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Looking up at the man you loved with all of your heart, you found yourself smiling like an idiot as he spoke, his deep alluring voice as smooth as ever, captivating you entirely,
“I’m so proud of you Y/N. I can’t think of anybody else who deserves this more than you do.”
Taehyung said as he smiled lovingly in your direction.

Taehyung was your boyfriend of 5 years, the two of you met in law school and fell in love almost instantly. He was everything you’d ever hoped for in a significant other, he was funny, incredibly smart and attentive, and the fact he was chiselled perfection and handsome as hell didn’t go a miss either. Tonight you were celebrating your new job, after years of bending over backwards and trying your god damn hardest you were finally a lawyer. Taehyung was the reason you even managed to get an interview at the Jeon law firm, he was a specialist lawyer at the firm mentioned how you had just graduated and were looking for a job, after a successful interview low and behold you’d made it.

“Stop it,” you whined “The only reason I got this job was because of you… Thank you.” You placed a firm hand on his shoulder as you leaned in, over the table to kiss him, the two of you had drank maybe a little too much wine considering your first day in the office was only hours away.
Taehyungs lips gently pressed against yours, he cupped your face in his large hands as he deepened the kiss, your tongues danced together in perfect harmony. There was no denying you were in love with him.

“Shit, don’t kiss me,” Taehyung whispered with wide, offended eyes as he pulled away from you, his chocolate brown hair swishing from side to side with his movements,
“My girlfriend is a big time lawyer now, she works for Jeon law firm, you might even know her? You know she will kill-” Your amused mouth crashing against his stopped him mid sentence, he was always cracking funny jokes and making you belly laugh into hysterics, it was one of your favourite things about him.

Suddenly his strong arms pulled you onto his lap, almost knocking over the empty bottle of wine that sat quietly on the dining table. His hands roamed your body from your hips to your collarbones, never missing a single inch. The moment the skin of his smooth fingers made contact with your shoulders and ultimately unclasped your red bra strap you knew exactly where the night would be taking you.

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2 | Tomorrow




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Monday mornings were always a drag, but the fact your bosses office sat only feet away from the erosion of yours and Taehyung’s relationship made the usual painfully slow morning drag agonisingly slower.

Sat in Mr Jeon’s office your mind reflected on the events of the weekend. Jimin had driven you to your friend and old flat mate Belle’s small two bedroomed apartment, where you’d stayed in your old room and ate your feelings for two days. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell Jimin about Yumi and Taehyung, you were a total wreck and couldn’t even forge a coherent sentence whilst you were in his car.

Scrolling through your phone you saw almost 400 missed calls from Tae, and 3 calls from your parents. You hadn’t told anybody other than Belle about what happened on Friday night, you didn’t know how. Everything you knew and loved and wanted, was a lie.

As the birds aimlessly flew by the big glass windows of the office you inhaled deeply and composed yourself into a calm mindset, ready to finalise exactly what you came into the office to do.


