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“We shouldn’t be here,” Sara whispered.

Reyes put a finger to his lips, silently telling her to keep quiet. The smuggler was stealthy, but she could see the excitement in the slight flush of his cheeks. Or maybe it was the humidity.

“Seriously, Reyes,” she continued. “If Evfra finds out we were here…” Really, the more she thought about it, the more she thought Paaran Shie might be the bigger problem. Or the Moshae. Sara blanched at the thought, but allowed Reyes to pull her through the dense foliage of Aya’s jungle.

The trees were stout, with thick trunks and broad branches that blocked out the sun. They walked along the faint trail, dodging whip-like branches and vines, the humid chill of the dense forest clinging to the skin her tank top left bare.

“Where are you even taking me?” She asked as they clambered over a particularly large root structure.

“It would hardly be a surprise if I told you,” he chided. “Plus, this way you can claim ignorance if we do get caught.” He said nothing more, but took her hand to help her down from the large, protruding root they climbed over. Once she was on the path again, he didn’t release her hand, but laced his fingers through hers to pull her along after him.

They walked in silence, Sara trying not to let the looming fear of ruining the Initiative’s relationship with the angara just so her boyfriend could surprise her ruin said surprise. Reyes was careful, and all about control. He wouldn’t have brought her here if he thought there was any real risk. She hoped.

The sound of rushing water was her first clue. Though the jungle was far from quiet, with giant tree limbs creaking in the wind, and the Ayan equivalent of birds calling to one another, the roar of the waterfall was loud. She gasped as the sound registered, and he looked back at her with a grin. Her trepidation fell away as they stepped out into the sun.

The waterfall fell into a large, blue pool that trickled off in multiple directions via streams and creeks. The tree line grew into the water on one side, providing shade, while the rest of the pool was ringed in large river rock, except for one spot that had worn down into pale white sand. It was there that a familiar aqua and purple blanket was laid out with snacks and drinks waiting for them.

She spun to face Reyes, who had fallen back to observe her reaction to his surprise. “How did you…?”

He grinned. “I called in a few favors,” he said. He led her to the blanket, and then kicked off his shoes. His t-shirt went next, followed by his pants, until he wore just the black boxer briefs Sara loved so much. “The spot is ours today,” he said. “We won’t be disturbed.”

That was all she needed to hear. Sara stripped down, pausing as she reached back to unclasp her bra. “You’re certain it’ll just be the two of us?”

He raised a dark eyebrow at her. “You think I’d go through all of this and not be sure to have you all to myself?”

His words raised the hairs on the back of her neck and she unhooked her bra. She dropped it to the blanket, then stepped out of her underwear as Reyes did the same. She watched him, enjoying the view, and then asked the question that bounced around her mind relentlessly.

“What’s the occasion?”

He shrugged. “No occasion,” he said. “With Scott and Gil on their honeymoon we could use a small vacation of our own.” He glanced at her and smirked. “And I know how much you like skinny dipping.”

Sara groaned. “That was one time, when I was sixteen!”

“And yet, here you are, completely bereft of clothes.”

She rolled her eyes at his grin, but couldn’t fight a smile of her own. She took his hand and led him to a rock that jutted out over the water. The sun warmed the dark stone, and its heat on the soles of her feet felt so good that she wasn’t sure she even wanted to get in the water. It had been so long since her skin had felt the heat of the sun, so many months spent holed up on her ship or bounding from office to office to deal with finicky officials. She sighed. Reyes was right; she needed this.

She leaned in to him, kissing his jawline, and he hummed appreciatively. “Thank you,” she murmured. “And, I’m sorry.”


Sara pressed both hands to his bare chest and shoved him off the rock and into the pool. She laughed as he spluttered, cursing her in Spanish. He lunged for her, trying to pull her in, but Sara dove over him. The water was cool and the shock of it stole her breath. She broke the surface with a gasp, then cried out when she heard Reyes swimming after her. She laughed and they splashed at each other as she led him on a chase around the pool.

She’d always been a strong swimmer, she could have easily kept out of his reach, but it was so much more fun to be caught. She headed to the sandy shore but once her feet found the bottom she waited for him to catch up.

