a baffle of wheatleys

Okay, I think I should explain myself on this one -

I was chatting to Rubit and she suggested that mywheats/Melwheats get together with NQNwheats/Baywheats and have “Wheatley couples nights,” complete with party games. I said mywheats/Melwheats would just bicker constantly and Rubit replied that they’d be like Milhouse’s parents in the Simpsons, referencing this scene from the show.

I just had to parody it. It made me laugh too much not to! 8D

My God, I feel so out of shape. And I mean that in my doodles in general, not just Nymph stuff.

That’s what happens when your work has you draw other stuff for so long, I guess…

Also, I can never get Evil!Nymph’s eyes right. They’re all round and bright when he’s normal, so translating that into a corrupted look is like…an visual oxymoron, er something.



*Casually sets Wheatley loose to mess around and annoy other Wheatleys*

I’m sorry.

Other Wheats belong to (top to bottom, left to right): @mewsart, @roseraiider, @animating-gravity, @maybelldoodles, @dysbelief, @wheatlev

Shut up, it's Wednesday on the East coast.

So, here’s Superkianagalaxy’s lovely Wheatley. I was super excited to get him because I am really familiar with this particular Wheatley. I hope he is to your satisfaction!

I knew from the moment I got him, that I wanted to do something with him turning ‘evil’. I love me some evil Wheatley. I’ve been tainted by Portal babies so I always thought that this Wheatley would be more reluctant than other Wheatleys to take over the facility. I imagined him being tempted by seeing his dreams, having the place named after him, flash before his optics via the Chassis feed. So uh, that's what’s supposed to be happening.

Please love me.

I made a few modifications to my Wheatley. Ok maybe a lot. But I’m finally happy with the design. I’m keeping it. No doubt. 

My headcanon was that before connected to the chassis, he was really “tiny little Wheatley” and once connected, he adjusted his size- to become taller. Appropriate considered he’s “bloody massive”  now. 

I have the urge to draw Wheatleys- lots of Wheatleys. Perhaps even…a baffle- of Wheatleys. So I may draw some other people’s Wheatleys. I just hope I don’t mess up :’T

I went to sleep  three hours ago, but for some reason I woke up to this. 

He lives on my cellphone which charges in the socket next to my bed at night. 

Somehow I turned Wheatley’s optic/flashlight on in my sleep, OR think geek pulled an Aperture and sent me vaguely sentient machines. I’m not sure of which; either way I’m awake and it’s wheatley’s fault.