a baby... really

sugar baby thought

everyone and their mother knows that jeremy is spoiled rotten by 5 dudes and a gal. jeremy doesn’t often think of it as a sugar baby arrangement, but he can’t deny how nice it is to have other people spend money on him and not make him feel like a burden in the process

it comes to a point where jeremy is so spoiled that he’ll make them buy the most mundane things for him. like they could just be out and about at a strip mall and jeremy points to something in a storefront window and says ‘buy it for me?’

and whoever he’s with is just ‘??? you have your own money???’

and jeremy will add the ‘please?? (✿☯‿☯✿)’

and the Fake Of The Day is  ‘(=ಠ ل͟ ಠ=)…. FINE’

and jeremy is completely shameless about playing into the trope


when you have to stop your dog to force some hydration 

when your dog is distracted by another dog so you’re just spraying her in the face

starryiedd  asked:

How do u feel about hunkle being the baby brother as opposed to like, a middle child bc I love lol babby bro hunk tbh

ngl i always imagined him as an only child up until now but frankly? honestly? tbqh? i LOVE it

this opens up…a whole new world… gimme that sweet young hunkle seeing his niece/nephew for the first time… not knowing what the heck it is… im actually slowly hopping aboard the “hunk is very confused and nervous around children” train wow this opens up SO many possibilities and i am living for it