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When I was old enough to move out I would. I hated being at the house because my parents would just fight and scream. I moved into a small apartment with a roommate, I didn’t know who he was but it was a big mistake living with him. He thought he controlled me since I was the female and he was the one mostly paying the bills. I stayed mostly at school because I hated going home just like before. I just needed an escape from my reality and I found that in music. I found this local band that just got their big break. They were linked up with Disney and I knew once the world heard them they would blow up big. R5 was my safe place, it’s weird to say that, but they were the best thing in my life. My reality was pretty bad, so I needed something to take it away. I never wanted to be in the situation that I was in but I had no way to get out of it. I was sitting at the kitchen table and just was on my laptop looking at different things. I found myself looking at the R5 website and I saw that they were doing a concert that was near where I lived at. I knew I had the money to go, but that real question was would Josh allow me to go.

I looked at the time and I needed to clean the house before Josh got home. I shut my computer down and started cleaning the house before starting dinner. When he walked into the house I was placing the food on the table. I knew that this wasn’t a way to live my life, but I just didn’t want to cause an issue. I wasn’t afraid of Josh but I just didn’t want to make him mad so I just did what he wanted me to do. “See your learning, ” he said as he sat down at the table. “Uh huh, ” I said as I sat down. “Cut that turn out right now, ” he said. “I’m sorry, I made your favorite” I said. “And thank you, ” he started to eat. As soon as we finished eating I went to wash the dishes and he went onto my computer. “Why are you so obsessed with this band?” he asked. “Because they are good, ” I said. “I don’t really like crappy boy bands which they are” he said. “They have a girl so it’s not a boy band” I said. “Still, they look crappy” he said. “You never heard them” I said. “I know what I would like and they aren’t yet” He said. “Well, you never know until you try” I said. “No ill pass, ” he said. “They have a concert in downtown I was wondering if we could go” I said. “You can go, ” he said. “You would really allow me to go alone?” I asked. “Hell no but you will stay close to me and when I say we leave we are going to leave” he said. “Ok, ” I said as I nodded my head. “Get tickets, when is it?” he asked. “This weekend” I said. “Alright, I guess so, ” He said as he rolled his eyes. “Thank you, ” I said as I hugged him. “If I get that response we can go anywhere you want” He said with a slight laugh. “I just really like them and I want to go see them” I said as I grabbed my laptop. I went back onto the site and booked our tickets, I was beyond happy as I was going to see my idols. The week started to go by slowly because I couldn’t wait until Saturday. Things started to get rough with Josh and I and he started to get abusive again. I tried to be on his good side, but it was tough because he was always angry. “Are you getting ready?” I asked. “Ready for what?” he asked. “The concert is tonight” I said. “Oh, that” he said as he rolled his eyes. “Yeah, you said we could go, ” I said. “Yeah, but you was not wearing that” He said. “What’s wrong with it?” I asked. “You want to be a slut?” he asked. “This skirt isn’t that bad, ” I said. “Change now” He said. “Why, ” I asked. He got up placing his hands around my neck and pushing me to the wall. “Because I SAID SO” he said.“Ok, ok, ” I said as I struggled to breath. He pushed me down, I got up and went to change and came back out with jeans on. “That’s better, ” he said. “Yeah, ” I said. “Put a scarf on” He said. “Ok, ” I said as I went back in the room. I came out once again and we finally left the house and we were off to the concert. I stayed quiet while we were driving because I didn’t want to make him mad and I really wanted to go to this concert. We finally got to the venue and I was the first one out of the car which might of been a bad idea. “Why are you so in a rush?” he asked as he grabbed my arm tight. “I’m not just wanted to get some fresh air” I said. “Act normal or when we get home, you will get it, ” he said as he kept his grip on my arm. “Everything is fine, ” I said with a fake smile. “There we go, now come on, ” he said as we started to walk towards the venue. We got into the venue and went straight to our seats. “Sit your ass down right now, ” he said as he pushed me down in my seat. “Thank you, ” I said as I fought back the tears. “Smile!” he said. “Thank you love, ” I said with a smile. R5 was doing soundcheck and I tried to be happy but it was hard to because of how Josh was acting.

