a angels gone home

As a little kid if you lived in a big apartment / complex  in a raza neighborhood when you looked out the window this is basically what you saw. But you weren’t allowed to go outside cause you were too young. I remember my mom saying  ‘’come inside and get out of the window’’ … Like if the window was outside lol I used to get so mad and think … damn I can’t wait till I’m 14 lol. Now I would do anything to be 9 again no bills, free food, free rent, free clothes, drove around without paying for gas, and everyone I knew was still alive … What was I thinking to want to lose all that ?! We don’t know what we got until its gone. 

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Artemis had seen the man around town, and the angel was curious. He had followed this stranger home and now perched on his roof, waiting for him. Who was this stranger, and why was he around? Well, he'd figure it out soon enough. ((HAI :D ))


*Xavier had gone out, gotten groceries, and had walked home for once. He didn’t realize he’d been followed home till tha man entered his property and sat on his roof setting off mental alarms in his head. So, the only thing he could think to do was quietly pop oonto the roof through teleport and walk up behind him and then tap his shoulder* ‘scuse me who’re you sir?

I haven’t listened much to Ladies’ Code, but I was so shocked and sad when I found out about the accident, so I made a playlist in memory of EunB. Some of these songs were my soundtrack today, and will always remind me of one of heavens beloved new angels. 

Ailee - Heaven // Beyoncé - I Was Here // SNSD - Time Machine // Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat - Breathe // T-ARA - 1977 Do you know me? // Carrie Underwood - See You Again // T-ARA, The Seeya, 5dolls, SPEED - Painkiller // Demi Lovato - Nightingale // 2NE1 - Come Back Home (Unplugged) // Beyoncé - Heaven // B.A.P - 1004 (Angel) // NU'EST - Hello // OneRepublic - Come Home // SISTAR19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer // Amanda Seyfried - Little House //

Burn || Sabre & Alexei

Alexei was never one to be that interested in going out. Sure, he enjoyed the occasional bar, but his schedule didn’t permit him to going out that often anyways. So when Dante and him made plans to go out Saturday, Alexei was a bit nervous. He’d never really been that out there anyways and wasn’t sure if the way he was portraying himself was… good.

The blonde man wasn’t sure how long he had been there with Dante. It seemed like a while, and he had lost track of time for it. One conversation led to another, and Alexei wasn’t certain if Dante had left him to find someone else for the night, or if his friend had just gone home. Part of the angel wished that he had left a long time ago. But here he was, sitting alone at the table with his… well, he had lost count of how many shots and drinks he had, but it was quite a few. 

It caught the man by surprise when the other man stepped up to him. Usually people bought the Russian man’s self-brooding look and left him alone. But perhaps Dante was right, and he had to put himself more out there. Alexei surely wasn’t going to find anyone if he didn’t try… though the angel was half certain his heart wasn’t into it, so what was the point anyways?

“It’s a busy night,” he murmured to the other man before downing the rest of his drink. “I figure I’ve stayed here long enough. This table’s all yours,” the blonde remarked, gesturing as he stood up.

People have been asking me why Connor is still in Australia. After all, Troye is back to work. We know he has a writing session with Broods today, and he’s sure to be busy while he’s in Sydney. Is it worth it for Connor to stay? What’s the point?

Well, Imagine this.

Imagine Connor spending the day wandering around Sydney, taking pictures, soaking in the country he fell in love with when he fell in love with Troye. And even though he’s loving his day, his anonymity and freedom, he’s very mindful of the time. 

When the sun is beginning to set, Connor will be back at the hotel, waiting anxiously for Troye to return. When he finally does, I can just imagine the two of them laying on the bed. Troye up against the headboard, Connor resting on his chest, arms tangled together. Just think about how much elation and joy Troye will be experiencing; all the nerves are gone and the day is over, and he spent the day writing with musicians he admires. How lucky is Connor to get to relive that day with his guy? To lay there and hear the beat of Troye’s heart as he recounts every moment of it. To feel the vibrations of his lungs as Troye hums the music he put together that day. 

Sure, they could have done that over Skype. Connor could have gone home to Los Angeles, and Troye could have focused on work without any beautiful distractions. But why give up the opportunity to support each other in person? Connor considers himself the luckiest guy in the world. Troye would argue that’s not possible. Together is where they belong. 

I guess, the point is, if I were Connor, and I had the chance to lay on that bed and hear Troye’s stories and feel his excitement radiate through his body, I wouldn’t give it up. Is it worth it? Hell yes.

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Where's our fic or preview to make Tayvin rise even more

This is just a reminder that this isn’t finished. It’s just a preview of something. 

Erasing more than a year’s worth of memories is hard work as Taylor was beginning to figure out. There were just some things that she didn’t want to forget. She knew that she didn’t need to forget anything. But, for her own sake, she wanted to. She needed to be better. She couldn’t miss him anymore. She couldn’t miss what they had. It was gone, now. There was a reason why it ended when it did and she needed to remember that. But, it was hard to remember when all she wanted to do was see him. When she knew that it was his arms that she was craving to make her feel better. It was hard to forget him, even when she was surrounded by family and friends. It was even harder when she was alone. 

She hadn’t been able to stay in Los Angeles. She’d only visited a few times but she hadn’t gone home. He was everywhere in LA. His olive tree still stood in the backyard. The tree that represented all of his broken promises. She still had that stupid fucking quote hanging right next to her door. 

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