a beautiful mess live on earth

This world is a beautiful place. People are amazing. Good is all around us and we all desperately want to embrace it. Everyone just wants to be happy and live with peace of mind. I really hope I’m alive one day to see this tranquility and to see good overcome the evil cunts in this world. Because shit is so unfair for the majority of the world and it doesn’t need to be like this. We as people are all bonded and connected, we should be looking after this earth and living amongst each other peacefully. Nothing else makes sense. Chasing after man made concepts and destroying the beauty around us for what, what do we truly gain? Nothing. The oceans are dirty, the air is polluted, the animals are becoming extinct and blood is being split over natural resources. Like wdf are we doing…? It’s all a mess.
Like the quote says.. “Only when the last tree is has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we can’t eat money”

- Meggan Roxanne

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Indications of a messy person!?

people with a lot, a lot of earth. people rebel against their own conditioning. those who rquire/express the most need/tendency for organization are those who can be 1# frazzled by it, or #2 sick of themselves and their own demands, a rebellion against self. and by the wayside, people lacking earth signs or earth emphasis, they are usually airy people, just not living in the moment or bound by anything material.

virgos can be messy. i mean, even their mess has a level of order, they are minimilists, but they can be messy, taurus probably has the greatest propensity for cleanliness because they are so sensitive to their environment and beauty. nep in the 6th… even pluto, moon, or saturn in the 6th can express backward, making someone oblivious to maintaining order and stability, a real blockage in generaitng this. im sure there are plenty others lol 


Harry Hook x fem!reader || Opposites

requested; harry hook x reader based on the song “ Tribulation ” by Matt Maeson.

Guys , I hope you do enjoy this ! It’s not editied ( I don’t really have the time) also from now and until the next week I’ll be in vacation and I won’t have time to write , so I’ll just post what I’ve already wrote !


master list

writing prompt list

• the master list might not be updated due to the fact I dont really have good WiFi while traveling !


Darling, can’t you see

I’m a broken man

With addictive tendencies

You can take a boy out of the isle, but you can’t take the isle out of him. Harry was living in Auradon for over one year now, but nothing really changed about him, except for the clothes he had to wear.

He was the only one out of his friends that didn’t give up on his wicked ways. Harry was still stealing, not paying for anything, always threatening people and occasionally hurt them, he was still himself.

Even so, (Y/N) still tried to change him, to help him be better, she thought it was her job as his girlfriend, but Harry would only get mad at her for always implying that he can change.

“ Why can’t ye just give up on the idea of me changing ?” Harry hissed, “ Ye saw who I was when I came and ye knew how broken I am, but ye still chose to be with me,”

“ I know Harry, but-”

“ Then don’t try to change me, love, this is who am I,” he said holding her hand,“ and you fell in love with the beast, not with the man you thought was behind it. ”

It wasn’t in (Y/N)’s gene to give up, if her mother would’ve gave up on her dream to have legs she wouldn’t have marry Eric, (Y/N)’s father, but only this time maybe she should let this go and just enjoy the time with her boyfriend.


And I think I love you

But I don’t ever think I can

Ever learn how to love just right

Harry was aware of the fact that he was in love with (Y/N). He knew how good she was , too good for her.

She was always kind and caring towards him, never making anything to annoy him on purpose. Harry didn’t know why she was still with him.

He even hurt her once, they were talking about their parents and the differences between them, when something inside Harry snapped.

“ Why would you say something like that about my father? At least he had one hell of an adventure as a life while your mother was basically a fish, ” Harry yelled, pushing (Y/N) away.

He didn’t realize how strong he was or how much did he push her, but the girl ended up on the floor, her head bumping into the end of the bed which caused her to groan in pain.

Harry froze, he just harmed the girl that loved him the most. The pirate could swear he saw blood dripping from (Y/N)’s head, but that wasn’t even the part the made his heart broke.

But when (Y/N)’s smiled warmly at him and said, “ Don’t worry, Harry, I’m fine, I promise,” that’s when his heart truly broke.

He was the one that hurt her, but she was the one trying to protect his feelings. Harry knew he didn’t deserve (Y/N).

He was too much of a mess, not knowing how to treat her right or how to show her love; all he knew was to cause pain and Harry didn’t want that for the beautiful princess that stood in front of him.

