a babies vs. x babies

Sheith vs Klance: Cold Weather


Keith: I’m so cold.

Shiro:(wraps his arms around Keith and smiles) Warm now?

Keith: Yes 😊


Keith: I’m so cold.

Lance: Haha you should have brought a coat.

Keith:(sighs) He’s worth it…He’s worth it…He’s worth it.

1) Baby Marco is adorable 2) I’m not sure whether to be happy, disappointed, or furious that he’s been nodding to Jackie like every day of his life. Ever. On one hand, he seemed to realize how pathetic that was and I was half hoping he would be all “idk if it will ever work”, the happy part. The furious part was where he actually said hi, which, still gets him basically nowhere, but implies a further relationship someday. The disappointed was just me being…disappointed that Marco can’t make a single move in 14 years.

God, Marco, get your shit together.

Fangirl vs Greek Mythology
  • Teacher: Okay, today we will be discussing Greek Mythology. Can anyone tell me who is the god of the Underworld?
  • Me: Hades, Miss!
  • Teacher: Correct! And can anyone tell me something about Hades?
  • Me: Ooh, OOH!
  • Me: *Waves hand violently*
  • Teacher: Yes?
  • Me: He had a secret romance with the Wicked Witch of the West...
  • Teacher: ... no?
  • Me: And he has made a deal to aquire Rumplestiltskin's unborn child...
  • Teacher: What?
  • Me: And he also made a deal with Captain Hook's brother that saved Hook and him but condemned their entire ship and...
  • Teacher: STOP! Just stop.
  • Me: What is it, Miss?
  • Teacher: I have no idea what you are talking about, but just stop.
  • Me: But I haven't even mentioned Zelena's baby!
  • Teacher: *sighs*
  • Teacher: It's too early for this.
  • (Fangirl 49-4 Teacher)