Reyes practically collided with her. His hands latched onto her hips, lifting her with ease to wrap her legs around his waist. She gripped his shoulders and dropped her mouth to his, eager to taste him after all the built up anticipation of the day. He carried her from the water, his mouth focused on her neck until he they lay down, dripping on the blanket.

He murmured against the skin of her neck, then her collarbone, then her sternum as he trailed down her body, his hands roving in contrast with the determined path of his lips. As his mouth wound its way even further south, Sara’s eyes closed and her vision flashed white behind her eyelids to match the glow of the sun above her.

Reyes was right; she really needed this.

He watched her lay on the blanket, the one he’d picked out just for her when he’d built the casita, and tried to settle his nerves. She was perfect. He always thought so, but in this moment he’d finally convinced her that she should feel that way too. The breeze was gentle, and now that they were dry it was sweet relief from the Ayan sun. It played with her still damp hair that was so much shorter than he’d grown accustomed to. Not that it mattered, her hair had been even shorter when they first met. 

This moment, sunbathing and dozing in the sun, relaxed and sated, was perfect. He wasn’t sure he could orchestrate one better, which meant there was no time like the present.

He fumbled through his pant pockets, still piled on the sand, until he found what he was looking for. He stared at the delicate silver band for a second. It was simple, unadorned save for the subtle wave pattern engraved on the outside to match her family ring.

Looking at it, he suddenly felt foolish. He wasn’t even sure she really wanted to get married, it wasn’t something they’d talked about in any certain terms. There’d been plenty of talk about someday and after she was done being the Pathfinder, but his time on the Tempest with her had proved to him that they couldn’t count on time being there for them. If she was willing, he wanted to take advantage of the time they did have.

He swallowed down the anxiety that clawed at his throat and settled down beside her. Instinctively she turned so that her back pressed to his chest, and she hummed happily as his arm draped over her side. He held the ring out in her line of sight, but she didn’t react.

“Sara,” he whispered against her ear. His voice shook, but he ignored it. “Open your eyes.”

Her body tensed against him, and her breath caught in her throat. Even he stopped breathing as he waited for her reaction. She didn’t say anything for a long moment, but her breathing picked up, and he heard the distinct sniffling sounds of her crying.

“I don’t want to rush you,” he stammered. “I don’t know what you want, but this doesn’t have to mean anything more than you want it to.”

“Absolutely not,” she said through her tears.

Reyes’ heart plummeted. He’d had his doubts, but he definitely hadn’t expected outright rejection. “What?”

She took the ring from him with shaking fingers and slid it into place on her left hand. Then she rolled in his arms to face him. “You are not talking your way out of this one,” she said. Her blue eyes were so bright, and the green centers seemed to glow through her tears as she stared up at him, waiting for him to continue.

He cleared his throat, struggling to regain some sort of composure. “Sara Artemis Ryder,” he breathed. “Will you-”

“Yes!” The word bubbled out of her as she nodded, and he was so relieved that she’d interrupted him that he didn’t even argue when her mouth met his. They kissed, lying together under the Ayan sun, the wind rustling the trees as the waterfall roared behind them. It was perfect, there was no way Reyes could have planned a better moment.

And then she slapped his chest.

“You said there was no occasion!” She glared up at him, though her eyes still sparkled with unbridled joy.

He grinned at her, his own heart feeling suddenly buoyant in his chest. “I lied.”

Send the Pain Below - Part 4

Word Count: 2580

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Drug use, language, mentions of violence, ptsd

A/N: This part kind of got away from me a little bit. It’s not the best. Thanks to @theerinpage @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @mysupernaturalfics and @little-red-83 for helping my poor stuck brain with this part.

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

“The cops are searching the place right now.” Jensen sighed, pacing back and forth in his apartment. He was on the phone with Clif and constantly looking at you. You sat on the couch and stared off into the distance, not saying a word since he found you in your living room. You heard the knock on the door and turned your head toward it, but remained seated, not answering it. “They’re here now.” Jensen said, hanging up the phone and answering the door.

“Mr. Ackles?” The man asked. “Detective Robbins. May I come in?”

