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redreaper77  asked:

So Hector has skitty but does Bailey have a family pokémon to?

Yes! They have a Meowth, just like in the original games, since Bailey’s mom is the in game mom as well. 

I had Hector’s family have a Skitty to both differentiate the two, and also because Skitty is a pokemon that would fit really well for his family and needs. Skitty’s adorable appearance and playful attitude worked well for easing Hector’s anxiety. That, and she’s a very well behaved cat overall.

Meowth on the other hand is just a standard house cat, being rather lazy, but still loving. He’ll often crawl up and lay beside Bailey or her mom or dad and relax, but he also does a lot of the crazy house cat stuff. Examples include bouncing off the walls at 3 am, knocking stuff off of ledges and counters, and etc. 

anonymous asked:

If Bailey and Hector were in the Sun and Moon anime, what would their Japanese names be??

I actually hadn’t thought of it much until now- good question!

I did my best to research and look at several names to find definitions that I thought would fit them, but if the names in reality don’t translate out to what I think they mean, feel free to correct me and give suggestions for better names.

Hector’s name would be Hitoshi [ 等 ], which means “even-tempered/level.”

Bailey’s was a lot harder to come up with, cuz I was hoping for a name starting with a B, but that isn’t very common and I wasn’t able to find one with a definition that I thought fit her. The name I decided on was Keiko [ 景子 ] which means “sunny child.”