that I started to panic more. There was an old mirror down here and I took a look at myself… I had blood on my head, bruises on both legs and both arms, and a werewolf bite on my left rib. I began to cry and heard footsteps heading towards where I was. The door opened and it revealed a young looking man who was maybe in his late 20′s.

“Oh good you’re awake” he said with a smirk 

“What do you want from me?” I asked and as he came towards with me I realized it was my science teacher Mr. Douglas

“It’s not what you have” he paused “It’s who you have that I want”

“Who do you want Mr. Douglas”

“I want Corey” he said 

“Why do you want Corey? Why did you bite me?” I said getting up from the bed that I didn’t even notice I was on.

“You have a lot of questions don’t you”

“Well no shit, I’m in a freaking cellar with a werewolf bite, bruises all over my body and a gash on my head from where you hit me with freaking crowbar!”

“Now little miss Y/N that tone won’t get you any answers” 

“Can’t you just let me go, why do you need me to get Corey and you still won’t tell me why you want him”

“I won’t tell you why I want him but I will let you go, just know that I will be watching you, making sure you don’t say anything or I will get you again” he finished through gritted teeth

I looked at him scared and asked “Wait, you bit me right? You’re the thing that’s been killing people? Does this mean I’m becoming you or will I be just a -” He cut me off 

“I turned you for a reason and that reason is so you do stuff for me and if you don’t do what I ask for then I’ll have to kill you” he said serious. “Now go, and just a reminder don’t say a word” he finished and I nodded getting out of there as fast as I could.

I was limping on the side of the road when I saw a police car drive past me immediately came back and stopped next to me.

“Y/N” Sheriff Stilinski yelled out, he and Parrish were both together and ran towards me. I turned around but I felt myself falling to the ground but Sheriff Stilinski got to me me right on time catching my fall.

“Parrish go call an ambulance and call dispatch let them know we found her” he told him

“Yes sir, I’m on it”

“Y/N what happened to you?” He asked me

“I was out on my run when I heard a wolf howl which caused me to trip and roll down a hill and hit my head with a rock and I must’ve passed out from the blood loss”

“What about those bruises” he asked curiously

“I probably got them from rolling down” I said clearly lying 

“Okay did you see anyone that could’ve probably done something to you while you were unconscious” 

“No I didn’t see anyone”

“Okay I called your mom and told her we found you she’s meeting you at the hospital”

“Okay thank you Sheriff”

“You’re welcome, Stiles was worried sick about you too” he mentioned 

“He was?” I asked him 

“Yes I’m actually about to call him but I think you should call him yourself” he suggested and i nodded

I got my phone out of my pocket and dialed his number, it rang once and he picked up immediately.

“Y/N thank god where are you I’m coming, are you okay, are you hurt, what happened” 

“I’m fine Stiles I am with your dad and with Parrish waiting for an ambulance”

“What happened? Do you have any injuries? Y/N send me your location from your phone” he said 

“I’m fine and i’m on the side of the road by the old hale house” I said 

“Okay wait for me I’m coming” he said and we hung up

**five minutes later**

When Stiles arrived I was sitting in the ambulance while one paramedic checked my blood pressure and the other looked at the gash on my head.

“Y/N” I heard my name and there he was the boy I was in love with along with everyone in the pack including Corey 

“are you okay what happened to your head” Lydia asked

“How did you get those bruises” Scott and Liam asked

“Why is there blood on the side of your shirt” Corey pointed out

I cursed to myself forgetting about the bite that Mr. Douglas gave me.

“I had to take my shirt off so I can clean the blood on my head from when I hit my head with the rock”  I said worried that they’d know i was lying to them.

“We’re just glad you’re okay” Stiles said I knew he had so many questions that I still hadn’t answered. 

“Okay we’re heading back to school, feel better Y/N” Malia said and Stiles stayed behind with me. As they walked off I heard Malia say “Am I the only on who was listening to her heartbeat when she explained what happened?”

“No I did too” Liam said

“Yeah so did I, she was lying about something and I smelled another werewolf too maybe someones watching us” Scott said 

“Are you okay Y/N” Stiles asked me, I had forgotten I was listening to their conversation

“Yeah I’m fine”

“Y/N were you lying about all of that” 

“No why would you think I’m lying”

“I’m just asking because the blood on your shirt looks a lot like the stain a werewolf bite would leave”

“I didn’t get bitten I would’ve had a mark” I felt bad for lying but I just couldn’t tell him the truth yet.

“Okay, I was worried sick you know” he said

“I know your dad told me”

“My-my dad told you”

“Yes I think It’s cute” with that being said he leaned in and kissed me, once we pulled away he said “I love you Y/N”

I smiled and replied “I love you too Stiles” 


So I’m thinking of making this a mini series, what do you guys think? Message me if you’d like a part 2 or if you’d like an imagine!!!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 10 Translation

Thank you again to @chibiyuuto​ for posting the scans earlier this week.

And shout outs once again to @meimi-haneoka and @syaoransama for being awesome and helping/chatting with me while translating.  You guys are great! \o/

☆★Translation Notes Reminder★☆

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Today at work, I saw something that really upset… and I can’t get over it.

There was a little boy with his mother and his dog (I currently work at a Pet store.) He was about maybe 8 or 9, no older than 9. He had really really dark circles under his eyes and had bruises under his eye and all over his face. He was way too quiet for a boy of his age. I mean, I know there are shy kids, but even they kind of look at their moms and whisper questions in their ear and glance around shyly. this kid was just, really really sad. I don’t know if he was being abused or if he was being severely bullied at school, but it broke my heart. I wanted to reach out so badly and hug this child. I wanted to tell him it would be okay, whatever he’s going through will get better, that it won’t always stay like this forever. I wanted to tell him that no matter what’s going on, he has to push through because life will give you something amazing.

But I couldn’t. I couldn’t just hug a 9 year old, that would be creepy. I couldn’t say anything, I’m just a cashier and I have no proof of anything. I’m just so scared something is going to happen to this poor child. I’m sad because I felt powerless, I’m terrified.