“Sure. Yeah.” Jensen opened the door wider and let the detective inside. He headed to you on the couch, taking a seat next to you.

“You must be Y/N.” He said. You nodded without looking at him and Jensen was at your side in an instant. “Can you tell me what happened today?” You shook your head and your whole body started to shake again until Jensen grabbed your hand and squeezed, grounding you.

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Prompt: Nalu 
Mermaid/Mercenary soulmate AU

Rating: T for language

A/N: The FT Fic Exchange for @akela-nakamura! Surprise Marissa! It’s an AU just for you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday :3 

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Hurling his upper body over the railing, his legs kicked out as the vile sounds of vomiting surrounded the upper deck of the ship. The sun dimmed down on the rusty vessel, a storm looming in the distance, creeping closer with each lull of waves on the hull.

Natsu Dragneel wiped his lips with the back of his hand, a grimace on his face and a queasy burp escaping his mouth. Pink locks swayed in the warm breeze, the sound of the engine churning yards below the surface of the ocean, but vibrating the ship: a constant promise. Knees clothed in green cargo pants hit the polished deck, large bare hands gripping the painted iron rails for support.

“Ugh, pitiful. How did you ever survive basic training?” A snarky voice barked, disturbing the peace. Natsu scowled and turned his head to see the black haired man that was on his ass since they were assigned to this ship.

Gajeel Redfox, the famous Black Steel Gajeel, known for his skills in combat and defense. Natsu wasn’t surprised that he was hired for a head guard.

He also wasn’t surprised he was also hired for this expedition. This was a big game, and the Master wanted the best. Both he and Gajeel were the best…or the best available at the moment.

Natsu sneered, licking his lips as he forced himself to stand. Motion sick or not, Natsu refused to be seen as weak. He cannot get fired from this voyage. Everything depended on it.

“Shaddup. I just took my anti nausea pill late this morning.” It was a lousy excuse, but true. Wendy gave him enough anti nausea meds to stay at sea for months. The only downside was that he had to be diligent and take them at the exact same time each day.

Gajeel could write off his motion sickness, but Natsu knew the man had his own stash of meds. How else could they survive the high seas?

“You are useless, Salamander. Why are you even on this ship?” Gajeel grumbled, black eyes scanning the horizon with little interest. “Don’t tell me-”

Natsu sat up, slamming his forehead to the other man’s forcefully. “We ain’t supposed to say anything about the Master, Tin Can.” Seriously, they swore to secrecy before they cheated to the top of the applicant lists. It was the second rule behind not killing anybody.

Still, Natsu got to be a mercenary with a hot headed personality. Gajeel was stuck with babysitting the scientist in charge of this military expedition. Loser.

Speaking of…

“Gajeel! How are you supposed to guard me if you can’t even keep a decent eye on me?” A woman snapped, and both men turned to see their employer stomp up to them. 

Her blue hair was tied up in a ponytail as reading glasses rested on the bridge of her nose. The white coat was blinding in the halogen lamps now flickering to life. Both males had only seen it in the dark and damp inside of the ship lab.

“Damn it, the bookworm vampire came out to play.” Gajeel muttered to Natsu. “I thought we had to be professional, shrimp.”

The woman scowled as she stopped right before him, hands on her hips. Through gritted teeth and a slicing gaze, she spoke, “I happen to be a doctor, Redfox. I demand to be known as such. That is professionalism, along with doing your job correctly.”

Natsu snickered, and the woman shifted her eyes to him. “You, Mr. Dragneel, have no job here. You are lucky my senior adviser, Dr. Jose, demanded a mercenary soldier be deployed on my peaceful expedition.” Her tone was steely. “I am here to study sea life and take samples, not kill everything in sight.”

The pink haired man rolled his eyes. 

The hunt was why he was here, yeah. The rumors that monsters have been fished out of the sea was thrilling. Beating up said monsters sounded even more thrilling. Any threat to Magnolia would be his job to dispose of, regardless of his employers thoughts.

Made things more interesting, at least to him. Monster slaying was a specialty of his.

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The Brightest Light


Update on the fic brought on by the wonderful Transcendence headcannon! So this is my life now, no escape.

 Please enjoy the product of my spare time well-spent!

