a 1 canon

a mistake.

    “citizens of the alola region. this is the pokemon league’s alola champion,
    cassie speaking.”

    she was done here. so, so done. she was tired of the corruptness of the
    league. kukui had a vision, and they had done nothing but spit in his face.
    five years had passed, and now cassie was ready to call them out.

    “for years, i’ve served as the ‘most powerful trainer in alola’. but now… i’d
    like to announce my resignation from the position. and i’d also like to bring
    something to light.” she cleared her throat. “the pokemon league is nothing
    more than a corrupted system made to generate money. as a matter of fact,
    the company behind the league is working to phase out the trial system of
    our traditions. and i refuse to stand by this. i may be a foreigner here by
    technicality, but i will not turn a blind eye to this bastardization of our home’s
    customs. so no matter what you know about the league, it’s likely just a 
    marketing ploy. i usually don’t like saying this, but… the league is full of a
    bunch of self-centered as-”


    silence. they’d cut the program.

    and with that, cassie left the position of pokemon league’s alola champion.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: ok, but for real, who IS Specs? I mean according to his canon lines in the show and most general headcanons based on the cliché “sweet lil glasses nerd” trope, he’s really considerate and loyal and softspoken. Like this boy saw that the paper price was up and decided “huh maybe I’ll save my manhattan buddies the trip and check out the journal. oh diddly darn cheese and crackers it’s hiked up over there too”. But in the tour version, he’s the one that breaks in and out of the Refuge to get Crutchie’s letter. NOT JACK, the escaped convict. The only person ever known to “beat” the Refuge. Not the legendary Jack Kelly. Oh no. Freakin Specs McSweetiepants straight up BREAKS IN AND OUT OF JAIL to deliver a LETTER to this distraught sack of wild-west-themed emo fuck. Like. How does he know how to do that?? What has my baby known?? And then remember Jack’s super duper top secret art that reveals his soft tender side that he doesn’t even show Crutchie during the prologue?? - NO. NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT HIS ANGSTY PICASSO SHIT EXCEPT THIS BRAINY SMURF-ASS MOTHERFUCKER who sells out scary big bro Jack for LITERALLY NOTHING. Like did Katherine even ask??? Or was Specs just being beyond petty like “bitch you think that’s bad you should see these scribbles he does while blasting mcr on the roof and getting a noise complaint its fuckin pathetic” AND JUST LEAKED ALL THIS GARBAGE LIKE THIS BITCH AINT LOYAL BY ANY MEANS HUFFLEPUFF MY ASS. WHO. THE FUCK. IS. SPECS.