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TTB -- Everyone Knew

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— Everyone Knew

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Language.  Fluff.

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“Ready for a lunch break?”  You asked as you walked into the conference chambers with Bombur, carrying to baskets of food with you.  Fili, Kili, Balin, Dwalin, and Thorin were all in here, working hard to finalize the next steps of the restoration of Erebor.  It was a fine line between restoring everything and keeping everything up and running, so they had to do it in phases.

“Thank you, Amralime.”  Thorin said sweetly as you set the basket down next to him.  He pulled you forward, into his arms and pressed a sweet kiss to your forehead, just like he did every time you brought in lunch.  

And just like you did, every time.  You grabbed his chin and tilted his head so you could give him a sweet kiss on the lips as well.  But there was something different from this time versus all the other times.  Kili didn’t make a weird gag noise, picking on you both.  Dwalin didn’t mutter something about being too sweet, Fili didn’t chuckle.  

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It’s lucky she is betrothed to Toby bc really Kadie is too inexperienced and unschooled in the ways of the world to be married, despite her proficiency when it comes to bananas

Correct. Although since starting college she has made more acquaintances outside of the ‘country bumpkin’ sort living in AP permanently. She is definitely book smart, but that won’t hold water when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone who isn’t. She needs to be more observant of other people’s behaviors and gain more real interaction with people who aren’t manipulative, etc.   

Physical Attraction.

|Sebastian Michaelis x Chubby Reader|

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The ballroom was absolutely gorgeous. The lights sparkled softly through out the entire Mansion, and the room was beautifully decorated with elegant designs.

The soft glow of your [E/C] orbs glanced over the crowd of Nobles. Everyone dressed up in wonderful ballgown’s, the women danced gracefully alongside their dates or betrothed.

Somehow you felt out of place. Like, you didn’t belong in a environment like this. The women here were thin and beautiful, you were thick. Being forced into Corsets in order to pull off a thinner figure.

Fortunately, it helps make my stomach look slightly smaller. But, you were still completely thick. Yet, you didn’t believe that it was an issue, although, men tend to look for a skinner women to make their brides. Their loss, you believed you were beautiful inside and out, despite what others believe.

Your soft [H/C] curls fell in front of your face, as you sipped on a small glass of Wine. The Young Noble, Ciel Phantomhive was the one holding this Ball. To help advertise his newest Funtom Corporation toy.

Kindly enough, he invited your father. Who happened to be his business partner. Obviously, you were quite surprised when your father had asked you in particular to tag along. Usually, he would only request for your oldest sister, Ivana to accompany him to special occasions such as this one.

Clearly she was the sweetheart of the family, everyone fawned over her beauty and lovely personality, she was the one who got all of the marriage proposals. Basically, you were complete opposites! Which is why she believes she is better than you in everyway.

Speaking of the witch, Ivana walked over in her designer light pink ballgown. Her hazel eye’s sparkling as she mingled with other citizens. Sometimes, you were completely jealous of her and her outgoing personality.

She grabbed a small glass of water, taking small gulps.

“Why are you just standing around, sister?” She questioned giving you a small smirk.

You didn’t reply immediately, she was just here to tease you. Clearly, she noticed that nobody had decided to ask you to dance.

“I’m not interested in dancing at the given moment” You replied softly. Your eyes scanning over the crowd of Nobles, once again.

Ivana chuckled “Yeah, right! You’re just lonely, because no man wants someone as fat as you” She replied laughing.

You didn’t necessarily appreciate her disrespectful comments. But, she wasn’t going to leave you alone even if you asked politely. You took a deep breath blocking out the horrible jokes and disgraceful teasing.

From, the other-side of the ballroom stood a tall attractive man. Your eyes widdening slightly, when you noticed him staring at you intensely.

His skin was extremely pale; like fresh fallin’ snow. He had dark black hair, parted perfectly in the middle. And his beautiful piercing red orbs; felt as if he was staring through your soul.