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Tucker & Sam, "Not it!"

“Okay, team,” Jazz said, propping up a flow chart in the center of the huddle and ignoring the subsequent eye-rolls. “Now. Kwan’s parents have called FentonWorks several times in the past week, asking some very specific questions about ghosts, and Kwan’s cornered me at school for the same reason. It leads me to believe that the Li’s house is haunted by a very persistent ghost, and they are just too proud to ask for help.”

“Better scenario than when Paulina’s house got haunted,” Danny muttered under his breath. “That stupid Seance they did attracted six extra ghosts to the premises for me to fight.”

So,” Jazz pressed on, finger tapping the flow chart. “Here’s the plan. I deliver the packet of reading materials to the Li’s to keep them busy, and get their alarm system down. Someone else will need to keep Kwan busy while the other two sneak in and–”

“Not it,” Sam and Tucker chorused.

Danny stared. “…Since when are either of you opposed to breaking and entering?”

“No,” Tucker corrected. “Not It on distracting Kwan.”

Sam bristled. “You’re not leaving ME with that job!” she protested.

“Well I’m not doing it!” Tucker said. “He took my girlfriend and he–he apologized for it! He got dumped by her recently too, and wants to start a Dumped-by-Star support group! Like what does a guy even say to that?”

“Well, he got me thrown out of Goth Poetry Slam by reciting a poem about pretty clouds, footballs, and flowers! If you think your conversation would be awkward–”

“He sent me an apology card! A card!”

“He’s too nice, ok! If I’m seen with him he’ll ruin my goth status forever!”

“Just do it, Sam!”

“No! NOT IT!”

Danny and Jazz watched the argument volley from one side to the other in awe. “How can someone so cause such discord by being so obnoxiously nice?” Jazz asked.

“Beats me,” Danny said. “Leave it. They’ll sort it out. So, who’s the ghost and where do I find them?” Danny asked, moving to the next step in the plan.

Jazz pulled out the info packet. “Well, it’s likely located in the upper floors somewhere, maybe the attic, I’m not sure. But the ghost was described as tall, childlike, wearing pajamas, and generating cold or icy phenomena…”

Suddenly, Danny paled. “Is he friendly?” he asked with a squeak.

Jazz frowned, thumbing through her notes. “..yes, actually, how did you–” she cast a suspicious glance at her brother.

Danny sat stock straight. “Not it!” he announced.

Tucker and Sam stopped mid-argument. All three teens went quiet, staring at Danny, confused.

”Dibs on distracting Kwan,” Danny said quickly, and tossed the thermos to Sam with a grin. “You two can deal with Klemper.”

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Departure (Mrs. Taylor’s Death + Jason x Zack)

Prompt:  After reading “the sixth warrior” I was wondering what would happen when Zack’s mom dies. (Bonus points if there is JasonxZack)

Author’s Note: I am so sorry this took so long. I didn’t even get everything I wanted in. Anyways, I hope you guys pay attention to this one in particular. Sorry for the crappy writing and transitions.

Part 1: My Five Warriors

Part 2: My Sixth Warrior



As usual, Zack sat atop the abandoned train car in the mines. He looked out at Angel Grove, realizing that he had never hated anything as much as he did at that moment. He just sat there and stared, not wanting to move, think, or even breath anymore, but he wasn’t going to cry. Not now.


Zack didn’t move, but he responded. “Hey! What are you doing here, Red?” Zack tried to keep his voice upbeat and insane as he always did.

Jason didn’t respond, nor did he move. The two of them kept their positions in silence for what seemed like months. 

“You know why I’m here,” Jason sighed.


Again, silence dominated. Without saying anything, Jason jumped onto the car and sat beside Zack, shoulders against each other. It wasn’t much, but Zack could feel that Jason was really trying. That within itself comforted Zack a bit.

Neither of the boys made a move. They sat there and stared in comfortable silence. Everything seemed stagnant. For hours, that’s what the two of them did.

When the sky began darkening, Jason cleared his throat. “Have you eaten?”

Zack raised an eyebrow, not looking at Jason. “We’ve been sitting together for hours. What do you think?”

Jason flushed and scratched the back of his head. “Right.”

And again, with the silence. “Donuts?”

Zack shook his head. “Not hungry.” He threw in a smile for the heck of it.


Finally, the sky turned navy, revealing a bright moon, and still, Jason sat with Zack. He still wasn’t going to cry though. Not now.

“Do you want to go to sleep?”

Zack didn’t feel tired, and he didn’t respond, assuming that keeping his mouth shut was response enough.

“When was the last time you ate? Or slept?”

Zack huffed and smiled at Jason. It was the first time he looked at the red ranger during this entire encounter. For both the boys, it revealed dark circles and pale skin. Zack was shocked at how Jason looked, but Jason wasn’t at all surprised at how Zack looked.

“When was the last time you did either of those things?” Zack shot back, worried.

“… I suppose we’re both struggling, huh?”

And again, the silence swept over them. Now, the teenagers stared at each other instead, taking in the tired features. Zack still wasn’t going to cry. It wasn’t the time.

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” Jason grunted as he stood up. He held his hand out to Zack, offering his help. Zack hesitated, but ended up taking up Jason on his offer anyways.

Jason lifted Zack up and led him away from the hideout. “Where are we going?”

“To a bed. We aren’t going to sleep in the mines, Zack.”

Zack stopped and laughed maniacally, lifting his head to the stars. “Look Bossman, I know you’re our leader and everything, but I’m not going back there.” Zack gave Jason a shit-eating grin. “And you can’t make me.”

Jason slowly turned around and gave Zack a tired and blank stare. “Drop the act,” Jason said - no, commanded. “Now isn’t the time.”

Zack’s smirk was wiped away. “Why not? Nothing’s changed here, Red,” Zack spat back.

Jason stared at Zack sympathetically. 

“Don’t give me that look,” Zack huffed a small laugh, eyes wrinkling up for effect. “Nothing has changed,” he repeated.

“Zack…” Jason whispered, “drop it.”