So run away from me

Run as far as your

Dark brown eyes can see

“ Look, (Y/N), I thought about it and we should break up,” Harry sighed

“ What? Why? Harry-”

“ I’m no good for you, (Y/N),” he said leaving.

“ That wasn’t your choice to make, Hook,” (Y/N) sobbed, “ You’re more than good for me,” she said even if she knew Harry couldn’t hear.

The truth was that Harry was afraid of the possibility of hurting her again. He knew he had a bad temper - he gets angry easily, he acts before he thinks , he says words he doesn’t mean.

It was hard for him to let her go, but Harry knew it had to be done.

(Y/N) didn’t agree; she loved the boy - no matter how he was, but after what he just said she started to run where her safe place was : the ocean.

Tears were falling from her eyes and her legs felt like if they were made out of jelly, but she couldn’t stop.

She ran until she was on a cliff, from there she jumped into the ocean, letting the cold water heal her broken heart or at least a small part of her.

Oh and I’m trying to crawl up

And burn just right

“ C'mon, Harry , you’ve been in there for hours, ” Uma complained , “ You have to get out, it was only a break up, you’ve been through worse. ”

“ Then why does it feel like I’ve lost my heart now?” Harry muttered.

He locked himself in the bathroom, not wanting to let anyone see in what state he was.

His eyeliner all over his face , his hair was a mess and his eyes were red from crying. He had never , ever , experienced such heartbreak coming from a break up.

If the earth would swallow him, he’d be finally at peace, but that didn’t happen. He only started to feel worse , remembering all the memories with the beautiful girl.

Oh and all the ways you won’t bend

Are the only ways I live my life

Harry was reckless, while (Y/N) was calculating her every action and decision.

(Y/N) was calm, Harry was wild.

Harry couldn’t give up his bad habits - stealing , threatening , hurting , insulting , breaking ; while these things were the ones (Y/N) despited the most.

He was everything she ever feared - but not even once since they’ve met (Y/N) said anything about it. On the other hand, she truly loved him for who he was even if Harry wasn’t aware.

They were opposites and opposites do attract.

I think I’m better on my own

But I’m so obsessed with you

When Harry got out of the bathroom he found (Y/N) waiting for him. The girl , still soaked wet from jumping into the ocean, ran to him and hugged Harry tightly.

“ I’m not giving up on us, on you, not now, not ever,” she smiled, “ you shouldn’t either.

Coffee Stains. | Park Jinyoung

Genre: Slight angst and fluff
Word Count: 1.2K
Format: Imagine
Summary: You accidentally spilled coffee on Jinyoung’s white shirt while doing your makeup in the bathroom. Jinoyung gets very upset and yells at you, making you cry and leave the house to go to Youngjae’s. Jinyoung oversees you and Youngjae and gets even more mad, but how will he take it out on you this time?

A/N: I’m sorry this and the others are taking so long! I don’t have any motivation, and I am busy with other things. Recently I was involved in a car accident and it was nothing serious, but it has made my back hurt. I hope you all understand and hopefully you enjoy this

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Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon, Aries rising

Aries- Immensely selfish and always got their own back(not that it is a bad thing, I find it very self sufficient). They can be naive at times, and adventurous, loud, and very hot headed( meanwhile the fellow Cardinal sign Capricorn freaks out behind him deeming him “immature to the highest degree” Aries retorts by flipping him off while walking off into the distance). Moreover, having an Aries rising, I can be very obnoxiously angry for absolutely everything, even though I usually get over it in 3-4minutes. Many times I have tried to keep grudges but it has always proved literally impossible, it was always something about being too bored to keep the grudge going on or being too over it and onto the next to keep obsessing. Overall, Aries natives love to look ahead, they hate looking back into the past and contemplating; They feel they will get nowhere this way. I have found they need a great amount of mental and/or emotional stimulation to keep them coming back to people (much like Scorpio), they tend to like being independent more and don’t really know how to deal with a partner(s).

Taurus- Extremely chill. Obsessed with luxury and comfortable lifestyles. So comforting. Hell, even complete strangers would be fine hanging with these guys. I see this sign as the most earthy sign there is; Fixed signs tend to portray the highest form of the element so since Taurus is a fixed sign they would exhibit the highest form of earth compared to the other earth signs Capricorn and Virgo. Taurus Venus tends to be beautiful af like Lana del Rey for example and Taurus Mars tends to be overly sensual and obsessed with good clothes( not too gaudy, more traditional), good food, and getting reactions out of love interests and just straight up messing with them so they can replay their little darling’s reaction in their head over and over again. Overall, Taurus tends to make an object out of everyone and everything in their lives and treats the world as if it was their own shopping mall or trading center, maybe even they are their own object in their own eyes….who knows???

