a bae thing

the main reason I want Bae to die is because I don’t want KS to turn into a stupid crime-drama about a cop trying to get his target. I read it for the angst and the twisted relationship of Sangwoo and Bum, and I’m interested in what their relationship will turn into. There’s just much more in this story that this, it’d be the most boring thing if Bae just got away again and continued his investigation. I’d rather see Sangwoo or Bum kill him and see what they are up to after that.

Chapter 29 (spoiler)

i know officer bae does some stupid things but wht he did now was beyond STUPID ….. No one knows his at sangwoos house, and no one knows wht his doing… What if he gets himself killed, sangwoo will just go free again. He should have told someone or left a note….

Oh dear lordy loo i hope my boi WILL BE F I NE and AND do the S M A R T thing

i don’t want to be weird, but -

Cas in S12E07: “Dean, plaid is not sexy.”

Dean in S12E08

Dean in S12E10

Dean in S12E19

I really don’t want to be that person, but ever since Cas let slip he doesn’t like Dean’s ‘lumberjack’ look, Dean’s stopped wearing plaid around him (Sam hasn’t, because why would he?). I mean, I don’t know what happens in between episodes, and apparently a lot does, but on screen, every single time Dean’s been with Cas after Rock Never Dies he’s chosen to wear a ‘normal’ shirt.

The only exception is S12E12, but, whatever, I’ll forgive that episode anything.

And, of course, for the purpose of this post costumes don’t count, so I haven’t included suits or anything, but just as a reminder, this is what Dean changed into after Cas’ bad-tempered comment - and I’m willing to bet half my liver those were not random clothes he had in his duffel - he went out and bought them, because lumberjack? I’ll show you who’s a fucking lumberjack. Dick.

Unfinished Zevran scribble, three years post Blight.