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Joan jett and m̶u̶l̶l̶e̶t̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶ Michael j fox perform Light of day in the movie called Light of day.


Youtube: https://youtu.be/N5TEI7hizN4


What better way to start off the New Year, than looking at Hamilton’s baby, Philip? 8D

Also, what do you mean this isn’t what happened in the musical?


Alexander Hamilton - Me

Comic: @dorothywonderland   (Link to the comic)


TobyFox - NGAHH!!!

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!


Thought I’d share 😊

FINALLY MET MY BAES GOT7. Interaction dets start @ 6:02 and go on for a lil while. I was really lucky with seats and LOTS of of interaction. I’m talking rapping with Jackson, confusing lil Youngjae, dabbing on Bambam, and JB giving me the eye. We couldn’t have asked for better!

Hope y'all enjoy our fan account! A special S/O to the girls we met along the way that made the experience even better!

KM & BW: You can’t go wrong dabbing with Bambam!

  • kid: dad tell me a bedtime story
  • me: that's tyler and that's josh, back in june 2011 about to play their first show out of their homestate. there really wasn't a good reason to capture footage that night, other than unspoken feeling between the two. a feeling that would were, a feeling that playing in front of 12 people would be the perfect way to start their music video for their song "ode to sleep"

To spend together the last week of Lucifer winter hiatus, I’d like to celebrate our devil and detective. The week of January 9th to January 15th will be Deckerstar Appreciation Week!

You can contribute in any way, with gif, edit, graphic, video, music, fanfiction. Every type of art you want to do!


  • Jan 09th • Day One: Deckerstar (the moment I started to ship them)
  • Jan 10th • Day Two: Just, shut up (the scene that ripped my heart out)
  • Jan 11th • Day Three: Detective! Lucifer! (favourite little things)
  • Jan 12th • Day Four: Don’t, please (favorite moment of physical contact)
  • Jan 13th • Day Five: Like you said (favourite quote)
  • Jan 14th • Day Six: I love these people (Tom and Lauren appreciation)
  • Jan 15th • Day Seven: What’s your deepest, darkest desire? (free day)

It would be nice if you tag your posts with #deckerstarweek in one of the first five tags so all the works are collected together!

Have fun! :)

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How did you get into the fandom and into Larry? I don't think I've seen you talk about it

i haven’t recently rly! but my first introduction to them was when my best friend sent me the wmyb video way back when to which i replied “i like the one in the red pants” (this still rings true). but i was all wanna-be music snobby indie folksy kid back then smh 🙄 so it never went beyond that until later down the road when that same best friend started sending me the this is us promo interviews and i lost my goddamn mind. i was going thru a hxc punk phase and was reluctant at first, yk…like this isn’t very punk of me…this doesn’t fit my Thing rn…but then i was like wait…this louis guy…he dresses like a fancy punk boy?? i like that…and then the narry interviews were really my ultimate downfall. they’re so funny?? and cute??? i was smitten. so by the time this is us actually came out i was in deep and they had consumed my entire life. but up until then i hadn’t been blogging abt them, just sort of silently devoting my life to them and following along. my first one direction post on this blog was, unsurprisingly, a photoset of harry wearing all black.

then it took?? literally two weeks for me to Realize abt larry. my friend wasn’t a larrie but someone i’d followed had reblogged some stuff and i was like…wait a minute….this is….suspicious. 👀👀 those two…are something. which lead to me promptly reworking the fic i was writing for my friend in which she was dating niall and i was dating louis (#tbt to when i thought i was straight lol) to have louis and i break up amicably (not much changed - all we ever did was sit on our bed in hotel rooms in our PJs and eat snacks anyway…which, relationship goals??) and have harry and louis start dating and also have harry ever-so-graciously introduce me to his pal cara delevingne (like…truly….i rly thought…lol) who he thought i’d get on really well with [wink wink nudge nudge]. and now here i am. with a fucgkin big ass pic of larry framed on my bedside table and those two beautiful wonderful fuckers to thank for some of my very best friends in (and all over!) the world. 

DANGER & STIGMA & REFLECTION (theory update)


I’ve been seeing a lot of people confused, or found it be messy that they including the scenes of Tae from Danger in their new short film STIGMA.

I use to write a lot of theories and anyone else who writes them.. we can all agree we’re trying to find out where the story started. When HYYH first started, I assumed all their music videos all relate to each other, yes. The young school boy phase, then bad boys, so on and so on- I always believed Danger is where it began to unfold each of the boys stories.

