a beard full of love

It would be more suspicious for Talon to return Amélie completely unharmed than it would be to return her with superficial wounds.

Amélie & Gérard Lacroix © Blizzard

Artwork & Gérard’s design © Branded-Rose

I love Louis when he’s clean shaven

I love Louis with soft hair

I love Louis with a full beard

  1. I love Louis with a little scruff

I love Louis with styled messy fringe

I love Louis with a headband

  • I love Louis with his hair in a whiff

I love Louis in snapbacks

I love Louis in suits

I love Louis in jeans

I love Louis in track pants

I love Louis in sweatpants




I love Louis

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Can I get a tig imagine where you guys were high school sweethearts but broke up because of you going to college and him getting into the club and you move back to charming for a job and you run into him and it ends in smut. I love all your writing by the way😍

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A/N: I didn’t mean for this to be sooooo long but it is and I am sorry! I’m sorry that its SUPER LATE! I hope you enjoy this though!



“Oh, I’m sorry. I was in my own world.” You said apologizing to the man towering in front of you “It’s fine, not everyday I bump into a beautiful woman.” The voice said causing you to look up at him, his baby blue eyes staring at you and it all came pouring back to you. His voice, his smell, his smile and his cheesy pickup lines, it all came back to you in one hard wave.

“Crap, sorry.” You said picking up your textbooks from the floor but not before you feel a hand on yours “Don’t be sorry, it’s not everyday I bump into such a beautiful girl.” He said winking at you causing you to blush “Well, I’m (Y/N). I’m new here..” you said looking down at your feet “I’m Alexander but you can call me tonight.” He said smirking causing you to laugh “You’re funny Alexander. I like funny.” You said smiling wrapping the textbook around your arms pressing it to your chest.

“Alex, I’m scared..” you said laying beside him on your bed as he rubbed your arm softly causing goosebumps to form on your skin. “Doll, there’s nothing to be scared of I want you to do what makes you happy. School makes you happy, not every kids gets into their dream college on the first shot with a full ride, don’t be stupid and pass that shit up from a fuck up like me.” He said beginning to light a cigarette which you quickly snatched putting it out “Alexander, you want to join a motorcycle gang. That’s dangerous stuff baby.” You said softly the words causing you nothing but pain.

He looked down into your tear filled eyes “We both want two different, we’re two different people who fell in love and meant the world to each other. I love you (Y/N) but I’m not letting you pass up on that school. You’re going. Now please no more talking about this crap, let’s just relax and enjoy our time. Okay doll?” He said kissing your head softly as you nodded to his request.

“Well I’ll be fucking damned (Y/N)? (Y/N)(Y/L/N)?” He said pushing your hair out of your face caressing the sides softly “It’s me Alexander, in the living flesh.” You said looking at him, he aged well, hair was still dark and curly, eyes still sharply blue, beard finally full grown. “What brings you back to our lovely home?” He asked releasing your face, the warmth that he was giving you also went once he removed his hands “Business.” You said looking down at your feet “You still do that when you’re nervous huh?” He asked lifting your head with his finger to face him “No, I stopped.. seems history has a way of repeating itself.” You said smiling causing him to smile as well.

“Only difference now is we’re two adults, and you have a job.” He said smiling “What did you end up studying?” He asked, Alexander had always been fascinated with the idea of college but the schooling and attending classes ruined the whole dream for him, yet he had paid attention to you anytime you had mentioned school because he loved to see the glint of excitement in your eyes. “Education, I’m going to teach at the local school.” You said happily causing him to clap “Damn, I have the hots for a teacher? Who would’ve thought.” He said causing you to laugh.

“Maybe you’ll actually pay attention in my class.” You winked causing him to smirk “Don’t flirt with me darlin’ I’m not the same Alexander who can control himself. Keep it up and I’ll take you right here in public.” He said lowly causing you to gulp but you also felt the heat rush to your core, but you had to be careful because of the new reputation you had to consider. A parents not going to want their child’s teacher getting screwed by someone who’s in a motorcycle gang in public. “Cute, Alexander. So you just fuck anything with a hole now?” You said catching him off guard with your comment, when he didn’t answer you talked away towards your car “Yeah I do. But I think of you all the time.. when they moan I hear your moans when they say my name I hear your voice. But at night when I have no one to tell me they love or I’m worth it.. I hear your voice..” he said softly causing you to face him.