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why the houses need the other
  • slytherin needs gryffindor: they're great thinkers, but fucking hell, they pussy out. they overthink all their decisions. they need someone to help them just push the button to their amazing plans
  • slytherin needs ravenclaw: just to calm the fuck down. both of the houses stress their butts off, they get annoyed by ravenclaws when they stress, forgetting their own stress and realizing that, now they see the ravenclaws stress, their stress is not gonna solve anything
  • slytherin needs hufflepuff: guys, i dont wanna follow the stereotype, but F U C K, slytherins are just way too mean and rude and need a little positivity nd genuinely nice people
  • gryffindor needs slytherin: 1) sexual tension 2) s e x u a l t e n s i o n 3) they can make the best plans ever, but a gryffindor seriously needs a slytherin to help them with like, take over the world
  • gryffindor needs ravenclaw: just to keep their feet on the ground & their head on their shoulders when they dream TOO big
  • gryffindor needs hufflepuff: to keep their heads orientated. when idea's & thought become one big blur, they need a hufflepuff to help them sort it out
  • ravenclaw needs slytherin: to talk about feelings. slytherins can be very understanding and good at listening, and a ravenclaw can really need this sometimes
  • ravenclaw needs gryffindor: to have a stubborn opponent. they like a tiny bit of challenge sometimes and the slytherins are just TOO determined to win, the hufflepuffs not determined enough & the gryffindors are just perfect; fun and stubborn
  • ravenclaw needs hufflepuff: to have someofun. i'm really not saying that ravenclaws aren't fun, just that their fun is 10x better when with a hufflepuff. they also make sure you stay healthy in stressfull periods of time, a must for a humon body
  • hufflepuff needs a slytherin: to realize fun isnt everything in life, to keep them out of their dreamworld back to reality sometimes. also because sometimes you kinda really need to get to get things done
  • hufflepuff needs gryffindor: because of all the challenges they bring in hufflepuffs life and their bolder qualities allowing hufflepuffs to be less shy & more comfortable in their skin
  • hufflepuff needs ravenclaw: to help them focus on little things & help them see beauty in things like WHY the stars move and how it comes the sky is bluer in spring than in summer
Beautiful in Seoul Day 1: Setlist
  • 01. Beautiful
  • 02. Incomparable
  • 03. Hero
Greetings and talk break
  • 04. I Need U
  • 05. All I Do
  • 06. Ex Girl
  • 07. White Love
  • 08. Ready or Not
  • 09. Oi
VCR segment
VCR Monsta X Unit Talk
  • 10. From Zero - Wonho and Hyungwon Duet Stage
  • 11. Beautiful (Remix) - Hyungwon (as DJ H.ONE) Solo Stage
  • 12. Jooheon Solo Stage + Hyungwon (as DJ H.ONE)
  • 13. 24K Magic - Shownu, Minhyuk and I.M Special Stage
  • 14. 거울을 봐 Look at Mirror - Kihyun and Jooheon Duet Stage
  • 15. Honestly
  • 16. Roller Coaster
  • 17. 넌 어때 I’ll Be There
  • 18. White Sugar
VCR segment
VCR Chapter 1: Beautiful
VCR Chapter 2: Trespass
VCR Chapter 3: Lost
  • 19. Stuck
  • 20. Be Quiet
  • 21. Broken Heart
  • 22. Blind
  • 23. Shine Forever
  • 24. All In
  • 25. Trespass (Remix)
  • 26. Rush (Remix)
  • 27. Fighter
  • 28. No Exit
Closing Ment
  • 29. 5:14 (Last Page)
The Chase of Love (Jason Todd x Reader) | Part Two

Request from: @paradise-runway
Request: “Could I please request more of the Jason Todd x Reader soulmate au? It was amazing, you’re amazing, I love your work <3”
Warnings: Swearing
Tagged: @grumpycheshirecat

It’s only been about two weeks since you’ve met your soulmate, and Jason had already invited you to move in with him. You wonder if maybe you’re moving a little too fast– though was it really possible to ‘move too quickly’ when the relationship was with the one you were destined to be with? Either way, you had accepted, and got all of your belongings packed up and ready to go.

You had just arrived when you heard a whistle of astonishment thrown you way, and you turn from your task of picking up a box to see Jason standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame.

“That’s a lot of stuff,” He states.

“Well, I did pack everything,” You tease.

“All under 24 hours?”

“I had some motivation,” You say, bumping his shoulder with yours as you make your way inside.

You hear him follow behind you. “So, does that mean you don’t need my help carrying things?”

“I don’t need you to, but it would be appreciated. That is, unless you were hoping to just enjoy the view.” You place the box down on the floor, before turning back to him to give him a smirk.

The comment seems to catch him off guard for a moment, but he’s quick to regain his composure and smirk back. “When you put it like that, the choice becomes pretty difficult to make.” You laugh. “But I guess I’ll choose to be appreciated. Besides, I’ll get to look at your everyday now.” He pauses. “That sounded creepy and really weird. I didn’t– I just– you’re moving in so now we’ll be able to spend more time together and get to know each other better and–”

You give him a light kiss that immediately gets him to shut up, and you smile at him gently. “I know, I’m excited.” You wrap your arms around him, which he’s more than happy to reciprocate. “I get to look at you everyday now too.”

He snorts and rests his head atop your own while you place your ear right above his heart. The sound of his lungs breathing and his heart beating bring you almost an overwhelming sense of calm. Your heart is bursting with a comfortable warmth, and you’re sure you’ve never been more happy and at peace in your entire life.

The both of you stay like that for a few minutes, before he breaks off the hug with a quiet and reluctant: “We should get your stuff all set up.”

It takes the rest of the day for the both of you to get everything situated, and the second it hits 6 pm, Jason’s putting on his gear to head out for the night. He’s about half-way through the window when he suddenly freezes.

“Oh shit, I almost forgot,” He motions you closer, and you approach with a raised eyebrow. He quickly takes his helmet off, places a kiss on your cheek, winks, and then puts it back on. “There. All set.”

You watch him grapple away and place a hand over the spot he pecked. The mark on your wrist begins tingling. With a wide smile, you roll your eyes. “Dork.”