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move-in-different-circles  asked:

hello:) Everyone says that you should stick to doing whatever it is that makes you truly happy, and to work for it. Mine is dance, i sincerely love it but feel almost too old to really learn as much as i need to and to achieve greatly in that area of work and life i guess. Particularly because so many successful dancers start so young, it seems very risky and unstable i guess. Would you say i should just do it as a hobbie?

Sometimes our ideal dream becomes unachievable, but that only forces us to become more creative with what we can do.  So if dance is your passion, and you want nothing more to make a living from it, change your perspective to try and find new ways you could completely rock it.  Whether it’s teaching dance, making dance videos until they go viral, trying out for parts in plays or hunting down castings for music videos, whatever it is!!! Post short clips of your dancing to instagram or share how to train/condition to be a dancer, make a blog about it, maybe work towards making your own dance studio one day, there are so many different avenues we can take with just one passion.  I would say never give up on what makes you giddy and excited about life.  We may not always be able to pursue it the way we always thought, but that’s the beauty of life.  Everything happens for a reason, life’s forcing you to get creative!! 

Good luck!! 


Finally got some time to finish Daniel’s design!

Anyways, this one was kind of tricky for a number of reasons. The biggest obstacle was the color palette. I kind of intended for Daniel to be green from the start - that way I could use red for his heart. However, it was pretty tough trying to avoid making him the same shade of green as the entity that tried to possess Arthur. I think I not only found a palette that’s different enough from the green that’s used in the MSA music videos, but also references parts of the game, too!

The 2nd biggest obstacle was the music. Oh, the music. So many wonderful songs to pick from, but I don’t think I still quite stuck to a song that I like. As much as I like the music for the MedEVIL games, I kind of like parts of a song more than the song in its entirety. So for this one, I’ll give you a hint: Daniel bobs to a specific part of a specific song in the MedEVIL soundtrack. I’d recommend looking more towards the later additions to the franchise.

Anyways, we got one more redesign of the main group before moving on to the honorary members!

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BTS: Relationship Status

Starting a few months ago, I’ve been listening to a really good Kpop band called BTS. Before I realized it, I had fallen in love with the members, their music, their personalities, the way the members interact with each other and so on. It shouldn’t be surprising to say that, of course, I ship them. I’ve witnessed a multitude of videos that have shown moments where the members get so close to each other that I find myself a little too close to my computer screen. All of these ships have filled my head so I just wanted to give my opinion.

I imagine BTS as a family, metaphorically. The mother and father have to be Kim Seokjin(Jin) and Kim Namjoon(Rap Monster). In my opinion, the two of them have treated the band as their responsibility and have always supported the members and told them off when they needed to. With what I’ve seen, Jin has given off the sense of a mother by caring for his hyungs and scolding them when needed to(as a mother would do their own child). It kind of makes perfect sense that he would be given the title as “Eomma Jin” by his many fans other than the fact that it’s his own song.

One could think that Namjoon has kind of an advantage in who would be BTS’s father since he is the leader. I won’t lie, that is one of the reasons why I chose him; it’s no lie that Namjoon does tend to act a bit childish.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

But that just proves even more how much of a father figure he is to them. While I may not be one, I think that a father would be more than happy to act childish with his sons; he is one of their role models. The one thing that connect Jin and Namjoon together is how he especially shows his childish side when Jin is there with him. In fact, they even both act childish together.

Originally posted by mochixhamster

This proves that by being next to one another, the two feel a slight relief that allows them to become better at what they do. The support each of them gives to another mixed in with their love gives them a feeling of determination to get over any hardship that’s been bothering them. It lets them know that, at the end of the day, they still have each other.

Originally posted by chimchams

Thanks for reading Part 1 of my opinion. I don’t mean to offend anyone if you did, in fact, get offended. Again, this is just my opinion of things. Also, I’m sorry if this may seem bad since it’s my first time creating a long post like this. Please look forward to Part 2 in the very near future!

Star Wars Musicverse

Ok so this started when I showed someone a text post and turned into a whole fucking verse

The Star Wars Musicverse!

