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Bellamy’s Season 5 Arc - Speculation

The 100 tends to follow a pattern with Bellamy and Clarke, and their so-called “dark arcs”. They almost seem to be on alternating schedules. For instance, Bellamy’s first dark arc was Season 1, where he was played off as the antagonist (until he got more fleshed out and started working WITH Clarke, versus against her). In Season 2 he was, for the most part, a hero. Then in Season 3 was his second downward spiral, and Season 4 we saw the return of him playing the hero.

Clarke was the opposite. Instead of Season 1, like with Bellamy, Clarke’s dark arc came in Season 2, with her becoming cold and shutting down her heart. Season 3 was her path out of the darkness, and in Season 4 we saw Clarke return to that dark place with her once more trying to justify her actions as “the only choice”. 

There’s a pattern. 

If it continues (and I think we should be prepared for it to), that would set us up for Bellamy having another dark arc in Season 5, although not in the same sense as previous seasons because he still remembers the lessons he learned then, and Clarke on the opposite schedule (like it’s been in the past). 

When we see Clarke after the six year time jump, she is full of light and hope. I have a feeling that when we see Bellamy again, it’s going to be the opposite.

Throughout Season 4, we saw Bellamy gradually starting to rely on his impulses less and start using his head more. The finale was the climax of his Season 4 arc, with all of the previous episodes leading up to the ultimate moment when he would have to close that door on Clarke, the girl he loves, in order to save his friends. 

He followed his head over his heart.

Bellamy and Clarke have often gone on parallel journeys, just in a different order. I have a feeling that Bellamy’s arc next season might not be all that different from Clarke’s in Season 2 in the sense that, after losing Clarke, he’s starting to shut down his heart and rely more on his head.

Clarke’s shift resulted from killing Finn. Bellamy’s will result from essentially “killing” Clarke by shutting that door on her. It was the right choice to make (otherwise everyone would have died) but also extremely traumatic.

I’ve seen many people being a little surprised at Bellamy’s reaction to Clarke’s “death” and how they were expecting him to cry more. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that Bellamy would try to shove those emotions down and bury them somewhere deep inside him as a coping mechanism if he believes that to honour Clarke’s memory, he has to be a more rational leader rather than an emotional one. 

The best thing to do as the leader of his people? Maybe. But the healthiest? Probably not.

Don’t misinterpret my message: it’s not that I believe Bellamy will be ALL head next season, and NO heart. I think he’s going to be a balance of both (which will make him an excellent leader) but I think that, much like Clarke in Season 2, he’s going to struggle to find his way out of the darkness as a result of some of the choices he makes leading in that way. 

We don’t know what happened in those six months yet, all we know from Jason is that it wasn’t easy for the group of seven up in space. I’m sure we’re going to see the effects of that, and the toll that it took on Bellamy as a leader (and I doubt it will be pretty).

As a somewhat related note, I wanted to talk about what this means in terms of Bellamy’s love life on the Ark, as that seems to be the topic of discussion on my dash at the moment (sans the Bellarke Extra-ness).

Everyone’s worried about Bellamy falling in love with someone else … but the finale is telling a different story. It’s telling the story of Bellamy shutting his heart down, ruling with his head (as I said before, however, I don’t think Bellamy will lead ONLY with his head - because that’s not who he is - but I believe it will be a large element of his character arc). We already saw him start to shut down his heart a bit at the end of 4x13, in the scene where he stares down at the burning Earth.

Yes, I’m sure Bellamy has grieved and “moved on” in six years. But I also think that after what has happened to him, after losing Gina, after losing Clarke - the only two girls he’s ever opened his heart to - he’s not going to be eager to jump into any relationships. Not any serious ones. 

So I’m not expecting any sort of intimate relationship between Bellamy and anyone else on the Ring that involves anything beyond sex. 

If the pattern I mentioned continues, Season 5 could very likely bring us another dark arc for Bellamy (different than previous seasons), and that would involve him closing his heart to any true romance.