Gemini- SO CURIOUS!!! Yet they have an attention span of a 4 year old. I love Gemini natives because they are so open minded when it comes to learning unlike most other signs. My best friend was a Gemini sun with a libra moon so I am usually get along very well with them. I really appreciate how mentally stimulating they are, I tend to enjoy roaming around and talking with them. Usually guys with Gemini Venus tend to like girls regardless of looks making them pretty real despite Gemini stereotypes of being fake.

Cancer- C for Comfortable much like Taurus natives; making cancer and Taurus my second favorite zodiac couple. Though personally one other adjective I would use to describe them would be adorable. Cancers are fucking adorable in my opinion, then again that might just be because of my Capricorn moon and cancer IC. Cancers usually try really hard to feel comfortable and bring a sense of home to any enviornment you put them in. They are manipulative however when they feel insecure, much like their fellow water sign Scorpio. They also are obsessed with their emotions aka moon sign so if you find a cancer with say a Virgo moon you will find this person to exhibit the deepest most organic traits of a Virgo. But on a more negative note, because I have a Capricorn moon I tend to find them to be overly emotional and highly impractical at times, I usually obsess over protecting these frail nymphs for this reason, especially if they have their moon in a water or earth sign.

Leo- LEOS ARE SO MUCH FUN!!! Most find it annoying how self centered they are but i just find it really funny. They are like a bundle of sunshine. They can light up the day of even some emo dude sitting in the corner complaining about the world. They are fun as long as you don’t burst their bubble: their super ego. Their ego might not be as big as a scorpio’s or as small as a Pisces’s/Virgo’s but regardless it is still there and it is highly sensitive. Leo natives might hide their vulnerability and fragility but it is always LITERALLY ALWAYS there and conveniently it is all surrounded by their giant bulb of ego light from which they shine through.

Virgo- I love Virgo’s, they are all hot to me regardless of how they look like. They are so cute and nitpicky. I have a Virgo Mars so I am usually ok with any sort of nagging. I hate to admit it but many times I find myself nagging about absolutely everything. I don’t usually do it to annoy others however, i usually do it to help them become better. Virgo’s are obsessed with retaining their purity at all costs. Why? It makes them feel clean. They tend to get disillusioned and addicted to the details, unlike Pisces who gets disillusioned by the big picture.

Libra- THEY ARE SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! They are the most harmonizing people you will ever meet. Most have beautiful features and are complemented or don’t get complimented enough and have an inescapable need to gain more compliments. They are frustratingly indecisive however. They can also be artificial when they obsess over pleasing others too much; They usually do this when it gets harder to make friends or partners. They can also suffer from laziness such as the other Venus ruled sign: Taurus. Yet regardless, I find them immensely beautiful, even if not physically.

Scorpio- I love scorpios, almost as much as I love capricorns and Virgos. I love them mainly because of their lack of superficiality. They have so much depth and I always find myself lost inside it yet undeniably chained to it. Although that may be because of the fact that I have Venus Conjunct Pluto with orb of 0 and not to mention my Sun, Venus, and Pluto all in my 8th house ruled by Scorpio. Regardless, I find them all curious about others yet retaining their subtlety by being immensely hidden regarding their curiosity and what they find mentally and emotionally stimulating. Overall, Scorpio natives are sexy af the end.

Sagittarius- Sag natives are all extremely attractive to me. They have an insatiable sense of adventure that I just find exhilarating. It is any Sag girls dream to find a Sagittarian man who is willing to take them on a long adventure across the world. Sagittarius’s are blunt, yet I still fail to see anything wrong in that. I find them to be honest. I also find them having a habit of trying to look bigger than they are, making them seem ambitious. They love to act grandiose like a leo and jump into life like an Aries but unlike those other fire signs, Sagittarius natives tend to be much more optimistic and patient to go through the hardships of life. They lack the Leo super ego and the Aries “bitch get out the way” rudeness. Ultimately, I love how they obsess over adventure and I can relate, being a Sagittarius myself.

