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I know that this might be a kind unpopular opinion, but I think Amy Schumer would be a great addition to the Star Wars cast!!!

Hopefully #1 Feminist Bae Kathleen Kennedy realizes that the Star Wars universe is big enough for another strong, fierce, hilarious female character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

In Ulysse, a man and young boy, both naked, are captured on a rocky beach. The man has his back to the camera, the boy is half turned looking toward a dead goat in the extreme right foreground of the image. The photo suggests a layering of time: the man exists in the immediate present, the goat might have washed ashore out of the mythological past, the boy is caught uneasily between them. In the more strikingly homoerotic Nus dans les ruines, two naked men are posed on the site of a house that seems to have been abandoned mid-construction. One man is facing away from the camera, his relaxed stance belying the mesmerizing perfection of his back, buttocks, and legs. The other is seated in profile within an empty window frame. What could have been merely an exercise in composition—frames within frames—becomes an invitation to narrative. Are the men construction workers? Did Varda find them on the job? Why are they naked? Do they even know each other? What could be the story behind this photograph?

Gleaner’s Art: Amy Taubin writes on Agnès Varda’s “serenely beautiful” new exhibition at Blum & Poe

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karé would b a belligerent drunk like "fucking fight me. 1v1 karaoke fucking rap battle i'll kick your fucking ass you shit" but she'd pass out partway through; muran would b a happy drunk but he's really good at holding his liquor and not emoting so No One can tell. iolo would get sleepy af when he's drunk he'd just kinda hold onto his drink and look a bit dopey and floppy until he just. slumped over and fell asleep. poe would flirt with everything like people lamps his own shadow everything


  • karé is already a bit of a spitfire as it is and this is amplified like fifty billion times when she’s drunk. she becomes Overly Confident Karé™. she’s just a whirlwind when she’s drunk but then one second she’ll be raging with no signs of stopping and then literally two seconds later she suddenly goes stiff as a board and falls over. that’s when the rest of the squadron needs to carry her back to her bunk bc you know she won’t wake up again
  • also karé is like really good at rapping and this is somehow heightened when she gets drunk. make of this what you will
  • tl;dr: karé is amy santiago at five drinks

btw before we go any further i need to say that i will be using brooklyn nine nine gifs for each character

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“YOU WEREN’T EVEN AROUND FOR THAT. FINN TOLD YOU THAT STORY.” Rey yelled through the comms. She wasn’t going have her taint the memories of Han, few as they were. She could remember Finn telling that story, laughing so hard he’d almost fallen off of the bench in the cafeteria. He, Poe, Amy, and Rey had all been sitting in there for hours, trading stories long after everyone else had gone to bed. “And I wouldn’t have to tell you what to do if you’d get your kriffing head out of the clouds and pay attention.”

She made a face at her words. Hoth had been different. She hadn’t been as great of a pilot as she was in that moment. She hadn’t had the experience. “We didn’t die then, and we won’t die now,” she growled, urging the ship on faster. It flew forward. Suddenly the asteroid field was looming much closer in the viewport.

She dodged a smaller asteroid, whipping the ship around it fast enough that a TIE fighter slammed right into it, the explosion hitting instantly. She grinned to herself. Even though they were both in danger and she’d stupidly allowed a Sith on board, she was still getting caught up in the excitement.