a 16 restaurant

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1. Fancy or casual?
2. Closet or dresser?
3. Hot or cold?
4. Meat or veggies?
5. 1 pillow or multiple?
6. 1 blanket or multiple?
7. Organized or messy?
8. Games or books?
9. Hide and watch or stand up and fight?
10. Shy or social?
11. Soda or juice?
12. Handheld or console?
13. Light or dark?
14. Scary or Happy?
15. Movies or restaurant?
16. Car or bus?
17. Carpet or tile?
18. Love or wealth?
19. Markers or colored pencils?
20. Independent or dependent?
21. Hat or necklace?
22. Poster or calendar?
23. Pain or death?
24. Science or math?
25. Shower or bath?
26. Socks or slippers?
27. Chips or crisps?
28. Secretive or open?
29. Friendship or romance?
30. Talent or skill?

Honestly, learn to recreate your guilty pleasures at home. Learn to make your own pizza, or copy your favorite takeout recipes. It will probably be healthier, especially if you tweak things to specifically do so and it’s going to save you SO MUCH MONEY. Literally made fried rice last night with leftovers I would’ve thrown out anyway. I made breakfast burritos this morning with more leftovers. Recreated an amazingggg salad that was $16 in a restaurant for a fraction of that. You don’t have to eat baked chicken and steamed vegetables every meal. Get creative so you don’t just “give up” and go stuff your face with the things you crave. You can compromise and have yummy things.


1. sunset or sunrise?
2. apartment or mansion?
3. red roses or white roses?
4. hotels or motels?
5. fast music or slow music?
6. cold drinks or warm drinks?
7. lace or satin?
8. red or pink?
9. nude lips or dark lips?
10. fruit or candy?
11. cloudy sky or clear sky?
12. love or lust?
13. natural nails or fake nails?
14. gold jewelry or silver jewelry?
15. dramas or mystery?
16. restaurants or cafes?
17. flowers or chocolate?
18. spring or fall?


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“TITA”. A term for the not too old pero not too young pero ang lakas maka-adult ng pagkatao. Laila De Lima and Ms. Minchin Levels ganun. Or Annalise Keating para sosyal.


Karen: “You look very tita on your shawl madam.”

Laila: “So as your tsaa, hija.”

1.  You have to go home early kasi may Zumba session ka pa tomorrow. ‘Coz  Zumba is your ultimate definition of extreme sports.

2. Lagi kang may baong biskwit sa bag just in case magutom ka.

3.  Your initial reaction kapag napapanood mo si James Reid na kita ang abs. “Ay ang bastos!” *grabs a rosary*

4.  Dati puro selfie ang laman ng FB mo. Ngayon puro pictures na ng mga pamangkin.

5. Tanghaling tapat napapa-coffee or tsaa ka sa may terrace.

6. Mga kanta ni Eva Eugenio at Imelda Papin ang paborito mong kantahin sa videoke tapos mega-liyad ka pa while singing.

7. When in a cashier sa Department Store, “Ay sandali. Yung SM Advantage Card ko.” Kasi sayang ang points.

8. Everytime na tatanungin ka ng waiter kung anong drinks mo, you were like, “Water lang, no ice.”

9. Nabobother ka pag nawawala na naman ang pamaypay mo.

10. Mahilig kang maglibot sa mga furniture sale kahit wala ka namang bibilhin.

11. When you go in a bar, “Nagpaalam ba kayo sa mga magulang niyo ha?”

12. When someone says, “Guys, wacky naman!” You raises one hand in the air and tilts body to the side.

13.  When someone posts a selfie, mega-comment ka lagi ng, “Ikumusta mo naman ako sa mommy mo ha.” or “Kamukha mo Mommy mo.’ “Kelan ka mag-aasawa?”

14.  You have this thing on White Flower and Salonpas scent.

15. Puro Bible verses at Life Lessons na ang mga status mo sa FB.

16.  When in a restaurant: “Anong best seller niyo?” *Buys the best seller*

17. #FeelingBlessed ka sa bagong tupperware collections mo.

18. Ibang ligaya ang dulot kapag nakakapagbake ka ng cookies, muffins at home-made tocino.

19. Saging na saba at dalandan juice ang paborito mong i-serve kapag may bisita sa bahay.

20. Sa’yo palagi tumatakbo ang friends mo kapag kelangan ng advice. They always want to hear some life lessons from you. #TitangTita

21. What’s always in your “Tita Bag”?  Katinko. Paracetamol. Wet Wipes. Nailcutter. Ketchup ng Jollibee. #TitaStarterPack