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I call this The Noodles of Reptiblr, part 1
These are only a few of the beautiful snakes that grace my dash~ You guys make my day <3

Tali and Leliana belong to @i-m-snek
Yolo belongs to @skullbird
Sunny and Kabuki belong to @tailsandco
Ygritte and Harvey belong to @wheremyscalesslither
Monty and Mango belong to @william-snekspeare
Marzipan belongs to @solid-snakes


I’m happy to announce the arrival of my first series of high-quality vinyl stickers. Check them out!

Unlike “real” snakes, these stickers:

Are made from weather- and UV-resistant transparent vinyl
Are dishwasher safe
Are approximately 3" wide (styles vary)
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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Solas. My ivory ball python. Sweet boy and not shy whatsoever. I’m officially the crazy snake lady. This is my last snake til I start breeding after they all matured. I’ll be sharing photos and making a website if you’re interested in obtaining hatchlings (again after they are all mature enough). And they are all in excellent care.

Hey guys!

So I am just curious about the hoo’s and Haa’s of owning and caring for a snake, particularly pet boa constrictors or ball pythons. Half because I’m a curious weirdo and have always wanted one…and to prove to my brother that snakes aren’t creepy slithering animals and can be adorable and somewhat lovable (he wants a lizard…I’ve been trying to warm him up to getting a snake lol)

If you snake owners out there could give me tips, tell me about your past experiences, where you can buy these guys, etc etc. Heckie-hoo even show me pics of your babies because I LOVE TO SEE YOUR NOODLES please do! This is open discussion and I’d love to hear all you have!

anonymous asked:

🐉🐲🐛🐲🐉🐲🐛 I love snakes my dude I'm getting a ball python soon what are your opinions on snakes

i love them, i think they’re great animals, shame they were kicked out of heaven

Today is a rare day where all their feeding scheduled lined up, so I’m feeding them all. Prayer circle that Cake, the worst first ball python ever, eats.

dark-ones-dagger  asked:

Could I get your opinion on choosing a pet snake? I'm looking at king snakes vs ball pythons and trying to find out which is more friendly/curious/handleable. I love the look of the king snake, but I'm not as familiar with its behavior past the hatchling stage.

Hmmmm. King snakes are more curious but can be a little less friendly (however I have seen a ton of calm tempered ones as well). Ball pythons tend to be more shy, but less bitey. Ball pythons do require a lot more research and work, and I don’t really recommend them as first snakes. It is your decision however, and if you do decide on a bp, please please do a TON of research beforehand, if their husbandry is not perfect they will go off feed :( 
Good luck to you! :)