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Little Bear Blu, how do you do? © Claire O’Brien 2017

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roadtrip – kim taehyung au (m)

a/n: first time publishing a fic here on tumblr, advanced apologies if it doesn’t satisfy you. + the photo above is my edit. ☺︎

lowercase intended.

genre: fluff + smut (dom! taehyung) — 90’s au

word count: 2.4k

taehyung was adventurous. he always wanted to bring you to places he knew you’d find amusing. he introduced you to art. he taught you art wasn’t just paintings or songs or poems—it was in any form possible; you.

first destination: museum

could be any; as long as she smiles.

he writes it down the back of the map, following with a huge circle indicating a museum at the front. “as long as i smile?” i ask.

“yeah,” he smiles, “your smile is the reason for mine.” i squinch at him.

“what?” he asks, giving off his boxed smile again. “it isn’t my fault you’re that special to me,”

“it’s my fault then?” i ask.

“maybe,” he chuckles. “you’re the rose i’d do everything to keep red and fresh.”

“sweet, taehyung.”

“that’s me!” he playfully declares, pointing at himself. “but only to my girl of course.”

“hmm,” i chuckle. i kiss his cheek. “i love you.”

“i love you too.” he looks into my eyes, placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

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Bytesized Doodles 335 –  A Picnic Treat – Not your typical picnic treat, but this bear sure feels lucky!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! This is such a cute little blog. Can you do a reaction post on the hosts reacting to their SO finding out they sleep with a teddy bear because of their traumatised past?

//Thank you! I hope to keep this blog active. I’m still quite new to Tumblr so I’m still getting the hang of it all. But thank you for my first ask! It’s made me so happy! Hopefully I can do all the hosts for you ^^“\ 

 ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ Teddy Bear Imagines ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ 

 He’d be a little bit like Honey with his own brown bear, Kuma-chan. He uses his Kuma-chan as a comfort thing too so he would be completely understanding. In fact, he’d even start drawing the two teddy bears together instead of just his on his own on any notes etc. Like Honey, he would insist you use Kuma-chan if you ever lost your own teddy. But he would also scour the entire area just to find your teddy! Especially when he found out the reason behind why you are so attached to your teddy bear. “My dear Princess, you have nothing to be afraid of when you’re with me. I will keep away those night terrors. With the power of our teddies combined; we will remain safe throughout the night!” He would cry out majestically! 

He would be a little annoyed at first (especially since Tamaki and Honey do the same thing at the host club) because he expected a more ‘mature’ side from you. However, as you patiently explain to him the importance of the teddy bear, he will begin to understand. He’d even be calmly pissed (yes that’s a thing with Kyoya!) about the thought of such a lovely person having suffered something so horrific if it’s left the need to seek comfort that he can’t obviously give. When you’re lying in bed and he can feel you pat around bed for the teddy, he will quietly reach it and place it in your searching hands. Not saying a word to each other, but the mutual understanding is there. He’d still hold you (and your teddy) against him throughout the night. And yes, if you happen to go on vacation and forget your teddy, he will order the car to be turned around (or one of his service men) to go collect teddy. Naturally, he’d be annoyed. To keep up his appearance. But deep down, he’d understood. 

Expect Teddy Bear picnics with lots of cake! Honestly, Honey wouldn’t mind one bit. He’d be ecstatic that Usa-chan has a friend to sleep with too! You would all be a big sleeping ball of warm fluffy cuddles! However, Honey would cry when he heard about your traumatic past. How could anyone hurt someone so lovely!? If you ever forgot your teddy, Honey would immediately give you Usa-chan until you both could find yours. 

He would be more protective of you than you are of your teddy bear! Especially once he found out about your past trauma. Just like he does with Honey, he would always look out for you and your teddy. Making sure your teddy will always be near you and nothing happened to it. If you were ever upset, he would comfort you by wrapping his arms around you and handing your teddy to you; having both of you wrapped in his arms in a quiet, comforting embrace.

Kaoru: He’d tease you (jokingly) at first but once he found out about the seriousness of the situation, he’d understand. He’d find it quite cute and adorable seeing the two of you snuggled together on the couch or the bed. He’d probably never understand the full importance of such a stuffed bear, but he would still be understanding with you. He’d probably even snuggle your teddy if he was ever ill and missing your presence while you were away (at school or something). And on brighter days, he’d play games like ‘Come and get Teddy!’ By holding teddy up above your head, slightly out of your reach.

