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I call this The Noodles of Reptiblr, part 1
These are only a few of the beautiful snakes that grace my dash~ You guys make my day <3

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My ball python has got a CHE. Do I need a light? I see a lot about vitamin D but I was told lights are stressful for balls. So I'm very conflicted

Visible light and UV light are different! Ball pythons dont need any supplemental light from the visible spectrum, but some say that UV light is required for any reptile.

I havent quite looked into UV for myself yet, but @kaijutegu might have better info than i do.

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Hi there! I'm confused about soaking for Ball pythons bc on one end I hear it's not good for them and stresses them out, but another end I see ppl claiming their bp seems fine with no display of stress and that's how they bathe/wash them. and in some cases bp's go soak in their water dish by themselves despite temps and humidity being fine and no mites. I've been seeing a lot of debate and arguments from both side and I'm so confused I don't know who is right :( thoughts on this?

Ball pythons 100% do not need to be bathed. The people who do bathe them do it for their own pleasure, or their humidity needs are not met (they will often lie and say they are). 90% of the time, if a ball python soaks itself, its need are not being met. However there are a weird 10% that just soak to soak? It is incredibly rare though. Soaking can remove important oils that are on the ball pythons skin. Constant 60% humidity is all ball pythons need for proper sheds :) Bathing them is not needed at all. If a BP is dirty at sat in its own pee or poop, a wipe down with a moist rag is all they need to get clean again. Ball pythons are not an aquatic or semi aquatic species, and being in water can stress them out.


(Pics for reference, sorry I don’t have better ones right now)

Cassandra doesn’t look as “chubby” as a lot of other ball pythons I see. I’m a little worried that she’s underweight?

According to the boy I got her from, she’s a little over a year and a half old. I know they weren’t feeding her enough - they gave her two adult mice every 3 to 4 weeks.

With me she’s been getting 1 adult mouse every week. She skipped a meal once because I realized had a bad feeder supplier at the time and threw out what I had (i have a better supplier now) and another time because she was actively shedding. I’ve had her since March, so almost 3 months.

She weighs 453 grams, according to the scale I got off of Amazon. Her spine looks a little raised, which I heard could mean she’s a little skinny, but I’m a newer python mom and I’m not sure.

Reptiblr, what do you think?

I’m really worried boros might have gotten mites on his vet trip, his rub spot still hasn’t healed and I’ve noticed damaged scales all over his body, especially on his head, today when I was cleaning his tub I found a bunch of white bugs. They looked too big to be snake mites, more like wood mites, just to b sure I deep cleaned his tub and soaked all his hides (threw out the wood/cardboard tubes too) he’s on white paper towel rn and I didn’t see any black mites. (As you can see I gave him a quick soak too) It could have been they hitched a ride in the moss I use for bedding in his humid hides, even though I wash it thoroughly before use. There’s no way for me to get him to a vet for at least a month I’m so worried about him, he hasn’t pooped in a week and today was his feeding day but now I’ve gone and stressed him all out so I think I might push it back to Friday. Ugh.