He was standing against the wall, he wore a black tail coat and a grey vest. The uniform crispy and nice, it somewhat reminded you of a butler’s uniform. Pfftt!! There’s no way that man could be a butler.

You could already feel your heart beginning to speed up. He was to attractive for words! But, with your luck with men he probably wasn’t even looking at you. He probably, wanted your sister. Like always.

You decided to tear your eyes away from his being. Placing a hand against your pounding heart; taking a large gulp of wine to calm yourself down. You couldn’t help yourself but glance at him every now and then.

“Excuse me! Are you even listening?” Ivana barked. Your [E/C] orbs glanced over at the women, with a small groan escaping your lips.

“Whatever shall you need, sister?” You questioned softly. She gave you a cold stare.

“Firstly, slouching like that will give you a terrible back, Straighten up!” She replied.

You sighed fixing your posture.

“Anyway..” She began to speak once again.

  People gathered in the center of the dance floor, with a partner. Beginning to Waltz gracefully across the freshly polished floor. You were silently hoping a man would walk up and ask Ivana to dance, she was starting to irk your nerves with her obsessive bragging.

Unknowingly, your eyes dragged back towards the opposite wall. Where the man once stood, he was gone. Deep down inside you felt saddened, not being able to meet such a elegant creature.

“May I have this dance?” A deep voice questioned. You sighed. Finally, someone to take your sister away!

You glanced towards the figure, freezing in place when you realized it was the man from before. His hand was placed against his chest, as he bowed respectfully.

You watched as your sister’s face flush, her cheeks turning a bright pink. She straighten the wrinkles from her gown before speaking.

“Why certainly!” She chirped. You turned your attention back to the dance floor. It was bound to happen, it always seems to happen this way.

“Terribly sorry.” The male apologized “I mean’t the women beside you” He replied.

The male appeared in front of your figure. His eyes seemed to glow red, as he smiled a devilish looking smile. He had a attractive completion, now that you were seeing him up close. His black-hair neatly combed with a few lose strands falling slightly in his face.

“Care to dance, Mi'lady?” He questioned once more.

You could feel the anger radiating off your sisters figure. As she glared daggers into the back of your head.

“Oh! Um..” You stuttered “I–I can’t..” You finished.

He tilted his head slightly confused about your response.

“Do you not enjoy dancing?” He questioned.

Ivana pushed you slightly aggravated, rushing in front of the man. “She’s not a very good dancer! Perhaps you and I could–?” Before she could even finish. He swerved around her, grabbing ahold of your small hands. Lightly dragging you towards the dance floor.

“I assure you, you’ll do just fine” He replied with that devilishly handsome smile of his.

 Others watched as the attractive man pulled you close to his figure. Giving you displeased and disgraceful looks. His large gloved hand gripped your chubby waist tightly, making you gasp.

He took a step back, you following his lead. His right hand holding onto your own hand delicately. You didn’t look up into his eyes; you couldn’t. Although, you could feel his ruby-red orbs staring down at you.

“Eye contact is essential when dancing.” He spoke softly. “It makes your partner feel, important”

Your [E/C] orbs glanced up at the said man. He gave you a small smile, eyes watching you carefully. His left gloved hand moving up and down your plump waist. As his right hand moved a piece of your soft curly hair from your [S/T] face.

The sound of the music playing flowed softly along with your small foot steps. As you danced along with the melody gracefully. Something about this man, drew you completely. Not once, did he give you a look of disgust or made a nasty comment about your larger figure.

 "You seem nervous? Why is that?“ He questioned.

You laughed softly "I’m not nervous, more like confused”

He leaned closer towards your face. “Care to elaborate?” He kept asking questions like he was trying to figure you out.

“I-I usually, never get asked to dance by attractive men” You explained “So–Why did you..?” You questioned.  

He leaned forward, his cold lips scrapping against your ear. You could hear your heart pounding heavily.

