a bachelor dinner

2 glitches I discovered in SOS (not trio of towns) that if your animals are outside on Eda’s side of the farm sometimes when you go to edit your farm on the other side your game will glitch out and your DS will reset the system and also sometimes your bachelor’s birthday dinner event won’t trigger.. I was excited for Raegar’s birthday and couldn’t get the event to trigger.. some people said not to give him a gift and some said that that didn’t matter and they gave him a gift and it worked for them? idk but if you’re playing the first story of seasons game before trio of towns beware of those two glitches smh

Pending List

Updated: 4/7/17

  1. Beach party. Joshua. ***DONE  [HEALING]
  2. Hit the stage. Jay Park. *SMUT
  3. Harry Potter!AU. Kris.
  4. Yule Ball. Doyoung.
  5. Missing you. Johnny. *SMUT
  6. Trouble. Jungkook.
  7. Birthday party. Johnny. *SMUT ***DONE [PARTY]
  8. Dance teacher. J-Hope.
  9. Pool party. Mark. ****DONE [CHICKEN]
  10. Christening the new house. Baekhyun. *SMUT
  11. Food fight. Wonwoo. ***DONE [FLOUR]
  12. Pet problems. Simon D. ***DONE [ANIMAL]
  13. Not a bother. Suga.
  14. First time. Suga. *SMUT
  15. Incentives. Jimin. *SMUT
  16. Experiment. Krystal. *SMUT
  17. Dance, dance. Yugyeom. *SMUT
  18. Flowers for my flower. Zelo.
  19. Pickup. Taeyong.
  20. Jerkface neighbor. Ten.
  21. Harry Potter!AU. Ten.
  22. Sneaking around. Zelo.
  23. Friends with benefits. Zelo. *SMUT ***DONE [DAMNED IF I DO YA]
  24. Roommates. Taemin.
  25. Older brothers. Yugyeom. ***DONE [DULL DAY]
  26. Drunk dancing. Jay Park. ***DONE [FEELING IT]
  27. A gift. Simon D. ***DONE [BABY, BABY]
  28. Date night. Suga. *SMUT ***DONE [LATE DINNER]
  29. Wild bachelor party. Chanyeol. ***DONE [WILD]
  30. PD101. JR.
  31. Face riding. Yoongi. *SMUT
  32. Arranged marriage gone wrong. Taemin.
Daddy’s little kitten. (Sugar daddy Harry one shot)

*Warning: Contains smut. Might be badly written as its my first attempt. Also contains swearing. Don’t read if offended.*

Getting involved with a sugar daddy is never easy. The whole, no strings attached, being a virtual sex toy isn’t really my idea of a healthy relationship.  However the endless amounts of louboutin shoes, sparkling diamonds, givenchy bags and the brand new mini parked on my drive makes it more worthwhile. Sounds shallow doesn’t it? But daddy insists. So the kitten gladly accepts.  

Being 19 and currently under-going three years of a degree isn’t easy. So when Harry offered to pay for my tuition fees I accepted. If he’s going to throw his money at me I would rather it be on something worthwhile. Harry is one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Being a millionaire at 29 doesn’t go unnoticed in the UK. Not by the female population anyway. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or if he showers all his girls with gifts?

It was 10pm on a Friday evening and there was still no sign of Harry. He had insisted that I stayed at his apartment tonight. But yet again, he had failed to appear. I was sat on the sofa, which overlooked the city of London. It was a truly captivating view. Bored out of my head, I decided to scroll through my twitter feed. A certain article suddenly caught my eye.  


Now, I am fully aware that most articles are full of absolute bullshit, but photographs never lie, and boy was there photographs. So whilst im sat at home waiting for ‘Mr styles’ to come home, he’s swanning about in fancy restaurants with what appears to be some sort of play boy bunny? Grabbing my coat and bag I decided that tonight was drawing to an end and I was no longer willing to wait around for Harry. Not to be made into a mug. Just as I was about to leave the door flung open, causing me to be greeted by a disheveled looking Harry. "Kitten? You’re not leaving are you?” “Yep” I smugly replied whilst trying to saunter past him before his grasp caught my arm. “Baby, why?” “Maybe because I’m sick of sitting here like some sort of mug, wondering where you are. Thinking maybe you had been caught up at the office, or thinking even worse, that something has happened to you! But then look, I open my twitter and your all over the papers with some blonde bimbo! Don’t invite me round if you haven’t got time for me Harry!” I shouted whilst shaking my arm out of his grasp. I have never spoken to Harry like this before. Harry’s eyes suddenly went dark and I knew I had crossed the line. “Fucking stop acting like a child! I was negotiating a business deal with her father, but unfortunately he’s taken ill so she came to sign the papers for him. I have the emails if you really want proof. But however y/n I thought you would have trusted me and known better than this. ” Oh shit. “If you can’t trust me then this deal is off!” He spat. “Harry, if you had of at least called me to tell me what was going on then I wouldn’t have thought that way!” I feebly defended myself earning a sigh from Harry. “Get to the bedroom” Harry ordered. Oh I see where this is going. You see when Harry is mad, he lets it out via sex. Fucking amazing sex though I have to say.  

