a baby with a baby


Tombi Jeanne & Ilangha are almost ready to pounce over to the San Diego Zoo​ to be paired with puppies and be ambassadors.

i was kinda bored and also frustrated with my art development so i made a compilation of some tobios ive drawn since i got into haikyuu to see if i improved and well 

i kinda feel like i did but maybe my style isnt rly what i wanted….ill call 2017 a more experimental year since im trying to play with my style

btw…getting obssesed with something does rly help you improve at least a little

facts for baby roha

it recently came to my attention that astro’s fanbase is growing by a lot lately and there are tons of new aroha that might not know about some cute facts !!

(thanks @snibnoom + @jinwoosmile !!) 

  • ASTRO’s company fantagio is primarily an actors based company
  • AROHA not only means AstRO Hearts All fans, but also ‘love’ in Maori
  • Before fans were called ‘AROHA’ (aka before debut), ASTRO asked for fans to send in suggestions for fanclub names in the fancafe, and ASTRO chose their favorite and announced it at their debut showcase. 
    • in other words AROHA was a name suggested by a fan that ASTRO loved and picked !
  • In the second episode of their first reality show, ASTRO OK! Ready, Moonbin and Eunwoo introduced their duo as “비누” (pronounced bi-nu), which means soap in Korean, and is a combination of “bin” in moon bin and the “oo” sound in eunwoo.
  • Sanha was still wearing braces during the beginning of their promotions (and is the only idol to ever debut with braces)
  • ASTRO won the ‘Super Rookie Award’ on Weekly Idol’s first Rookie Special episode, which also featured 4ten and KNK
  • During spring up era, sometimes jinjin had a section of bangs that were dyed different colors to match their stage outfits for hide and seeks
  • Rocky choreographed Morning Call (Spring Up), Fireworks (Summer Vibes), and Your Love (Autumn Story) 
  • Rocky has also made some choreography for Fantagio’s other groups, 5urprise and Hello Venus
  • All of the members except for MJ currently attend/graduated from Hanlim Mutli Arts High School
  • Jinjin entered Hanlim with the highest score among first years with his house dancing
  • Rocky was on Korea’s Got Talent in 2011, and one of the judges said to him, “In the future, I am sure we will meet again in the music industry”
  • Rocky’s hometown, Jinju, is a 3.5 hour drive to Seoul, and Rocky’s parents drove him back and forth so Rocky could go to school in Jinju and idol training with Fantagio in Seoul for years before Rocky moved to Seoul (with his mom and younger brother) 
  • MJ auditioned for JYP and along with Donghyuk (iKon) won 1st place and got a 1 year scholarship to Seoul National University 
  • MJ only trained at fantagio for about a year 
  • Jinjin and Yugyeom (GOT7) used to be in the same dance crew
  • ASTRO didn’t think they were going to debut with a fresh, youthful concept, and were extremely nervous about it
  • Eric Nam said he chose to ask Jinjin to rap in his ‘Can’t Help Myself’ promotions because he saw potential in Jinjin
  • The company that is credited with choreographing ASTRO’s title songs is DQ Agency Dance Team, who also appeared in ASTRO’s web drama ‘To Be Continued’ as the back up dancers for Rocky and Moonbin’s versions of ‘Go Back’
  • Rocky was once listed in soompi’s article ‘7 choreographers dominating kpop’ along with choreographers like the guy who choreographed bts’s fire and blackpink’s choreographer
  • ASTRO held 3 concerts titled ‘ThankxAroha’ in August 2016, tickets for the concerts sold out in under 30 seconds
  • ASTRO held 2 concerts in Japan in October 2016. Originally there was only 1 concert, but after the 1,300 seats sold out and more than 8,000 other people wanted tickets, fantagio added a second concert. 
  • ASTRO held 1 concert in Indonesia in October 2016. 
  • ASTRO were originally scheduled to perform in Thailand in October 2016 as well, but the concert was rescheduled to February 2017. 
  • ASTRO’s 1st ASTRO AROHA Festival sold out immediately, prompting fantagio to add a second performance that same day. 
  • ASTRO have their own official line play characters and have held fan meetings in the app before
  • Eunwoo was once on Law of the Jungle. When Eunwoo was away, ASTRO held a vapp broadcast with a printed cardboard cut out of Eunwoo.