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Hongbin vs. Makeup 💄

“Dad, am I pretty?”

When I was watching the first episode -again-, this line killed me. I know she was too young in this scene but still I can’t help but think probably she always thought that she wasn’t pretty enough.

Apart from this scene, when she was grown up and about 16-17 years old, we also saw that their friends didn’t see her as a girl, as a woman. She is like a tomboy for them. Even Cezmi said if they had dressed her as a boy no one would have been suspicious. 

And also there is Yildiz. She is beautiful and Hilal must have thought her sister is prettier than her. Plus the fact that Leon flirted with Yildiz in the beginning of the series didn’t help either. She was insecure about herself. And even she didn’t see herself a girl who could fall in love with boys, could love girly things…

For example the ball scene. I felt her insecurities. Because when Leon was giving her the once-over, she didn’t understand anything and looked at herself too. She was like “did i put on the dress wrongly, is there something wrong about me, why is he looking at me?” She just had no idea that she could attract someone.

But she is really beautiful with those bright blue eyes, with her pretty lips, with her shiny hair. But the most important thing is that she is beautiful because she is smart, witty, brave, passionate about her thoughts and has a kind heart. This makes her prettier than her sister. This is the reason why Leon loves her this much. 

Like he said “I know where your passion comes from and I love this passion the most.”

She is beautiful inside and out.

Sheith vs Klance: Cold Weather


Keith: I’m so cold.

Shiro:(wraps his arms around Keith and smiles) Warm now?

Keith: Yes 😊


Keith: I’m so cold.

Lance: Haha you should have brought a coat.

Keith:(sighs) He’s worth it…He’s worth it…He’s worth it.

anonymous asked:

Mommy!Janna giving her half demon half human daughter her first beanie

I feel like Janna would give Jane’s first beanie as a birthday gift while she’s still really young.  In the end Jane wouldn’t really be a beanie person because she’s very proud of her horns but she still keeps it close to her as a lucky charm from her mom. 

Thanks so much for the suggestion, I hope you like it! 

Fangirl vs Greek Mythology
  • Teacher: Okay, today we will be discussing Greek Mythology. Can anyone tell me who is the god of the Underworld?
  • Me: Hades, Miss!
  • Teacher: Correct! And can anyone tell me something about Hades?
  • Me: Ooh, OOH!
  • Me: *Waves hand violently*
  • Teacher: Yes?
  • Me: He had a secret romance with the Wicked Witch of the West...
  • Teacher: ... no?
  • Me: And he has made a deal to aquire Rumplestiltskin's unborn child...
  • Teacher: What?
  • Me: And he also made a deal with Captain Hook's brother that saved Hook and him but condemned their entire ship and...
  • Teacher: STOP! Just stop.
  • Me: What is it, Miss?
  • Teacher: I have no idea what you are talking about, but just stop.
  • Me: But I haven't even mentioned Zelena's baby!
  • Teacher: *sighs*
  • Teacher: It's too early for this.
  • (Fangirl 49-4 Teacher)

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Daddy!Tom giving her daughter a pet bunny to help with her anger issues

A little backstory will help with this picture so basically Jane get’s bullied all the time by other demons because she’s half human and half demon.  They make fun of her having only two eyes than three eyes like her dad.  Due to this she tends to beat up and curse other demons that make fun of her.  Tom doesn’t mind how Jane treats the situation but after talking with Janna about it they agreed that maybe having a bunny would help her avoid getting into more trouble.  

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I hope you like it!

Why didn't he say Goodbye? - Caboose x Reader

Some AU mash up here, my dear followers! An interesting prompt, i will admit! I was offered a choice, to do either Smut or non, and I simply couldn’t bring myself to write that way about our sweetie Caboose; so instead have a different kind of love. 

Thank you for the prompt, though, Anon! I hope this can satisfy your fiction needs!

WC: 917

SUMMARY: This piece adds a few years in which the teams remain together, Church has yet to accept that he is the Alpha and often runs off into the night when he’s had enough; and wash and yourself are left to pick up the pieces. Caboose often needs comfort in these situations, and you owe it to him to care. 

“Caboose”, you try to keep your tone calm and reasonable, knowing that emotion in these kinds of situation won’t help. Washington has taught you a lot when dealing with the young blue, how to explain things delicately, how to comfort him and look after him; but there are some things that Wash can’t teach.

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