Capricorn- Capricorn’s I feel most comfortable with and used to. That may be because of my capricorn moon that I can’t help but find their pessimism and practicality almost soothing like a lullaby. I also find myself uncontrollably attracted to them. To me, every aspect of them is beautiful in the most purest way. I idealize their structure and wish there was a way I could heal all of their sorrows. I would gladly give myself to help any Capricorn, that is my weakness. Regardless, I cannot deny that I tend to find them intimidating, I find their demands to be harsh at times (moon square Saturn). But I nevertheless, love them immensely, I find them to be perfection in every way. However, that all may be because of my moon Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.

Aquarius- I find them strange. I find scorpios most unique with Aquarius making a close second. They are all fun to hang around and I really REALLY appreciate how detached they are. They don’t smother you yet sometimes I must admit I find their detachment somewhat cold. Aquarius is a super chill sign though. They never take things to heart and always put faith in humanity no matter how incompetent they may feel them to be, they make it almost a responsibility to care for them, much like Capricorn takes responsibility to care for their family and themselves. My father has an Aquarius moon and he is the most chill guy when it comes to dealing with people. He never gets too attached to anyone and never once obsessed over gossiping about others, he likes to spend his time elsewhere learning random and shocking things on national geographic or perusing criminal minds instead. But when he does get asked his opinion regarding gossip he is able to give a full analysis on the psychological situation and motives of all people involved. (which I find literally psychic, almost like a water sign.)

Pisces- I find them fragile and in a constant state of euphoria, looking at the rest of the signs and world with a compassionate and “I’ve been there before” look in their eyes. Whenever I see a Pisces native they are always fighting for something bigger than themselves much like Sagittarius. The only difference would be the emotionally surrendering way they flow through life. They are extremely tolerant with pain, yet unlike a Scorpio who would immediately shut down and become suspicious of everyone, Pisces tends to take it all in, making them the most tolerant sign in the zodiac. They will tolerate anything you throw at them and only give you love in the end, making them the hands down perfect soulmate for a Scorpio, Capricorn, and any other sign that wears thick and rough skin around their sensitive hearts.

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How would the ndrv3 boys react to seeing their s/o supposedly "dead" because another student tried to murder them, but as their freaking out, someone yells that they're still alive >:3c ((lol u can decide if s/o lives or dies,,, sorry if this breaks any rules!!)

I like the way you think.

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You think subconsciously,
you’ve always known you weren’t straight.
Boys with captivating eyes,
girls with breathtaking smiles,
and a heart that raced for miles
then would cease.

You shoved it deep within you,
and when little thoughts would slip—
unwanted thoughts that made
your skin feel too tight and
your face warm in embarrassment —
you’d lock them further away until you
could live in a make believe
you convinced yourself was real.

Your father was and is a man
who you look up to.
Sweet, loving, assertive, and brave;
he is the hero every little girl trusts to fight the monster that lurks under her bed.
But when you’re nine years old and his word
means everything to you, when his girlfriend, a woman who loves both men and women, breaks his heart and he comes home and scoffs: “Bisexual isn’t even real. Just pick one.”
you can’t help but etch those words into your mind until they burn into your whole being.
For if your hero condemns it ,
then there must be something wrong with it,
and by extension,
something wrong with you.

Are you the real monster?: circle y or n.

One warm, summer day,
you’re seven years old
and halt halfway down the steps.
You linger and watch on
as your father and his best friend jokingly
proclaim their love for one another.
You’re confused because you think a father
can only love a mother,
so you giggle: “A man can’t love a man!”
They both turn to you,
the joking atmosphere evaporating,
leaving behind a silence so heavy
it’s crushing.
“Of course he can.”
They say.
“A man can love a man as a friend,”
They say.
“And a man can love a man as something more.”
So if a man can love a man,
and a man can sure as hell love a woman,
why is it wrong for him to love both?

Answer: It isn’t

At ten years old, you’re drawn
to a girl with a quiet nature.
Her eyes are a hodgepodge of warm greens,
ocean blue, and damp earth,
and you can’t help but stare as she takes in
the surroundings you’ve both been plopped into.
Her hair is a mess of auburn waves,
her skin is splotched red from discomfort.
A voice inside of you
whispers about her beauty and
you convince yourself that you stare
because you wish you looked more like her.

