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  • Wade: Tomorrow is Garbage Day
  • Peter: I can't believe they have a whole day dedicated to you.

Still Star-Crossed (ABC) Cast Interviews HD - Shondaland series


Captain America and Deadpool Fact

Steve is one of the few people that Deadpool truly respects, due to the fact that Captain America was Wade’s childhood hero. Since both Steve and Wade gained their abilities as a result of experimentation, Steve empathises with Wade, and he is one of the few heroes shown to genuinely like the Merc with a Mouth.

Seriously though, River Monsters was a great show and I’m sad it’s over, though I know it couldn’t have gone on forever. 

Despite it’s overdramatic premise of “fish attack people!!! on man oh no monsters in the water!!!” it was so interesting, there were so many cool locales explored and stuff I learned despite some of the horrible accidents that brought the crew there, and Jeremy Wade’s love of the art of fishing and just his pure, wholesome love of fish in general, like when he catches them and he’s all like !!!!!! :) and then lets them go and man, man I am going to miss it I hope Jeremy and his crew all the best in whatever they do next.

anonymous asked:

So Travis Aaron Douchebag was dissing Cons, throwing shade at Jensen, shaming fans for "spending 200 dollars in a picture instead of donating to saving species" in his IG... (it's the 2 NY pics in his account)... I guess now that he can't milk SPN anymore, he turns against it... Not surprised, cause we all knew he was a creep.

That is nasty, but you are probably right, my dear anon. 
The ptb cut all ties with him, so now he is biting the hand that once fed him. Sucks to be him. 

And I just found his foolishness:

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