“You look absolutely appetizing, and I simply couldn’t resist” He whispered quietly, his warm breath lingering against your earlobe slightly.

Your face turned a bright red, as he leaned forward his lips scrapping against your own lips slightly. His gloved fingers rubbing against your [S/T] face.

“[Y/N]! Come, now!” The firm call of your father’s voice sounded. You both stopped your ministrations, moving away from his figure.

You gave him a quick curtsy “T-thank you for the dance! I-I had fun” You smiled your chubby cheeks puffing out, before rushing out of the ballroom.

His red orbs slowly beginning to glow a sofy magenta as they followed you out of Mansion.

“Sebastian, come!” The young Earl called. Drawing the butler out of his trance.

“Until we meet again, [Y/N]”

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For the fruit meme: Cherry and Tangelo :)

Cherry:  can you play any musical instruments or can you sing?

Sadly, nope. I’ve taken both piano and guitar lessons when I was younger, but I didn’t keep practicing, and now, alas. I can sing and I do. I don’t know if it’s good, lol, but I do it. Mostly in my car, around the house and at my cats. They do not appreciate being serenaded. 

Tangelo:  if you could be any mythical creature, which would you be?

A dragon. I would have a horde of various items like books and maps and mugs, and I would totally steal princesses who didn’t want to marry their betrothed princes. ;P 

Happy Friday the 13th! Zodiac Signs as Western Superstitions

Aries- Walking under a ladder

Taurus- Spilling salt 

Gemini- Bad luck or news comes in threes

Cancer- Black cat crossing your path

Leo- Breaking a mirror

Virgo- Putting your purse on the floor 

Libra- Seeing your betrothed the night before or day of the wedding 

Scorpio- The no. 13

Sagittarius- Getting up on the wrong side of the bed

Capricorn- 666

Aquarius- Opening up an umbrella inside 

Pisces- Stepping on a crack 

This probably won’t happen buuuuut….

John Snow: Daenerys to unite our kingdoms I would like to to propose I marry you.

Daenerys: I’m not really interested in marrying a man right now.

John Snow: Well… I have a sister….

Daenerys: … go on….

(Back at Winterfeld)

John: good news Sansa, I arranged a marriage for you!

Sansa: what the fuck John? After my last 2 times with a man I could never be with one again. You know nothing John Snow!

John: … it’s with a woman…

Sansa: …. I’m listening….

Let’s talk about oppression.

Hi. I’m a teen. A Pakistani Muslim teen raised by Pakistani Muslim feminist parents. I am a Pakistani girl privileged enough to be born to a family that can afford to send me to an American school, and a family that believes their only daughter is worth a thousand sons. A few years ago, I realised there was a name for the notions I was raised with: feminism. I found feminism on the internet, in cheery pink-hued articles that told me I was beautiful, that I could do anything a man could do, that my body wasn’t something to be objectified.

And while these twee posts were enough to quench my thirst, in time I began to hunger for something more. I found essays on the evils of manspreading, mansplaining, and cis straight white men. This was feminism, then? The idea that men were in fact, inferior to women? I found this belief in webcomics, listicles, joke sites, even TV shows. In comment sections I watched battles unfold: how dare a man suggest these mentalities are toxic? How dare a woman agree with him?

On twitter I’d find women sharing anecdotes about Joe from work, who’d sit sprawled across his chair in a show of dominance, and how in doing that Joe was an oppressor. How the old white man across the street was probably a racist misogynist homophobic Nazi because he was white. How they were oppressed because the man in the meeting talked over them.

Here’s the thing about that. You are not silenced because a man dared to interrupt you. You are not objectified because a man had the audacity to hold a door open for you. You are not oppressed. You are not oppressed.

Spend a day with me. Walk the streets with me. I’ll show you what oppression is. It is a father forcing his daughter to cover her head, instilling in her a hatred for her religion. It is the teenage girl crying tears of mascara as she is escorted to her marriage and given into the hands of her betrothed. It is the transgender woman fearing for her safety because she lives in a country of homophobes.