You read a stupid book you hate but it’s one that she always has her face buried in. You read it to have something to talk to her about: circle y or n

At twelve, it gets harder to live in the fairytale you’ve built for yourself.
You can accept that Santa Claus,
that the Tooth Fairy,
and any of those fables you were fed
are all make believe, but you’re adamant
on hanging on to your one last play pretend.
There is a girl with cropped hair
and a dangerous smirk to match
who makes your heart stop.
She is your first middle school crush
and you spend the rest of those days hating her.

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false: You never hated her, you hated yourself.

There is a boy with midnight black hair
and coffee brown eyes who makes you smile.
He makes your stomach knot in tangles
and when he looks at you, you swear you feel
the world stop and hear the birds sing.
When you think of the innocence of first love,
your mind always flashes to him, even though
he was never yours and you were never his.
But it was something.
He was something.
You two were nothing and
everything at the same time,
and to this day, you still smile
when you think of him.

Was it love?:
A. Yes
B. No
C. You’re not sure

She is aggressive, harsh, tactile,
and you want to vomit because everyone
assumes a) she likes you or b) you’re dating.
You hate her but you’re drawn to her
like a moth is drawn to a flame.
She is as vibrant as fire and just as dangerous,
for while the boy with midnight black hair
freezes the earth, she burns everything
she touches; including you.
One of the only times you’re alone together,
you get into a wrestling match that ends
with her pinning your arms above your head,
and you swear every cell inside of you
has caught ablaze.

The day when you get accused for liking her too, you’re too quick in denying it. Your face burns too hot for your lie to fly under the radar and your companion teases you. Was that the moment when the illusion began to shatter for good?: circle y or n

Fourteen is a year where you
“Like boys but would totally make out with a girl”
It’s okay, it’s normal; adolescence
is a time for experimentation.
It is a lie and deep down inside you know it,
but it isn’t until you’re fifteen
that you admit to yourself who you are.
When will you admit so out loud?

Answer: when you’re almost seventeen

You tell your friends what you’ve worked
so hard to kill and you regret it.
When your best friend sleeps over,
her boyfriend forbids her from sleeping
in the same bed as you.
Her response?
“I think she’s more into dick.
She probably just wants to get laid.”

When she tells you about this conversation with a slight laugh, you feel disappointed, betrayed, hurt, and uncertain: circle y or n

You accidentally come out to your father
in the back of some cab
in the middle of some city.
It’s mortifying that the first real time
you say those words out loud,
they’re spoken in front of a perfect stranger
and someone whose opinion you hold dear.
You already know,
that despite the heartbreak driven comments
he made all those years ago,
he’ll love you no matter what.
He does.

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false: you always knew your sexuality wouldn’t matter to him, but it mattered to you.

Your first kiss is with a girl
who has become one of your best friends,
but who you will soon stop talking to.
She kisses your other friends,
then she kisses you,
and you’re surprised but amused,
even though you’re in the presence of
a chunk of the student body.
For the first time, you don’t really care
what outsiders may have to say
because being in your friends’ presence
is like being wrapped in a security blanket,
protecting you from the judgement
of the outside world.

Do you regret it now?:
A. No
B. No
C. No

Your best friend has a new boyfriend
who claims: “If given the opportunity,
[she and you] would screw.”
By opportunity, he means if she weren’t straight,
and he already knows that you aren’t;
even though you’ve never told him.
He thinks that girls,
who like other girls,
always pine after their friends.
You want to laugh at the absurdity,
but most of all, you want to cry.
This ignorance, this misconception,
this dehumanization of those who
weren’t born heterosexual,
makes you want to tear your own hair out
and scream until you can’t.

You want to burn everything around you
in a way that matches the inferno of rage
that has been ignited inside: circle y or n

You are almost nineteen
when you write this poem.
There will always be people
who make you feel less than,
and it’s always going to hurt most
when it’s someone you expect more from.
But even if this world,
if many of those who inhabit it,
makes you feel wrong
for something that feels right,
you have friends who love and accept you
and a father who does too.
So really, are those ignorant few
worth wishing you had lived a lie
for the rest of your life;
hating and hiding and miserable?

Answer: They aren’t.


Life is an endless test of true and false, and sometimes, there are no right or wrong answers.


I’m leaving this here until I can write a detailed oneshot later but this has been begging to be written all day so

-remus and sirius move in together in this cute little house

-and the upstairs is full of boxes and crap and it just reminds them of all the shit they have to get done

- it exhausts them just looking at the mess

- they decide that they want to spend a day or two fixing up the basement as a relaxation space. 