“How is everyone doing today?” Ross asked. There were a few people that where there early and yelled back at him. “What about you?” he asked as he looked towards me. “Im fine” I said as I looked up at him. “Come up here really quickly?” Ross said. “Sure” I said as I got up and went on stage. “Are you ok?” he whispered in my ear. “Yea I am” I said. “Ill catch up with you later?” he asked. “Maybe” I said as I went back to my seat. The concert went on as planned and towards the end Josh got up and grabbed my arm. He pulled me out of the venue and started to get rough with me. “What did I do?” I asked. “You bought me here to this bullshit concert” he said. I felt his hand go across my face as I fell down to the ground, before he grabbed my someone stopped him. “Excuse me” Rocky said. “Stay out of it” Josh said. ‘No! She doesn’t deserve this" Ross said. “It has nothing to do with you” Josh said. Rydel helped me up and she helped me get away from the boys. “You can beat on a women because your not man enough to fight me” Riker said as he got into Josh’s face. “Look pretty boy back off” Josh said. “No! you dont like it uh? When someone gets in your face” Riker said. “Back off” Josh said. “NO! bring it!” Riker said. “Hes not worth it, he’s just a little boy” Ross said as he walked towards where I was. “Are you ok?” Rydel asked as she handed me a tissue. “Yea im fine” I said. “It looks like she needs stitches” Ross said as he tilted my chin so he could look at my bruises. “You want to take her?” Rydel asked. “Yea ill take her” Ross said as he placed his jacket over my shoulders and guided me to his car. “I’m fine, you don’t have to do this, ” I said as I got into his car. “You don’t deserve that, ” he said. “Thank you, ” I said as I sat back. He closed the door and got into the car from the other side and he took me to the hospital. I ended up getting stitches on my cheek as well as my lip because when Josh hit me his ring cut my cheek really deep. “I’m going to take you to a hotel, ” he said. “Ross you don’t have to, ” I said. “I want to so don’t worry about it, ” he said as he took me to the hotel room. “Thank you, ” I said. “It’s not a problem, he had no right to do that” He said. “It’s nothing new, ” I said. “Well, it won’t happen again, ” he said as he grabbed my hand. I looked at him and I could just tell that he wouldn’t allow me to go back to Josh or allow me to be hurt. It was good to finally feel safe, it has been a while since I felt safe but I loved the feeling. “Thank you so much, ” I said. “Stop saying that, ” he said. “It’s good to feel safe” I said. “And you are safe, ” he said as he sat down next to me. I nodded my head as I looked at him, a little part of me was dying because I was in the same room with the guy that saved me before he even knew me. “Can’t believe im here with you, ”“ I said. "Don’t look at me as a celebrity, im just a normal guy” he said. “I’ll try” I said with a smile. “"There’s a smile, ” he said. “Well, I haven’t been happy in a while, ” I said. “You should always have a smile on your face because you are beautiful” He said. “Thank you, ” I said as I started to blush. “Did I do that” he said with a laugh. “I should get some sleep” I said. “Alright Ill check on you tomorrow” he said. “I would like that” I said as I laid back in the bed. He left my hotel room and soon after I fell right to sleep.

Within a few weeks Ross and I got a lot closer and things were getting serious between us. Even though I had to stay in a hotel it was a lot better then being at a place I was unhappy at, Ross made sure I had everything I needed. We would spend so much time together that I think his brothers were getting annoyed with us. I knew we were going out later that night so I decided to get into the shower and once I got out there was a knock on the door. “Wait a second” I said as I wrapped a towel around me before opening the door. “Hey” Ross said with a smile. “I thought we were meeting up later” I said. “Just thought I would check on you” he said. “Oh, I just got out of the shower” I said. “I noticed that” He said as he kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kept the kiss between us, he placed his hands on my hips as he pulled me closer to him. He pushed us back towards the bed as he laid me down, getting over the top of me allowing my towel to be open. “Beautiful” He said as he moved his lips down to my neck. I ran my hand through his hair as I started to moan. He moved his lips down to my collar bone driving me crazy as I played with his shirt. With a short few moves his shirt came off as I moved my hands down to his pants. He got up and took off his pants and boxers before moving back over top of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he moved between my legs. “Are you ready?” he asked as he placed his lips against mine. “Yes, ” I said as I held him close to me. He moved his hand down to his member and started to rub his tip against my clit before sliding himself into me. He pushed himself fully into me and started to move in and out of me. I moved my hips towards his as he started to pick up the pace as he moved within me. Our moans filled the room as our bodied, moved as one. I ran my hand down his chest as I gripped his hips. He kept thrusting into me as we both moved our hips towards each others. He started to suck on my neck as he moved his hands to my sides as he slipped himself in and out me. I arched my back and climaxed against him as soon as I did, he pushed fully into me and climaxed himself. I held him close to me as we tried to catch our breaths, he moved off of me and lay next to me. “That was amazing” He said as he pulled me close to him. “You are amazing” I said as I kissed his cheek. I pulled the blanket around us and we both fell asleep. Our relationship was growing into something we both wanted. I was falling in love with him and it was only him that I wanted. Ross was the same way with me, he didn’t want anyone else but me. I could tell that he was the one for me and I couldn’t be happier in our relationship.

