a (blank) music blog

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for the submissions so far! I’m glad people are starting to use this blog for what I intended: finding and sharing new and up-and-coming bands and artists. Working on getting you guys uploaded. :)

For future submissions, it’d be great if there was a link to your music on SoundCloud. I’ve been getting all of the music I post from tracks on there, and plan to do this for the time being, until I NEED to start actually posting some songs. It makes everything a little easier if I can simply share them (plus, their player looks really nice on the blog and keeps everything consistent). 

I’ve also added an Info page so you can read about my intentions with the blog and what it’s all about.

Again, thanks so much for contributing to this blog in the short span it’s been around. I hope this trend continues! 

- ( J )