a bee's birthday!!

I finished my Valentines card for bae. Submit your valentines cards to me so I can check them out! Also happy birthday to my lovely son

I get all the chicks with my amazing crafting skills.. All of them Sorry not sorry.

The softest IwaOi fluff I could produce, for @notallballs’ birthday (´・ω・)っ由

Oikawa has a lot of good features. There are plenty of things Hajime could look at and say, yes, this is attractive. The warm brown of his perfectly shaped eyes. The soft sweep of his hair. The pale line of his neck. Hajime is aware of these things, appreciative of them, certainly, but they aren’t his favorite parts of Oikawa. (Nothing on the outside of him is Hajime’s favorite part, but that is beside the point at the moment.)

Were someone to ask Hajime what his favorite physical part of Oikawa is, the answer would be his knees (specifically his right knee, though Hajime does love them both.) That would have been his answer when he was six, and it’s his answer now, at twenty-three.

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Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes! <3

My day was just filled with really sweet well wishes and adorable little drawings and I just felt like, really super happy all day. So thank you all so very much for making my day just the bomb-diggity :D I figured I’d make this one big message so that I wouldn’t flood everyone’s dashes with all the individual messages I got, but I AM going to reply to everyone who took the time to message me, because that was just the sweetest for ya’ll to think of me ;_;

And! Since you all made this day so nice for me, I’d like to do something to make your day nicer too! How would you like to see the next update a few days early? :D I’m just about done with it, and I’ll have it up by the time I go to bed :)

Thank you all again, you’re all super and I hope you all know you made a potato very happy today <3

Kuroo's birthday

Honestly just an au please give this pure string bean love

- Tsuki wakes him up to sing him happy birthday and a lil somethin’ else~

-he makes him cat shaped pancakes and wears that cute apron Kuroo loves

-it’s all cute and fluffy until someone stranger breaks in and kidnaps Kuroo and puts a sack on his head

-Kuroo’s fuckin freaking out because 1 he has no fucking idea where he’s going 2. He can’t see shit 3. He’s worried about Tsuki

-he’s dragged out the car and sat down they pull off the sack and he’s in a fucking club surrounded by his friends when the black lights go on

-Bokuto makes fun of him for the way he shrieked and his face Kuroo wanted to punch him so bad but at the same time hug him

-it didn’t take to long before shit got lit because if you don’t think Kuroo’s song is cha cha slide then you can block me

-his birthday party looks so gay it’s great glow sticks, cat ears, glitter and that paint that glows under a black light that Bokuto used to paint a dicks, flowers and cats on him

-Bokuto and Kuroo are the best twerkers because every song is their song

-he didn’t even need to convince Tsuki to go and dance with him he’s so happy

-Kenma brought Mario kart and had it installed

-only rainbow road was played it was the ultimate captain showdown

-Oikawa gave him a life size inflatable alien and a Burger King’s crown

-Daichi and Suga gave him a sushi and sea food coupon book

-Teru and Bokuto gave him birthday punches and smacked his ass just to find that one of them gave him condoms

-Lev made him a pop up card and Yaku got him a hair brush

-Tsuki got him a neko Kuroo cake and a cat plushy that looked like him

-they sang happy birthday in Spanish but horribly

-the party ended at 11

-Tsuki takes Kuroo home and asks him if he checked inside the plushy

-it has a zipper that opens to a envelope that contained some very special coupons~

-they both stay up watching movies eating cake and end up falling asleep on the couch

-“happy birthday Tetsurou” Kei kisses a sleeping Kuroo and goodnight