Then, Zack could feel it: the pang in his chest. His breath shuddered, and a lump formed in his throat. Not now. He took a deep breath, reeling the emotions in. He swallowed the lump, and nodded at Jason. “Not there.”

Jason slightly dropped his head, agreeing. “I wasn’t intending to take you there anyways; we’re going to my house.”

And just like that, silence, again. Zack appreciated it. 

The two of them reached Jason’s house an hour or two later. The mines were far. Jason left his window open when he went to look for Zack, so they just climbed the side of the house to Jason’s room, not wanting his parents to see or hear them.

Jason entered first, and Zack entered second, swinging his leg over the windowsill. Jason took of his jacket and threw it to the side, not really caring where it went, so Zack did the same. He took off his gloves too. 

“I don’t have clothes… and I haven’t showered in a while.”

“I’ve noticed,” Jason smiled bemusedly. “Bathroom’s right down the hall: the door on the right. Tip-toe.” Jason threw a towel at Zack, no clothes.

Zack left the room without a word. He found the bathroom open, so he slipped inside, closed the door, and locked it. He took a short shower, enjoying the sensation of the warm water running down his body that he hadn’t felt for so long. He usually let his mom use all the hot water.

Zack returned to the room safely with the towel wrapped around his waist. He held it with his left hand, and he held his dirty clothes in his right. Jason was sitting on the edge of the bed. Zack had been in the room before, so he didn’t really pay attention to his surroundings too much, knowing that Jason most likely hadn’t changed anything. He walked over to the laundry basket and gave Jason a questioning look. Jason understood and nodded to Zack, so Zack dropped his clothes into the basket.

Jason stood up after Zack let his dirty clothes go and held out a pair of checkered black and red boxers. Zack silently chuckled. Black and red, of course.

Zack slipped into the boxers while Jason stripped down into black boxer briefs. “Awful lot of black for the red Power Ranger, don’t you think?”

Jason shrugged. “It’s my favorite color.” He was facing his laundry basket, back to Zack.

“… It’s a shade.”

Jason’s head rose, still turned away from Zack. He seemed to understand what Zack was implying. “No… it’s a color. It’s my favorite.”

Zack felt the back of his neck heat up at that. “Okay,” was all Zack could say.

“Bed?” Jason gestured towards the mattress. 

Zack walked over to the edge and waited for Jason to slide under the blankets. Jason scooted in and patted the open space beside him. The bed wasn’t big, but it fit two people if they got close. Zack slid in, back to Jason.

He didn’t know if he could sleep, but he closed his eyes. Jason slipped an arm around Zack’s torso and the other arm under Zack’s head. He had it bent so that Zack’s head rested on Jason’s forearm and bicep while Jason’s palm was underneath his own head. Jason tugged Zack close.

Silence reigned supreme once again. Zack didn’t know what he could say, if he should say anything at all. He just enjoyed the warmth of Jason’s body against his and the pressure of the arm wrapped around him.

She’s gone,” Zack whispered, more to himself than to Jason.

“She is,” Jason quietly said. 

Not the response Zack was looking for, but apparently it did the trick. He didn’t need sympathy; he didn’t need comfort; he didn’t need anything. 

“I’m alone.”

The arm around his torso squeezed. “No.” 

“Yeah, I am.”

“Never,” Jason said as-a-matter-of-factly.

There was a pause. “… Why?”

Jason didn’t raise his voice; didn’t stutter; didn’t hesitate. “Because I love you,” he stated, clear as day. “And the rangers will never leave you.”

Zack could feel his breath hitch, but he didn’t respond. He only let Jason hold him even tighter, if possible. “Okay,” he accepted. There was warmth in his chest, but there was also a deep crack. He could feel it getting bigger and bigger by the second.


He cried. He let out a sob. “She’s never coming back, Jason. Why did they take her from me?! Why won’t they give her back?! I want her back!” His voice broke and cracked in random syllables. He burrowed his face into the soft section of Jason’s elbow, and Jason shoved his nose into the crook of Zack’s neck. 

“I know, I know,” Jason kept whispering as Zack cried out curses. Zack could feel tears on his neck, clearly coming from Jason.

After a couple minutes, Zack’s sobbed calmed a bit to a whimper. “Is she ever coming back?” 


“But Billy did,” Zack protested.

“You know that’s different.”


Minutes passed by. Then, Jason moved. He kept his arm under Zack’s head, but he lifted his own head, twisting it around to the side of Zack’s face. He placed a careful kiss on the corner of Zack’s mouth.

“It doesn’t mean much right now, but I do love you. I’m sure she knew because she always gave me a knowing look every time she caught me staring at you. I know you don’t want to hear it, but I’m going to keep saying it until it goes through that dense head of yours. I love you. You won’t be alone since I’ll be here.”

Zack twisted his body around, keeping Jason’s arm where they were. He faced Jason now. “Okay.” With that, Zack wrapped both of his arms around Jason’s chest and buried his face into Jason’s chest.

He was didn’t cry anymore. He didn’t speak. The crack in his chest grew infinitely, and it hurt. But the warmth grew too. He didn’t feel okay right now, but maybe one day, with Jason, he would be.

Zack returned to school the next day. He didn’t have any of his books or anything because they were still there, and he had no intention of going back anytime soon. 

He wore Jason’s clothes. That morning, when Jason left through the front door, Zack left through the window. He didn’t know what he was doing at school, but he had nothing better to do. The teachers saw him and gave him questioning looks. Multiple times throughout the day, he was asked if he was sure that he wanted to be there.

Zack didn’t know what else there was to do. Plus, this way, he could be with Jason and the rangers. Everyone who knew who Zack was gave him their sympathies and apologized for his loss. It was an empty gesture, and he didn’t appreciate it. He nodded and smiled though, thanking them and moving on.

The rangers though, they didn’t say anything, knowing that there was nothing to be said. They all had dark circles under their eyes too, feeling the loss themselves. 