So it’s a modern AU where everyones in a band

Anakin and Obi-Wan start out as an indie rock duo but eventually become a really bad rap duo in that sell out kinda way (complete with shitty late 90s music videos. also why rap? cause Obi-Wan rapping would be fucking hilarious) with mainstream success and loads of fangirls. Ahsoka joins them to form a trio (there called Open Circle BTW). Qui-Gon’s the manager who pushed Ani and Yoda and Mace Windu are the owners of the record label who don’t really like him.

So anyway Anakin kinda goes off the rails on drink and drugs and shit and gets his hand cut off and quits the band to join Palpatine’s band The Empire. Members at various points include Dooku, Grievous, Ventress and Darth Maul (who played two guitars) but they all leave at various points cause Palpatine’s a shitty manager.

Under Anakin’s direction it goes from Heavy Metal to that crappy 00s Linkin Park Numetal shit. Also Anakin pulls a Prince and demands everyone calls him Vader. Maul’s fans REALLY hate Vader and call him an emo pretty boy.

Anyway eventually Vader pushes Palpatine out a window and gets arrested and goes to rehab. He and Obi-Wan have a reunion when he gets out, bad blood forgotten. They go back to their old rock direction to critical acclaim. (Ahsoka turns out to be a killer drummer, who is so banging Barriss). They still play periodically to this day.

Meanwhile Padme’s this really respected musician with a gorgeous voice and really good songs. Critics love her and fans love. They call her the voice of a generation-she’s got pipes like Adele (she’s also a fucking fashion icon). Anakin’s obsessed with her and eventually manages to become her friend and eventually boyfriend (he doesn’t tell her he used to have pin ups of her on his wall). Also rumours of Ani’s pansexuality are proven true when he and Obi-Wan hook up as well. OT3 of my heart, srsly.

So years later and Anidala have twins, Luke and Leia. They as teenagers eventually become a Disney Channel esc Pop Duo called The Skywalkers with lots of cheesy bubblegum pop songs. Han’s a guy who plays guitar out a van who somehow becomes their bodyguard along with his hairy foreign friend Chewbacca and ends up becoming really attached to them. Eventually Luke n’ Leia split up with Leia perusing more experimental music and becoming a critical darling while Luke dabbles in the nightclub dance scene, becomes big in Japan for a while with a synthpop album and eventually makes it in broadway. He’s a gay icon.

Anyway Leia and Han get married (Han is acutally really good at writing music to everyones surprise and makes money that way, collaborating with Leia and his friend Lando among others) and have a kid Ben. Luke (who’s trans) marries Wedge and they have Rey (fuck you she’s Luke’s kid).

Ben is in marching band before becoming a DJ with the stage name Kylo Ren who NO ONE UNDERSTANDS DAD. He eventually finds out about Anakin’s stint in the Empire and becomes obsessed with Vader much to Anakin’s annoyance. Hux and Phasma help him out with his music but fucking hate him. Oh yeah and Kylo and Hux are also having sex.

Rey hooks up with Finn and Poe and they form an indie rock band (think Yeah Yeah Yeahs) with a cult following, called The Resistance. BB-8′s their mascot.

Oh yeah and Artoo and Threepio are fucking Daft Punk but less cool.

So basically everyone’s a musician and gay.


Part Two of Music Video

// In which Justin and Y/N have a bit of fun in the recording studio //

*Contains Mature Content*


“Make the bass heavier,” Justin told me while he started alter the amount of percussions in the beat. I looked over to take in Justin’s features again as he concentrated on perfecting the melody we came up with. There was no wonder I haven’t been focused enough to get through with this song, Justin himself was to damn fine to not be distracted by.

Ever since the Pour It Up music video shoot happened, Justin and I have found every way to get to each other. The sex was so good. Whether or not I would ever tell Justin, he was the best I ever had. The only issue with our situation was, the fact that we both came to the terms that this friends with benefits thing we had going needed to stay under wraps. No one and, I mean no one, needed to know about what Justin and I do together, not even our mutual friends.

Before, we would easily find time to sneak way and meet up but, eventually it became too risky. Not only did out friends start to catch on but, the media did too. We tried to stress the fact that Justin and I were only good friends but the paparazzi wasn’t stupid. They knew if i was going somewhere, Justin wouldn’t be too far along. After a month of ‘coincidentally’ attending and leaving the same events and places, we found the obvious loop hole to make us less suspect. After talking to our label and heavy legal discussions, we were approved to create a song together.