No regrets.



Dipper didn’t feel like sticking around the young awkward man, he reminded him of himself a bit when he was human. But there was also something about Cameron that was off, maybe even a little twisted. He sensed it in his presence, his aura was pinked and yellowed, like a healing wound that had began to fester.

Dipper was never popular, and sure, sometimes he had wished that he was cooler in the eyes of his peers, and more appealing to girls. But he would never use blood magic and actually sell some of his life for it. Of course he was one to criticize seeing as he was the one to take it, but it was going to a good cause.

Those two month’s of Cameron’s life could now go to nine year old Kevin recovering from leukemia. Kevin summoned Dipper last week asking that he check his younger brother for cancer in exchange for a jumbo candy bar one of his nurses gave him for when he recovered. Dipper could feel that the beginning of the Kevin’s remission was going to be shaky, and without a little help things could go south. Those two months of life would give the young boy’s body that extra fight it needed and ensure he’d stay cancer free until it could do that on it’s own.

Of course some more chocolate in exchange would be called for. Dipper chuckled to himself and was about to transport to Kevin’s hospital room when he noted a party in the dorms. Blasting music, flashing colored lights and all kinds of sounds of merriment radiated out of the event. It was similar to how Mable’s parties usually turned out; however, this one had a narrow age range.

Dipper drifted down for a closer view, it was being held in a banquet hall. He fazed through one of the windows and took in the scene. Balloons and streamers decked out the ceiling and an enormous banner hung at the front of the hall reading “WELCOME BACK”. A DJ was stationed underneath the banner surrounded by an array of colored lights. Dipper had never been to a college party, he’d never been to college. Mable took her college courses through the internet so that she could stay in Gravity Falls with Dipper and Grunkle Stan. He had felt guilty she was giving up a full college experience for the sake of his loneliness. But she would always blow it off in a very Mable manner and insisted that she liked it this way, it was less expensive and gave her more time to do other things. Like go on explorations with Dipper, or dates with Henry.

Dipper sometimes wondered if he would have gone to college if he was still in the physical realm. Sure their were plenty of things he’d be happy to learn. Especially now that the mystical and occult were being taught in school since the Transcendence, but sitting in a class was a lot different from being out in the field. Still, he wondered how he would have fared in college.

He watched the party goers in their antics for a while as they danced, whooped, and hollered. It was chaotic which appealed to both his human and demon sides, seeing as he was accustom to very Mable celebrations. Before he knew it he was on ground level, watching this lively scene. The music changed and “Holding Onto You” by Twenty-one Pilots began to blast over the crowd, Dipper’s head bobbed a bit at the tune. An oldy but goody, it brought a bit of nostalgia, he’d liked this song as a kid. He crossed his legs and indulged in the song, when something caught his eye.

A girl in a plaid jacket and a knit winter hat walked past and Dipper did a double take. “Wendy?” He said.

She began to integrate with the crowd, stripping off her jacket to reveal a gray tank top underneath. She tied the jacket around her waist as she swayed to the music and Dipper drifted closer. Then as the song reached the chorus she pulled off her hat, releasing golden brown, loose curls. Not Wendy. Where was he again? Montana, he recalled, being summoned into so many different places his location would occasionally slip from his mind. Wendy had long since graduated college, and was now off on her own adventures, somewhere in Scandinavia at the moment.  Dipper mentally kicked himself for forgetting, but then again, she’d been hard to keep up with lately. Whenever Skype wouldn’t work he’d visit her dreams, the only problem with that is sometimes she’d forget what they’d talked about when she woke up. Dreams were funny that way. Not to mention they both had their own lives to attend to, but no matter how busy they got, they still stayed in contact, friends to the day.

Dipper retracted back away from the crowd, about to pay the girl no mind, when she caught his eye again. She danced almost spiritually, seemingly taking in the music with her very soul. Her aura reached out like light from a fire, and resonated with a glow of life. This puzzled him, this was an abnormal way for a human’s spirit to act. Her energy was contagious, and sparked off a chain reaction with those around her. Even Dipper couldn’t help but drift a bit closer, to expose himself to her exhilarating aura. Curious and perplexed by how rapidly this girl’s energy expanded and reacted with the aura of others.