Zack heard that Tommy cried and screamed when she found out in the command center. Trini was stuck in one place, grieving in silence as tears ran down her face. Billy crumpled up against a wall and whimpered, muttering to no one in particular about “who was going to play chess with him now?” or “who was going to teach him how to talk to others?” Kimberly tried to stay strong and comfort the others, but tears streamed out of her eyes too, voice cracking as she rubbed the backs of the other rangers. Jason… Jason’s first instinct when Zordon informed them was to ask about Zack.

They all looked miserable, but they stood strong together.

The funeral was simple and sparse. It was only the rangers. Zack had used the money he saved up for the medical bills every month to get the best for the funeral. It was extravagant, designed with flowers and ribbons everywhere. Red, blue, green, yellow, and pink covered the cemetery for the funeral. It was meant to celebrate her life, but it didn’t feel that way. The only color that they noticed was black: the black coffin, the black dresses, the black suits. That was the only color that mattered at the moment.

None of them spoke. The coffin laid in the Hearse. Each of them gulped and slowly lifted it. It could’ve been carried with just 2 people given their strength, but they all wanted to put her down together. 

They marched to the hole in the ground and paused. They didn’t put her down. They didn’t want to accept it just yet. They wanted just a little more time with her. 

Finally, the coffin was gently laid down minutes later. The area was lined in bright colors, but none of them noticed. They stood in a line in front of the hole, shoulder to shoulder. No one moved. 

Tommy was whimpering. Trini had a stoic face on, but tears still escaped. Kimberly took a deep shuddering breath in through her nose, and released it. Billy couldn’t seem to comprehend what was happening. Jason slipped his hand into Zack’s and squeezed. Zack stared. There was no more crying for him.

Slowly, each of them took a turn picking up the shovel and tossing dirt onto the coffin. Each time the dirt thudded against the sleek wood, each of the rangers felt like they were being shot. Zack went last. 

Then, they all dropped a note written on a wooden slab. 

Tommy thanked her and wished her good luck. Trini drew a picture of the rangers running in a golden field with a figure in a flowing sundress watching them dash around. The figure had it’s back to the point of view. Kimberly’s slab was hidden. Jason’s assured her that they would take care of Zack. And Zack’s simply said ‘I Love You.’

Just like that, it was over, and the rangers walked away without a word. They went to the abandoned train car for a night in the mines together.

“You know… she called us her warriors,” Billy spoke up, staring into the campfire.

It was dark now and they were all in sleeping bags around the campfire. Jason and Zack shared a sleeping bag.

“… Then we’ll be her warriors,” Tommy voiced.

“I bought an apartment,” Jason whispered later that night when the other angers fell asleep. “You’re moving in with me.”

“No input on my part?”


This was how it was. Jason was a simple man when it came to moments like these. He always knew the right thing to do and say, but he always stated it with authority, letting the world know that he would take the wheel from here. He would guide them to a safe place again before loosening up.


“We’re going to the Angel Grove University.”


“I love you.”

“Okay.” Zack felt the warmth grow just a little faster.

The next morning the rangers sat side by side on the train car to watch the sunrise, still in the funeral attire. 

“We’ll be okay,” Zack said. “We’re her six warriors.”

With that, the rangers smiled. The sun began creeping up from the horizon. 

“We’ll make it through,” Tommy spoke.

“We’ll protect the world,” Kimberly said.

“We’ll crush our enemies,” Trini gritted.

“We’ll make more friends,” Billy piped up.

“Together, we are more.” Jason whispered.

Zack stood up and screamed at the sun! “BRING IT ON!”

Everyone stood and cheered with Zack. Jason wrapped an arm around Zack’s waist and smiled brightly at him. 

Zack smiled back. “I love you,” Zack finally said.

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Sort of urgent: I'm going back to school shopping with my dad (I'm out to him as ftm but he isn't really okay with it) I'm going to college in a few weeks and I want to present more masculine than I can at home. I have to get pants in the women's section but I was wondering if there's any pants that will help me pass better?

Lee says:
This link should help! If you have any more questions, send another ask.



Jeez, I barely get any time to myself anymore, but that’s okay. I’m really enjoying school, and I feel like I’m getting better at art, so badabing! :3

ANYWAY. I received a question a while ago asking about the marknings the Divine have in the Goddess!AU, so I thought it’d be cool if I drew headshots to showcase some of them. :3 This is part 1 of a few, so be prepared for more in the future. In the meantime, here are the first batch of Gods/Demigods in the AU!

Every Divine, half-blooded or no, are born with these permanent markings on their bodies. Each god’s markings are unique to them and there isn’t any other quite like them. When the Divine is actively using magic, their markings glow, their brightness depending on the level of power is put into the magic. The markings also act as visual signs of emotion change. When angered, afraid, or in the throws of pleasure, the markings glow again, their brightness once again depending on just how intense the feeling is.

So there ya go! I’ll draw more soon, but if you’d like to see the markings of specific Demigod/God, let me know! Until then, I hope you guys like this here doodle! ^.^

Blood Lust

Hear me out, an AU where the dragon hurts Baz before they defeat it together. He’s wounded and needs help. What would Simon do? Hope you enjoy ;)