With Justin and I being the way that we were, we constantly go distracted while we were supposed to be working. The quicker we finished the song, the harder it’ll be to find reasons to be seen with him. And with the way that he looks when he’s recording, I would be a shame if this was cut short.

I involuntarily licked my lips as I watched Justin lean over the control board and nod his head as he turned various dials. In a white t shirt that hugged his muscles, sagging holed up jeans and his blonde hair flopping with move he made, I just wanted Justin in me. Ever since the first time we hooked up, I’ve found myself constantly wet at not only the sight, but just the thought of him.

Noticing me staring, he looked up and smirked before leaning over me to reach his note pad. Today, Justin was nothing but teasing me. Yesterday, Scooter dragged us for how little work we’ve gotten done on the song so, we promised we would not get ‘distracted’ today until we least finished the lyrics and recorded the chorus.

When I first arrived at his house to ride with him to the studio, he opened the door soaking wet wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. Later he preceded to deprive me of everything except lingering touches and suggestive looks. It has been making me more anxious for what I’ve been waiting for. I may have to wait for it, but I alway get what i want.

“What lines do you have so far?” He asked, looking up from the note pad he scribbled on for a couple of moments. I handed him my phone that had the lyrics I came up with the other night written down in the notes app.

“Yeah that will go perfectly into this. So far, I have ‘I know you’ve been goin’ through some things. I know you don’t even love the same, do you, do you? I know you’ve been running on empty, running on empty,’” he hummed out. I sat there, mesmerized watching his adams apple bounce up and down as he sang out the pre chorus.

“Do you want to record first?” I asked, leaning into him and dragging my finger down his leg before sitting it innocently on his knee. Justin nodded in agreement as he watched my hand before looking up at me again. I nodded in the direction of the recording booth and slid on my headphones then watched as he made his was into the little room and up to the microphone. Justin gave me a thumbs up, signaling for me to the start the music. I pressed play and listened to him run through his verses before beat dropped. After around 7 run throughs, Justin and I were both satisfied with the way he sounded in his part of the chorus.

“You’re up,” Justin murmured and held open the recording door like a true gentlemen. I walked in there with my phone in tow and sung the lyrics out once Justin started the music. It wasn’t that I was playing around and wasting time but, I was definitely playing around and wasting time as a way of getting dicked down. I purposely sounded flat and sang off tune to the beat over and over again.

“Yo, Y/N! What’s up with you. You can do way better than that,” Justin peeped his head into the room, with concern in his eyes after I butchered the sound for the third time.

“Sorry, I just don’t feel all too comfortable, right now,” I shrugged innocently.

“What’s wrong? You hungry? You want some more water,” he held out his half drunken bottle of Fiji water for me to take.

“No, its just that…” I walked over to him and leaned up against him to take his bottle of water anyway.

“Then what’s up,” He looked into my eyes before his vision trailed down to my lips then cleavage.

“Well, I just normally don’t record with this much clothes on,” I slowly unzipped my hoodie half way to expose my black lacy bra.

“Is that so?” I nodded my head with my plump bottom lip trapped between my teeth. Justin smirked and looked me up and down, figuring out the game I was playing this time. “Make yourself at home then,” Justin nodded before shutting the door and taking his seat.

I waited for his full attention to be on me before I pulled my jacket off slowly. I could see the lust taking over his face. I unbuttoned my jeans before turning around and shimmying my jeans down my hips. With a smirk, I fixed my hair before stepping up to the mic again clad, in only a bralette and boy shorts.

“You good?” Justin asked while taking in my whole appearance. I gave him a tempting smile and nodded my head causing him to hit the play button. It didn’t take much for me to absolutely kill my part of the song. I hit every vocal and note in my run through flawlessly. After the end of the dozenth singing of the song, Justin shut off the music and cheered loudly behind the glass. Now that the recording job was done, I could finally have my way with Justin.

“Wait, I was to do it again. Slow down the beat and lower the volume,” I called before turning backwards and bending over to grab the bottle of water.

“Are you serious? You already killed this song dead,” Justin was astonished that I wanted another round on the song.

“Give me one more time,” I sang out to the beat of his first single. Justin snorted out a laugh before playing the song back again with the audio adjustments I requested. Instead of singing like I normally would, I wanted to try something racier.