(I wonder what might be a natural progression of that arc that would resolve Bellamy shutting off his heart? Hmmm … I might be able to think of one solution. ;))

Anyway, this is a super rough meta that I put together in about fifteen minutes so feel free to add. Tagging @bellamybb 


Okay okay okay so I have been waiting for this moment FOREVER ! 

I HATED that jacket. Seriously. Despised it.

It’s highly symbolic, in the same way that Clarke’s Season 3 costume was highly symbolic. That guard jacket? It makes Bellamy a follower. Even though he isn’t, and we know he isn’t, a guard is a soldier, and a soldier follows orders. We saw how following orders went for Bellamy in Season 3 and it wasn’t nice.

But Bellamy’s character arc this season was all a lead-up to him eventually leaving Clarke behind on Earth and becoming a leader in his own right, on the Ark 2.0. HOWEVER, in order to become that fully rounded leader, first he had to learn how to rely less on his heart, and 413 showed us the progression and “completion” (let’s be honest, a character’s arc is never actually complete but moving on) of that development.

It is NO coincidence that we see Bellamy holding the bottle that Jaha - the Chancellor of the Ark - left behind in space. It is called “The Baton”. Symbolically, the baton of leadership has been passed from Jaha on to Bellamy (at least in space).

And you know what major piece of Bellamy’s costume the past two seasons was missing?

Exactly. That fucking horrible guard jacket.

I doubt they would have brought that in the rocket. It makes sense that Bellamy would have left the symbol of him as a follower behind on Earth … for it to burn. 

Bellamy has ascended the role of being just a soldier, and officially moved on as the leader (even if it’s technically unofficial, yet accepted fact among the space squad) of a new caste - not Sky People, not Grounders, but his TRUE people: the remainder of the delinquents, and the outcasts.

anonymous asked:

Hey so I'm kinda scared? Like bellamy left his heart behind and he's probably been all head for 6 years.. what if when he comes back he's not emotional anymore? He's shut off and maybe cold, having to survive up in space like that... man I'm nervous. One of the reasons I love bellamy so much is because he is the heart. But now... it seems that him and Clarke might've switched

Now need to be concerned, this actually seems to contradict what JRoth  has stated about his goal for Bellamy’s journey in Season 5, see below:

“As Clarke says to him in the finale, he has to start to use his brain as well as his heart. He’s always been an impulsive, emotional, reactive person. And that’s what we love about him. He cares so deeply about his people, and he charges in blindly sometimes, and sometimes that gets him in trouble as Clarke says in the episode. He needed to start finding a unity of both of those organs for lack of a better word. And that’s what he’ll do now. He’ll be forced to do that on some level without Clarke. And we’ll hopefully see him becoming a fully realized head and heart leader that I think he’s destined to become in Season 5.”

I also think that six years is more than enough time for Bellamy to heal, guys. He loves Clarke, absolutely and her death will always be a wound, but after a time, just as you heal in real life when someone you love dies, Bellamy would too. I don’t think we’re going to come into the Season to a broken Bellamy, just as we didn’t see a broken Clarke in the finale. 

Bellamy and Clarke’s journeys have always mirrored one another, they’re almost always in the same emotional place at the beginning and the end of a Season, even if it’s not expressed in the same way:

Season 1: Bellamy and Clarke are both struggling to gain leadership positions, they discover they can work together, and then they both wind up having to make sacrifices (Clarke closing the door on Bellamy and Finn and Bellamy making the sacrifice of his person). 

Season 2: Bellamy and Clarke separated, both held captive (Bellamy by Tristan, Clarke in the Mountain, both save someone on/near a cliff, Clarke with Anya, Bellamy with Mel, both save someone who they care about in the finale (Bellamy-Octavia, Clarke-Abby).

Season 3: Bellamy and Clarke are both emotionally devastated by their actions in Mt. Weather, they are both pulling away from their people (Bellamy-emotionally, Clarke physically), both have love interests who die (Bellamy-Gina, Clarke-L/xa), both begin healing in 3B. 

