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I call this The Noodles of Reptiblr, part 1
These are only a few of the beautiful snakes that grace my dash~ You guys make my day <3

Tali and Leliana belong to @i-m-snek
Yolo belongs to @skullbird
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UPDATE: He’s found an adopter!!
Hey reptiblr, I need to rehome Hamilton, my ball python. My mental illnesses have gotten very in the way of me taking proper care of this guy, and he needs a better caretaker than me. I don’t have a job nor can I drive, and my money has to go towards dental work so I can no longer afford him either.
If you’re in New York State (Rochester area, or willing to drive very far) and would like to adopt him, I;m asking $45 (this includes all of his tank and his accessories), I also have a 20 gallon that he was in when he was younger that I;m willing to give you as well for $10 extra (it also comes with some accessories).
He hasn’t been handled in the last few months due to my mental illness taking all of my energy, but when he was handled regularly he was very docile.

Please don’t bash me for this guys, I honestly want what’s best for him and I know I’m not that any more.

If you want to adopt/buy him please PM me. I;m willing to haggle prices as well.

I’m rescuing this snake this weekend.

I don’t know if I’m excited about it? It wasn’t planned, but I was window shopping on Craigslist (my first mistake) and couldn’t walk away from what was obviously a bad situation for it. I think you should do as much good as you can, and rescuing ball pythons seems to be a good I can do.

It’s a spider morph (not sure if also pastel) so it’ll have neurological issues for its whole life, on top of whatever problems it comes with from its current home. It doesn’t live in that little box of dirt- thankfully, although I dont know why that’s where he keeps photographing it- but its actual enclosure isn’t that much better in terms of species-appropriate care. I’m picking it up on Saturday and going to the vet pretty much immediately afterward to get the critter checked out.



I am welcoming home this BEAUTIFUL girl this week, Wednesday to be exact! She is a 10yr old normal BP female, nameless as of now. She gets fed tomorrow at her temp home (and eats FT, BLESS), and I am so stoked to have her. She’s my first ball, so I’m excited to see what her and I can do together in terms of her housing and such.

DOES ANYONE have any pointers?! I want the ABSOLUTE best for this lovely lady. She’s older and deserves a nice resting place for the rest of her days. I have done my research but experienced handlers always give the best advice! Feel free to tag anyone you know that could help me out.

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I’m thinking about getting one of these little guys. I’ve already got a tank, bedding/substrate, decoration, and everything else picked out. Now I just have to wait until I move out to get it all. SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!

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How can you tell if a ball python has spider genes?

I’m on mobile but I’m pretty sure someone has a list out there of any morphs that have spider in them. Can anyone scrounge it up for me?

How do you tell “experienced” ball python breeders you don’t care how many years of experience they have?

Every time I correct misinformation, instead of putting their egos aside and saying “oh shoot you’re right I’m sorry” it becomes “I’ve been breeding ball pythons longer than you have been alive therefore I am right and you are wrong!”

I’ve seen ball pythons with stuck shed produce viable clutches in empty glass tanks.

Sorry, but breeding ball pythons is possibly the most mindless and easy task ever set upon this Earth.

Not to mention most of them can’t even keep ball pythons in larger enclosures without feeding issues and resort to small tubs to keep them feeding.

I’m not impressed.

What would you recommend for a Ball Python setup?

I’m looking into getting one and want to make sure I’m properly supplied and setup, as well as making sure it’s in my budget (with room for vet fees and food). Include preferred sizes/brands/etc, and if you’re willing to spend the time, include Amazon links or average prices. Thank you!