-sirius puts multicolored lights on the ceiling, like little stars

-remus brings the record player and a crate of records

-they get a big couch and cover it in pillows and blankets so that they can be all warm and cuddle

-so one night, they’re dancing slowly to a jamie cullum jazz record

-and they’re close, just swaying, enjoying the heat from the space heater

-sirius whispers the lyrics in remus’ ear and sirius has the voice of an angel ok remus loves it when sirius sings

- and sirius just thinks his little moony looks so pretty with his curls all in his face and the twinkle in his eye from the lights

-remus is just intoxicated on their proximity, he’s absolutely positively transfixed on sirius. he would follow him to the ends of the earth.

-they’ve been together for years, but every time they get to be alone it’s like they had just fallen in love

- remus can feel sirius’ pulse, this boy is alive, a living being, a living being that had somehow trusted him with his heart

-and remus,he always blushes like a little boy and sirius absolutely loves it. he’s almost two heads taller than sirius’ but he was just an absolute mess in front of him. he is so fucking beautiful, it’s hard for sirius to stand upright most days

-all that exists is this moment and sirius’ whispers, remus’ blush, and their touches, subtle like snowfall.

-it was quiet all around them but inside their bodies were whole storms and tornadoes of feelings, lightening strikes full of electricity

- that’s just how they felt about each other

-their love was a beautiful disaster


History: The Gods and Kartoffal

The world of Alethrion is a land of magic and adventure. Long ago, a group of mysterious creatures who loved to create and invent all sort of things through magic came to these lands. These creatures didn´t age and were called gods. They had tons of ideas which they created this was how forests, oceans, planes, heavens and tons of creatures took shape. They were proud of what they had put in the world but one day when a god, called Humun, created the human - an intelligent creature with the ability to create too - all the other gods got amazed and a bit jealous!

The gods started to compete against each other trying to come up with the best creations. The gods who couldn´t come up with anything got frustrated and started to create things killed and destroyed the other gods´ creations. This resulted in a world in chaos. Monsters 20 feet tall, lands of thunder, earthquakes and overpowered magical weapons started to fill the lands.

The gods suddenly stopped up and saw what they had done to the beautiful land. They stopped the creations and didn´t know how to clean up this mess. They blamed Humun guilty of all this. They banished him far underneath earth to a prison where he couldn´t make another mistake. The other gods went to the north and settled in Tolkan living in isolation from the horror outside. They started to get lazy, sophisticated and escaped their bad conscience by creating the Mirror of Truth reminding them of how great they were for creating the world in the first place.

The lands outside were getting destroyed by monsters fighting each other. Comet showers filled the oceans and dragons fought giants on top of human villages. The humans needed help and didn´t understand why the gods had gone and why their prayers weren´t heard. This all ended with the Age of Heroes.

Alethrion was the first one to start saving people. He was so frustrated because of the fact that one of the gods had destroyed his home town. The god was called Kahltofal and hadn´t isolated himself in the north. Kahltofal was the creator of desserts and everywhere he went he turned life into sand trying to start fresh with a clean land. Alethrion killed Kahltofal in an epic battle and received a lot of powers by doing so. When he had revenged his hometown all the other villages that would have been the next targets of Kahltofal started to reward him greatly with fame and gold. When there was no more for Alethrion to do in the desert of Kartoffal he moved on to the next part of the world wanting more gold and success. The gnomes of Dunbar created Alethrion´s Chest of Holding and gave it to Alethrion as a gift of gratitude, it could hold an infinite amount of treasures without getting heavier than a normal chest.  

The desert was named after Kahltofal but through the years the name changed and became Kartoffal. Not many know what is on the other side of Kartoffal. It is a desert so big that it splits the lands of Alethrion and another land apart. It is also said that the desert is magically alive and takes you to where it pleases. Only the gnomes of Kartoffal know how to deal with the desert and get to the other side safely.

Support the Kickstarter for the series Tales of Alethrion HERE!

See the film, The First Hero, HERE!

We’ve been counting down the days until #1 New York Times bestseller of the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series Richelle Mead’s SOUNDLESS comes out all summer, and the moment is almost here! It’s gorgeous, romantic, magical…and a standalone. Before you have a bookish panic attack, read this – because even though everyone loves binge-reading series, there are PLENTY of legit reasons that standalones totally rock:

1. They respect your shelf space.

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Chances are there are limited vacancies on your bookshelf, and the standalone recognizes that: it asks for no more than one spot to live in, and never brings along a +1 sequel to squeeeeze in to this already packed party. So. Considerate.