Hikaru: Upon seeing her curl up to your teddy rather than him, he would be annoyed and upset. After all, isn’t here there for you to seek comfort in him rather than competing against a stupid stuffed bear? Despite his obvious annoyance, you open up and tell him the reason behind it. Hikaru becomes quiet as he takes in what you said and tries to understand. He’ll probably never fully understand, but he does try and sympathises with your past trauma. Only, he’s even more annoyed now knowing that there were people out there who have hurt you. 

 Haruhi: Much like Mori, she isn’t fazed by the need of having something to self-comfort with. It really is no different to her having a preferred pen to write with. So she certainly won’t judge. She knows what it’s like to seek comfort in something when you’re scared or lonely. She would listen to you and sympathise with your past, and would take it into consideration in the future (making sure your teddy is always packed if you’re going away on holiday). Being the domesticated woman she is, she would also hand-wash teddy every now and then to help keep him clean and preserve him longer. She could only hazard a guess as to how many nights your teddy has soaked up your tears. 

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’ BONUS '・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* 

Tehe, this bumbling sweetheart wouldn’t mind if you had a teddy bear to cuddle with at night. He’d probably blush more because he thought it was the cutest! Hearing the reason behind the need for the teddy bear, he would have his gang protect you and escort you wherever you went. And he’d not only pledge to protect you, he’d also pledge to protect the teddy bear too.

//eep I’m not confident with this character! Forgive me!!!!\
He would immediately put Teddy through a welcome/pledge to the darkness kind of ritual. He would also put a curse on Teddy. A curse that is sweet in a way. The curse would be for any of those people who have or going to wrong/harm you in any way, they will be cursed. He will even lurk in the darkness to witness the consequences of the curse; to make sure that they are getting what they deserve for harming his beloved. 

akkie-will  asked:

The kids on a massive picnic

oh man this is adorable!! i’ll split it into groups so it’s more feasible 

  • the Tower of London would be such a great place to have a picnic. Apart from ravens stealing your food poor Tomoki he’s done nothing to deserve being bullied by birds. Jordan makes it a solid event by hosting it at around 6pm so the generator can be used to power fairy lights. Jordan brings a chair and listens to his people chat excitedly. Small Sam and The Kid alternate between running around and sitting on Ed’s lap. Either way they drag Ed around while he keeps thinking they’re going to choke to death because they are not chewing their food properly. Kyle and Macca spend most of their time throwing wrappers into Will’s hair but little do they know Will and Adele have been chewing huge wads of gum for 7 mins and are planning sweet, sweet vengeance. Hayden, Partha and Kinsey make the mistake of trying to run post-gorging themselves and need a Long Lie Down. 
  • it’s harder to do over at the Natural History Museum because there’s practically no grass but Kwanele gets kids to bring other cloth he doesn’t want to use to become makeshift picnic blankets and pillows. It’s a jumble but it works. Baxie get to enjoy reasonable peace as everyone seems to be behaving. Achilleus and Mick are reenacting the Just John palace duel with exaggerated sound effects to the amusement of Paddy, Jackson and a large group of kids. Justin is forced to ignore any issues and chat with Boggle, Einstein, Emily Winters and Samira. The Book Of Survival gets previewed by Ollie as Lettis reads to him in the most adorably serious and overdramatic way. Chris Marker is manages to read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents over the general hullabaloo. 
  • The Parliament kids invite the Hunters to their picnic because they owe their lives to the gay leather nerds. They Hunters are rowdier than what the Parliament kids are used to but they brushed their hair and put on fancy for their standards clothes so the Parliament kids know they’re trying. They bond and share food and stories and David King-themed lightbulb jokes. Ryan is sure Nicola is saying things but he’s busy watching her perfect pink lip move.
  • Malik sometimes eats with his chickens (but not chicken in front of them obviously he’s not a monster) and he calls that a picnic.
  • The Buckingham Palace twats bring tables out to eat in the gardens which sucks for poor Franny because she keeps worrying about her precious garden being trampled poor dear. David organises a Place Of Honour and one end and gives a speech that makes Shadowman who wasn’t even close to being invited but showed up anyway to spout embarrassing facts he knew about the residents and to get free food roll his eyes so hard he almost needed to retrieve Maeve. Al spends the afternoon “being okay” with his sister Maria’s relationship with Pod. He’s wondering if Shadowman is an assassin for hire and if he takes gone off crisps as payment. Jester is trying So Hard to keep a straight face while David is talking to him but he can see Shadowman taunting him so how is he meant to be focused??