a 2 jacket

okay but we genuinely don’t know where the new detective agency is located, huh? it could be back home in Seattle? it could be in Montana (so Farah can visit her gf easily)?? it could be in another state entirely???? should we be taking into consideration Todd’s Ugly Shirt? (Mexico???????????) point is uh where are they


HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS!! The Tools are Dirk and friends!! The Boy™ Specifically described them as Tools to fix the universe!!

So what?? that’s really not very interesting, georgia.

SO THIS! My theory is that Amanda’s going to start her own, good version of blackwing! A version where the subjects are listened to, looked after properly, understood. She’s obviously a natural born leader, and she just.. gets all this *waves hand in a vague motion* Universe stuff, ya know??

uhh this isn’t well put but you get it right? amanda’s gon b great. im proud of her

some thoughts on 2.10 (nice jacket)


- First off: a very satisfying conclusion in my opinion. If we don’t get a S3, it would be a pretty good ending to the show, as a lot of ends are tied up with enough left over for viewers to extrapolate from and puzzle over. That being said, WE BETTER GET A SEASON THREE!! Please, BBC America…I need more of Dirk Gently!

- I love the Rowdy 3 (6, now, I suppose!) and how they’re the ultimate definition of rag-tag buncha misfits. I mean, granted, they’re supernatural beings as well, but they’re a family! I’m so glad they all turned out fine

- We have an OFFICIAL Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency! I wonder who their first Official Client will be…?

- I enjoyed how we got some names: Ken Adams, Francis Cardenas–very nice

- The karmic justice for Suzie was at rubbing-hands-together-and-chuckling levels of pleasing

- I know it was kind of an easy do-over, but seeing Francis/Moloch literally fix everything made me heart so happy. Also, “Hello…my love,” was so wonderful. I’m glad Panto and Silas and everyone in Wendimoor is back to where they are supposed to be

- Poor Bart! She just wants a friend…and Ken’s turned out kind of Morally Misguided. I wonder if he thinks he knows more than he actually does and that’s why he’s acting all High and Mighty

- Where is Hugo? Is he dead? Is he trapped in the in-between of reality? What’s up with the eyes? Freaky, dude!

- Seeing Hobbes be proud of Tina was a great heartwarming moment! I’m so, so happy both of them made it

- Amanda’s Gonna Catch ‘Em All! All the tools of the universe! I wonder what other holistic entities exist out there…

- Mona Wilder is one of my favorite characters. She’s so charming in her own, slightly kooky way!

- Mr. Priest is alive (unfortunately) and looks none too happy. I bet he’s got a vendetta or two

- And finally, I want to give my thanks to the wonderful cast and crew who made this season possible…all such lovely people, so grateful for their talent!!



how does he dance in a sweater and 2 jackets under those hot lights? I’d melt…he looks amazing though 😍 

Taemin ~ Day and Night ~ Inkygayo 171217


And heres my collage of our lovely Rich Goranski! I had no idea he had so many outfits geez…

The 4th one is of his “Mall Rich” character.
Also, he has 2 tattoos. 1 is a drumset, the other says “Rage & Love”
And to all fellow richjake shippers, there’s a pic of the cuties to satisfy lol.
Who to do next?…