2. They don’t mess with your expectations.

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When you decide to read a standalone, you’re signing up for a very special feeling: that pulse-pounding feeling of anticipation and excitement as you feel the dwindling final pages in your fingers, wondering HOW on earth this story is going to wrap up because IT HAS TO, THIS IS A STANDALONE!!

3. OTP Status: Lockdown.

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Have you ever read a series where the beautiful love story from the first book totally unraveled? The couple you’d shipped long and hard for and that finally got together at the end of book 1 dissolved because some new, imposter love interests arrived later in the series, severing the threads of your belief in true love in fiction AND in life? No worries, with a standalone, your OTP lives happily in love in a single book.

4. They’re portable.

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Ok for real, have you ever wondered what on EARTH you would do with your bookshelf in the case of an emergency? If there were a fire and you could only take ONE book with you? You can’t take one from a series, because obviously the universe would implode. And so awaits the standalone, a compact, complete story in one book prepared to go with you to the ends of the earth.

5. The characters are safe from particularly feisty authors.

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We’ve all felt the burn of an author who decided the best way to write a series was in a way that would string your heart out on a line to dry. You know that feeling of partially dreading the next book because you just know someone’s going to die? Not so with the standalone. Every character who was supposed to die has already left the picture and been mourned over appropriately in book 1.

6. They encourage a healthy reading metabolism

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Warning: binge-reading can often result in a book burnout. The standalone is the perfect palate cleanser to get you back on track and refreshed before you dive into your next series.

7. Closure.

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Sometimes you just want to feel SOME semblance of completeness in your heart. Maybe you can’t see into the future to answer the eternal question of what will happen in YOUR life, but at least you can enjoy SOMEONE’S story in a book.

So admit it, standalones are an integral part of a reader’s life. Your next choice? SOUNDLESS comes out on November 10 but you can start reading it here!

And get your copy of SOUNDLESS here!

oh this gorgeous earth

Oh this beautiful, jaw dropping, makes you feel oh so small earth we are so blessed to live on. I want to swim in all the oceans, feel the crisp & cool mountain air, soak up the tropics, climb the mountains, go for as many walks as possible, keep on finding unexpected beauty, and stock up on frequent flier miles while seeing all that it has to offer.

So, let’s all do something to help it stay beautiful, instead of messing it all up.

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“Here we are!” Symbolic lyrics from “A Beautiful Mess” which I wrote back in 2007 with Raining Jane, an LA based indie band whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with for many years now.

If you haven’t heard already, myself and Raining Jane have teamed up to make an entirely new album together. This new album, titled ‘YES!’ containing songs about love, friendship, healing, hope, and consciousness – is NOW finally ready for your ears!

I am very pleased and very proud to announce that ‘YES!’ will be released on July 15 and is now available for pre-order on JasonMraz.com. But you don’t have to wait until then to hear it…

Check out the info below that my amazing team and I have put together and get ready to experience the beauty of YES!

Visit JasonMraz.com every Monday for a glimpse at what this record is all about. Each week we’ll be premiering a video of a new song from the album, recorded live with Raining Jane at The Om Studio on my avocado ranch. Pre-order ‘YES!’ on iTunes and you’ll also receive a download of a new track from the album every Monday.

We start with “Love Someone.” Watch our live performance exclusively on Facebook later today and download the album version by pre-ordering ‘YES!’ on iTunes.

Beginning today you can also choose from several beautiful ‘YES!’ packages on JasonMraz.com, including some extra special items that will only be available for our pre-order. Every package includes the JasonMraz.com pre-order exclusive track “Details in the Fabric [Live]” recorded on tour with Raining Jane.

And speaking of tour… YES! We’ll be touring across the U.S. later this summer before heading to Europe, Asia, and Australia in the fall and South America in 2015. Stay tuned for a special announcement next month.

When Raining Jane and I originally penned “A Beautiful Mess,” we had no idea we would ever be where we are now. But we certainly dreamed it, evident in the lyric, “We will fly like birds not of this earth.” This is truly how we feel right now in this shared experience, so much so that the new album cover donning 5 birds reflects that and is dedicated to our ongoing journey together. We thank you for being a part of this. And we thank you for lifting us up.

Welcome to the Summer of YES!

In joy,