a /none/ pizza?? just beef on the left???

Okay so I’m in an advanced programming class centered around design patterns, and our professor was explaining why it’s not always useful to provide a null option for users.

My professor, mind you, is an older man who always seems just a little bit flustered, but still intense enough to keep an entire lecture hall in their seats 5 minutes after class ends (every single time).

So he’s sorta hand waving his way through an explanation of why Dominoes Pizza had originally designed a flawed online ordering system, when some components of his story seemed… Familiar.

He started talking about a person who had been messing around and ordered a weird pizza. Deep in my soul, I just thought, “oh no”.

He mentioned that the pizza had not been covered in either cheese or sauce, because there were null options in the form, and I thought to myself, “it can’t be”.

Then, the final nail in the coffin. My professor mentioned that the user had ordered meat on one half of the pizza, but because it was a badly made pizza with no sauce or cheese, it came scattered all around the box.

To recap. My 70ish year old programming professor, who forbids us from using computers in the classroom, who still teaches with a whiteboard and nothing else, who has taught me more about coding in one lecture than I learned in an entire year of AP CS…


Beef, Future, and Love: Choose Toppings
Extra Large
italian Sausage
Green Peppers
Black Olives
none pizza with left beef
It should be a rule of Tumblr to always reblog
none pizza with left beef
ive missed you
BEEF (via askscientistcarlos)
I love None Pizza with Left Beef.
Ten years into the future and r’ll still be laughing at this
I wish I had the balls to order None Pizza with Left Beef
If I had that kind of money to throw away, sure
I actually ordered this oncee. The pizza place called me five minutes later and
the guy on the phone couldn’t stop laughing, and he just says “Miss, you
can’t do that

what even is the BMC fandom anymore like a bunch of rogue DEH fans decided to give this new musical a try and now our numbers are increasing rapidly and everyone is trying to tell me that jake has a squip that looks like kermit the frog and michael has a squip that looks like left shark next you’re gonna tell me that jenna has a squip that looks like none pizza left beef!!! and the other day i dmed george salazar and asked him to come to my toga party aND WE’RE ALL A MESS THIS ENTIRE FANDOM IS A FUCKING DUMPSTER FIRE WE JUST SIT AROUND AND MAKE JOKES ABOUT HOW JEREMY IS A FURRY WHY DO I LOVE THIS GOD DAMN FANDOM SO FUCKING MUCH????!!!!?!? {in all seriousness I’ve seen a lot of hilarious BMC jokes that have made me laugh for days and this fandom is full of really talented people doing amazing things so thank you!!! please never stop doing what you’re doing!!!!}

I just finished the first full draft of my dissertation about tumblr

some interesting facts:

  • it is 218 pages long.
  • 22 of those pages consist entirely of my works cited list.
  • the last word is “friends”.
  • it contains a bad photoshop of Hiccup Haddock and a pizza.
  • it also contains the phrase “none pizza with left beef” in an entirely unrelated section.
  • I do not actually explain the phrase “none pizza with left beef” anywhere. it’s just…there.
  • I am planning to wear a “technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch” t-shirt to my defense.
  • 3/5 chapters contain passages insulting Donald Trump.
  • there is a Discourse Chef meme on page 176.
  • the “why do we even have that lever” gif appears on page 53.
  • there is a really solid pun that my advisors either have not noticed in previous drafts of that chapter or are afraid to bring up.
  • I had to explain what a Boggart is in a footnote.

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Paladins/ allura and coran as memes

oh nonnie you know the way straight to my heart

  • shiro
    • unironically the “go home x you’re y”
    • go sit in the corner and think about what you did
    • [screams internally]
    • what he says: i’m fine
      • what he means: what do you mean we ran out of cereal i’ve never felt more attac-
    • dad jokes
    • you keep using that word i do not think it means what you think it means
    • don’t talk to me or my [gestures at voltron] children ever again
  • hunk
    • x is my spirit animal
    • hoe don’t do it. oh. my. god.
      • LANCE NO “LANCE Y E S”
    • dark times, dark times
    • “nobodie’s perf-” “hunk exists.” “true.”
      • sees hunk: “wow an angel cleared my skin watered my crops”
      • blurry image of perfection –> hunk
    • me, an intellectual
    • god is dead and we/lance killed him (normally lance)
    • pidge and him are the official science side of the space ship
    • please go to church
  • pidge
    • dat boi
    • [hacker voice] im in
    • my name is ebony darkness dementia raven way and i-
    • in [alien language] we don’t say i love you, we say [insert random alien word here] which roughly translates to [random word] and i think that’s beautiful
    • has a sheet of “you tried” stars and silently sticks them everywhere
    • anything happens; “#aesthetic”
    • quotes history of japan
    • faintly: wake me up 
      • lance, from the other side of the castle: WAKE ME UP INSIDE
  • keith
    • teams with pidge to constantly play the x-files theme
    • … [gestures vaguely] aliens
    • anyone @ keith “edgelord mc edgy-son”
      • also “edge intensifies”
      • and “the edge is strong with this one
    • y’all’d’ve if y’all’d’ve
    • was this even real
    • [x] is just a social construct
    • loss.jpg
  • lance
    • sparks all the “tag yourself”, and everyone else joins in
    • I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now
    • oh i love the paladins! hunk, pidge, shiro, and [looks at smudged writing on hand] quiche
    • not all men? you’re right. I would never do that.
    • “what do you want to eat lance” “none pizza with left beef”
      • hunk feels inexplicably angry
    • your fave is problematic UNLESS IT’S HUNK
    • girls don’t like boys. girls like lance and lance.
  • allura and coran don’t meme much but end up sparking memes
    • “lance, what are you even doing”
      • everyone else: “THEIR BEST.”
    • this mission will be very dangerous
      • we die like men