Season 4: Bellamy and Clarke are very much in sync this Season, but in the Season opener, they are both shown struggling with the loss of a love interest, they both deal with the weight of deciding who lives or dies, they both have moments of absolute desolation, and in the finale (before the time jump), both are saddened. 

Based on their journeys being consistently paralleled, I can only assume that Clarke’s mental state after 6 years will mirror Bellamy’s. I hope this helps!

The Boy Who Lived Among The Stars

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And of course, to our beautiful otp, may they meet again. 

“Time to sleep, my little nightblood,” Clarke whispered softly, stroking Madi’s long, dark hair.
“But I’m not tired,” yawned the little girl, burrowing her face into Clarke’s shoulder and scootching her warm body closer into Clarke’s side. Clarke smiled fondly down at Madi before returning her attention to the inky blackness above them. The pair were curled up together in the back of the rover beneath a thick pile of blankets to protect them from the nighttime chill that had begun creeping in during recent weeks. Soon, it would be too cold to sleep out in the open like this and they would have to return to Becca’s mansion, but for now, Clarke wanted to see the stars.
“Tell me the one about the boy from the stars,” mumbled Madi, as if she knew exactly what was occupying Clarke’s thoughts.
“Didn’t I tell you that one last night?”
“Yes,” sight Madi. “But I want to hear it again.”
“Alright,” Clarke relented, wrapping her arms more tightly around Madi and leaning her head back, the better to see the night sky. “Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived among the stars and his name was Bellamy Blake.”
“And he had a sister named Octavia,” supplied Madi helpfully, looking up at Clarke with wide eyes and an enraptured expression.
“That’s right,” affirmed Clarke. “He would have done anything for her because he had such a big heart and he spent years protecting her from anyone who wanted to hurt her.” Clarke paused for a moment, glancing down at Madi, whose eyes were already beginning to drift closed.
“Keep going, “ she mumbled sleepily, after several more seconds of silence had passed.
“Clarke took a deep, steadying breath before continuing. “Then, one day, Bellamy discovered that Octavia was being sent away from their home among the stars to a place they called the ground and Bellamy was scared because he knew the ground was a dangerous place.”
“No he wasn’t,” interrupted Madi suddenly. “He wasn’t scared because he was brave.”
“Trust me, he was scared,” Clarke told her. “But he didn’t let that stop his from following Octavia to the ground and when he got there, he met a princess.”
“What was her name?” asked Madi, just as she had every other time Clarke had told her the story.
Clarke shook her head. “That doesn’t matter, what matters is that they didn’t like each other at first, but that’s alright, because didn’t you know? All the best kive stories start out that way.” Clarke could feel Madi’s breathing becoming slower and deeper. She lowered her voice as went on, speaking more to herself now. “It didn’t take long for the princess to see how big Bellamy’s heart was and she realized that they needed each other if they were going to survive, so they learned to work together. It wasn’t easy, the ground could be a harsh and unforgiving place and there were times when it forced them to make impossible choices that made them question their own humanity. They fought with each other time and time again and they both lost people that they cared about, but through it all they remained side by side, head and heart balancing each other out, until eventually the princess realized that somewhere along the way, she’d fallen in love with Bellamy. She always intended to tell him how she felt, but there always seemed to be bigger and more important things getting in the way, until one day, it was too late, Bellamy had to return to their home among the stars and even though the princess wanted more than anything to go with him, she had to stay behind to make sure that he and their friends would be safe. Years passed, but the princess never lost hope that one day, they would meet again.” He story finished, Clarke turned back to Madi, who was now sound asleep in her arms, her chest rising and falling in time with each breath. “Sleep well, my little nightblood,” Clarke whispered, bending down to place a gentle kiss on the little girl’s forehead. Relinquishing her hold on Madi, Clarke laid her down carefully amongst the nest of blankets, doing her best not to disturb the sleeping girl. Turning away from her, Clarke reached behind for her radio, which had been lying on the front seat of the rover. Looking out once more at the bright pinpricks of light speckling the dark sky, Clarke lifted the radio to speak. “I love you, Bellamy,” she breathed. “We’ll see you soon.”