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It's me again. I can't seem to get enough of your art! Could you draw John with a full beard & Sherlock loving his new look :> He has a *coughcough* DADDY kink. Heart eyes for days hehehe Thank you! 💛💛

Okay I am shit at drawing beards so I hate you a bit hahaha. I hope you like it! I tried my new watercolour brushes (I love them TwT) with this one. 
Thanks for the request and sorry for the delay D: 

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This storyset is for kawaaiju, who is always inspiring me with the gorgeous photos she posts. 

A pocket is no place for a smile anyway.

Someday I will find love again will blow my mind.

Maybe it will be that love that got away from me. 

          - Blues Traveler’s The Mountains Win Again is my Derek Hale song. [ x ]

Basically this storyset is my headcannon for older Stiles and Derek. After Stiles has graduated college. I imagine them living in a cabin just outside of Beacon Hills. Derek is a carpenter that makes beautiful rustic furniture and Stiles is a writer. They frequent coffee shops. In their free time they take motorcycle rides and spend their time camping in the reserve and the trekking through wilderness. I think Derek listens to Dave Mathews Band and Blue’s Traveler. Stiles makes Derek watch marathons of the Star Wars movies and play video games. Stiles still wears plaid. Derek sports a full beard that he loves to rub over Stiles face and neck. Stiles thinks that Derek in red buffalo checks is the best thing on the planet. And every Sunday they have dinner with the sheriff. 

This is my favourite photo of Leo Messi because - 

1. His slight smile is adorable. I guess that’s how he looks at Anto? Eyes all soft like that? <3

2. No full beard. Confession: I love the full beard and actually never liked the patchy beard stage, but damn I miss his (younger looking) face, and his dimples and all of that. 

3. The best Leo is fitted black t-shirt Leo.

4. Arms

5. Tattooed arm (while the gigantic Jesus tattoo is mercifully hidden)

6. Floppy hair


best case scenario for da4
  • new playable class called “alchemist” for dwarves only!
  • more spoken lines of the dwarven language
  • there are multiple dwarf romance options (to make up for the lack of dwarf LIs in the previous three games)
  • dwarf lore is given just as much focus in story as elf lore
  • lady dwarves can now have FULL BEARDS in character creation
  • cutscenes between dwarf characters and their love interests are storyboarded and animated with the height difference in mind (NO MORE AWKWARD MAGICAL HEIGHT GROWTH FOR DWARF CHARACTERS DURING KISSES)
  • also, scout harding returns as a love interest with actual cutscenes
There's a Time For Everything

The Losers - Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez/Jake Jensen

Prompt: Anonymous prompt asking for post-movie, older!Jensen with a full beard (the one we all love and adore on Chris Evans), and older!Cougar’s reaction to it, when they meet again after some time apart

Words: ~ 6 100

Rating/Warnings: G / None

Notes: Oh my God I HATE YOU, NONNIE. Except that I really don’t. I was just not supposed to write any fics right now, but do you have any idea how long I’ve been trying to find a reason to write about these two when they’re a bit older? A really long time, okay? And this just hit all the right spots. There might be less about the beard than you intended however - and for that I apologise - but hopefully the ridiculous amount of fluffy love and happy ending will distract you from that fact. Enjoy, my lovelies! This was betaed by Wayofthewarrior an now also be found on AO3

Cougar hadn’t really allowed himself to consider what it would feel like to see Jensen again, after so many years apart. Mostly because he still wasn’t sure what he felt about them having gone their separate ways after Max was finally dead — Clay and Aisha went down with Max, while Cougar nearly lost an arm in the process. The old injury still hurt from time to time and the scarring on his bicep was hideous to look at, but he was grateful to be alive.

As much as he mourned the loss of their commanding officer — and the ally they had found in Aisha, volatile as she might have been — Cougar felt ashamed over how lucky he considered himself to be, to have been spared a similar fate. He knew that Pooch and Jensen felt the same.

Pooch’s relief was understandable because he had Jolene and his baby boy to think of. He deserved to be happy with his family. Jensen had Jess and Beth and, quite frankly, too much life in him for it to be anything but a tragedy if he died that early — or because of something as foul as Max’s evil schemes.

And Cougar?

Well, he had his own family. It took years for the tension to fade and everything to be sorted out and properly addressed and discussed, but he was grateful for having gotten that part of his life back. Sure, he lived under a false name — courtesy of Jensen and his intimidating prowess when it came to infiltrating government databases — and had to be careful with who he talked and when he visited said family, but he was alive.

He made do.

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