a 5 year old and his dad going ice skating

One more Christmas post because I can

•chubs seriously gets the most practical gifts ever like one year he gets someone a $100 toothbrush set and they’re like …thanks pal.


•Liam: [shakes gifts]
Liam: “is it another dog I’ll bet it’s another dog omg thanks for the dog”
Present: [is socks]

•Vida truly does not know how to accept gifts she basically hates getting them because she’s just like… why would you buy something for me omg

•on their first child Ruby and Liam announce to their parents that their pregnant by getting them “worlds best grandparents sweaters” liams mom screams and rubys dad cries

•zu always has festive af nails

•Liam is a five year old child on Christmas he wakes up at like 5:30 and rubys like nOOOO GO BACK TO SLEEP

•one year Liam breaks his leg ice skating and zu decorates it super festive and cool it would be sweet and he’s almost disappointed when they take it off

•Ruby and Liam might be bad at sexy gifts but you can bet your biscuits that vida and chubs are a little too good at it

It was a Friday night when Matthew marched up the stairs of his home and made his one into the room of his youngest son. He had promised Virgin that every Friday would be a family night. They’d either stay in and watch a movie or go out to eat and do something fun.“

“Jack, did you pick up all the toys off of bedroom floor? The man asked his 5 year old son?” Your sister and your mother will be here any minute now to go ice skating. You need to be ready son? You don’t want your mother to put off the camping trip next weekend, do you? “ 

The boy was very excited to go on his first camping trip, for some reason he had took a liking to the outdoors and he couldn’t wait to go ice skating.”Yes! Yes! Yes!” He shouted excitingly.” I finished it! Guess what dad? Mommy bought me an PS4 cause I passed my class! Yeah! I’m so cool!” 

Matthew grinned at the boy’s enthusiasm and cockiness.” Good job slugger. Now how about we pick up some of these toys and go wait for your sister and mommy, huh? We’re going to have tasty food….and candy.”he whispered. 

 “SWEET CHRISTMAS! I want Recess!”