a bat divided

Okay, but just think about this for a second:

You have the supers (none of whom bother hiding their faces): 

  • Clark “My mom made me this suit” Kent
  • Kara “Crop top and skit” Kent
  • Conner “I used to wear a leather jacket now I wear a t-shirt” Kent
  • Jon “Hoodie with the S-shield” Kent

And then you have the bats:

  • Bruce “Cowl + industrial-grade suit” Wayne
  • Dick “Once upon a Discowing now a skintight bodysuit” Grayson
  • Jason “Red helmet with its own facial expressions” Todd
  • Tim “I have wings” Drake
  • Damian “Hooded cape and gauntlets” Wayne

And I thought it might be a meta vs non-meta thing, but Green Arrow wears a sleeveless vest and Wonder Woman wears a fly leotard.

So, I’ve concluded that farm influences results in low maintenance hero clothes and being/knowing Bruce Wayne results in high drama costumes uniforms.

That is all.

pliocenecat  asked:

“I held the bridge against Ser Maynard. Red hair and a black temper, he had, but he could not move me. Six wounds I took before I killed him. Six!”- I made this "theory" as a joke for fanart purpose, but i wonder if it is hypothetically possible for that Maynard to be Manfred's spawn/greatson since name starts with Ma-, has red hair & bad temper & memory is triggered by people asking about a Dondarrion? Are there any wars that could fit it? Thanks.

This is the quote by Ser Lymond Lychester, the elderly and senile knight who Arya encounters in the Riverlands? Hmm, if I had to guess, I wouldn’t think his Ser Maynard was the descendant of Manfred Dondarrion, but rather the descendant of Manfred or Manfryd Lothston. My reasons:

  • “Mad” Danelle Lothston had red hair, and Falena and Jeyne are depicted as redheaded in their TWOIAF illustrations (not necessarily canon but nevertheless)
  • Ma- names among the Lothstons: Jeyne’s brother Manfryd o’ the Black Hood, who may have been the same person as the Manfred Lothston who betrayed Daemon Blackfyre in the First Blackfyre Rebellion, or perhaps Manfryd was Manfred’s father
  • “Mad Danelle Lothston herself rode forth in strength from her haunted towers at Harrenhal, clad in black armor that fit her like an iron glove, her long red hair streaming.” “Ser Illifer crooked a bony finger at her shield. Though its paint was cracked and peeling, the device it bore showed plain: a black bat on a field divided bendwise, silver and gold. “You bear a liar’s shield, to which you have no right. My grandfather’s grandfather helped kill the last o’ Lothston. None since has dared to show that bat, black as the deeds of them that bore it.””
  • House Lothston “was ended in madness and chaos” for practicing black magic, during the reign of King Maekar, c. 66-78 years before Arya met Ser Lymond
  • Presumably various Riverlords and local knights were brought in by the crown to help defeat the Lothstons, much like Bloodraven summoned them to deal with the Second Blackfyre Rebellion at Whitewalls (and note House Whent was given Harrenhal for their role in the takedown)
  • Castle Lychester is the Riverlands, not far from Harrenhal
  • Lymond’s triumphant stand feels like the sort of easter-egg-like thing in ASOIAF that would be detailed in a Dunk and Egg story, like the reason for why Tytos Blackwood tells Jaime Lannister that Pennytree village has been a royal fief for the past 100 years – and I am sure that the fall of House Lothston will be detailed in a D&E story.

So I could imagine that Ser Maynard was Lady Danelle’s son or nephew (or perhaps bastard), and maybe tried to flee during the battle that took down the Lothstons, but young Ser Lymond Lychester held the bridge and kept him from escaping. Or maybe Maynard was engaged in banditry during the period of “chaos” that caused the crown to come deal with Harrenhal, but Ser Lymond protected his village from his depredations. And some 70+ years later, Lymond is a senile old knight with no living family, but just that one memory of his great moment of heroism to keep him going.

Now I could be wrong, but again, I’d bet we’ll find out the details in a Dunk and Egg story. Though if it did happen during the reign of King Maekar (about 10-20 years after TMK), who knows when that might be written and released. Still, I’m looking forward to it. :)  Hope that helps!

Bats are a larger order of mammals known as Chiroptera for the shape and nature of their wing.  The word chiroptera comes from the Ancient Greek word χείρ (cheir or chir) meaning hand and πτερόν (pteron) meaning wing because their forelimbs form webbed wings, making them the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight. Bats do not flap their entire arms like birds, but flap their spread-out fingers which are long and covered with a membrane called a patagium.

Bats are the second largest order of mammals, after the rodents.  There are about 1,200 bat species divided into two suborders: the less specialized and largely fruit-eating megabats, or flying foxes, and the highly specialized and echolocating microbats.  Bats range in size from the very small Kitti’s hog-nosed bat which measures less than two inches long and less than six inches across the wings to the giant golden crowned flying fox with a six foot wingspan.  While the majority of bats are insectivores and another large percentage eat fruit, there are a small number of bats who feed on blood, the vampire bats.

Image of a Mexican long tongued bat courtesy Ken Bosma, used with permission under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.