She closed her eyes and sang with the lyrics, her movements harmonious and passionate.

You are surrounding

All my surroundings,

Sounding down the mountain range

Of my left-side brain.

You are surrounding

All my surroundings,

Twisting the kaleidoscope

Behind both of my eyes!

The music swelled and so did her spirit, growing into a brilliance of color, and Dipper found himself in awe. He was unprepared as the energy surged high and washed over him. He soaked it all in, god, it felt like sunlight. If he had any breath it would have left him, he’d felt energy from parties before but not at this magnitude. He indulged in the ecstasy emanating from the crowd, feeling their life, their joy, it was nearly divine. It was all so wonderful that Dipper could hardly question how it could be possible. But he did, and as the question sank in a bit more, the energy and the song died down a notch or two.

As the piano bit in the song began, his head cleared a little more and he looked at the girl, really looked at her. She seemed to be catching her breath, she swayed in time with the slowing music. Outwardly Dipper found nothing odd about her. She was in her early twenties, average height, average weight, average body type. On the surface she was normal. Internally; however, she was….hidden. Dipper blinked and tried to view her soul again. Nothing. She was concealing herself from him. Her energy projected out, but her soul remained invisible. Locking everything tightly away from prying eyes. As omniscient as Dipper was, sometimes he couldn’t see things unless they were given. He watched her, puzzled, his mind working at this information as the high of her aura subsided.

Her content expression eased a bit, as though she was becoming more conscious. Her eyes opened softly, her smile grew light and she looked about her, swaying a little slower. Then she laughed and her aura slowly began to grow again as the music increased, pulsing with the beat. Slowly everything built up, the speed of her dancing, the sound of the music, the life of her energy, until it all climaxed and Dipper was once again overcome by this warm bliss. His questions unraveling along with his instincts. He closed his eyes and reveled in his high. It couldn’t have been more than a minute, but it felt as though it had gone one for so much longer. A part of him wanted it to go on forever. It felt like life. And not the kind of adrenaline-filled liveliness brought on by pain, but wondrous, exhilarating, joyous life.

The song ended and the hall erupted in applause and cheers. The atmosphere shifted and Dipper opened his eyes, the glow was dying down. She was moving out of the crowd, out of the banquet hall, her aura leaving him like a content sigh. He drifted after her, curious, as well as hoping to absorb maybe just a little more of her energy.

He followed her lazily through the corridors, feeling warm and soothed, like humans do after a nice cup of chamomile. She hummed to herself, her aura still bright and warm but not nearly as intense as before. If Dipper wanted to take any of it in, he needed to get closer. This he debated with: did he really want to stick around or move on with his night? He was certainly intrigued by this young woman, there was no doubting there was something magical about her and this gnawed at Dipper’s curiosity. He wanted to know how this person could possess such an essence, was she really human? Or something more?

He followed her up a staircase and down another hall until she stopped at a dorm, she dug her keys out of her purse, humming softly. She fitted the key in the lock and turned it, opening the door. Dipper leaned back a fraction and stretched, man, he felt pretty damn good.

“I know you’re there.”

Dipper froze and looked at her. She had stepped inside her room already, standing in the center of the floor, but her back was to him. He couldn’t feel or see her aura anymore. An alarm bell began to go off in his instincts.

“Come forward.” She said.

Dipper didn’t move, he eyed her sharply, trying to work out what she was doing.

“I asked you nicely,” She sighed and tucked some hair behind her ear. “Come forward!” She barked, turning sharply. Dipper felt an invisible force lasso him and yank him forward before he had time to react. His arms were bound to his sides and he rocketed into the room, the door slamming shut behind him. Good feeling long since gone.

He stared at her dumbfounded. She had summoned him without a ritual. She simply reached out and grabbed him with some form of power, and she could see him! He could tell by how she looked directly at him rather than through him. Her eyes had steeled and she looked him up and down. “State your name.” She ordered.

Dipper overcame his surprise and put on his demon grin. He needed to keep composure while he worked out what the hell was going on. “I’ll give mine, if you give yours, sunshine.” He cooed.

“Only an idiot gives their name to a demon.” She said.

