a baysalt wheatley

Been waffling back and forth on whether I should post this now, but WHAT THE HECK

Anyway, my Portal Secret Santa gift for the unbelievably awesome and talented not-quite-normal, who wanted something holiday themed with this lovely pair! I had quite a few ridiculous freakouts when I found out who I was getting, because holy heck I admire her a lot, but in the end the amount of fun I had drawing these cuties TOTALLY outweighed the nerves. <3

MERRY CHRISTMAS NQN! I hope you like it!

Okay, I’ll put the text that’s supposed to be there, down here, ‘kay?… not all of it would fit and be readable… sorryz!

NQNWheat: “To be a popular Wheatley, you have to have a Wheatley twin.”

MyWheat: “Well, I don’t have a double per se…”

NQNWheat: “Then what do you have?”

MyWheat: “I have a girl!

BayWheat: “A giiirl?”

MyWheat: “Yes, a girl, right here, here she is.”

Care: “what the…?”

NQNWheat: “Oh my goodness! A girl! Where’d you find her?!”

MyWheat: “I found her in a bin. A bin of all places!”

Oh, I’m such a fan of their Wheatleys, I hope I can be as cool as they are ;^;

It’s hard for Hermann to go about shooting portals with his cane so Newt carries him on his back when he can (GLaDOS also likes this duo in particular so she sometimes sometimes deactivates the turrets for them but she never admits it)

shoutout to saltbay (baysalt?)for reawakening my love for both pac rim and portal, and also for making amazing, inspiring, beautiful art <3 warm fuzzies to you x100 <3