Simon felt himself thrown backwards swiftly. The dragon wasn’t being quelled by magic or reason and Simon’s sword had skittered across the courtyard. Simon had pushed power into Baz but the dragon seemed to sense the pulse in magic and had thrown Simon as far away from Baz as possible.
Baz stood, looking more confident than the situation warranted, and tried to calm the creature. Distantly Simon wondered why he hadn’t gone off yet, it would have been the simpler solution. As he watched Baz get slashed with razor sharp dragon talons the answer came to his mind: because Baz had asked him not to.
“Baz!” Simon screamed.
He watched the other boy fall backwards and didn’t stop to think. Running forward he grabbed Baz by the shoulders once again. This time Baz was weak with pain and did not have the strength to summon such an advanced nursery rhyme. Instead he used one of the simplest American spells out there.
“There’s no place like home!”
The creature flew backwards a bit from the impact of the magic. Then, slowly, she turned away and flew off, the fight in her forgotten. Simon looked down at Baz’s body and grimaced. There were deep cuts running across Baz’s chest and stomach. Blood was everywhere. Baz looked panicked, though Simon didn’t understand why. He was, after all, a vampire.
“I can’t-I…the clinic…”
Simon looked around at the approaching people.
“Spit it out Baz.”
Baz’s grey eyes looked almost pleading.
“I can’t go to the clinic. They’ll know.”
In a rush Simon understood. Baz couldn’t go to the clinic because he would regenerate too quickly for a human. He would be exposed and the Mage would sentence him to expulsion or even worse, death. Simon thought he had always wanted this. But for some reason the idea didn’t seem attractive anymore.
He lifted Baz quickly and passed him his jumper. Baz looked about ready to pass out but he threw it over his head anyways. Simon hoped the sweater wouldn’t get soaked with blood before the others got to them.
Penny ran over to them with the school nurse. Even panicked, she looked like she was trying to calculate everything going on.
“Simon! Are you okay?”
Simon nodded and eyed Baz worriedly.
“Yes, fine actually. I better report to the Mage quickly.”
Penny looked confused.
“Is he even on campus?”
Simon shrugged.
“Better find out as quickly as possible in case the Humdrum sends something else.”
The nurse looked over at Baz who had been ignored in the entire exchange.
“Basilton? Are you all right? You don’t look so good.”
Before Baz could respond to the nurse’s question Penny cut in.
“I saw the dragon take a pretty mean swipe at him.”
He glared accusingly at her.
“Yes I’m all right. She barely scratched me. I’m just exhausted from using so much magic.”
Penny’s eyes went unfocused.
“Speaking of which…how did you-“
“Okay well we better go report this!” Simon interrupted.
He grabbed Baz’s arm before anyone could stop them and led them away. Baz jerked away as soon as they were out of sight from the crowd.
“Seriously Baz?”
Before Simon could work up to a real growl he realized Baz let go because he was falling down. He crouched on the floor and took in frenzied breaths.
“I need…blood…”
Simon wished he meant a transfusion.
“C’mon we can’t stay in the hall like this.”
Baz looked up at him.
“Look I’ll help you just come with me.”
Simon offered his hand.


He stared at the hand warily. Baz wasn’t sure he could trust Snow. They had barely formed an alliance and it was shaky as it was. He decided he didn’t have much of a choice and accepted the offering. Shakily he stood and leaned on Snow for support.
Slowly they trekked to their room. When they entered Baz fell back against the wall and let himself feel the pain. The dragon had raked his torso efficiently and left him in critical condition. He needed blood though he had no idea what Snow was planning to do about that.
“Planning on summoning a nice rabbit? You were never very good with that kind of spell Snow.”
He fell into a coughing fit after getting the words out.
Snow grimaced.
“No actually. Something much more distasteful.”
His sword appeared at his side. Baz’s heart pounded fearfully. He wondered if Snow realized this was the perfect opportunity to get Baz while he was down. He could claim the Mage ordered the kill and Baz knew the Mage would cover for him.
“You’re going to kill me?”
Snow looked surprised. “Of course not.”
“Then what are you…” Baz trailed off as he watched Snow lift the sword to his own collarbone.
“You need blood. And you can’t get down to the catacombs in your condition.”
Baz realized what Snow was suggesting.
No! I’m not biting you.”
Snow rolled his eyes. “Of course not. I don’t think either of us wants me around forever.”
Baz watched Snow slice his skin with his sword. Blood trickled down quickly.
“But if it’s the bite that carries the…vampy stuff…then I’ve taken care of that issue.”
Baz wanted to accept Snow’s offer, was shocked by it even. But he wasn’t sure he could stop himself from killing him. He couldn’t hurt Snow. It would make healing meaningless.
“Snow I can’t.”
“I’ll stop you if you can’t do it yourself. You’ll die if you don’t drink. Those wounds are serious.”
Snow leaned forward and kneeled in front of Baz.
“Why are you doing this?”
Snow’s eyes widened. “I don’t really know.”
Baz nodded and rushed forward. He knocked Snow back onto the hardwood floor of their room. Carefully he latched onto Snow only with his mouth, not his teeth. He distantly worried about his saliva, but he figured Snow was more powerful than any other mage and could fight it off.
Snow’s blood tasted amazing. It was like drinking gold; he couldn’t describe it any other way. The power of Snow’s magic rushed through him like wild fire; he could feel it healing his wounds. Baz felt the enormity of Snow’s sacrifice like a stab to his heart.
Snow made a small sound but didn’t pull Baz back. He wanted to reassure Snow he could never kill him, that he would be able to pull away. For some reason the blood was freeing his emotions, letting his mask slip away to reveal how he felt. How in love he was with Simon Snow.


Simon felt dizzy which he thought was probably a reasonable response to blood loss. But he also felt euphoric; something he guessed was not a normal response. He distantly worried that maybe Baz’s saliva would indeed turn him but he gave the thought little confidence. He felt as alive as he had in the fight with the dragon; he was simply enjoying Baz’s drinking.
He felt himself put his hand to the back of Baz’s neck, holding him tighter against his chest. Baz murmured contently at the touch and looked up into Simon’s eyes. His expression was adoring, almost worshipful. Simon didn’t have the sense of mind to question the expression; he simply let himself enjoy it.
Baz pulled away with some effort. The blood around his mouth reminded Simon that he had been in danger the entire time, but he couldn’t find a reason to care.
“You said you would pull me away if I couldn’t.” Baz’s words were more accusatory then his tone.
“Well that was before…I just didn’t expect it to be like that.”
Baz blushed with Simon’s blood and looked away.
“Neither did I honestly.”
They were both silent for a moment.
“Are you feeling better?”
Baz nodded. “Much better.”
Baz quietly stood and helped Simon up.
“No Baz, you need to rest.”
I’m fine. You helped me, now let me help you.”
Simon looked at Baz and felt a surge in his heart.
As Baz helped Simon to bed he began to think about what had passed between the two of them. He wasn’t sure what it meant but he knew it had changed things. For the better.