“Need a name to make a deal.” He replied as he mentally estimated the strength of his binds. They were weak, strong enough to move him, but weaker than a circle, which was usually not too difficult to break.

“Only an idiot makes a deal with a demon.” She retorted.

“Hey now,” He said, holding his hands up a bit. “I deal with idiots on the daily, but I wouldn’t call all of my business partners idiots.” He decided not to break from his bonds just yet, people revealed things more easily when they believed they were in control.

“I am your captor.” She said. “This is your name for me. Now speak your name, demon.”

She was clever. His smile grew wider and more toothy. “Alcor.” He answered, his voice echoing a bit more.

“Just as I thought.” She muttered. “And what is the Dream Bender doing following me around?”

Alcor shrugged. “I was in the neighborhood, decided to roam around a bit, recharge my batteries.” He leaned toward her. “But what are you doing here, my dear captor?”

“What are you talking about?” She demanded. “I live here.”

“Ordinary place for someone like you.” Alcor mused, she glared at him. “A mage, I’m guessing.”

Her grip on her invisible rope tightened. “What do you want, demon?”

“Awe, did I guess your secret too soon?” The demon teased. “Well maybe you shouldn’t have used a free-handed binding spell. Who else but a mage would use that kind of magic?” Her grip tightened even more, but he ignored it, Mable hugged harder than this. “I’ll give you props though,” He went on. “your kind are really good at hiding, but you were trying a bit too hard, my captor. If you really don’t want people knowing you’re a strong mage, you shouldn’t outright block your soul from sight.”

Her spine seemed to steel and she drew him in a little closer. “What do you want demon?” She demanded.

“Me?” Alcor said innocently. “Why, I only wanted to learn about you.”

“For what reason?” She pressed.

Alcor grinned. “Sorry, but I can’t give any more information without getting something back.” Her grip tightened, and he flexed his arms a little at the mild discomfort. “Tell you what,” He said. “I’ll tell you exactly why I followed you, but you have to answer every question I ask of you truthfully. Deal?”

“Never.” She growled.

He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” With a hearty tug he drew away and her bonds on him broke, which in turn brought her expression from anger to surprise. “Yeah,” The demon smirked. “I could have done that the whole time.”

Her face turned red in both anger and embarrassment, he paid her little mind and brushed off his shoulder casually. “You should probably work on that spell.” He remarked. “Though I was impressed by what it could do, if you’re really going to count on it holding the likes of me, you’re gonna want to work at it.”

She blasted a force of energy at him and he caught it in his palm in a flash, and he was once again impressed. She was able to send a pinch of a shock through his arm, remarkable considering nothing ever really hurt him. “I like you.” He decided, as he flexed his had, watching the last of the sparks fade in his palm. “Tell you what.” He flicked his wrist in a flourish with flame and produced a tarot card. “Here’s my card, if you change your mind, just a little blood calls in a summons.”

He held it out to her and she stared at it, then him. Distrust on her face.

“Never waist a resource, dear.” He said, and flicked the card to the side where it landed in her open purse on the floor. “Until next time, my dear captor.” He tipped his hat to her and burst into blue flames before disappearing.


Dipper watched as Mable put yet another spoonful of sugar into what at one time was tea. He crossed his arms a waited as she downed her teacup of what he assumed to be wet sugar at this point. He shifted against the red scarf that tethered him to his seat. “Well?” He said.

Mable looked at him with a bright smile. “You worry too much.”

“Worry too much?!” He echoed incredulously. “Mable, she could summon me without a circle! Do you know how powerful you have to be to do that? How dangerous someone like that is?”

“It’s not like she was hunting you down to do her bidding or trying to enslave you.” Mable said, eyeing the inside of the sugar bowl, which was now empty. “She wouldn’t have captured you if you hadn’t been stalking her.”

“I wasn’t stalking!” He protested.

“You were totally creeping, bro.” Mable snorted. Dipper made to argue, but she cut him off. “And anyway, it sounds like she didn’t want anything to do with you. I mean, she sort of had you right in her palm, and when you talked about a deal, she said ‘no’.”

“Who said 'no’?” Grunkle Stan asked, coming into the kitchen. “Dipper get rejected by a girl?”