Doing as I was told I walked to the bedroom, hanging my head low like a naughty little school girl. Boy did I feel naughty. I stripped down to my specially picked out black lace underwear and lay on Harry’s bed. I knew this was going to happen tonight anyway. That’s the whole idea of the deal. He doesn’t want a relationship, he just wants sex. I know it’s wrong and I’m being used but I can’t help myself. A short while after Harry entered the room. “Ahhh, what a beautiful sight. Daddy loves it when your all ready for me Kitten.” I simply watched the sex god that stood in front of me. He dropped his jacket off his shoulders and started to undo his shirt. I stared at the tattoos that graced his skin. He truly was amazing to look at.  Once that was done with he removed his pants and shoes.  "You know, you’ve been a naughty girl, not trusting daddy like that" “I know, mmm sorry daddy” I spoke innocently. “I think daddy needs to teach you a lesson, don’t you kitten?” I seductively nodded. He started by leaving bite marks down my neck, and sucking on my skin until it turned into a violent purple. “Mine” he mumbled as he trailed further down my body; over my breasts, down my stomach, and finally, to the hem of my lace thong. Using his teeth, he pulled down the lace, and flung it to the other side of the room. He was definitely skilled in the bedroom. Forcefully opening my legs, he looked straight at me and dipped his lips down towards my core, never breaking eye contact. Earning a hiss from me, he lapped up my juices, making me moan and grab onto his hair. “Mmm feel good kitten?” “Yes daddy! oh fuck yes” I nodded. God he was such a tease. He then inserted a finger, and pumped them in and out of my dripping centre. “Oh fuck daddy!” I arched my back, feeling a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach. “Do you want Daddy’s cock baby” “Yes, I want your cock inside me”. “Tell me who you belong to” “You Daddy, I belong to you!” I shouted. Harry soon switched his attention to removing his boxers. Without warning, he thrusted into me, causing me to scream in pain and pleasure. “That’s its kitten, let them know who’s making you feel this good”. “Fuck fuck fuck” I moaned as he thrusted into me, harder than ever. “Fuck” the curly haired man grunted. “You’re always so fucking tight baby. No matter how many times I fuck you” he growled. All this dirty talk was making me close. “mmm, mmm close daddy” I moaned. “Let it go baby” he moaned whilst he sucked on one of my breasts. Before I knew it I was a trembling mess beneath him. My walls clenched around him which caused him to release too. “Fuck” he whispered before collapsing next to me on the bed. “That was fucking good” He sighed.  


“Harry” I asked a few minutes later, once we had both cooled off. “Yes kitten” he replied, pulling me closer to him. “Do you think you will ever be more than my sugar daddy in the future? I mean, I know there’s a ten year age gap but I-” “Shhhh, sweetheart” he spoke before kissing me on the lips sweetly. “Let them talk, the age gap doesn’t mean shit to me. Right now, I’m not ready for a full blown relationship, or the commitment that comes with it. But I know, as soon as I am ready, you will be the girl for me. I can feel myself slowly falling y/n, it’s only a matter of time before the penny drops and I’m ready to make you all mine. But until then, we need to keep enjoying moments like these. Okay kitten?” I simply smiled and nodded at the man that lay in front of me, heart warming at the word that had just graced my ears. Although it wasn’t entirely the answer I wanted, it showed that he cares, and there is a possibility that we may be together one day, like I’ve always dreamed of.  

“Ready for round two sweetheart” he winked. “Always with you daddy”.   

Okay so this is my first attempt at writing smut. I’m still trying to grasp how to write it hahaha. Sorry if its bad! Again, if you have a request feel free to message me. Also, please leave me feedback and dont be a silent reader! Hit that like button ;)

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Imagine yours and Sonny’s Wedding Day

Imagine yours and Sonny’s wedding day

You squinted and stretched out as the sunlight streamed through the curtains. Automatically you attempted to shield your eyes and rubbing them in an attempt to wake yourself. You flipped your hair out your face and finally opened your eyes. And when you did you were met with the sight of five smiling faces staring back at you.

The shock of it caused you to jump instinctively, sit up, and scramble to your nightstand for your gun. The initial panic subsided once you realized it was only Erin, Linda, Bella, Theresa and Gina.

“What the hell?” You mumbled, lying back down to try and stop your heart from beating so fast.

“Well, good morning to you too.” Erin chuckled, straightening out the sheets around you.

“I’d be more pleasant if you hadn’t just given me the shock of my life.” You snapped, grabbing a pillow and covering your face with it, “What are you all doing here?”

“It’s your wedding day.” Bella giggled.

That’s when you remembered and suddenly the fact they were all in your room made sense and the fact Sonny wasn’t also made sense.

