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Elliot Rodger used to listen to this song, “Two is Better Than One,” when he went on night drives in his neighborhood. He wrote, “It made me feel sad, though it was soothing at the same time. That song will always remind me of the loneliness I felt during those experiences.”

anonymous asked:

why do you hate evgenia so much? she's just a sweet a girl and an amazing skater, and she is only 17, so why are you so hard on her?

I have said this on twitter before, but I don’t hate her, I hate how overscored she is. It’s not even about her winning. I personally don’t really enjoy her skating, but I know how her programs are designed to milk the judging system, backloading her jumps and adding as much tanos and rippons as she can, so I understand her getting gold everytime but, which such a gap and
monstrous GOEs and PCS? That doesn’t work for me, and it’s not even her fault as the judges are the ones giving her those scores.

Besides that, I may don’t like the lack of interest she has in her choreography, saying that she would do whatever Eteri and her choreographers tell her to do because “they know her better”, which this season ended up with her skating to a 9/11 program, something that she wanted to be “fun”. I’m as old as her and we were only two years old when 9/11 happened and as I may know how significant it was, I don’t think she does, as it seems like she doesn’t take it seriously. But again, it’s not really her fault but her coaches, even if she has that mindset, as I can understand her position, not being fully mature and thinking of her mentors as gods.

I had enough of her this season, and I don’t know what will happen in the next one, but I really hope she changes her way of thinking and gets nice programs, or something that fits her better at least.


Clarke backing Lexa into things + Lexa’s reaction


y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

i like girls
who resemble the sun;
burning, brilliant,
blinding, if you look for too long.
the kind of light that lingers on your eyelids.

i like girls
who remind me of moonlight;
who have a way of lighting the dark spaces
in my mind on cold nights,
when dawn seems like a distant dream.

i like girls
who personify the ocean;
wild laughter and wide eyes, salt slick skin,
arms raised as they sway as one with the waves,
tide drunk and dizzy with the scent of the sea.

i like girls
who embody the earth;
who ground with a touch. who fight off lightning
and kiss like how rain tastes on your tongue
when you open your mouth to the sky.

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