Warmth (Angelica Schuyler x Reader)


Request Queue 

Warnings- It’s a bit longer and more emotionally than I meant because my brain wouldn’t shut up oops

Request- “Hey idk if you’d wanna write something like this but I’ve kinda been dying for a modern day bi!reader makes their way through Alex,Herc and John (good blood, not drama) and ultimately ends up with Eliza or Angelica that nobody saw coming you know?”

Song- Girls/Girls/Boys – Panic! at the Disco 

Words- 3,602

John had been the first. You had met at a college party, the first of that year, when you were both wasted of your asses. You’d had a night of awkward drunken making out, some almost-but-not-really sex, and very awkward confrontation in the morning. But then he decided to text you, which you really respected, especially considering he went out his way to find your number since you never gave it to him that night. Or maybe you did. You still couldn’t quite remember. Either way, it was a nice thing to do, not a lot of guys would. The two of you went on several dates over the span of about two months. You had some good times, some really good times, but in the end, you both agreed that you were more compatible when both of you were drunk, and who wants a relationship clouded by alcohol all the time? Well that and…there had also been the matter of his best friend Alex…

Alex was a sweet boy, but oh so misguided. The kid barely said two words to you the entire time you were dating John, despite being his roommate and you spending a lot of time in John’s dorm. He was always on his laptop, doing god knows what. You thought maybe he was one of those computer geeks. One of those awkward guys with a heart of gold underneath. Turns out he was kind of an asshole. Once you and John split, Alex jumped on your train faster than a street painter running from patrol. After John, now a solid, and platonic, drinking buddy, had practically begged you to go on a date with him so he would shut up about you, you caved. He didn’t seem like the worst person to date, even if it was a little strange that he was your kinda-sorta-ex’s roommate. The first date actually went rather well, but there wasn’t much of a second date. There was a lot of texting and some casual hang outs, but he was taking overload classes and never had time to do things with you. You ended up spending a lot of time alone or with other friends. You were in more solitude dating Alex than you were when you were single. It came to the point where neither of you felt like you were even dating anymore, so without ever formally ‘breaking up’, you separated.

Then there was Lafayette. There was definitely Lafayette. When two men who know you, and what you like in bed, introduce you to tall, fit man with a French accent, how the hell were you supposed to resist? Lafayette was…something. You were never openly a couple, but if anyone left the two of you alone for more than five minutes…well… He was just so alluring; you couldn’t help it.  That ‘friend with benefits’ deal lasted for several months, until he traveled back home for the summer, and you both realized that phone sex just wasn’t the same.

It was during that summer that you met Hercules. Hercules was your favorite to be with, though you would never admit that to any of the other boys. You’d never actually fallen in love with Hercules, thank God, but out of all the boys, you’d come the closest to love with him. Hercules was funny, he was fucking hilarious actually. And he treated you right. Not that the other boys hadn’t, but you could always tell he was putting effort into the relationship. It started as a close friendship, one of those slow burn relationships that tore you apart in the best way. However, when you finally got together, things didn’t really…click. Everything seemed great on the surface. He was a great guy, never did anything to make you angry or upset, but that was just it. He was too perfect, not to mention he never seemed very into the idea of sleeping with you. When you asked the other boys about it, they said that despite the way he spoke, they weren’t sure if Herc had ever actually gotten that far with a girl. You confronted him about it calmly, fearing that maybe it was you, maybe he found you unattractive, or repulsive even. His face paled when you asked, but you reassured him that he could be totally honest with you, no matter what if meant for the relationship. That was when it all came tumbling out, and things started to make sense. Not to indulge in stereotypes, but the man did design clothes. It also explained why he’d never tried to have sex with you. Relieved, that it wasn’t you, you hugged him and explained that you weren’t mad. You totally understood. Eventually, he worked up the courage to tell the entire group, and then his parents. You couldn’t be happier for him.

It had been months since that summer, and having tried your hand at dating four guys in about one school year, you were taking a needed break from the dating pool. It was actually kind of fun being best friends with four exs. The jokes and petty fights that flew through the group always had you laughing for days, like this particular conversation.

“Okay, be honest, Y/N. Who was better me or Laf?” John leaned across the booth to ask you. 

“For the last time, I’m not answering this question.” You took a sip of your cold drink and looked at Eliza, Alex’s new girlfriend.

“Are they always like this?” she whispered.

“Men are so competitive.” You rolled your eyes, which made Eliza giggle. You’d only talked with her a few times before you and Eliza were good friends. She was great for Alex. Extremely patient and what not.

“Oh!” She jumped as her phone buzzed. Alex turned to her with a concerned look. “Angelica.” Eliza explained. Alex nodded and turned back to his conversation with John.

“Angelica?” you asked Eliza.

“My sister. She just flew in from London.” Eliza spoke up to the rest of the group. “Is it alright if my sister joins us?”

No one objected so she started to type on her phone.

“Y/N, we did not come out tonight to watch you play on your phone the whole time.” Hercules stated about ten minutes later.

“What?” You looked up from your phone. “Sorry I was…” You froze. Someone new had joined the group. “I was just… Nothing. Nevermind.” You shook yourself from your daze and stared down at the table. God, she was beautiful. You wanted to keep looking at her, but that was weird, obviously, and for some reason you really didn’t want this girl to think you were weird.

“Anyway as I was saying…” Eliza stated. You could feel her eyes on you. “This is my sister Angelica.”

Eliza went around introducing each of the members of the group.

“You already know Alexander, of course. And this is Y/N.”

You looked up from your twiddling thumbs and smiled at Angelica. “Hi.” Your voice was quieter than you meant it to be. You cleared your throat. “It’s nice to meet you.” You stuck your hand out to shake hers, instantly regretting it. Who even shakes hands anymore? Were you making business deal?

Angelica laughed slightly. It sounded like what nectar from a flower tastes like. She took your hand and shook it before sternly telling Alex to move so she could sit next to you.

“So.. do you um… do you live in New York?” You asked her when she was comfortably seated next to you in the booth and Alex was pouting in a wooden chair.

“I used too,” she nodded. “But I live in London now.”

Your eyes widened. “That’s awesome! What made you decide to move so far?”