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The flowers have been picked, the cakes decided upon, and the chaos of planning has died down for the most part. Now it’s just the lead up to the big day and the ceremony. Yes everyone, it’s time for part I of our big wedding event. From tonight till next monday night, we will be hosting the ceremony for the Fortescue / Longbottom wedding ( also affectionately called the red wedding of Maraudiers ). Because of the overwhelming response, we will have this as a dash event. This week will entail anything that includes the lead up to the wedding ( bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners etc. ) and the ceremony itself. Of course it’ll be impossible for us to do huge threads so you can really take your characters and put them anywhere in time at the ceremony, before, etc. please tag all event related threads as maraudiers.event ; red wedding all other threads should be on pause till the end of this event on may 13th. just an in character note, all order of the phoenix characters are invited, neutral characters can be crashing or invited, and death eaters are of course crashing

To just have a little fun as well, we also have a little outfit tag to show off wedding outfits you can use polyvore or whatever graphic editing software you have or just compile images in a photoset it really doesn’t matter. the wedding colors are navy, gold, rose pink, and white. tag your pretty outfits with maraudiers.event ; red wedding outfit

If you have any questions please let us know 

xoxo your Admin team

The Wedding: Part 4

Summary: The boys reach the wedding to find you with Max.

Warnings:  fluff, language, Original Character, no smut (NEXT PART, I SWEAR for real this time), angst?? Idk… Reader beware

Pairings: Dean x reader, Reader x OC Max, Sam

Word Count: 2811 (It’s getting out of hand… I know.. I’ll slim them down)

NOTE:  I am new to Fanfic. This story has really taken off for me. I really love to characters I’m writing, so therefore, sorry for the crazy amount of detail. Thank you and be sure to follow me and/or reblog to stay up to date on the story!!!

You had a short conversation with the handsome stranger in your cottage. He told you they put up a tent for the reception and that you’d be having the rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette in there. He had hired a dj, dancers, and bartenders for the event. When you insisted on paying half he resisted and said he could afford it.

“Ok fine, money bags. I’ll just have to return the favor tonight. I’ll be the hostess. It’ll be fun.

"Or you could make it up me a different way…” His voice sounded so serious but flirty. It was difficult to not smile. You must’ve blushed because he immediately said “no, no, not like that. I meant by going with me to pick up the tuxes from the tailor. I don’t really know the area and your sister said you were from around here.”

“Oh yeah, sure, no problem. Can you give an hour to shower and get changed?” Trying not to seem too eager.

“Absolutely, take all the time you need. Give me your number and I’ll text you.”  You give him your number and follow him to the door. “See you soon.” He says winking as he turns to walk away. You stand with your back pressed up against the door, your knees weak from the excitement you felt. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad without Dean.

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Merry Christmas loves ~ ♡

Santa Baby

The morning sun filtered through translucent silk, bathing the sapphire walls with a wash of silver glow.

For the first time in days, the morning wasn’t a mess of gray wetness but a soothing warm lavender and brilliant gold.

The colors welcomed a beautiful day, reflecting off the snow covered city; it was going to be a perfect white Christmas indeed.

Metallic clatter of pots and pans coupled with the occasional bursts of contained laughter greets Namjoon in its usual fashion, bringing with it a strange scent of burnt batter.

Rubbing sleep from his eyes, Namjoon awoke to soft sheets and the faint scent of your shampoo.

Stretching, he feels his joints pop a couple of times and sighs blissfully into the well-worn comforter, ready to catch a couple more Zs.

A bundle of joy bounced into the room before he could sink into slumber once more, landing on his chest in a fit of giggles and ribbons.

Cracking his eyes open, he smiled widely and pulled his little girl closer, tickling her sides and eliciting a burst of high pitch squeals.

Appa, stop!!”

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Happily Ever After - Part Two


Deciding on who to invite to the rehearsal dinner had been the cause of much discussion. Richard and Layla had finally settled on just one attendant each, Izzy for Layla and Richard’s brother Chris for him. That meant the actual rehearsal was incredibly simple. Richard’s parents, Layla’s father, Izzy, Chris, Richard, Layla, and Ian, who was going to officiate. It took them about twenty minutes to run through the whole ceremony twice, practicing who would say what when. Even though Layla’s father was there, he was going to walk with Richard’s parents. Layla didn’t feel like anyone was really giving her away; she wanted to walk to Richard herself.

They opted to forgo the traditional rehearsal dinner and turned it into the pre-bachelor and bachelorette party dinner. Neither Richard nor Layla really wanted the traditional naughty party, but they had been informed in no uncertain terms that their friends had festivities planned for them. So all of the dwarves from The Hobbit were coming plus Bilbo and Gandalf and Thranduil, some more of Richard’s friends, all of Layla’s siblings and their spouses or partners, and several more of Layla’s friends from work and college. All in all, by the time Richard and Layla walked into the huge dining room, there were around fifty people there waiting for them.

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