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Gen 6 Teaser: Knox [I will be making a master post of these later on]

She was a true beauty. A work of art. A girl like no other Knox had ever laid eyes on. She smiled, but her eyes told him everything he had needed to know. She wasn’t happy. At least, not truly. Not here. She reached her long fingers out and beckoned for Knox to join her. “Knox, come here please.” Her gentle voice carried through the breeze and he knew just sitting here with her would get him into trouble. But he didn’t care. Gently, he let himself drop to the same ground she sat so poised on. 

“I…” But he was at a loss for words. What could he say to her? Sorry? This was his fault. Would she accept his apology?

She leaned over and placed her index finger over his lips and shook her head. it was enough to get him to stop talking. Knox hated being silent. He hated not being able to express himself and get another person to understand how he was feeling. He loved talking. He was going to apologize, but settled on a very neutral “Hello.”

“Hi,” She said kindly. “It’s good to see you again. I thought you had left.”

Knox shook his head and straightened his legs out to get comfortable. “I couldn’t leave yet. There are things I still need to do.”

“But…” It was his turn to silence her. But he didn’t have to say anything, just look at her. She knew he didn’t want to talk about it. She knew a lot of things, Knox resolved. So much. 

“Then…it wouldn’t be too much trouble for you to visit me, would it?” She tilted her head in wonder as Knox nervously plucked at the grass growing from the ground. “Please?”

Knox looked up, releasing the loose pieces of grass from his hand and nodded solemnly. Yes, he would come back to visit her every chance he could get. 

Cleopatra Torres was made by @blythelyre.


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”



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Sign of the times + Rain
Harry Styles
Sign of the times + Rain

Remember everything will be alright

We can meet again somewhere

Somewhere far away from here



This causes this.

If Soul hasn’t mentioned Tale/Fell ot4 WHICH JUST INCLUDED ALL MY TOP THREE OTP this cursed image won’t even be born.

BONUS - Soul also ask me about who will be Kustard son(s) and this is what I gave:

(PS: I named the last image “the fluff and the fucc” though) Come fight my theory I have guns

Andrómede, 1886

Andrómede. Pronouncing your name has this magic ‘no-sé-qué’, it’s like the tip of my tongue can suddenly make wonders and my lips get together at the middle of the nominal into an eager kiss