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“YOU WEREN’T EVEN AROUND FOR THAT. FINN TOLD YOU THAT STORY.” Rey yelled through the comms. She wasn’t going have her taint the memories of Han, few as they were. She could remember Finn telling that story, laughing so hard he’d almost fallen off of the bench in the cafeteria. He, Poe, Amy, and Rey had all been sitting in there for hours, trading stories long after everyone else had gone to bed. “And I wouldn’t have to tell you what to do if you’d get your kriffing head out of the clouds and pay attention.”

She made a face at her words. Hoth had been different. She hadn’t been as great of a pilot as she was in that moment. She hadn’t had the experience. “We didn’t die then, and we won’t die now,” she growled, urging the ship on faster. It flew forward. Suddenly the asteroid field was looming much closer in the viewport.

She dodged a smaller asteroid, whipping the ship around it fast enough that a TIE fighter slammed right into it, the explosion hitting instantly. She grinned to herself. Even though they were both in danger and she’d stupidly allowed a Sith on board, she was still getting caught up in the excitement.