“I know you know I am down for whatever, yeah. You know I’m just here to make you feel better, yeah,” I lowered my voice and sang into the mic smoothly with my eyes closed. “Take a load off on my private island. Come inside and go into hiding. I know that you’ve been sacrificing your time and need time to unwind and let go,” I finished off my verse with vocals that sound closer to  the way that I sounded in bed. I sang the chorus with a sensual sway in my hips. Wanting Justin to come in the booth and fuck me hard, I squeezed at my breast before moving my hand down to rub at my panty covered heat. The next time I opened my eyes, a moment later, I was pinned against the wall.

“You always playing all these fucking game, Y/N,” Justin moaned out before kissing me harshly and dragging his lips down my exposed neck. Moving too slow for me, I promptly turned him around on the wall and got to my knees.

“Fuck,” Justin groaned out once I wrapped my lips around his hardening cock. I took him down my throat with the bob of my head and didn’t stop until, I felt him try to shallowly thrust into my mouth. “Sorry, sorry,” Justin apologized quickly before pushing himself against the wall again. He knew my rules. If he did something I didn’t tell him to do, I’d stop. Feeling forgiving today, I jacked off his thick throbbing dick as I sucked on the head harshly.

“You going to cum?” I asked, looking up at him while tugging on his hard dick. He looked down at me with a groan and nodded his head. I kissed the head of his cock one last time before standing up to my feet again.

“Lay down baby,” I directed him.

“I don’t want you on top. Let me fuck you, please,” Justin shuttered as he held off his approaching orgasm. “Please?” He asked again.

He looked and sounded so pitiful that I could help but nod. I gave Justin his wish and got on all fours of the carpeted floor of the recording booth. Justin groaned at the sight of finally giving him a little control over me. He wasted no time on foreplay and fingered me just long enough to stretch me out before, shoving his huge dick inside of me.

“Yes,” I whimpered out. At the sound of my pleasuring submission, Justin groaned out before picking up the pace inside me. His thrusts started off slow and deep but, quickly escalated to hard and fast. He fucked me like know one has ever. He let out loud grunts above me and held onto my waist as I fucked my ass back onto his dick at the same time that he thrusted.

“Justin!” I screamed out my secret lover’s name when he suddenly slapped my ass and used the rough grip he had, to fuck me back against him harder. The rhythms and sounds that penetrated us made everything so much more sensual. The back tracks of my recorded moans played on loop in the booth but the new moans being created, drowned out the recording. The fact that anyone could walk in at this very moment, made the situation so much more arousing. Just as I felt my high approaching, Justin bit down on my neck and fucked into me quicker than ever before with erratic thrusts. Within seconds, I felt his cum shoot inside of me.

“Did you just-?” I asked in shock as he pulled out of me. I was frozen for a moment before I turned back to see Justin with his face red from embarrassment.

“I’m sorry you’re just so hot and this is the first time you’ve actually let me fuck you. I got too excited, too fast. I’m sorry. I can still make you cum if you want? God, I want to die I’m so embarrassed. This is the first time I’ve ever cum first,” He groaned.

“It seems like you can’t handle being in control of me,” I murmured out slowly, a moment later.  Justin’s spirits dropped even lower as a frown took over his face. “It’s okay baby. I’ll forget about it if you come up with a way for me to cum too,” I challenged him while sitting down and rubbing at my still swollen slit.

“Ride my face.”

“What did you say?” I needed to know if I heard him right.

“I told you to ride my face,” Justin said with a straight face before positioning me so that I was hovering above his mouth. Before I could think, Justin wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled my pussy into his face. I cried out as he messily devoured me. He quickly licked up the mixture of his cum and my arousal that was seeping out of my tight heat. He was moving so fast and fucking his tongue so deep into me that, my legs gave out.

He moaned louder than ever against my dripping center once all my weight was on his face. Because of the vibrations of his tongue, I moaned and rolled my hips against him. I gasped when he pressed his tongue against my clit and shook his head sloppily allowing both his nose and tongue to press against me perfectly.

“Fuck, Justin! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I screamed out as I quickly rocked against his face. Afraid that I was suffocating him, I tried to lift up to give him some air but Justin wasn’t having it.

His dominance shined through as he held me down on his face. I screamed out when he pulled me down harder and didn’t stop his rhythm of swiping his tongue swiftly up and down the length of my cunt. Seconds later, I shook sporadically as Justin drank the mixture of cum that poured out of me and into his mouth. Spasms captured my body as I bounced back from my earth shattering orgasm.

