a beautiful stranger tall and fair


Kristoff being adorable  ≥︺‿︺≤


“I suddenly see him standing there, a beautiful stranger tall and fair.”

So there is the same kind of post I’ve seen where people like to compare the Kristanna meeting to the idealised meeting Anna has when meeting her prince. And as much as I absolutely love all of those gif sets and love relating different parts of the movie together, sadly this analysis is going to be going against those beautiful interpretations.

Kristanna is definitely my favorite Disney couple. Like ever. And that’s because they are so real. And yes sorry Tangled fans, even though pairing up a theif and a princess was a pretty big step for Disney, a real relationship takes everything to the next level.

Kristoff and Anna don’t meet in the usual cliche way (love at first sight) or even any kind of cliche way. They just meet in a small shop, like how anyone could meet anyone in a small conveniant store. And they don’t hate eachother at first sight either like some of those romantic comedies, they are just confused by one another. Kristoff one one hand is huge, and completely covered in snow, not to mention that he looks like a big scary snow monster. Anna, on the other hand, is dressed in a summer royal dress. Why would a royal want to travel this far in only her summer dress? They just don’t understand eachother. They don’t really talk to eachother much either. It’s just like someone telling you to move over because there is something they want to get behind you. It’s really typical stuff.

And that is why this meeting is special. It’s not a huge pivotal moment, it’s not magical, it doesn’t have any sparks. And that is why it’s freaking brilliant. Because it’s so normal. So casual. It’s basically telling you that you don’t have to fall on a guy to meet your true love, you don’t have to see him and love him at first sight. Your true love could be that guy who told you to move over because you were blocking the milk cartons at the grocery store.

And that is why I don’t think that the creators wanted us to match Anna’s idealisations and this scene together. Because this scene is meant to show us and her that you don’t have to meet him in the most romantic way. You maybe won’t be fetchingly draped against the wall, or suddenly see him standing there. And maybe you won’t laugh and talk that evening.

Because what really matters isn’t how you meet someone, what matters, is what you feel towards that someone in the future.

Credits to sorryblondie for the gifs and annaandkristoffbjorgman for being so sweet to post some other gifs even though I didn’t use them. I may have just gotten an idea for those ones so don’t worry, they’ll be showing up soon.