a bell is a cup until it is struck

anonymous asked:

Hi! Are you, by any chance, currently working on "A Bell is a Cup Until it is Struck"? I'm eagerly awaiting the second chapter <3 Can't wait to see Hux and Ren interact :3

Hello to you anon and also a few others in my ask box over the summer with the same question…yes, yes I am. 

Summer is not my time. At all. I’m sort of like a hibernating bear, existing in low power mode until the weather returns to my preferred parameters.

I’m now writing the bits that got me thinking of writing this story in the first place - the chapter I posted back in May was basically how do I get to the point where the stuff I’m thinking of makes sense - how do they get there? and then a fruitful Cantina prompt came along (”the first cut is the deepest”) and I was like, oh…that’s how.

I had the good fortune to be picked for the fanfic writing workshop given by @bettydays (it’s awesome, y’all) and let me tell you, things are percolating. I hate to make a specific time promise, but - more is coming. And you will get your wish.

Thanks for your continued interest!

Silence is Golden -- Chapter Nine


tinuviel-undomiel said:

Mute Belle Prompt: the night of the big storm, Belle was out so winds up staying at the pawn shop with Mr. Gold until it passes.

I personally said:

It’s my damn birthday and my gift to myself is watching y'all freak out about this.  Happy birthday me and happy birthday Tinny!

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