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Just so you guys are aware, Tumblr’s activity graph is faulty at the moment. So if you’ve seen your activity plummet in past few days don’t think too much of it. 

For instance, this is my graph right now for the last 7 days:

And this is a something I posted 24 hours ago:

Notice how it has almost 2k notes and the activity graph says I made 300+ notes on the last 24 hours…

I don’t know what’s wrong here, @staff @support, but I’m pretty sure something is wrong with your code. I can see tons of tags and comments on that post so I’m fairly certain the number of notes it displays is correct. That makes me believe something on the retrieval of data for that portion of the activity is not working.

Meanwhile, followers, just ignore your activity graph. For you sanity.

When someone makes one of those funny “TV show + text posts” thingy and the text posts are super small but you still wanna know what the joke is

So the French are now saying there’s definitively no DGM in the Crown this month.

I don’t speak French, but this is my best translation, with some help from Google:

“Concerning D.gray-man, there is no chapter in the 10/14 Jump SQ Crown. There is an apology message but no return date is announced.”

So if these French manga people are legit, and have true insider information, then DGM is officially on hiatus.

And I’m…not going to make any additional commentary or speculation on this post. 

I’m tired…

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did you see that mess re: tiffany? i am already seeing ppl calling her the female chanyeol as a means to insult/drag her. like i get it, cy has fucked up a lot in the past and i am absolutely not here for excusing my fave's fuckups, but by and large, we have seen him grow a lot this year. i guess the concept of growth is still foreign to many, so this constant need to throw him under the bus at every opportunity, or calling him useless/ugly/other insults has just become first instinct. :/

i did. the funny thing is…….for all the things they’re shitting on him for baekhyun has said the same things but lately everyone’s all over him and always praising him and it’s like they’ve all collectively chosen to forgive and forget about his past mistakes. so why can’t people do that for chanyeol too? is he not allowed to learn and grow as a person? all the good things he’s done are now invalid because of what he’s done/said in the past? a member can hit him, make fun of him, reject him and it’s funny because oh they’re just joking they’re all friends so it’s okay but chanyeol so as much as play around with kyungsoo and he’s “gross and annoying”. chanyeol reacts more than others and he’s fake and attention seeking. chanyeol doesn’t react and instead of people wondering if he’s okay they’ll suddenly bring up how all of exo must be tired. chanyeol puts out his own music to share with his fans but doesn’t do well in one performance and he’s called talentless. i think it’s the fans’ turn to better themselves. but if you really don’t like chanyeol don’t squeeze yourself in conversations you don’t belong in. let us cy stans worry about him. let us talk freely about him without you inserting your unwanted opinions or dragging him down. we know what he did. WE KNOW

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LMAO your latest posts are so funny like I can hear you slowly going insane with the realisation that season 3 has ended and that your routine of refreshing the website is over! (jk i'm the same man WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW???)

I AM GOING INSANE I spent literally 30 minutes writing an analysis of Isak’s hair in season two connected with his sexuality and then I looked at it and I was like???
What am I doing??
I really miss liking normal tv shows were you know when the episode airs. Man. The stress is not good for me.