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Under appreciated Sangwoo theory

Sangwoo might be a gardener in his spare time. Or at least, he use to practice it. 

In chapter one we’re shown his tool box, the first removable section having an assortment of florist materials in the compartments. From what I can tell he has stem cutters, floral tape, stem tape, and maybe corsage pins. I can’t quite make out what’s in the back sections but from the yellow color, I think it’s safe to say it may be floral materials. 

This kit includes similar items! However it excludes an important tool, the stem cutters. His are yellow, which means that they’re Oasis brand, aka one of the top brands in the florist community. 

In chapter four we’re shown a briefing of his pantry. 

In the top shelves, he has what looks like floral foam and what could possibly be plant feed or pesticides. 

The hue even seems to match the Oasis brand of floral foam (seeing has how many brands differ in color), though that could be a bit of a stretch. 

Just a bit of icing on the cake, but in many images Koogi has given to us of Sangwoo (our newest one being the teenage Sangwoo), there are depictions of flowers. 

This could also be something he use to do with his mom, seeing as how all of the plants in his home are dead - and he still holds onto a lot of things from his childhood, so why not this?

I could of course be wrong, but seeing as how a lot of the arrows point to this, let’s cross our fingers to see some more insight on this in season two!! 

bangmejiminie  asked:

Thank god someone noticed it too! Study shows that jimin's body posture and the distance between their laps indicate that jimin have indeed been laying his head on jungkook's lap prior to recording the video 😌

Also the way his hair sticks to jungkook’s arm proves that he dragged his head from his lap to his arm..I love having psychologists and intellectuals in my inbox.


SONG: ooh you’re playing Density Effect!! i still need to play this!

PICKLE: it’s pretty cool!! my character is dating this big bird looking alien dude and he really likes it when she punches reporters :D

SONG: …um, remind me not to let you save the galaxy? 

That was amazing

New favourite episode ❤️

  • “We could be catching up more in bed”
  • Mr shifty
  • Liv and Robert with the Dingles
  • Harriet’s “you guys love each other yes? And you want to spend the rest of your lives together”
  • Adam’s “we’re the wedding champions” right before they realise they’ve lost a groom
  • “No Cain I was joking!”
  • “I’m not gonna get married in these overalls like some dirty little grease monkey am I”
  • Bad decorations….
  • And finishing off with a mega soapy cliff hanger so we get more tomorrow

Ugh, what’s not to love

Corruption Pt. 1 // Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You’re tired of being innocent, so you take matters into your own hands with your best friend.

Word Count: 996

A/N: This is a series I’m starting, it’s gonna eventually become a smut, so be warned. This story will be updated every Monday 12:00PM EST time.


The lights flashed in brilliant colours, dancing and swaying across the room as if they were flowing with the beat of the music that blared throughout the club.

“Take another!” You friend, Mi Na shouted, handing you your fourth shot. You took it and downed it quickly, grimacing at the burn of the liquor sliding down your throat.

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