“Good thing this room is sound proof…. Was that a good repayment for cumming first?” Justin asked once he removed himself from under me, his nose all the way down to his chin was wet from eating me. I nodded as I watched him lick his lips and with the cum his tongue couldn’t reach, he wiped off with the back of his hand.

“If that is the reward for coming last, I don’t ever want to cum first again,” I said blissfully. and leaned against the wall of the booth.

“You can sit your pretty ass on my face anytime,” Justin snorted before tossing me my clothes.

“Wow, Justin Drew Bieber thinks my ass is pretty. I’m going to die,” I pretended to faint against him.

“Well, all of of you is pretty really. Beautiful actually,” He threw his arms over my shoulder and pulled me closer into his chest.

“Thank you, Drew, but you don’t have to give me fake compliments in order for me to fuck you again,” I hummed with my eyes closed. Lately, Justin has been constantly praising me as if that was the only way we could continue having sex. I didn’t need him to cuddle me or be clingy in order for this to work, I just needed him to be down for me.

“The compliments aren’t fake,” Justin said as the same time that I asked if he wanted to order Chinese food.

“What?” We said at the same time.

“Jinx you owe me a soda,” Justin said in a childlike voice that made me all too fond of him.

“Dumbass,” I laughed. “Do you want some sweet and sour chicken? Because I want some sweet and sour chicken,” I stated while reaching over to google the closest Chinese place who delivers.

“Yeah that’d be great,” Justin hummed. I looked up to see him perfectly at peace as I did research for our next meal.


Part 1 // Part 3

the song referred to was i know by big sean and jhené aiko. this is now an official fwb mini series :) taking requests - drea✨

How to overcome the beginning stage

It may seem simple. JUST LEARN. But in all fairness if you don’t know where to begin, then you will never learn the language you want to learn. So many people just don’t know where to begin. When I first begun language learning I really didn’t know where to start and that drove me crazy. Just listening to music and watching videos in the language wont get you to learn. I’ve come up with some ways to start learning.

First things first… ya gotta find a language you wanna learn. You don’t have to learn a language because everyone els is or because it is more widely spoken. If it interests you enough go ahead and learn it. There are plenty of tests that you can take if you are unsure of what language you want.

Once you’ve finished shopping through the cereal aisle for languages, you should always start of with the alphabet. Cause you gots to know how to say what ya want to say. You also gotta be able to read and write. Majority of the time you wont be sitting with a native speaker so you will tune your attention to the internet. The internet is full of mostly writing.

After you get past reading the nutrition labels on your cereal box you can move along to eating it up. Learn some words. Introducing yourself, and of course over all useful phrases. When I say useful I mean everyday words. Asking people how they are. Say Hello, goodbye, yes, no, etc etc. after that make sure to move on with grammar. Once you have a good amount of vocabulary grammar will be easy to learn. This will also help you with remembering your vocabulary. How?? Well, when you know a lot of vocabulary before you learn the grammar, when you begin the grammar you can input words into what your learning.

For example:
A book or website may show you an example sentence like this: The dog is sleeping. If you don’t have any vocabulary then the only new vocabulary you get is “The” “dog” “is” “sleeping”. BUT MATES when you got that vocabulary then you can start making more sentences: “The human is sleeping.” “The dog is not sleeping” or if you know how to make questions practice making it into a question. This will expand your vocabulary and make you remember it easier.

The beginning is slow, but fun. It only comes once so make sure you utilize it. Children books/shows are great ways of learning hilariously. I hope this helps mates and let me know if ya gots any questions.

I’m going to tell you why GOT7′s “Just Right” Video is perfect

there are a lot of reasons but here are just a few of them

  1. they’re a popular kpop boy group addressing body image issues
  2. because they’re a popular kpop boy group they have some if not a lot of influence over their audience
  3. we all know that korea and asia in general has a pressure to be skinny and pretty and they basically just broke that wall down saying that you are perfect the way you are
  4. being a boy band they know they have a lot of female fans, most of which are younger
  5. which is why they used a younger girl (age 12-14) in their videos because let’s be honest this is the age where body image issues start to pop up
  6. instead of singing about love they decide to address a major issue that basically ruins lives in asia, which is a stepping stone in itself
  7. they made their music video in a cute and adorable way not only to attract the correct audience but also make them go back and watch it again, getting  the message across effeciently and effectively

just thank god for got7 this is really wonderful to see thank you