“Yeah he did.” Mable grinned. “He tried to strike a deal with the girl he was stalking and she kicked his butt.”

“That is NOT how it happened at all!” He shouted as he fazed into existence for a few seconds. “ALL of that was totally out of context, Grunkle Stan!” He flickered back into the dreamscape.

Stan laughed and proceeded to raid the fridge. “I thought you’d grown out of that creepy spying on girls stage. Must be easier now though since nobody can see you.”

“I don’t know why I tell you people anything.” Dipper grimaced.

“Awe, don’t be like that, Dip.” Mable nudged him with her pink, fluffy kitten slipper. “You know this is how Stan and I show you love. Bottom line is you should quit worrying, unless this mage is causing problems, then you can worry about it.”

“Whoa, a mage?” Stan perked up from behind the open fridge door. “ Those still around?”

“They’ve never gone,” Dipper said. “they just keep to themselves.”

“Dipper says they were always here, they just hide out.” Mable announced.

“You don’t mess with mages, kid, not the practiced ones anyway.” Stan advised, he took a drink of milk from the carton. “ And they especially don’t like people trying to get into their secrets.”

“Grunkle Stan! Use a cup, the kids drink that milk!” Mable scolded.

“Can’t hear you when I’m drinking milk, sweety.” Stan replied, taking another drink.

“I thought you would have learned your lesson after you drank a bottle of my breast milk.” Mable grumbled and the two men cringed.

“We never speak of that!” Stan shouted.

“Please, never again.” Dipper agreed in a haunted voice, and they both shuttered.

Mable clucked her tongue. “You think you had it bad, old man? You know how long it took me to refill that bottle?!”

“Never again!” Stan yelled, slamming the fridge closed.

Henry rushed into the kitchen, Dipper noted the new bright red sweater he wore that read “#1 DADDY”. “You’re gonna wake the kids, why are you guys shouting?”

“No reason at all whatsoever!” Stan barked as he pushed past the great red-headed man.

Henry looked at Mable questioningly, but she just shook her head, disgruntled. Dipper grunted.

“Anyway,” He returned to the impending subject. “I can’t help but wonder about it, can mages really be that strong?”

His twin shrugged. “Maybe Henry knows, he works with this kind of stuff everyday.”

“Maybe I know what?” Henry looked at the chair Dipper was tethered to, the red scarf bobbing a bit.

“Dipper’s got questions about mages.” Mable told him. “Ever hear anything about them having powers over demons without using the conventional ways?”

Henry scratched his jaw and thought. “It’s pretty difficult to say.” He mused. “ They write their books in a hidden language, and what has actually been translated into English is debatable in itself. A lot of things get lost in the translation, so there are various interpretations in regards to what the information we do have actually means.”

“What would you advise?” Dipper asked.

“How would a demon like Dipper deal with a mage?” Mable asked her husband.

“Honestly?” Henry answered. “Ignorance is a dangerous thing, I wouldn’t start any confrontations unless you knew just what you were up against.”

“Leave well enough alone, Dipper.” Mable commented. “You’ve got enough junk to worry about. Like taking the triplets to the park tomorrow with Stan so I can work on my big project.”

“Uncle Dan’s kilt.” Henry groaned. “Why did you agree to that?”

“I like a challenge,” Mable said brightly. “like your new sweater. And anyway, who can say no to an opportunity to put a guy like Manly Dan in a skirt?”

“You knit sweaters all the time.” Dipper said

“Yeah, but none that have ever been able to go over barrel chest over there.” She replied

“If I see anything unmentionable when Dan wears his kilt, I’m holding you accountable.” Henry grumble and walked out of the kitchen revealing “& HOTTEST HUBBY” stitched into the back of his sweater.

Dipper raised and eyebrow and Mable grinned at him. “He has no idea that’s there.” She snorted, getting up to make more tea and refill the sugar bowl. “Anyway, I think you should leave the mage alone, sounds like she was having a great old time before you showed up by how you described her aura or whatever.”

“Alright, I get it,” Dipper sighed. “I was the wrong-doer here. I’ll forget I ever saw anything.”

Easier said than done.