a baby with a baby

Ground yourself.

Here are some super easy grounding methods : 

  • Drink some strong herbal tea.
  • Eat some raw, organic fruits and veggies.
  • Take a long bath with some bath salts, herbs and oils.
  • Carry a grounding crystal on you, cleanse it beforehand.
  • Walk barefoot in the garden or at the local park.
  • Bury your feet in the ground and meditate.
  • Drum or dance, anything with good rhythm.
  • Practice yoga or tai chi.

Do any of these when you’re feeling drained.

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I wrote a tiny little sequel to Somewhere to Start in which Stiles’ plant magic goes awry and there is an accidental baby, because why not.

What to read it? It’s called Out of the Blue (Uninvited), and it’s the tiny sequel to Somewhere to Start, which I wrote for @rubyredhoodling‘s amazing art in the Sterekreversebang. It’s a really silly little story and I apologize in advance.