She shrugged and looked past you slightly, but a small smile still played across her face. “Kind of on a whim, you know? I’m an independent person so I guess I liked the idea of figuring it out and finding my own way in a new place. I love the adventure of it.”

“That’s amazing.” you said breathily.

Angelica’s dark eyes met yours and they stayed locked for a moment. “Plus it’s such a beautiful face-I mean place!” She sat up straighter. “London! It’s a really beautiful…place.”

Eliza frowned slightly at her sister, but didn’t say anything.

“What about you?” Angelica asked. “Are you from here?”

“Not originally,” You let your finger graze over the icy edge of your glass. “I came her for…college. That’s how I met these losers.” You gestured to group. “And this loser,” You pointed at Alex. “introduced me to your lovely sister.”

Eliza smiled and flipped her hair which made the group laugh.

“Yeah.” Eliza added. “Thank God Y/N dated John and Alex or else I never would have met her.”

You felt thoroughly mortified.

Angelica raised her eyebrows and turned to you. “John and Alex?”

“And Lafayette…” you mumbled, your hand over your face.

“And me!” Herc chimed in.

Angelica hummed and stared forward.

“I’m not like I’m a slut or anything!” you said quickly. “I mean…not like it’s necessarily bad to be with a lot of people, but like…I-”

“Since when has Y/N felt the need to explain herself to anybody?” John said, genuinely confused.

Lafayette pursed his lips and stared at you. “I certainly ‘ave not ever seen zis.”

“You must be special, Angelica.” Hercules stated, giving you a knowing look over his beer glass. You took a long sip of your drink. Your mouth was suddenly feeling very dry.

Angelica stayed for about another hour before Eliza told Angelica she was taking her back to the hotel, insisting that Angelica needed to sleep. Angelica made Eliza promise to give her everyone’s numbers before she was shooed out of the bar by her doting sister.

You left to your campus apartment soon after that. Your roommate was already asleep so you decided to go to bed as well, but that proved to be easier said than done. You couldn’t stop thinking about Angelica. Her laugh. The way she bounced when she was excited. You wanted to know so much more about her. You stared at the ceiling, picturing her smile. Your phone buzzed on the table next your bed. It lit up the dark.

You furrowed your brow and pulled it closer to your face. It was a new text from an unknown number. Even more confused, you opened it quickly.

Hey it’s Angelica, Eliza’s sister? This might sound weird but I can’t sleep (time zones and what not) and I was wondering you if wanted to do something? If you’re tired by all means sleep but I just thought I’d get to know my sister’s friend a little better

Your chest swelled, and you flew out of bed, flipping on the light. Thoughts filled your brain a thousand a second.

Was what you were wearing good enough? You should brush your teeth. Thank God you’d been too lazy to take your makeup off. You never texted back you idiot!

I’m totally down! Where are you staying? I’ll meet you

She texted back a few minutes later with the name of her hotel, and you practically ran out of your apartment.

Angelica was waiting in the lobby when you arrived at her hotel. She’d added a scarf and hat to her outfit.

“You live in England!” you laughed. “Aren’t you supposed to be used to the cold?”

Angelica smirked. “Laugh now, but it’s the dead of night in autumn,  and you’re going to regret that later.” She pointed to your thinly fabricked clothes.

You started down the street. “I feel like I should be asking you what you want to do. You’re the native.” She laughed which sent a jolt of electricity through you.

“True, but it’s been awhile since I’ve really explored. Who knows what’s changed?”

You shrugged. “It’s up to you, princess.” You stopped walking. “No, I mean-”

Angelica grabbed your hand and smiled. “It’s okay.” She started to pull you down the street with her.

Even when you stopped in front of a large building, she didn’t let go of your hand. “Okay. Honest guilty pleasure,” Angelica turned to you rather seriously. “I love looking at shops around Christmas time. I know Christmas isn’t for another month, but there are already lights up, and it just makes me feel warm inside.” She looked gleefully through the window of the store. It was closed at this hour, but she was right.  The early Christmas lights cast red gold streaks across her face. Watching her gave you that same warmth. 

 “Me too.” you stated.

“Really?” she turned to you excitedly. “It’s just so peaceful. There’s no craze of Christmas shopping yet, but you still get the spirit and glow. “ Several cars honked behind you. Angelica laughed. “Maybe not that peaceful.”

“You wanna see something with a lot of spirit and glow?” you prompted.

“Of course!” 

You smiled and lead her through busy streets and broken sidewalks to the place you knew so well by now. You were so excited that you were practically out of breath by the time you reached it.

“Tada!” you exclaimed excitedly. Angelica’s eyes shone as she surveyed the area. It was a forest, but every year, just after Thanksgiving, someone came and wrapped every tree in sparkling white lights. Angelica was speechless and maybe even breathless. Her mouth hung open. “Alex and I found it together last year.” you said proudly.

Angelica nodded slowly. “So you really dated all those boys, huh?” She turned to you. You suddenly felt like an animal on unwanted display.

“Uh, yeah. It’s quite a story.” you explained.

“I’d love to hear it.” Angelica stepped closer.

You laughed quietly and looked down. It was only late November, but there was a slight frost on the ground. Angelica had been right, you were pretty cold. “I guess the short version is that none of them were the one, you know? And I figured, why waste time dating someone if you don’t think it’s going to last? I mean we’re all still friends, obviously, so it’s not a big deal.” She nodded and took a another step closer to you, watching you carefully. “It was nice to have fun for awhile, but they only would’ve gotten hurt if I stayed with them.” You avoided her gaze.

“So you’re one of those people…”

“One of what people?” You were slightly offended, but mostly worried. You cursed Eliza for making her sister think that you didn’t take relationships seriously.

“One of those people thinks love is scary.” Angelica said almost tauntingly. “Someone who thinks that if love isn’t easy it’s doomed and that falling in love will end badly.”

You scoffed. “I’m not like that.”

“Oh really?” Angelica raised one eyebrow. Her skin was glowing from the Christmas lights.

“I’m not scared to fall in love. I just…haven’t yet.”

