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I can't help but wonder what the hell the main cast have been up to these last few years. All those warships have reached the island, and... they've just been destroying them? I sure hope they've been more proactive than that. They can't sit around hoping their enemies will leave them alone forever. I hope they've been stealing the ships, maybe taking soldiers prisoner. What do you think?

Anonymous asked: What do think has been happening inside the walls during the four year time skip?

In four years Paradis has seen 32 warships filled with technology, information and quite likely, disenfranchised Eldian soldiers seeing freedom for the first time. I absolutely think Hange and team are taking advantage of this and learning all they can about modern warfare. I think it’s also likely some of the Eldians on board have become sympathetic to the cause of the Walldians. Four years is plenty of time to build trust. Some could even be back in Marley acting as spies.

As much as I dislike the time skip, it does provide possibilities that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Hange has an armada of new toys at her disposal, but so does Isayama. He gets to redesign the characters and reinvigorate the snk world. I’m anxious and excited to see both of those things.

suniuz replied to your photoset “Is it safe to assume that the anime team was forced to cut/ change…”

You mean maybe the anime will not follow manga till the end?


My instincts tell me, “Yes.”

And the main point is, when will Snk Season 3 come?

According to @guyinlovewitheremika , it should be


Take the last episode of Season 1 as an example, the scene which Mikasa discovers the Wall Titan was altered (I just don’t wanna go into detailed parts about these because I’m too lazy). 

So let’s assume we’re going to see these things in the remaining episodes like:


Episode 34: Reiner and Bertholdt’s flashback about Marco, Eren and Ymir confronting Reiner and Bertholdt, the Survey Corps arrives and Ymir transformed into titan and takes Historia away.

Episode 35: The Survey Corps chasing the titan shifters and try to rescue Eren, Erwin brings a group of mindless titans preventing the titan shifters from escape.

Episode 36: Chapter 49-50 content. Eren using the power of the Coordinate and the Survey Corps retreats after many soldiers have devoted their heart and sacrificed.

Episode 37: What would happen there? Would it be 100% content from chapter 51?

Talking about the last episode (Episode 37) of Season 2, the first thing that comes to my mind is this:

Chapter 51

Remember Mikasa was injured in the battle that her ribs were broken?

And then she went to chop wood within 1 week! Doesn’t it sound fishy?

What if the anime team is going to change that “Mikasa went to cut wood” scene in the last episode of season 2?

Perhaps I’ve thought too much about this, but isn’t it a convenient way to hide some important information about the Ackerman family? I mean this:

Chapter 93

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Goodbye, my godness.

Today has been confirmed that Ymir, our godness, is dead. She was eaten by Marcel’s brother, Galliard, when she arrived to Marley’s country and after that she wrote love’s letter to Historia. An other beautiful character dead again. It will be painfull follow the anime and see her alive, because she never will be with us again. She was a character who surffed a lot since she was little because she carried to her shoulders the weight of a name which changed the entire world. When story avanced, she started to like me a lot and anime makes me love her more. She was beautiful, she did jokes of bad tastes, she was abrupt, people treats her like she was insensitive, she doesn’t fall good to people, she was inconsiderated and carefree. Also she killed some people. But in the bottom of her heart she was capable to love and help others. For example, when she transform herself in Utgard’s Castle to save Historia and others, even she showed tenderness with Connie when he gave her the knife to fight. Even she left behind Historia to go with Reiner and Berthold knowing that, probably, she won’t see her anymore to protect her, because Ymir loved her. She decided live her life with any arrangement since It was given her a second chance to live, a rebirth. She acepted herself. She only did what she wanted, she lived how she wanted and she loved who she wanted without care what others thought. She only wanted to do other people happy, even if she would have die. Ymir taugh us we must live with pride in our hearts, no matter what. We must acept ourselfs and give to us a second chance. So thanks Isayama, to create a character like her. All of us will miss her. Goodbye, our strong and beautiful godness.

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