Suppression is the woman whose husband forbids her from having a life outside her married one. Objectification is the girl sold as a sex slave because her family couldn’t pay their debts. It is not a man beating a woman in a foot race or performers at a strip show. Accompany me to rural Kashmir, where it’s commonplace for girls to be married off at ten, eleven years old. To the village from where our cleaner hails, where the bodies of young women wash up on the shores of the canal.

Talk about how Dave from IT mansplained programming to you to the women who never received an education because their fathers believed it unnecessary for them. Discuss internalised misogyny with the girl who has to listen to people telling her that her brothers are worth more than her. Please try. Debate the gender binary with my parents, who took years of garbage from relatives and friends on why they chose to have a single daughter.

Nobody forced you to get married at fourteen. Nobody told you that you weren’t worth sending to school because bearing children was all you were good for. You never saw the corpses of murdered girls floating in the canal. You are lucky enough to never have to experience that. You are not oppressed. This is not something to be ashamed of. Please be thankful for it. Please know that there are women in the world who would die to be where you are now. You are not oppressed.

Because look at you. You are educated, you were allowed to thrive, you can do what you like to do. Nobody views you as a unit. When you were born, they were just glad they had a baby; they didn’t care about your gender. Growing up, you had access to all the same privileges as boys. Don’t forget that.

I am not oppressed. I am educated in a country where 62% of illiterate children are girls. My father never forced me to cover my head, or stopped me from having friends of the opposite sex. My mother never told young tomboyish me to be more ladylike. I attend a private school, and I have a college fund. I am privileged, and I am not ashamed, but I want to help women in my country. I aim to be a politician or a journalist and use my platform to speak about women’s issues. Someday, I will make a change. And you can too.



So it seemed my little summary for an Gajevy au was quite popular, and I have always wanted to attempt to write a fanfic, but I haven’t written much along the lines of fantasy… like ever. And haven’t written an essay in years. I kind of got swept up in this idea, I’ve been working on it all day.
Anyway, this is my first fan fiction, so please leave *kind* constructive criticism, and most importantly, enjoy!!

Summary:Young Levy McGarden, betrothed to the cold hearted Iron Prince she has never met, falls in love with a young knight. Dressed in black armor with a dragon crest, he spends his time attempting to woo her with red roses and leather bound fairy tale books. Little does she know her knight and the prince are one in the same.

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Mistborn | 01

Kim Taehyung | Comedy | Fluff | Angst | arrangedmarriage!au | dragon!au 

❝You’ve been promised to Taehyung since you were seven and he’s hated you since. Nothing could possibly change that fact, not when you’ve all but stolen his freedom by simply existing. Or so he thought.❞

warnings: this is horribly historically inaccurate. pls. don’t read if you like know shit because you’re just in for a wild ride. also. this is like, borderline sucky because its rushed and im lazy but yah 

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Fav long fics?!

Since I don’t know exactly what long fics are to you, here’s a list of my fave 50k+ fics in no particular order :)

Kaleidoscope by Vendelin [E, 54k]

Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever. Stiles tries not to be affected by the mystery guy, but it’s not like anything else happens around here, so really, what did you expect? And when he’s already in too deep, he realises he might even be in way over his head…

Safety in Silence by Survivah [M, 66k]

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Easy Trouble by Survivah [M, 55k]

Derek+Stiles+fairies = love spell

“Make love to me,” Derek demands.


The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) [M, 116k]

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)  

Stand Fast in Your Enchantments by DevilDoll, Rahciach [E, 76k]

“Stiles knew damn well what a pissed-off wolf sounded like, and every hair on the back of his neck was telling him that somewhere in this room was a very pissed-off werewolf.” An AU in which Derek is feral, Stiles is magical, and they eat a lot of fast food.

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