“You don’t seem like someone who’s never had their heart broken, Y/N.” You finally met her eyes. She was looking at you quizzically, but not like she was analyzing you, like so many others had. She looked at you like an abstract painting, and she wanted to know the meaning behind it. Angelica took both your hands and led you over to a bench a few feet away. You shivered slightly and Angelica smiled, removing her scarf and placing it around your neck.

“It’s alright to admit you’ve been hurt before.” she said softly, her hands still against your neck.

You smiled weakly and nodded. “It’s just been so long since I’ve talked to her, or about her even.”

“Her?” Angelica asked quickly, almost eagerly.

You chuckled. “Yeah, her. None of the guys know about her, not even Herc.”

Angelica put her hand over yours. “What was she like?”

“She was…amazing, beautiful. The first girl I really fell for.” You stared at the trees. If you squinted hard enough they almost looked on fire. “We moved into a room together my sophomore year of college, which meant my grandma would never talk to me and parents would be embarased to talk about me to their friends.” Angelica pressed her lips together and nodded, staring at the ground. “But it all seemed worth it, you know? I was in love.” you said in fake dreamy voice. “It was supposed to be nice and good. Just me and her together no matter what.”

“So what happened?” Angelica prompted.

You looked down at your hands. “After a while, something was…off. She didn’t understand me. She tried to, sure. She’d listen to my problems and held me when I was upset, but…but it was like she had this mold in her head, of what the perfect person would be. And if I wasn’t that, if I wasn’t her ‘perfect someone’ or her ‘dream girl’ was, I was nothing.” You paused for a moment. Angelica said nothing. “So I got out. I went to another college, farther away. I met new people, stopped talking to old friends who knew her, the usual stuff.”  

“That’s terrible.” Angelica said after a moment. You met her eyes again. “You don’t deserve to be treated like that.”

You shrugged. “It happens.”

“No it shouldn’t.” Angelica held tightly onto your hands. “You’re a great person, Y/N.”

“Angelica, you just met me.”

“Doesn’t matter.” She smiled and shook her head. Her dark hair bounced under her hat. “I already know that you’re really special.” You looked into her eyes for a long while. She scooted closer to you on the bench. You glanced down at her lips. Your chest felt impossible tight.  

“Angelica I-”

“Shhh…” she whispered. Angelica placed her hand on the side of your face. You smiled and leaned in, wrapping your arms around her neck.

Maybe you were still a little intoxicated, or maybe just really happy, but something about this kiss was special. Angelica put her arms around you and pulled you closer.  You pressed against her lips like you needed her. Your skin was cold, but you felt so warm.

When you finally parted, you could see your breaths mingling in the frigid air.

“Well…I was gonna say that I think you’re special too.” you explained.  You both started laughing, unable to take your eyes off of each other.

“It’s late. We should get back.” you whispered. Angelica nodded and stood up, reaching her hand out to you. You grinned and took it. You walked her back to her hotel and then caught a cab back to the campus.

The next morning, your room was invaded by John, Laf, and Herc, much to your tired body’s chagrin.

“Come on!” Lafayette was trying to quite literally drag you out of bed. You mumbled something about sleep and grabbed onto the headboard.

“Alex is picking up Eliza and her sister, they’ll be here soon.” Hercules explained. You perked up quickly and got out of bed.

“Wow.” Lafayette commented, laying down in your place. You changed out of your pajamas and quickly started brushing through your hair.

“This is a really nice scarf, Y/N. Whose is it?” Hercules was holding up the piece of fabric that had been sitting on your nightstand. He wore a smirk on his face.

You snatched it  away quickly. “It’s a…friend’s.” Hercules raised his eyebrows at you.

“She’s blushing! If it’s not yours, whose is it, Y/N?” John grabbed the scarf away from you and tossed it to Lafayette.

“It looks like a woman’s.” He brought it up to his nose. “Smells like it also.” Lafayette looked to you for explanation.

The doorbell rang and John went to get it. You desperately tried to pick up any mess in your bedroom before they walked in. You went out to the ‘living room’ area to see Alex and Eliza walk in. There was a pause when Angelica stepped inside behind them.

You gave her a soft smile. “Hi.”

“Hey.” she said, smiling back.

“Oh uh,” you turned around and ripped the scarf out of Lafayette’s hands. “Your scarf.”

Angelica shook her head. “Keep it.”

“Oh…okay.” You held it to your chest.

Non!” Lafayette gasped.

“It can’t be.” John added.

“Totally.” Herc smirked.

“What? What’s happening? What am I missing?” Alexander asked quickly. You avoided everyone’s eyes, but Angelica was all smiles. John looked between you two.

“Did you…are you…?”

“I told all of you!” Hercules exclaimed. “I can smell gay a mile away!” You covered your face with your hands.

“Angelica’s gay?” Alex turned to Eliza who nodded like Alex should’ve have already known that. Truth be told, Eliza had probably told him and he’d forgotten.

“What? But zat must mean…”

“Yes! I like girls too!” you exclaimed, tired of the guessing and embarrassing truths.

“Wait,” Angelica turned away from the crowd and towards you. “They didn’t know?” she whispered.

“Not really.” you whispered. Angelica looked down guilty. “No! No,” You put your hand on her arm. “It’s not bad, I just never really knew how to bring it up.” you explained. “I guess this as good a way as any.” You and Angelica both laughed quietly.

“Oh God, it’s so cute.” Eliza interjected. She wore a proud smile on her face.

“Why didn’t you ever tell us?” John asked.

“I don’t know… It just never really felt like something to bring up. I didn’t want it to be a big deal when I told you so I just never did. Forgive me?”

“Of course.” Lafayette wrapped his arms around you. You had to go up on your toes just to hug him back.

“This isn’t weird, is it?” you asked Eliza. “Not that this is a this but like…” You looked to Angelica, and she smiled reassuringly.

“Honey, I got used to weird the second I met Alex.” she said. Everyone laughed. “Alright, now can we go to brunch because dear God, I need to eat.”

“Okay, we definitely need to leave then.” Alex said quickly. You all walked out to brunch laughing, and your hand held tightly onto Angelica’s.