Soon I moved into his place and we could finally be together all the time. It was hard living with someone but living with Ross was so easy. I guess that’s because we were in love with each other and didn’t care about each others flaws. They started to go on tour again and it was hard being away from him. I couldn’t go on tour because I went back to school and I needed to focus on my education. “Our concert is near where we first meet” he said into the phone. “Ill be there tonight, I have a surprise for you” I said. “I wonder what it is” he said. “You will love it” I said as I looked down at the positive pregnancy test in my hand. “I gotta go but ill see you later” he said. “Alright babe” I said as I hung up. I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant but I knew everything happen for a reason and I hope Ross would see it the same. I knew that we were together a short time maybe 3 months but I knew we were in love. I was late on my period that’s why I took the test but I had a doctors appointment today as well and maybe I could confirm the pregnancy. Later on that day the doctor did confirm my pregnancy and I was on my way to the concert. I didn’t need a ticket since I was dating someone in the band, so it was easy for me to get in. They were already on stage when I came in and once Ross saw me he pulled me on stage. “Everyone this is the girl that stole my heart” he said. “Ross I need to tell you something” I said. “Go ahead babe” He said. 'Ross Im Pregnant" I said. “Really?” he said as he eyes started to light up. “Yea” I said. He picked me up and held me close to him as he spun me around. “That’s amazing babe” he said as he placed me back down on the ground. “We can talk more later” I said as I walked off the stage. “Im having a baby” he said to the crowd and they all cheered. Later on that night he ran off stage and kissed me as he held me close to him. “Its a baby” I said as I showed him the ultrasound. “Wow” he said with a smile. Ross was beyond happy to have a baby and he promised nothing would change in our relationship. We were going to have a baby and we were in for the ride of our lives but we were ready. One night changed my life and even though it wasn’t how I wanted to meet Ross I wouldn’t change anything. Everything happened for a reason and I was happy my prince charming came and saved me.

R5 BSM/SSM imagine - you feel left out;

Requested on wattpad. BSM means brother-sister moment and SSM means sister-sister moment :)

You frown as your siblings all gather around the dining room table, chatting about new music. Even Ryland, who isn’t even in the band, is contributing to the conversation. You on the other hand, have nothing to add – no idea if they would even listen to you if you did speak up. Lately, you’ve been feeling so unwanted by your siblings. All they ever do now is plan out new music, concert ideas, and tour dates.

Quietly, you stand up off the couch and make your way to the stairs, going to go to your bedroom.

“Hey, Y/N,” Riker says, making your heart skip a beat. That’s the first thing he’s said to you in hours.

“Yeah?” You ask eagerly, smiling hopefully.

He points to his phone charging on the table in the hall. “Can you pass me my phone?”

Sighing in disappointment, you unplug it and then hand it to your eldest brother. “Anything else you need?”

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind a glass of water,” Ross interjects, tapping his pencil against the table.

You bite your lip and shuffle to the kitchen, returning a minute later with a small glass of cold water. Ross takes it from you and drinks half, mumbling a thanks.

“What are you working on?” You ask sheepishly, peeking over his shoulder.

He waves his hand in dismissal. “Trying to come up with lyrics. We’re kind of busy, Y/N. No offense, but I don’t need someone looking over my shoulder while I’m doing this. It’s kind of annoying.”

“Oh.” You step back. “Right, I’m sorry.” Your gaze drops to your feet and you rush to the stairs, running up to your bedroom.

“Y/N!” Rydel calls, but you don’t turn back. You shut your door loudly, trying to send them a message.

You sit on your bed and let the tears fall. “Why can’t I be like them? Why can’t I be talented and musical? All I am is a waste of space. They’ve confirmed that now.”

You sniffle and your shoulders shake as you try not to sob, though the tears still fall.

A small knock comes from your door and you quickly turn on your bed, facing away from it. “What?”

“Can I come in?” Rydel asks softly.

You shrug, then remember she can’t see you and mutter, “I guess.”

Rydel steps in and shuts the door behind her, walking over to your bed. “What’s the matter, hun?”

Shrugging you look at your lap and sniff. “Everyone’s ignoring me. Nobody ever seems to have time for me anymore or anything.”

“Oh, Y/N,” she sighs and sits next to you, gently rubbing your back. “I’m sorry we’ve been ignoring you a bit. We’ve been so busy trying to plan out the upcoming tour, and everyone wants new music soon … it’s just a really stressful time for us.”

“I know,” you mumble. “But even at meals and when you guys aren’t working, you’re all just talking amongst each other. You never try to include me.”

Rydel sighs sadly. “Y/N, I’m so sorry. We haven’t been trying to ignore you. We’re just so caught up in everything, and we don’t have much time to relax. So when we do have a bit of time off, we just like to chill. I’m really sorry we haven’t been including as much as we should.”

You shrug and sniff. “It’s alright, I guess. I’m just overreacting.”

She shakes her head and wraps an arm around your shoulders, giving you a gentle side hug. “You’re not overreacting. You’re right, we need to spend more time with you and pay more attention to you. The six of us are always together on tour and stage and everything, and you’re left out of that too. Oh, Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

You smile slightly at your sister. “Thanks, Delly.”

She gives you an apologetic smile. “How about later you and I go on a little shopping spree, then when we get home, it’s your night. You can choose the food, the board games, the movies, everything. We’re going to make it up to you, Y/N, I promise.”

Your smile grows. “Really?”

Rydel nods and smiles back at you. “Really, Y/N. You deserve it after the way we’ve been treating you – even if we didn’t mean it.”

You wrap your arms around Rydel’s waist and smile. “You’re the best sister ever, you know that?”

She shakes her head, wrapping her arms around you loosely. “I’m pretty sure that position is taken by someone named Y/N Lynch. The best little sister in the whole world.”


Fun interview at rehearsals w/ Riker & Allison and Willow & Mark is you haven’t seen it yet from Tiger Beat.